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    Following the success of the previous three editions, Physical Management for Neurological Conditions 4th edition remains the most up-to-date evidence-based textbook for undergraduate students and qualified health professionals. Written by an international team of clinicians and researchers, it is applicable to a number of healthcare systems, with a special focus on physiotherapy. New chapters have been added to cover both common and rare conditions, such as hereditary disorders, functional motor disorders, and neuromuscular diseases. Together with the Pocketbook of Neurological Physiotherapy, it covers all essential components and conditions. Features: ? Comprehensive and handy reference on physical management and movement limitations, suitable to any health care context and environment ? Use of eclectic approach which focuses on selecting the appropriate evidence-based tools to assess and treat neurological conditions without subscribing to any specific treatment approaches ? International case studies are presented to provide worldwide scientific evidence New To This Edition: ? Fully revised by international contributors with the inclusion of 8 new chapters covering: o Common impairments o Inherited neurological disorders o Complex case management o Virtual reality and interactive gaming technologies

  • Massage Therapy, 5th Edition
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     Covering massage fundamentals, techniques, ?"and"?anatomy and physiology, Susan Salvo's?Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice, 5th Edition brings a whole new meaning to the word 'comprehensive.' This student-friendly text boasts more than 700 illustrations and expanded sections on ?neuroscience, research, and special populations, plus new line drawings in the kinesiology chapter of origins and insertions that match the painted skeletons found in most classrooms. It makes the essential principles of massage therapy more approachable and prepares you for success in class, on licensing and board certification exams, and in a wide range of therapeutic practice settings.

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    Comprehensive in scope and invaluable for both practitioners and students, Mechanisms and Management of Pain for the Physical Therapist, 2nd Edition, thoroughly covers the wide range of issues requiring the interdisciplinary management of pain. Joined by more than 20 international contributors, Dr. Kathleen Sluka provides a practical, evidence-based framework for understanding the basics of pain mechanisms and management. This highly regarded, updated text covers the basics of pain neurobiology and reviews evidence on the mechanisms of action of physical therapy treatments, as well as their clinical effectiveness in specific pain syndromes. 

    The second edition features:

    • Basic Concepts and Mechanisms - provides a clear infrastructure for the rest of the book.
    • Physical Therapy Pain Management - focuses attention on pain regardless of medical diagnosis, using evidence to support clinical decision making.
    • Interdisciplinary Pain Management - includes both medical management of pain and psychological approaches to pain.
    • Case Studies -  discuss a series of pain syndromes using an evidence-based approach.

  • Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine, 2nd Edition
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     Master the techniques and problem-solving skills needed to manage spinal and TMJ disorders! Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine, 2nd Edition provides guidelines to manipulation, manual physical therapy examination, and treatment procedures of the spine and temporomandibular joint. Informed by evidence-based research, this text offers detailed instructions for reaching an accurate diagnosis and developing a plan of care. And to support the descriptions and photos in the book, over 200 videos on a companion website demonstrate spinal examination and manipulation procedures. Written by well-known spinal manipulation expert Kenneth Olson, this resource provides the complete information you need to make sound decisions during clinical interventions.

  • The Color Atlas of Physical Therapy
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    A FULL-COLOR, CASE-BASED PHYSICAL THERAPY ATLAS FOR CLINICIANS AND STUDENTS The Color Atlas of Physical Therapy delivers a high-quality visual presentation of the disorders a physical therapist would most likely encounter in daily practice. Enhanced by more than 1,000 full-color illustrations and concise, evidence-based treatment recommendations, the book features a consistent design that makes information retrieval at the point of care fast and easy. MOST CHAPTERS INCLUDE VITAL INFORAMTION SUCH AS: Condition/Disorder Synonyms ICD -9 and 10-CM Codes Preferred Practice Patterns Patient Presentation Key Features: Description Essentials of Diagnosis General Considerations Demographics Clinical Findings: Signs and Symptoms Functional Implications Possible Contributing Causes Differential Diagnosis Functional Goals Means of Confirmation: Laboratory Imaging Findings and Interpretation Treatment: Medications Medical Procedures Referrals Impairments Tests and Measures Intervention Prognosis References Patient Resources

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    • Will appeal to a broad readership
    • Focuses on highly practical aspects of the rehabilitation of the hand and wrist
    • Presents precise protocol descriptions, including many tables, to ensure a better understanding of the subject


    About this book

    This work demonstrates that hand and wrist rehabilitation calls for precise anatomical, biomechanical, and physiological expertise, as well as mastery of manual techniques and targeted physiotherapy.

    Particular attention is given to the complementarity between theoretical knowledge and practical aspects; accordingly, refreshers on the underlying theory; descriptions of the rehabilitation protocols and the specific manual and instrumental techniques; and the type of orthesis used depending on the delay of healing are provided for each pathology.

    This publication will appeal to a broad readership, from physiotherapists and occupational therapists, to surgeons and practitioners specialized in physical rehabilitation, to students in the fields of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.


    “This is a useful guide to the range of therapeutic modalities and the proper time course for their use. Hand therapists can use this book as a road map to the treatment of hand surgery patients across a range of hand disorders. Hand surgeons can use the book to familiarize themselves with the spectrum of hand therapy techniques … . a useful addition to the library of all of those who strive to provide the best care for hand patients.” (Alfonso Mejia, Doody's Book Reviews, February, 2016)

    Table of contents (18 chapters)


    ·         Functional and Biomechanical Anatomy of the Radioulnar Unity and the Wrist

    Mesplié, Grégory

    Pages 3-61

    ·         Injuries of the Radioulnar Unity

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 63-84

    ·         Recent Fractures of the Scaphoid Bone

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 85-125

    ·         Sprains of the Scapholunate Ligament

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 127-145

    ·         Recent Fractures of the Inferior Extremity of the Radius

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 147-169

    ·         Sprains of the Metacarpophalangeal Joint of the Thumb

    Mesplié, Grégory

    Pages 173-188

    ·         Fractures of Metacarpals and Phalanges

    Mesplié, Grégory

    Pages 189-216

    ·         Capsulo-ligamentous Injuries of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint

    Mesplié, Grégory

    Pages 217-233

    ·         Injuries of the Extensor Tendons

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 237-274

    ·         Injuries of the Flexor Tendons

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 275-306

    ·         Amputations

    Maffray, Demecia

    Pages 309-326

    ·         Physiology and Rehabilitation of Sensorial and Motor Disorders

    Mesplié, Gregory

    Pages 329-352

    ·         Entrapment Syndromes of the Median Nerve

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 355-386

    ·         Entrapment Syndromes of the Ulnar Nerve

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 387-406

    ·         Entrapment Syndromes of the Radial Nerve

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 407-425

    ·         Dupuytren Disease

    Mesplié, Grégory (et al.)

    Pages 429-453

    ·         Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Arrate, Baptiste (et al.)

    Pages 455-468

    ·         Protocols

    Mesplié, Grégory

    Pages 471-485