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    Practical, up-to-date, and ready-to-apply coverage of more than 1, 000 diseases and disorders

    Thoroughly reviews all of obstetrics and gynecology
    Focuses on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management
    Covers pathophysiology when relevant to diagnosis and treatment
    Emphasizes disease prevention and evidence-based medicine
    Includes more than 500 anatomic drawings, image studies, and diagrams
    Completely updated to reflect the latest research and advances
    Consistent presentation includes Clinical Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Complications and Prognosis
    Quick-access design facilitates use at the point of care
    Updated to include the latest screening and management guidelines

    About the authors

    Alan H. DeCherney, MD is Chief of Reproductive Biology and Medicine Branch at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

    T. Murphy Goodwin, MD is Chief of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

    Lauren Nathan, MD is Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

    Neri Laufer, MD is Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hadassah University Hospital in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem in Israel.

    Table of contents

    Chapter 1. Reproductive Basics
    Chapter 2. Normal Obstetrics
    Chapter 3. Pregnancy at Risk
    Chapter 4. General Gynecology
    Chapter 5. Gynecologic Oncology
    Chapter 6. Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
    Chapter 7. Contemporary Issues

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     The Essential Therapy Guide to Cancer, Hematologic Disorders, and Supportive Care--Updated with the Latest Treatment Regimens

    More than 500 treatment regimens

    "Hematology-Oncology Therapy," Second Edition is an up-to-date, comprehensive therapy guide that delivers more than 500 treatment regimens in a succinct, uniform manner. The unique tabular design allows you to instantly locate and implement the proper treatment regimen. Supported by the latest practice guidelines, peer-reviewed literature, and the opinion of experts, "Hematology-Oncology Therapy" integrates extensive information that is critical to both office- and hospital-based practice of hematology and oncology.

    Hematology-Oncology Therapy is divided into three sections:

    Provides detailed information about the administration, supportive care, toxicity, dose modification, monitoring, and efficacy of commonly used and recently approved chemotherapeutic regimens, drugs, and biological agents

    Supportive Care, Drug Preparation, Complications, and Screening: 
    Consists of topics commonly encountered in clinical hematology-oncology practice, such as chemotherapy-induced nausea, oncologic emergencies, radiation complications, cancer pain management, cancer screening, and much more

    Selected Hematologic Diseases: 
    Delivers an authoritative guide to therapy for the principal diseases in consultative hematology

    This edition of "Hematology-Oncology Therapy" is enriched by the updating of all chapters as well as the addition of several new chapters; the new "Expert Opinion," which provides recommendations and guidance from experts on the use of treatment regimens; and inclusion of the latest regimens.

  • Color Atlas and Synopsis of Echocardiography
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    Color Atlas & Synopsis of Echocardiography provides you with an encyclopedic, case-based overview of this essential imaging modality. Featuring more than 500 of state-of-the-art cardiac ultrasound images, this unmatched resource examines both the optimal use and limitations of echocardiography in a variety of clinical situations, with an emphasis on the very latest techniques. Unlike traditional echocardiography texts, this Atlas is focused on the role of echocardiography in patient diagnosis and management, as well as in reviewing the indications, contraindications, and interpretation of echocardiographic images. Authored by expert contributors, each topic begins with a clinical case presentation (patient story) and also includes evidence ratings from the combined ACC/AHA/ASE guidelines and full references.
    Topics include: Echocardiographic methods used in everyday practice for the diagnosis and management of cardiac patients, from Transthoracic, Transesophageal and Stress Echocardiography to Hand-Carried Ultrasound (HCU) The role of echocardiography in the diagnosis and management of patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease The importance of echocardiography, including Doppler echo, as a method to assess patients with valvular heart disease Echocardiographic assessment of the patient with new onset dyspnea, known or suspected heart failure, and a range of cardiomyopathies The use of echo in pericardial disease Various diseases of the aorta The use of echocardiography in the patient with a stroke or TIA Echocardiographic evaluation of intracardiac masses The role of echocardiography in managing patients with atrial dysrhythmias The expanding role of echocardiography in guiding interventional procedures.

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    The most trusted, all-in-one guide to fetal brain imaging—now in full color. Edited and written by recognized experts, this acclaimed reference is a highly clinical text and visual atlas. It facilitates a thorough comprehension of the normal and abnormal fetal central nervous system—and helps you apply one of the most important advances in modern perinatology: the early detection of central nervous system anomalies. Here, you will find the full spectrum of prenatal sonography tools and insights, from using ultrasound and MRI to diagnose the fetal face, eye, and brain, to the neurobehavioral development of the fetal brain. Featuring a new full-color presentation and an enhanced, reader-friendly design, the third edition of this unmatched guide is completely refreshed to mirror the significant advances made in imaging resolution and three-dimensional Doppler technology. In addition, the book reflects the growing interest in imaging the fetal nervous system as it pertains to the fetal brain.


    • New full-color design and additional figures, tables, and graphs
    • New chapter on ventriculomegaly examines the most common presenting sonographic sign of brain pathology
    • New chapters on the evaluation of the fetal cortex and posterior fossa shed light on diagnostically problematic areas of the fetal brain
    • New chapters highlighting intrauterine insults, intrauterine infections, and metabolic disorders demonstrate the progress being made in areas that have become critical to fetal neuroscans
    • Greater emphasis on the use of high frequency and deep penetrating ultrasound transducer probes clearly explain how they can yield high-resolution pictures of the fetal brain and spine
    • Latest perspectives on dissemination of 3D ultrasound techniques and magnetic resource imaging are interwoven into individual chapters to encourage their adoption in daily clinical practice
    • More detailed examination of imaging the fetal brain is based on leading-edge, peer-reviewed research from around the world
    • SI units are included throughout
    • Numerous new 2D and 3D ultrasound images and updated literature references contribute to the most current overview available of this dynamic specialty

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    Malignant episodic (or "breakthrough") pain is a common feature of cancer pain that can have a negative impact on quality of life for both the patient and carer. It is characterized by a periodic increase in pain over background cancer pain and can be bot

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    Continutul acestei carti include: 

    - informatii despre sistemului medical german, atributiile principale ale medicului, relatia cu pacientii si ceilalti medici din echipa; 
    - glosar bilingv de cuvinte si expresii utile in domeniu; 
    - detalii despre diferite componente ale activitătii medicului: anamneza, examenul clinic, solicitarea de investigatii, servicii, vizita de garda, scrisoarea medicală.

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    Here's the most succinct and informative guide to medical education, from the first day at medical school to the post-registration house officer year. Helpful information from a top medical expert is presented in an easy-to-read style making it easy for students to understand the different methods of course assessment plus discussions on the role of information technology and the principles behind the new curriculum in medical education.

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    In spite of the diverse opportunities to participate in sports, gymnastics and other forms of exercise at the workplace and during leisure time, the number of young people who have pain in the locomotive apparatus of the body is increasing. Apparently, ma

  • 500 citations pour le manager
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    Rien ne vaut un mot d'esprit ! En réunion ou dans un courrier, les grandes citations sont toujours utiles ! En passant de Confucius à Obama, ce guide pratique vous permettra de découvrir les phrases cultes des grandes personnalités qui ont su marquer leur temps, et vous aidera à faire face à toutes les situations de votre vie professionnelle : motiver une équipe, négocier, recruter, lancer une idée, complimenter, faire rire un collègue…

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    Intelegerea mecanismelor imunologice indreptate impotriva melanocitelor benigne si maligne reprezinta un subiect relevant pentru cercetare in momentul actual, intrucat creeaza premisa dezvoltarii de noi terapii imunologice atat in melanom, cat si in vitiligo, cu rezultate promitatoare.

    In practica, reactiile imunologice antimelanocitare pot fi studiate in diferite situatii clinice: in vitiligo, unde procesele imunologice sunt supraexprimate; in nevii Sutton, unde mecanismele imunologice sunt adecvate; in melanom, in care imunosupresia locală impiedica de cele mai multe ori fenomenele antitumorale sa actioneze eficient. Lucrarea prezenta reuneste multe dintre studiile autoarei referitoare la aceste mecanisme fiziopatologice, realizate si publicate in ultimii zece ani in teza de doctorat, precum si proiectele postdoctorale si articolele de specialitate. Realizeaza totodata actualizarea materialelor cu cele mai recente informatii din literatura medicala cu privire la: structura sistemului imun cutanat si a functiei principalelor componente ale acestuia; mecanismele prezentei in autoimunitate, autoinflamatie si imunitatea antitumorala cutanate; reactiile imunologice indreptate impotriva melanocitelor benigne si maligne in vitiligo, in melanom (regresie) si in nevii melanocitari (nevii Sutton).

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     Inflamatia este implicata intr- o multitudine de procese fiziologice si fiziopatologice. Progresele stiintifice actuale cu privire la intelegerea reactiilor inflamatorii sunt impresionante.  Probabil, urmatorii ani vor elucida rolul conditiilor inflamatorii asociate cu boli moderne prevalente in societatea contemporana. Fiziologia si fiziopatologia inflamatiei reprezinta un sprijin util pentru intelegerea si insusirea informatiilor stiintifice actualizate despre reactiile inflamatorii, structurat in noua capitole.

    Ultimul capitol contine intrebari cu raspunsurile incluse, avand ca obiectiv, alaturi de întregul manuscris, sa sprijine studentii si medicii sa îsi aprofundeze si sa isi verifice cunostintele, sa capete incredere in cazul sustinerii unor examene, precum si sa faciliteze aplicarea unor concepte fiziopatologice un practica clinica.


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    Having been marketed to millions as a weight-loss solution, the Atkins diet is now presented as a means of preventing type 2 diabetes, a disease whose rates are skyrocketing, thanks to the prevalence of risk factors such as obesity and high lipid and bloo

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    From the author of Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence comes this helpful guide for parents and teachers of children aged three to seven who suffer from Asperger Syndrome. AS is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum and is purported to have aff

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    Originally published in 1935, this book presents the content of John A. Ryle's inaugural lecture upon taking up the position of Regius Professor of Physic at Cambridge University. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the development of medicine and the history of science.

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    Originally published in 1932, this book presents the content of Sir Walter Langdon-Brown's inaugural lecture upon taking up the position of Regius Professor of Physic at Cambridge University. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the development of medicine and the history of science.

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    Originally published in 1946, this volume contains the text of the Linacre Lecture delivered on 6 May of that year by Sir Alexander Fleming on the subject of chemotherapy's application to bacterial infections. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in medical history.

  • The Science and Art of Medicine
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    Originally published in 1946, this book presents the content of Sir Lionel Whitby's inaugural lecture upon taking up the position of Regius Chair of Physic at Cambridge University. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the development of medicine and the history of science.

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    Originally published in 1935, this volume contains the text of the fifth Horsley Memorial Lecture, delivered by Sir Walter Langdon-Brown. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in medical history, particularly the history of the discovery of the endocrine system.

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    Originally published in 1940, this volume contains the text of the Linacre Lecture for that year, delivered by bacteriologist W. W. C. Topley. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the history of medicine and the history of field studies.

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    Originally published in 1939, this volume contains the text of the Rede Lecture for that year, delivered by Sir Edward Mellanby. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the advances in medical science and their social and economic implications.

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    Originally published in 1943, this book presents the content of the Linacre Lecture for that year, which was delivered by Major Greenwood at St John's College, Cambridge. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the development of medicine and the history of science.

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    Originally published in 1946, this book presents the content of Sir Lionel Whitby's inaugural lecture upon taking up the position of Regius Chair of Physic at Cambridge University. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the development of medicine and the history of science.

  • Virus Diseases and Viruses
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    Originally published in 1938, this volume contains the text of the Rede Lecture for that year, delivered by Sir Patrick Laidlaw. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in virology and the history of medicine.

  • Clinical Refraction Guide
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    Retinoscopy is an eye exam that determines the refractive error of the eye (long sighted, short sighted, astigmatism). A refraction test indicates the strength of the prescription needed for glasses or contact lenses. The new edition of this book provides a concise overview of clinical refraction. Presented in an easy to read format, it is divided into two main sections. The first part explains basic clinical procedures for routine refraction, beginning with an introduction to instruments and the procedure, followed by aspects of the test for different disorders including myopia (short sightedness), astigmatism, keratoconus and refraction in children. Section two provides in depth discussion on retinoscopy and correct use of the retinoscope. The second edition has been fully revised and updated to explain the latest advances in the field, and is further enhanced by clinical images and figures. Key points Practical guide to clinical refraction and retinoscopy Fully revised and updated second edition Explains basic procedures and instruments for refraction test and refraction in different ophthalmic disorders Previous edition (9789351520634) published in 2014

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    As part of our What to Do When the Doctor Says series, this book will help people newly diagnosed as well as those long-suffering with the disease to 1) understand the disease, 2) treat the disease, and 3) live with the disease. Number three is most impor

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    Asthma has reached epidemic proportions in the Western world, and nobody is really sure why - there are lots of theories, but no real cure for the millions of children and adults who suffer from this life-threatening disease. This book offers information

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    This book explores the nature and causes of irritable bowel syndrome and outlines the current treatment options. A large section of the book is devoted to the use of Chinese medicine to heal IBS, which has been proven in double-blind studies to have a dra

  • The Gene: An Intimate History
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    Selected as a Book of the Year by The New York Times, The Economist, Independent, Observer and Mail on Sunday



    ‘Dramatic and precise… [A] thrilling and comprehensive account of what seems certain to be the most radical, controversial and, to borrow from the subtitle, intimate science of our time… He is a natural storyteller… A page-turner… Read this book and steel yourself for what comes next’
    Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times

    The Gene is the story of one of the most powerful and dangerous ideas in our history, from bestselling, prize-winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee.

    Spanning the globe and several centuries, The Gene is the story of the quest to decipher the master-code that makes and defines humans, that governs our form and function.

    This is an epic, moving history of a scientific idea coming to life, by the author of The Emperor of All Maladies. But woven through The Gene, like a red line, is also an intimate history – the story of Mukherjee’s own family and its recurring pattern of mental illness, reminding us that genetics is vitally relevant to everyday lives. These concerns reverberate even more urgently today as we learn to “read” and “write” the human genome – unleashing the potential to change the fates and identities of our children.

    The story of the gene begins in an obscure Augustinian abbey in Moravia in 1856 where a monk stumbles on the idea of a ‘unit of heredity’. It intersects with Darwin’s theory of evolution, and collides with the horrors of Nazi eugenics in the 1940s. The gene transforms post-war biology. It reorganizes our understanding of sexuality, temperament, choice and free will. This is a story driven by human ingenuity and obsessive minds – from Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel to Francis Crick, James Watson and Rosalind Franklin, and the thousands of scientists still working to understand the code of codes.

    Majestic in its ambition, and unflinching in its honesty, The Gene gives us a definitive account of the fundamental unit of heredity – and a vision of both humanity’s past and future.

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    This book is truly an excellent compilation of extremely practical and relevant information by highly distinguished personalities deeply connected with legal aspects of the medical profession. The book provides a comprehensive view of the issue of informed consent in medical practice and deals with it in a lucid and yet exhaustive manner. It is a much needed contribution in the medicolegal field and will indeed be useful to doctors, lawyers, social organizations, and medical students.

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    This book is intended to be concise yet highly informative and user friendly. It provides quick information of drug doses, adverse effects, contraindications of use and special precautions which has to be undertaken during therapy. The contents will be especially helpful not only for the students, but also for the busy practitioners. The clinical pearls and the comparative study of drugs discussed at the end of the chapters are for instant overview. This book precisely covers almost all important chapters of Pharmacology and would provide important at hand information for postgraduate aspirants too for their entrance examinations.

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    With so many medical tests and treatments and so much scientific and medical information – some of it contradictory – how can people make the best medical decisions? Most medical decisions, it turns out, are based on common sense. In this short and easy-to-read book, Dr. Phillip K. Peterson explains the ten rules of internal medicine. Using real case examples he shows how following the rules will help consumers make good decisions about their medical care. "Get Inside Your Doctor's Head" providesadvice about such questions as when to seek treatment, when to get another opinion, and when to let time take its course. Turn to the Ten Rules when you are weighing your doctor's recommendations about diagnostic tests and treatments and use them to communicate more effectively with your doctor. As with all rules, the Ten Rules of Internal Medicine have occasional exceptions – and when evidence suggests that you are an exception, the relevant rule should be broken. Follow the Ten Rules to make decisions in the increasingly complicated medical world when you need guidance about health matters for yourself and your loved ones.

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    There are occasions when a story told from a personal viewpoint can illuminate a profession. Alfred Sommer's epidemiological memoir is such a book. Adventurous, illuminating, and thought provoking, "Ten Lessons in Public Health" is more than the story of one man's work. It tells the tale of how epidemiology grew into global health. The book is organized around ten lessons Sommer learned as his career took him around the world, and within these lessons he explains how the modern era of public health research was born. Three themes emerge from Sommer's story: the duty to help your fellow human beings by traveling to places where there are problems; the knowledge that data-driven research is the key to improving public health; and the need to persevere with sensitivity and strength when science and cultural or sociological forces clash. Nothing in this compelling, sometimes controversial, history is glossed over, as the book's goal is to explain when and why public health efforts triumph or fail. Readers will travel to Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, South America, and the Caribbean, where they will learn about spreading epidemics, the aftermath of storms, and vexing epidemiological problems. Sommer reveals the inner politics of world health decisions and how difficult it can be to garner support for new solutions. Triumph, tragedy, frustration, and elation await those who set off on careers in public health, and "Ten Lessons in Public Health" is destined to become a classic book that puts the field into perspective.

  • L'épilepsie : 100 questions/réponses
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    L'épilepsie est une maladie fréquente qui affecte environ 500 000 patients en France. Cette pathologie neurologique bénigne dans la grande majorité des cas peut néanmoins avoir des répercussions psychosociales, professionnelles et familiales majeures. Elle demeure souvent méconnue, voire taboue, et peut constituer pour certains patients une source d'ostracisme permanent. Face à cette maladie, les patients épileptiques se sentent parfois mal renseignés et isolés. La connaissance étant la base de la compréhension et de l'acceptation, cet ouvrage est avant tout destiné aux patients épileptiques dont les questions restent en suspens et à leur entourage désireux de les aider et de les soutenir. Constitué à partir de questions simples émanant tout à la fois des patients, de leurs proches et du personnel soignant, il aborde différents domaines de la vie des patients épileptiques concernant la défi nition et la compréhension de la maladie (mécanismes, causes, facteurs facilitants, évolution), les traitements anti-épileptiques à disposition (types de médicaments, effets secondaires, quand et comment les prendre, nécessité ou non de les prendre régulièrement, chirurgie de l'épilepsie) et surtout la gestion de la vie au quotidien (peut-on être enceinte ? peut-on conduire ? faire du sport ? quels sont les métiers recommandés ? à éviter ? quelles sont les aides financières ? etc.).

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    For thousands of years -- indeed, for all of human history except for the past 50 to 70 years in Western societies -- plants have been our chief source of medicine. The fascinating story that unfolds in the pages of this book is much more than a catalog o

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    Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the number one cause of irregular periods and infertility in women. It affects 10% of women worldwide. PCOS is a condition of overproduction of androgens by the ovaries. In essence, the ovaries produce too much testosterone,

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    L'hyperactivité chez l'enfant est un problème bien connu du grand public... enfin c'est ce que l'on croit ! En réalité, de nombreuses idées erronées circulent sur cette pathologie, dont l'appellation scientifique est le Trouble Déficit d'Attention avec ou sans Hyperactivité (TDAH). Cette méconnaissance du trouble fait du tort aux enfants et à leurs familles qui peuvent se retrouver isolées et stigmatisées. À travers cent questions, nous proposons ici de faire le tour des principales idées reçues sur le Trouble Défi cit d'Attention/Hyperactivité. Problème de société ? Maladie génétique ? Comment faire le diagnostic et vers qui se tourner ? Que penser du traitement médicamenteux par Ritaline qui a si mauvaise réputation ? Et surtout : que faire au quotidien pour aider au mieux les enfants souffrant de TDAH ? Une aide indispensable pour les parents, mais aussi la famille, l'entourage et tous les professionnels concernés par le TDAH pour comprendre le trouble et y faire face.

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    Am pornit la drum cu dorinta de a aduce un instrument de lucru care, tinand cont de situatia actuala din Romania, sa delimiteze testarile cu adevarat necesare de cele facultative sau complet inutile. Un alt rol al sau este facilitarea obtinerii unei solutii cat mai rapide si corecte in dilema: este sau nu permis in timpul sarcinii acest antibiotic? Dar acest vaccin?

    De ce o asemenea initiativa? Pentru ca nu suntem un popor al regulilor si al masurii in ceea ce facem asa ca avem in acelasi timp:

    gravide ce ajung sa nasca fara sa stie din timp ca sunt infectate cu VHB sau cu HIV astfel incat sa se poata da o sansa in plus sanatatii copiilor lor, dar si gravide suprainvestigate incat rezultatele testelor sunt contradictorii sau imposibil de interpretat

    medici care recomanda gravidelor fara indicatie serologie de Listeria sau alte teste inutile, dar si medici care nu recomanda nicio testare

    gravide care repeta de mai multe ori aceleasi teste intr-un interval de timp de cateva saptamani si ajung de multe ori sa nu mai creada in rezultatele acestora si sa actioneze la intamplare 

    medici care induc gravidei decizia de intrerupere a sarcinii pe baza unei interpretari fanteziste a rezultatelor testarilor recomandate de ei, dar si medici care neglijeaza sa transmita interpretarea acestor rezultate gravidei si sa ii faca recomandarile necesare.

    Pe parcursul elaborarii acestui ghid am realizat tot mai mult ca avem un bun prilej de a incerca sa facem din el si un instrument de lucru impotriva utilizarii excesive si/sau eronate de antibiotice in infectiile caracteristice si in cele frecvente la gravida/lauza.

    Lasand continutul ghidului sa indeplineasca rolul de instrument de lucru ne-am permis sa evidentiem unele obstacole in calea im­plementarii unei atitudini coerente in acest domeniu medical, sub forma de raspunsuri la cateva intrebari.

     Cand testam?

    Suntem inca una dintre acele state ale Uniunii Europene in care primul bilant al unei gravide se mai efectueaza cand travaliul s-a declansat. Despre planning si evaluare preconceptionala vorbim inca rar, iar sarcina este adesea privita drept o intamplare, un dar sau o problema; din pacate, si generalizarea evaluarii initiale a gravidei in primul trimestru ramane un deziderat de atins in anii ce vin.

     Cine recomanda testarile? Cine prescrie antibiotice, care anume si in ce situatii?

    La aceasta intrebare un raspuns unic este hazardat: ginecologul? Medicul de familie? Infectionistul? De fapt, raspunsul nu ar mai avea nicio relevanta daca ar exista un consens in privinta a ceea ce este necesar sa fie testat. Este insa evident ca actualul circuit, in care pe fluxul medic de familie – ginecolog – infectionist, de la ultima veriga se poate decide reluarea ciclului pentru testari omise la pasii anteriori sau se ajunge la inlocuirea/intreruperea administrarii unui antibiotic prescris gravidei in mod eronat/excesiv, este nefunctional. 


    Ce se testeaza?

    in domeniul patologiei infectioase se aplica insa foarte bine regula lui „aici si acum“; de aceea, si testarile pentru infectiile cu potentiala transmitere maternofetala au un continut specific situatiei din fiecare regiune. A recomanda anumite teste „dupa ureche“ si a trimite apoi gravida cu rezultatele la interpretare „la un infectionist“ poate expune la cateva riscuri:

    pune in dificultate infectionistul in a furniza interpretari unor testari inutile sau fara semnificatie pentru situatia actuala a sarcinii

    expune medicul ginecolog riscului de scadere a credibilitatii in fata gravidei daca infectionistul se vede nevoit sa prescrie teste omise in bilantul initial

     Cine deconteaza testarile?

    Nu toata raspunderea in privinta derapajelor acestor testari apartine lipsei de educatie a gravidei in acest domeniu si/sau deficientelor profesionale ale medicului sau curant. De multe ori am intalnit gravide care aveau o lista de teste recomandate si neefectuate; cel mai adesea iti spun – „nu am avut bani ca sa fac aceste analize“.  Daca ne referim doar la testele cu adevarat utile, majoritatea sunt asigurate in mod gratuit pentru toate gravidele din Romania, dar unele nu. De aici se desprind cel putin doua idei:

    - necesitatea de a sustine efectuarea gratuita a tuturor acelor teste cu adevarat necesare, beneficiul medical si cel economic fiind cert;

    - necesitatea limitarii recomandarilor la testarile justificate, fara a incarca lista de analize cu alte teste inutile dar care costa, ceea ce va determina uneori ca gravida sa renunte la efectuarea oricarui test

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    Aparitia in limba romana a cartii “Cunoaste – Bucura-te de viata – Traieste mai bine”, carte redactata de prestigiosul Institut de Psihiatrie Sociala din Viena Ludwig Boltzmann, facut celebru de prof. dr. Heinz Katschnig si de prof. dr. Michaela Amering de la Departamentul de Psihiatrie si Psihoterapie al Universitatii de Medicina din Viena, ar trebui sa constituie un eveniment deosebit. Dincolo de aspectul strict profesional, este o carte despre oameni si omenie, un exercitiu uman, care indeamna cu insistenta la efortul de sporire a calitatii vietii, la sanse ce se pot oferi oricaruia, de a se putea bucura mai mult de viata.

  • Chimie Organique la PACES en QCM UE1
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  • ABCDaire des maladies rares à l'ECN
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  • The Lose Your Belly Diet
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    75.00 lei

    We want to be healthy. We want to be lean. And we want to lose that annoying fat around our bellies. Now we can!

    The Lose Your Belly Diet is built around a very clear, research-based concept: eating food that nourishes and protects the microbes in your gut paves the way for weight loss and a slimmer middle. Most importantly, having great gut health is linked to good health and wellbeing throughout your body.

    Scientists in this rapidly growing field are finding connections between the gut microbiome and a healthy immune system and gastrointestinal system, as well as autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease), allergies and asthma – even cancer. And with every study that is published, they are convinced that a healthy gut leads to a healthy body. Indeed, when your gut is happy, your skin glows with health and you look and feel younger.

    The Lose Your Belly Diet includes meal plans, diet recommendations and recipes, giving readers everything they need to make dramatic changes in their GI health, their weight, their belly fat, and their overall health.

  • 9500lei 76.00 lei

    The essential guidebook to pregnancy and beyond You're having a baby and starting parenthood- the adventure of a lifetime! Pregnancy The Beginner's Guide is a trusty travel guide for this amazing journey, from conception to birth and beyond. Being pregnant can feel like being in a foreign country- people use words you've never heard of, such as effacement, you have to visit new places, like birthing units, and you don't know what to wear or what's safe to eat. Pregnancy The Beginner's Guide has the answers with lists, Top 10 facts and a helpful translation guide for the new experiences and words you'll encounter.

    It follows the progress of mother and baby month-by-month, making it easy for you to use at all stages of your pregnancy and includes special sections for dads that give tips on what to expect and what's expected of them. Pregnancy The Beginner's Guide is a practical handbag-sized handbook for your journey through pregnancy and birth.

  • Essay on Contemporary Event: Reflections on Nazi German
    by Jung
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    77.00 lei

    Was the leading psychologist of his time a Nazi sympathiser? This was the question asked by many after the Second World War, as they sought to explain Jung's actions and publications during Nazi rule. So great was the controversy that his reputation riske

  • Les urgences à l'ECN
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    78.00 lei

  • Kill or Cure
    by DK
    In stoc
    80.00 lei

    A gripping tale that traces medicine's extraordinary history Kill or Cure tells the riveting history of medicine from chipping holes in skulls to the latest gene therapy and revolutionary cancer treatments. Compelling stories of drama and detective work reveal the trial and error behind man's endless search for cures to diseases and how lucky we are to have the medicines we do today. Uncover the gripping and sometimes gruesome life and death tales behind the medical advances that we take for granted through key figures' diaries and notebooks, showing you discoveries through the eyes of the people who were there at the time. Plague and other global epidemics, the roots of psychiatry and the arrival of robot surgeons are brought to life, with maps, timelines and stunning images ranging from Roman surgical instruments and medieval bloodletting to artificial hearts and the latest scanners. Written by Steve Parker, a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society and author of over 250 books, Kill or Cure is the perfect prescription for anyone interested in the history of medicine, terrible diseases and revolutionary cures.

  • Concise Medical Dictionary
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    80.00 lei

    Written by a team of medical experts, this market-leading dictionary offers clear and authoritative definitions for all aspects of medical science. Preface; Credits; Concise Medical Dictionary; Appendix 1: SI Units; Appendix 2: Biochemical reference values for blood; Appendix 3: Biochemical reference values for urine; Appendix 4: Biochemical reference values for faeces; Appendix 5: Biochemical reference values for cerebrospinal fluid; Appendix 6: Haematological reference values; Appendix 7: Paediatric reference values; Appendix 8: Medical certificates; Appendix 9: Doctors' training grades; Appendix 10: Inherited medical conditions; Appendix 11: Units of alcohol; Appendix 12: Street names for illicit drugs; Appendix 13: Online medical resources; Appendix 14: Abbreviations and symbols

  • 80.00 lei

    Das Springer Klinisches Wrterbuch 2007/2008 ist das jngste Mitglied der innovativen medizinischen Wrterbcher des Springer-Verlages. Auf der Basis der umfangreichsten medizinischen Wrterbuchdatenbank, auf der auch das Springer Lexikon Medizin und das Sprin

  • 15400lei 80.00 lei

    This is synoptic pathology text that summarises both the general and systemic pathology required by medical and other health science students. Although an entirely "stand alone" text, it has its origins in Woolf: Pathology: Basic and Systemic, and it is ideal for exam preparation. As with the parent textbook, the clinical relevance of the pathology is emphasised throughout.

    Author Info
    By Neville Woolf, PhD, MMed(path), FRCPath, Vice Dean and Faculty Tutor, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK; A Wotherspoon, Consultant Pathologist, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK; and Martin Young, Consultant Pathologist, St. George's Hospital, London, UK

  • Hypomania Handbook: The Challenge of Elevated Mood First
    by DORAN
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    80.00 lei

    Provides information on the concept, causality, diagnosis, and pharmacologic and behavioral treatment of hypomania, a recognized stage of bipolar illness often referred to as "elevated mood." This title traces evolution of the concept of elevated mood. It

  • 81.00 lei

    An illustrated and practical guide written by the experts in baby care. It guides you through each stage, from conception to the first 3 years including advice on pregnancy and labour, developmental milestones, child health and first aid. It lays out information in step-by-step sequences and chronologically to enable quick access.

  • Manual of Neonatal Procedures
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    81.00 lei

  • Neurologie
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    85.00 lei

    Bien différents des ouvrages de cours ou de fiches existants, les ouvrages de ' La collection des conférenciers ' sont issus d'une analyse détaillée des annales de l'Internat et des ECN de ces dernières années. Cette collection a pour objectif d'apprendre à l'étudiant en DCEM/DFASM comment utiliser le mieux possible ses connaissances pour réussir les ECN. Elle propose :
    - Des conseils méthodologiques généraux.
    - Une ou plusieurs fiches par item, traitant sous forme de réponses types les points importants pour les ECN, signalant les zéros aux questions au cours du texte et contenant une liste depoints clés et de mots clés.
    - La rubrique "Le mot du conférencier" où l'auteur donne son avis sur le sujet, signale aux étudiants les pièges classiques à éviter, les sujets tombés et 'tombables', et les erreurs et lacunes classiques observées lors des conférences et des concours blancs.
    Cette troisième édition, mise à jour, est en parfaite conformité avec le nouveau programme de DFASM (Diplôme de formation approfondie en sciences médicales, BO du 16 mai 2013). Elle traite tous les items de neurologie du programme.

  • Living with Itch. A Patient s Guide
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    85.00 lei

    We have all experienced itch, whether from insect bites or dry skin, but millions of people worldwide have chronic or even intractable itch. Just like chronic pain, chronic itch interferes with function – even with quality of life. "Living with Itch" offers relief, drawing on the authors' vast knowledge of itch, the suffering it causes, and available treatments. Itch researchers and clinicians Drs. Gil Yosipovitch and Shawn G. Kwatra explain what itch is and the cascade of physiological events that cause us to experience it. They describe the many skin diseases, from atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) to psoriasis, and conditions like chronic kidney disease, lymphoma, HIV, and neuropathies that cause itch. "Living with Itch" provides information on preventing itch as well as topical and systemic therapies, regardless of what's causing the itch. Patient and parent narratives explain how itch affects their lives and how they cope with a symptom that can, with medical and social support, be managed.

  • 86.00 lei

    Did you ever wonder whether doctors want cures, or just treatments?

    Did you know...

    • Grapefruit can interact with over 100 drugs, but it may be useful for reducing blood pressure and for weight loss?
    • ADHD over diagnosis is now recognized widely as a fact, and there are existing and new ways to avoid a misdiagnosis?
    • Studies have been conducted demonstrating the utility of Omega 3 fatty acids, meditation, yoga, and melatonin for some important symptoms of ADHD, including executive functions?
    • Vaccines have saved millions of lives in the last decade? But are they safe?
    • Breast cancer rates are declining in the US, but have been steadily increasing in Japan?
    • Doctors are getting better at predicting which chemotherapy will, and will not work, on certain cancers?
    • There are vaccines against cancer?

    This book reviews recent key, hard-won successes and findings from recent biomedical research. Written by one of the most ardent defenders of the public trust in science, it provides an accessible, detailed look at successes in translational biomedical and clinical research. The author provides an optimistic, forward-looking view for the possibility of change for the public good, cutting through the controversy and gets to very core of each topic. The public can be optimistic about the future of medicine, but only if they learn the facts of these advances, and learn what their doctors should be expected to know.

    Highly referenced, and filled with interviews from experts and people directly involved in the research behind the new facts in each chapter, this book is a rich source of information on advances in biomedicine that you will want to share with your family & friends.

  • 86.00 lei

    First published in 1941, this book contains the substance of the Linacre Lecture for that year, delivered by Sir Walter Langdon-Brown at St John's College, Cambridge. It presents a concise account regarding 'the origin of witchcraft from primitive religion and the part it played in the evolution of remedies through the magical phase to empirical success aided by laboratory investigation'. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the history of science and the development of medicine.

  • 86.00 lei

    Originally published in 1948, and first delivered as the Fitzpatrick Lectures for 1941 and 1943, this book addresses the early history of medical and social statistics and the numerical method as applied to the phenomena of human society. Greenwood covers the major developments from Graunt and Petty in the seventeenth century to Farr in the nineteenth century as well as the personalities of each of these important figures. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the history of medicine.

  • 86.00 lei

    For thousands of years the human heart remained the deepest of mysteries; both home to the soul and an organ too complex to touch, let alone operate on.

    Then, in the late nineteenth century, medics began going where no one had dared go before. The following decades saw the mysteries of the heart exposed, thanks to pioneering surgeons, brave patients and even sacrificial dogs.

    In 11 landmark operations, Thomas Morris tells us stories of triumph, reckless bravery, swaggering arrogance, jealousy and rivalry, and incredible ingenuity: the trail-blazing ‘blue baby’ procedure that transformed wheezing infants into pink, healthy children; the first human heart transplant, which made headline news around the globe. And yet the heart still feels sacred: just before the operation to fit one of the first artificial hearts, the patient’s wife asked the surgeon if he would still be able to love her.

    The Matter of the Heart gives us a view over the surgeon’s shoulder, showing us the heart’s inner workings and failings. It describes both a human story and a history of risk-taking that has ultimately saved millions of lives.

  • 86.00 lei

    IBS affects almost one in six Americans and is characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea and constipation. Today physicians are better able to diagnose this complex disorder, understand and explain its origins, and develop a treatment plan that effectively meets the individual needs of a patient. Since publication of the first edition of "Making Sense of IBS", diagnosis and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome have changed significantly. Drawing on his many years of experience treating people who have symptoms of IBS, Dr. Brian E. Lacy has greatly expanded the first edition, adding new topics and the latest findings on tests, medications, alternative treatments, dietary factors, and lifestyle. Dr. Lacy explains normal digestion, the causes of IBS, how IBS is diagnosed, and what to expect with treatment. He also explores special topics such as IBS in children and psychological, hypnotherapeutic, and psychiatric therapies. Important new information in the second edition includes: - the roles of fiber, gluten, lactose, and fructose in the development and treatment of IBS - the use of probiotics and antibiotics to treat IBS - similarities and differences between IBS and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - the relationship between small intestine bacterial overgrowth and IBS - how to make the most of your visits to a gastroenterologist - lifestyle modifications that can improve symptoms of IBS "Making Sense of IBS" is an essential resource for anyone who has symptoms or a diagnosis of IBS as well as for health professionals who treat people with this complex disorder.

  • Moyens Mnémotechniques et QCM à l'ECN
    by LOGET
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    87.00 lei

  • Gynécologie Obstétrique en 1000 QROC
    by BONNEAU
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    87.00 lei

  • Freud And Beyond
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    90.00 lei

    Freud's concepts have become a part of our psychological vocabulary: unconscious thoughts and feelings, conflict, the meaning of dreams, the sensuality of childhood. But psychoanalytic thinking has undergone an enormous expansion and transformation over the past fifty years. With Freud and Beyond, Stephen A. Mitchell and Margaret J. Black make contemporary psychoanalytic thinking,the body of work that has been done since Freud,available for the first time. Richly illustrated with case examples, this lively, jargon-free introduction makes modern psychoanalytic thought accessible at last

  • Concise Colour Medical Dictionary
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    90.00 lei

    Written by a team of medical experts, this market-leading dictionary offers clear and authoritative definitions for all aspects of medical science. Preface; Preface; Concise Medical Dictionary; Appendix 1: SI Units; Appendix 2: Biochemical reference values for blood; Appendix 3: Biochemical reference values for urine; Appendix 4: Biochemical reference values for faeces; Appendix 5: Biochemical reference values for cerebrospinal fluid; Appendix 6: Haematological reference values; Appendix 7: Paediatric reference values; Appendix 8: Medical certificates; Appendix 9: Doctors' training grades; Appendix 10: Inherited medical conditions; Appendix 11: Units of alcohol; Appendix 12: Street names for illicit drugs; Appendix 13: Online medical resources; Appendix 14: Abbreviations and symbols

  • 92.00 lei

    Almost daily we hear news stories, advertisements, and scientific reports that promise genetic medicine will make us live longer, enable doctors to identify and treat diseases before they start, and individualize our medical care. But surprisingly, a century ago eugenicists were making the same promises. The "Science of Human Perfection" traces the history of the promises of medical genetics and of the medical dimension of eugenics. The book also considers social and ethical issues that cast troublesome shadows over these fields. Keeping his focus on America, science historian Nathaniel Comfort introduces the community of scientists, physicians, and public health workers who have contributed to the development of medical genetics from the nineteenth century to today. He argues that medical genetics is closely related to eugenics, and indeed the two cannot be fully understood separately. He also carefully examines how the desire to relieve suffering and to improve ourselves genetically, though noble, may be subverted. History makes clear that as patients and consumers we must take ownership of genetic medicine, using it intelligently, knowledgeably, and sceptically, lest pernicious interests trump our own.

  • 92.00 lei

    Living with diabetes is a balancing act. Monitoring blood glucose, food intake, and medication is complicated, so individuals with diabetes need to understand their condition and how best to control it. "The Johns Hopkins Guide to Diabetes" is a comprehe

  • Thomas Linacre: Linacre Lecture, 1908
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    93.00 lei

    Originally published in 1908, this book presents the content of the Linacre Lecture for that year, which was delivered by the renowned Canadian physician William Osler at St John's College, Cambridge. Illustrative figures are included within the text. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Thomas Linacre and the history of medicine.

  • 12000lei 96.00 lei

    One baby, one year, one extraordinary project Watch My Baby Grow is a unique pictorial event that unlocks the secret world of the newborn baby. By following the journey of one child and her family, Watch My Baby Grow looks at a baby's developing abilities, from birth, through every key milestone over the course of a year. Written in conjunction with the acclaimed Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Watch My Baby Grow takes a scientific approach to a very personal experience, covering every area of a child's development and looks at the world from the baby's point of view. With photos of one baby's development week by week from newborn to 12 weeks, and then monthly up to the age of one year. Plus information and pictures of other babies, with colourful and vivid graphics throughout. Full of eye-opening and helpful information such as the evolutionary reason a baby is unable to make speech-like sounds for 4-5 months, why crying sounds the way it does, the reason that various early abilities and reflexes exist and much more. Watch My Baby Grow takes an inside look into the life of a newborn baby, with a scientific celebration of the changes that occur in a baby, in order to better understand the world of a growing infant.

  • Aging Bones, A Short History of Osteoporosis
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    98.00 lei

    In the middle of the twentieth century, few physicians could have predicted that the modern diagnostic category of osteoporosis would emerge to include millions of Americans, predominantly older women. Before World War II, popular attitudes held that the

  • Story Within. Personal Essays on Genetics and Identity
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    98.00 lei

    In "The Story Within", authors share powerful experiences of living with genetic disorders. Their stories illustrate the complexities involved in making decisions about genetic diseases: whether to be tested, who to tell, whether to have children, and whether and how to treat children medically, if treatment is available. More broadly, they consider how genetic information shapes the ways we see ourselves, the world, and our actions within it. People affected by genetic disease respond to such choices in varied and personal ways. These writers reflect that breadth of response, yet they share the desire to challenge a restricted sense of what "health" is or whose life has value. They write hoping to expand conversations about genetics and identity – to deepen debate and generate questions. Whether they or their families are affected by Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, genetic deafness or blindness, schizophrenia, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, fragile X, or Fanconi anemia, their stories remind us that genetic health is complicated, dynamic, and above all, deeply personal.

  • 98.00 lei

    PKU (phenylketonuria) is a genetic disorder that causes severe cognitive impairment if it is not detected and treated with a strict and difficult diet. In a lifetime of practice, most physicians will never encounter a single case of PKU, yet every physician in the industrialized world learns about the disease in medical school and, since the early 1960s, the newborn heel stick test for PKU has been mandatory in many countries. Diane B. Paul and Jeffrey P. Brosco's beautifully written book explains this paradox. The development of state programs for early detection of and treatment for PKU is deservedly considered a great public health success story. Advocates have traded on this success to urge expanded newborn screening, to defend basic research in genetics, and to confront proponents of genetic determinism. When deployed for these purposes, treatment for PKU is typically represented as a simple matter of adhering to a low-phenylalanine diet. In reality, the challenges of living with PKU are daunting. In this first general history of PKU, a historian and a pediatrician explore how a rare genetic disease became the object of an unprecedented system for routine testing. "The PKU Paradox" is informed by interviews with scientists, clinicians, policy makers, and individuals who live with the disease. The questions it raises touch on ongoing controversies about newborn screening and what happens to blood samples collected at birth.

  • 100.00 lei

    Înainte de a învăța electrocardiogramă trebuie bine înțeles ce așteptăm de la ea; de cele mai multe ori electrocardiograma nu este diagnosticul ci o treaptă spre diagnostic, dar o treaptă ușor de pășit dacă știi să calci. Există evident excepții în ambele sensuri: uneori electrocardiograma este diagnosticul (preexcitația, aritmia etc.), iar alteori nu te ajută cu nimic (de cele mai multe ori dacă încerci să găsești în electrocardiogramă ceea ce nu poate da). Ar fi o eroare să considerați electrocardiograma normală (cel mai dificil traseu pentru studenții la examen) în această categorie; o electrocardiogramă normală spune foarte multe! Și mai rău ar fi dacă, posedând un aparat electrocardiografic cu diagnostic computerizat, v-ați baza pe diagnosticul calculatorului; am consumat în timp mai multă energie corectând diagnosticele calculatorului decât cea consumată pentru analiza “manuala” a traseului.

    Electrocardiograma este o reprezentare grafică a unui fenomen care se descrie vectorial și care pornește de la câteva axiome (datorate marelui Einthoven); majoritatea acestor axiome au fost fizic infirmate sau modificate în timp. Morala acestei constatări este că valoarea electrocardiogramei stă în comparație (fie că ne referim la traseele anterioare ale pacientului, fie ale altor pacienți cu aceeași condiție sau în lipsa lor, cu mai mică valoare, la modelul învățat despre cum trebuie să arate electrocardiograma în condiția dată). Obișnuiesc să recomand studenților mei să abordeze un traseu electrocardiografic în două etape: întâi să privească ca la un tablou și să-și facă o impresie generală, intuitivă, apoi să o uite pentru moment și să reevalueze sistematic traseul (ritmul atrial, conducerea atrioventriculară, depo- larizarea ventriculară, faza de repolarizare etc.) considerând mereu derivațiile sincrone împreună pentru a-și crea o imagine spațială. La cei pe care mi i-am apropiat și au avut răbdare cu mine (și reciproc) lucrurile au funcționat. Iar această metodologie trebuie aplicată indiferent că traseul pare simplu sau dificil. De altfel această terminologie este foarte subiectivă și ține mai mult de interpret decât de traseu. Nu o dată mi s-a cerut să prezint doar trasee „foarte interesante” (citește complicate) și am avut surpriza să constat cât de bine se descurcă unii la probleme delicate și cum se poticnesc la cele simple. Orice traseu electrocardiografic, cât de simplu, poate fi informativ pentru situația pacientului și valoros pentru învățare.

    De la premisa că orice traseu electrocardiografic, cât de simplu, poate fi informativ pentru situația pacientului și valoros pentru învățare, ne-am hotărât să prezentăm celor dornici de a-și schimba condiția, trasee din colecția noastră, așa cum se înregistrează ele în viața reală, mai mult sau mai puțin “perfecte”, mai mult sau mai puțin complicate. Intenția noastră este să alcătuim câteva volume separate. Acest prim volum conține un număr de electrocardiograme simple și câteva mai complicate, comentate succint. De la început trebuie să fie clar că această publicație nu se vrea, în nici un caz un manual de învățare de electrocardiograme ci doar o culegere de “exerciții pentru acasă” așa cum, demult, fiecare dintre noi o făcea la matematică. El este destinat oricui crede că intenția noastră ii folosește, fie el student, rezident, tânăr sau experimentat medic...

  • 15000lei 100.00 lei

    Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards are the most convenient and portable way to review anatomy on the fly. This 4th Edition contains full-color illustrations from Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, 6th Edition paired with concise text identifying those structures and reviewing relevant anatomical information and clinical correlations. Online access at studentconsult lets you review anatomy from any computer, plus additional "bonus" cards and over 300 multiple-choice questions.

  • 21700lei 100.00 lei

     Here is the first textbook to present a practical overview of the basic principles and clinical applications for 3 tesla (3 T) MR imaging. Organized into sections according to anatomical location, each case study is presented in a concise, two-page unit that enables the reader to digest and review the material in small sections. The author describes the situations that dictate the use of 3 T and explains the numerous clinical advantages of this field strength by drawing comparisons to corresponding studies at 1.5 T.


    • Case studies from leading international experts covering the breadth of clinical MR
    • Recommendations for how to optimize image quality and how to interpret the clinical findings
    • Easy-to-follow descriptions of the strengths and limitations of 3 T
    • 400 high-quality clinical images and illustrations depicting key concepts
    • Discussion of the various pulse sequence approaches

    Clinical 3T Magnetic Resonance is essential reading for all radiologists, radiology residents, MR physicists, and MR technologists seeking to master this emerging diagnostic tool.

  • 100.00 lei

    Compassionate and comprehensive, Dr. Francis Mondimore's pathbreaking guide has helped thousands of people and their loved ones cope with bipolar disorder. Now in its third edition, "Bipolar Disorder" has been thoroughly updated with new information about

  • Gestalt Psychology 2e
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    100.00 lei

    Wolfgang Koehler (1887-1967) was one of the founders of Gestalt psychology, the influential school that argues that perception is best understood as an organized pattern rather than as separate parts. This book presents Koehler's statement of Gestalt theo

  • Normal Findings in Radiography
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    101.00 lei

    The method of making findings and the systematic method of interpreting images are still relevant today. This book deals with a subject that is seemingly trivial: normal findings in radiology. However, the normal is also the frequent, but not always the simple. Every radiologist has experienced difficulties in the systematics of imaging and with phrasing the diagnosis.

    This book is intended to answer three questions: How should the diagnosis be phrased? Which general scheme can I use to evaluate an image; how can I check for the degree of normality? Which data allow me to evidence normality, and what measurements should be taken? In spite of the introduction of digital X-ray imaging, the interpretation of conventional X-rays has not basically changed during the past ten years, which is evidenced by the development of this book. Since its first publication in 1987, it has gone through several unchanged reprints.

    In the 2nd German edition the text has hardly been changed; however, several new images have been added. The method of making findings and the systematic method of interpreting images are still relevant today. Consequently, the strict and systematic organization of the book was left unchanged. The new layout leads to a clearer accessibility of the material for the reader.

  • Normal Findings in CT and MRI
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    101.00 lei

    The key for any beginning radiologist who wishes to recognize pathological findings is to first acquire an ability to distinguish them from normal ones. This outstanding guide gives beginning radiologists the tools they need to systematically approach and recognize normal MR and CT images. Highlights include: Reference-quality images from the author's own teaching files show all standard normal findings as seen in CT and MRI Checklists in each section offer the reader a systematic way to approach the images Thorough guidelines to help beginning radiologists dictate their reports Lists of standard measurements and tips for ruling out pathology

  • 11000lei 104.00 lei

    Fluid therapy is one of the most basic interventions spanning across all medical and surgical disciplines. Physicians need to understand the physiology of fluids and electrolytes before they can evaluate the extent to which disease pathophysiology has altered the balance, enabling them to determine the type and quantity of intravenous fluids required for treatment. This new edition is a practical guide to intravenous fluids and their administration to surgical patients. Divided into sixteen sections, the text begins with an overview of normal water balance and distribution of body fluid. The next sections cover the pharmacology of different types of intravenous fluid, followed by discussion on fluid therapy in different medical circumstances, and concluding with a chapter on fluid calculation. The second edition has been fully revised to provide the latest information in the field, and features new topics including fluid choice in the perioperative period and surgery and stress response. Key points Fully revised, new edition presenting latest information on intravenous fluids in surgery Discusses different types of fluid and their application in different circumstances Second edition includes several new topics Previous edition (9789350903957) published in 2013

  • Muscle Testing
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    104.00 lei

    By far the most popular and widely used text for over 50 years, Daniels and Worthingham's Muscle Testing is the original handbook of manual evaluation of muscular strength. In addition to offering tried and trmethods for assessing and grading skeletal mus

  • 11000lei 104.00 lei

    A must read for every student appearing for the final MBBS examinations, this book prepares students for both the theory and viva examinations. It covers essays and short-answer questions, with short notes and recent advances added. Includes easily-reproducible figures and flow charts. Facilitates students to score higher marks in their exams. Designed for rapid revision and quick understanding of the concepts.

  • 11000lei 104.00 lei

    This book is a concise guide to superficial fungal infections on the skin for dermatologists and GPs. Divided into two sections, the first part of the book discusses normal skin flora (microorganisms that reside on the skin, many of which are bacteria mostly found in the superficial layers of the skin and the upper parts of hair follicles). The second section covers the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of superficial fungal infections. The book serves as a quick reference guide for `on-the spot' diagnosis. Clinical photographs, illustrations and tables further enhance the text. Key points Concise guide to diagnosis and management of superficial fungal infections on the skin In depth discussion on normal skin flora Quick reference guide for `on-the-spot' diagnosis Features clinical photographs, illustrations and tables to assist learning

  • Bedside Psychiatry
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    11000lei 104.00 lei

    This book provides trainees in psychiatry with an overview of day to day patient evaluation and treatment planning. Divided into two sections, the first chapters cover the basics, psychiatric history, clinical examination and additional evaluation, management and related issues. The second section provides comprehensive appendices covering numerous psychiatric scenarios and disorders, as well as psychiatric tests, ratings and key terms. Authored by a recognised, UK-based expert in the field, the book is further enhanced by clinical photographs and illustrations to assist learning. Key points Provides trainees in psychiatry with an overview of day to day patient evaluation and treatment planning Covers psychiatric history, clinical examination and additional evaluation and management issues Discusses numerous psychiatric scenarios and disorders Authored by UK-based expert in the field of psychiatry

  • 107.00 lei

    The physician and botanist William Woodville (1752–1805), a proponent of inoculation against smallpox, was in 1791 appointed physician to the London Smallpox and Inoculation Hospital. Five years later, Edward Jenner announced his experiments with vaccination - inoculation with the much milder cowpox, which conveyed immunity to smallpox without the attendant risk of catching the often fatal disease. Woodville eagerly pursued trials using vaccination, and published the results in this 1799 work, which describes two hundred cases where patients (usually children) were vaccinated with matter obtained from either cows or other cowpox sufferers, and supplies a table of the patterns of infection from person to person. Most of these patients were later tested by inoculation with smallpox, and none caught the disease. This demonstration of the safety and efficacy of vaccination led to its much wider adoption, to which Woodville gave practical support in both England and France.

  • Being at Work
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    What is it to be truly human at work? Why do so many people today ache to be more human at work? In this book, Lloyd E. Sandelands unites the metaphysics of Aristotle and Aquinas and the social teachings of the Catholic Church to describe how business leaders can help people in their organizations become more truly and fully human. Being at Work is a much-needed marriage of metaphysical philosophy and managerial common sense.

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    The Quaker philanthropist Samuel Tuke (1784–1857) was the grandson of William Tuke, the founder in 1796 of the Retreat at York, a pioneering asylum for the insane which championed compassionate care and the abolition of physical restraints. Samuel succeeded his grandfather in the management of the Retreat in 1822, but before that was already active in promoting its principles of humane treatment, and publicising the appalling conditions in which 'pauper lunatics', whose families could not afford better care for them, were confined. The publicity generated by his pamphlets and letters to newspapers drew public attention to the problem, and led to a reforming Yorkshire magistrate inviting Tuke to advise on the building of a new asylum at Wakefield. This 1815 book of 'practical hints' was intended to guide the potential architects to offer both inmates and attendants an environment which promoted physical and mental health.

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    The surgeon Thomas Pettigrew (1791–1865) was interested in all aspects of antiquity. He gained fame in society through his mummy-unwrapping parties, and his History of Egyptian Mummies is also reissued in the Cambridge Library Collection. His interest in the early history of medicine is evidenced by this edition of a work by John Hall, which was published by the Percy Society in 1844. Hall was a surgeon, born 1529/30, who published this work in 1565 as an appendix to his translation of the work of the thirteenth-century surgeon Lanfranc of Milan. Little is known about Hall except that he practised medicine in Maidstone, Kent, and had published acrostic verses. He was vociferous in his indignation against fraudulent medicine, and this work describes nine incidents where quacks, both male and female, had visited Maidstone and offered miraculous cures to the gullible: Hall himself was involved in prosecuting some of them.

  • Ebola: An Evolving Story
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    The book is a narrative of the unfolding of the Ebola virus disease outbreak from a scientific view point. The author provides an analysis of the scientific basis of public health policies that have influenced the public's, and the medical community's, abilities to understand the virus and the disease. This is done in the context of providing insights into the biology of the virus, and exploring open questions, including its likely modes of transmission. The author has included citations from the scientific literature and the press, as well as quotes from expert interviews. The book will help sort out the fact from fiction, given the confusion that arose after the virus arrived in the US. The author used his objective research skills and knowledge of evolutionary genetics and molecular biology to find out what was known, and what questions remained unanswered, and even what questions remained unasked.Written in an accessible style, it is intended for the educated general public, scientists, policy makers, health care workers, and politicians. It delves into the problems of trying to derive a logic-based understanding of a highly lethal emerging disease in 2014, when research funding cuts have gutted research institutions, and when public health institutions really were woefully unprepared. It is a highly distinct narrative analysis that is sure to stimulate new research and thinking in public policy. It will inform thousands of people of the nature of the virus, how it works, in terms they are likely to be able to understand. It will allow others to rapidly catch up with the story of Ebola.

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     Slow and delay the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, from memory loss to disorientation, with this practical activity book. Using step-by-step ideas designed to stimulate and entertain, dementia care specialist Helen Lambert explains how engaging in a variety of simple activities can benefit different parts of the brain, and help to keep your mind fitter for longer. What's more, everyone can join in: each activity contains hints and tips that not only show you how to do it, but also include ways to adapt the various physical exercises, games, and craft projects for different abilities, or to include family and friends.

    Whether your interests are in music, art, gaming, or gardening, The Memory Activity
    Book has activities to suit, as well as ideas to inspire anyone looking for guidance
    on how best to interact with people affected by memory issues, Alzheimer's, or other
    forms of dementia. Whatever your involvement - friend, relative, partner, or patient - The Memory Activity Book offers a valuable resource for everyone living with dementia.

  • Simplified Approach to Orthopedic Physiotherapy
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    This book reflects the need for integral approach to physiotherapy. It is a book which can be used as a reference by the physiotherapy undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academicians and clinical physiotherapists. This book aims at developing clinical reasoning and problem solving approach in treating various orthopedic conditions as well as providing theoretic base along. This book also seeks to teach the fundamental approach to physiotherapy practice so that the diagnosis and physiotherapy treatment are merged into established pattern. It elaborates the detailed information of all the possible musculoskeletal conditions with their pathophysiology, symptoms, epidemiology, assessment and diagnosis along with their surgical and nonsurgical management based on current rationale. This book includes the most accepted established exercise protocol which is an important way to provide evidence-based practice. An outstanding source of reference for clinical physiotherapists. Structured in accord of undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy course curriculums. Numerous illustrations, flowcharts and pictorial presentations have been used so as to make the reader clearly understand the concepts. Easy language makes this typical subject easy to understand even for naive readers. Covering a wide range of topics to develop necessary knowledge and skill for planning appropriate management.