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  • Manual of Neurosonology
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    Neurosonology is non-invasive, portable, and has excellent temporal resolution, making it a valuable and increasingly popular tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological conditions when compared to other imaging techniques. This guide looks beyond the use of neurovascular ultrasound in stroke to encompass a wide range of other neurological diseases and emergencies. It offers a practical approach to the examination of patients, interpretation of ultrasound studies, and the application of neurosonology to the development of management and treatment strategies. Each chapter incorporates a thorough and clear procedural methodology alongside scanning tips for trainees; this step-by-step approach is further enhanced by example images and focused diagnostic questions. Authored and edited by international experts, this practical manual of neurosonology is an invaluable resource for neurologists, neurosurgeons, intensivists, radiologists and ultrasonographers. o Scanning tips for trainees included in every chapter aid understanding and practical application of the material for beginners o The step-by-step methodology clearly and thoroughly outlines the clinical uses relevant to everyday practice o Covers areas not addressed in other literature on the subject, including the full range of cerebrovascular conditions

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    Concise, current, need-to-know coverage of emergency medicine in children – presented in full color


    Endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians

    "...a comprehensive and current resource for anyone who cares for children in an acute setting, from the office to the emergency department. Its presentation is straightforward, and the information is easy to read and assimilate. It will be a valuable resource for those in the field of pediatric emergency medicine as well as other practitioners who occasionally care for sick children."—JAMA (reviewing an earlier edition)


    This clinically-focused guide covers the entire field of pediatric emergency medicine. Featuring a strong focus on practical need-to-know information Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Fifth Edition is bolstered by numerous full-color images, bulleted High-Yield Facts at the beginning of each chapter, nearly 100 diagnostic and treatment algorithms, and treatment tables with drug dosages. Endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians, this book is perfect for use in the emergency department or the pediatric clinic.




    • Chapters open with bulleted High-Yield Facts, followed by just enough pathophysiology for understanding, and continue with a focus on what needs to be done to protect and save the child• Broad scope spans the full spectrum of pediatric emergencies -- from trauma care to psychosocial emergencies

    • NEW CHAPTER on Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (BRUE)

    • Opens with an important symptom-based section of Cardinal Presentations that familiarizes you with crucial life- saving protocols

    • Covers all major categories of disease that present in children on an urgent or emergent basis


    If you are in need of a very readable and easily accessible, evidence-based text written to help you provide high quality emergency medical care to children, your search ends here.