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  • Visual Encyclopedia of Space
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    The Visual Encyclopedia of Space' is the essential reference guide to space science and astronomy, with fantastic double-page spreads that go into each topic in depth. Here: find out how stars are born and how to measure their distance apart; and discover

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    - Covers all core areas of construction from materials and tools to health and safety and contracts
    - The most up-to-date dictionary of construction, surveying, and civil engineering available
    - Written by an experienced team of experts

  • Children's Book of Music
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    Help your child discover the power of music and be inspired by cultures all over the world with the Children's Book of Music. Discover how instruments are played and get the low-down on the fascinating lives and achievements of great composers, from Mozart to Debussy. Packed with examples from a variety of cultures and styles, from classical and folk, to hip-hop and dance. Fun, try-it-yourself activities and an interactive CD take children on the ultimate musical journey - a delightful gift for budding musicians.

  • Children's Book of Art
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    From Andy Warhol to Jackson Pollock and Michelangelo, introduce your child to the complete picture of art through the ages and across the world. Featuring the finest works by the greatest artists, it's like having the world's best gallery in your own home. From Van Gogh's self portraits to Miro's Carnival of the Harlequin help your child look beyond the paint and canvas to find out how the art was created and why it was made. Plus, children will be inspired to create their own art with fun projects to try themselves. It's an incredible look at the fascinating world of art for the whole family.

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    German in 30 Days – Concise Language Course
    You’re a beginner and you want to learn the basics of the German language as fast and effectively as possible? If so, “German in 30 Days” is the best choice, because this language c

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    Whether you're a businessperson beginning to work in the United States or a foreign student visiting for a semester, American Ways will help you navigate the diverse and changing culture of the United States. From the deep-seated attitudes that mark the American character to customs and everyday activities, Gary Althen and Janet Bennett provide invaluable information on religion, politics, education, and relationships.

  • Ultimate Harley Davidson
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    Celebrate 110 years of Harley Davidson with this definitive guide. "Ultimate Harley-Davidson" showcases the bikes and the success story of the greatest American marque in motorcycling history, from the rolling out of its first model from a backyard shed t

  • Great Buildings
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    A spectacular visual tour of the world's greatest buildings "Great Buildings" takes you to an amazing tour of 50 of the world's architectural masterpieces from the Houses of Parliament to the Sydney Opera House. Discover how to "read" a building, identif

  • Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia
    by DK
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    From dinosaurs to digital technology, DK's Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is a must-have knowledge compendium exploring more than 380 topics. Help your child find out everything they need to know about anything with this fact-packed encyclopedia. Arranged from A-Z on subjects they need to know about, all illustrated with dramatic photos, cut-aways, charts and maps.

    DK's Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is written in a clear and child-friendly style and has been fully updated to include recent space missions, scientific breakthroughs and the latest political, social and cultural events, so your child can keep fully up-to-date with what has been happening in the world.

    Perfect for projects or just for fun, this is the ultimate illustrated children's encyclopedia.

  • The Motorbike Book
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    An action-packed ride through the history of the motorbike The Motorbike Book is all about the men, machines and landmark technology behind the most iconic bikes from ACE to Zündapp. Featuring over 1,000 of the latest and greatest motorbikes in the world this is an amazing visual guide tracing their evolution from the 1910s right up to the superbikes of today. All about the grit and the glory, The Motorbike Book takes a truly international view from Italy's Ducati to Japan's Suzuki and tells you just how famous marques like Honda and Harley-Davidson became household names. Plus, go on a virtual tour inside the engines of some of these legendary bikes to see just what powers their performance.

  • The Illustrated Story of Art
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    Great art movements and the paintings that inspired them

    The Illustrated Story of Art is an innovative approach to understanding the history of art, from cave painting to the modern day, with pivotal works of art examined in the context of hi

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    When you need the facts, turn to the 2013 Ultimate DVD for accurate information written by authorities in virtually every field, from Nobel laureates and historians to professors and sports professionals. The 2013 Ultimate DVD contains three age-appropriate encyclopedias--The Elementary, the Student, and the renowned Encyclopædia Britannica--that provide trusted answers. Additional reading tools, including dictionaries, multimedia, and atlases, make the Ultimate DVD your very own personal library.

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    When you need the facts, turn to the 2009 Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD for trusted information written by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors, and other noted authorities. From the youngest student to the curious adult to the most advan

  • Der Jugend Brockhaus in drei Banden
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    Der Jugendbrockhaus, ein Standardwerk fur Jugendliche ab 10 Jahren, wurde in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Gymnasiallehrern erarbeitet. Schulisches Basiswissen wird genauso anschaulich vermittelt wie die einschneidenden Veranderungen durch den Verfall des Ostb

  • Der Brockhaus Geschichte
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    Wer die Gegenwart verstehen und mitgestalten will, muss die Vergangenheit kennen. Ob Armada oder Zollverein, Augustus oder Zweiter Weltkrieg - "Der Brockhaus Geschichte" gibt leicht verstandliche Antworten auf alle Fragen zur Weltgeschichte vom Altertum b

  • Britannica Book of Year Black Paddled 2012
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    Stay informed about today's world - its constant change, the significant events, and the memorable moments that made history. The fascinating 2012 Britannica Book of the Year helps you uncover it all.

  • Britannica Book of Year Renais Blue 2012
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    Stay informed about today's world - its constant change, the significant events, and the memorable moments that made history. The fascinating 2012 Britannica Book of the Year helps you uncover it all.

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    The 2013 Britannica Book of the Year (A Review of 2012) is an unequalled account of the people, the events, and the trends that made 2012 memorable. Whether it's a world affair, like workings of Islamic Militant groups in sub-Saharan Africa; or a historic milestone, like the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic; or an archaeological milestone like the stunning finds in the ancient Myan ruins at Xultun, Guatemala, you'll find it explored and illuminated in the Britannica Book of the Year. This title offers a valuable viewpoint of the people and events that shaped the year. In addition to keeping the Encyclopadia Britannica set up-to-date, it serves as a great reference source for the latest news on the ever-changing populations, governments and economies throughout the world. With reports on the significant issues and developments in all key fields and industries - from architecture to health to sport, from art to fashion to science - the 2013 Britannica Book of the Year provides a complete, accurate and stimulating account of 2012. Find farewell reports on the people who shaped the times we live in. Those who died in 2012 include some remarkable and elusive personalities. Read our 'Farewell reports' on the remarkable figures who passed away, such as the first person to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong, singer/songwriter Etta James, and member of 'The Monkees', the well-known band and TV show, Davy Jones. A statistical snapshot of the world in World Data. Need to know the literacy rate in Spain? Life expectancy in China? The gross national income of Cameroon? World Data brings you statistical data - social, economic, and financial - on more than 200 countries and dependencies throughout the world. It's the kind of detailed information you won't - or can't - find anywhere else. Britannica Biographies - those who made a difference in 2011. Each year the Britannica editors profile the most fascinating and influential people across the world - people who made history, broke records, or made a difference, such as: Wang Shu, Chinese architect who flawlessly blends Chinese design and setting; Francois Hollande, newly-elected president of France; and Mohamed Farah, star Olympic athlete and winner of both the 5,000m and 10,000m races

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    Unlike the traditional Encyclopaedia Britannica Book of the Year, this 2018 Collector's Edition will showcase the articles and writings that have made Britannica one of the most trusted and reliable sources of information for two and half centuries. PART I - "Evolving Knowledge": Traces how knowledge has changed, expanded, and become more reliable over the past 250 years. Only Britannica, with its storied publishing history that began in 1768, can show this evolution. PART II - "Classic Voices": Highlights the words of the great men and women, past and present, who not only shaped our world but also wrote for Britannica, such as: Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Hitchcock, Jack Kennedy, and, more recently, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph Ellis and scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson. PART III - "Issues of Today, Visions of Tomorrow": Brings you the foremost writers and scholars from the world today, addressing a wide assortment of subjects, such as Robotic Warfare, Car-less Cities of Tomorrow, Christendom's Future, Suggestions for Geopolitical Peace. Contributors include Martin Scorsese, Harvard's Henry Louis Gates, Jr., E.O. Wilson and Steven Pinker. Former U.S. Secretaries of State James Baker and Madeleine Albright. The Archbishop of Canterbury. Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.

  • Britannica Book of Year Black Paddled 2013
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    Stay informed about today's world - its constant change, the significant events, and the memorable moments that made history. The fascinating 2013 Britannica Book of the Year helps you uncover it all.

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    Features articles that describe the various species, based on the taxonomy, and a host of biological, ecological and sociological aspects relating to marine mammals. This title provides information on the biology, ecology, anatomy, behavior and interactio

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    Entertaining and informative, the new "Britannica Student Encyclopedia" helps school children gain a better understanding of the world around them. These captivating articles are the perfect resource for homework, classroom reference and for satisfying the curiosity of young learners. Children are sure to immerse themselves in vivid photos, and informative charts and tables that help to explain concepts and subjects.

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    Written and visually designed for students ages 10-17, the "2007 Compton's by Britannica" is packed with information young learners will find exciting and captivating. Dramatic pictures, detailed diagrams, and engaging texts will give young readers the basic facts and entice more advanced students to dig deeper. The 26 volume set covers a wide variety of topics and presents information in an easy-to-read style. The 2007 edition is fully updated, revised, and reviewed by educators, expert contributors, and Britannica editors. Designed to inspire ambition and stimulate the imagination, "Compton's" is perfect for any family's home library. It includes more than 50 per cent New and Revised Content. New and revised articles include astronomy, ballet, football, Olympic medallist Shani Davis, genetic engineering, global warming, flood, Hamas, Liberia, New Orleans, and Palestine, social security, weather and much more. More than 37,000 articles cover geography, math, people, social studies, science, and more. Engaging Graphics - Readers will be captivated by 23,000 maps, charts, tables, and images including hundreds of stunning new additions. Convenient, carefully designed aids provided throughout each volume encourage research and fact-finding.

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    There is no better way to own and appreciate the world's greatest written works. Great Books of the Western World is one of the most acclaimed publishing feats of our time. Authoritative, accurate, and complete, this collection represents the essential core of the Western literary canon, compiling 517 of the most significant achievements in literature, history, philosophy, and science into a color-coded set as handsome as it is affordable. From the ancient classics to the newest masterpieces of the 20th century, Great Books traces the ideas, stories, and discoveries that have shaped modern civilization.