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  • Commercial Awareness and Business Decision Making Skills
    by Rodgers
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                This book is designed to act as a financial statement phrase book and dictionary rolled into one. It will enable those new to the financial world to draw meaning from the wealth of information contained within financial documents that were previously considered out of bounds.

                Furthermore, although the pages within this book will be an invaluable springboard to those starting out in the world of accountancy, its primary aim is to enable commercial managers working within every facet of a business to meet clearly defined objectives. It will enable these professionals to take commercial documents and visualise how they interact with the work of an accountant, explaining why every board of management appears to focus on financial data.

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                  Scandals relating to manipulation and fraud have dominated much of the history of business and the accounting profession in America since the founding. Crooks, corruption, scandals and panics have been regular features of the business landscape ever since, with regulations and the expansion of financial disclosure, auditing, and regulatory agencies following major debacles.

                The importance of this topic is demonstrated by the major accounting and finance scandals of the 21st century, some of the most destructive in our history, including Enron and the multi-trillion dollar real estate crises. This pair of scandals has an extensive number of companions (if less severe and not as well known). The types of violations, causes, and results are equally valid and continue to be of concern today.

                This short book reveals the signs that suggest financial corruption in organizations and proposes remedies to contain it and prevent its recurrence. It can be used as a supplementary source in introductory financial accounting courses (elementary and intermediate), accounting- and finance-related MBA courses, and business history; or it can be used as part of forensic accounting and fraud detection for continuing education.

                In addition, it can be useful for accounting and finance professionals wanting exposure to financial disclosure issues and other accounting risks, along with executives looking to expand their knowledge of accounting fraud and risk areas.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    by Holt
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                The Sarbannes-Oxley Act (SOX) is a mandatory requirement for all listed corporations in the US, whether foreign or not. Compliance is not an option. Other countries are developing similar legislation so the books value is international in scope. SOX is a hot topic and the effects are just beginning to be felt world-wide.

                This new book goes beyond the implementation phase of SOX and looks at the reaction to the Act in terms of costs, benefits and business impacts. This book is for senior managers in the Business and Financial/Accounting Communities who want/need to know what the reaction of business and government is to the SOX legislation, what it is costing and how the effects are penetrating through the business environment.Mike Holt presents a comprehensive review of the impact that Sarbanes-Oxley legislation has had on business, the financial community, governments and the public since its inception in 2002. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has been somewhat successful, but not completely and the cost (well over a trillion dollars) might be considered too high a price to pay for the gains.

               This book takes a hard look at the costs, benefits and other impacts as well as at what influential and prominent financial, government and business leaders think about it now. It is international in scope and content and includes interviews with prominent business leaders, CEOs and CFOs of large and small corporations. Compliance with The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is now mandatory for every listed US corporation and overseas corporations listed on US stock markets. It covers the reaction of business and government to this legislation, what it is costing and how the effects are penetrating through the business environment.

  • Risk Accounting and Risk Management for Accountants
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              Both Accountants and Auditors are confronted daily with challenges associated with the evaluation of credit risk, market risk, and other exposures. The book provides up-to-date information on the most significant developments in risk management policies and practices. Accountants whose work under International Financial Reporting Standards increasingly involves risk control in their job will find this book of practical value with the inclusion of material on "how to" successfully design, implementation and use risk control measures.

               Designed specifically for accountants the book starts with the fundamental factors underpinning risk: volatility and uncertainty, and then shows how and why accounting, auditing, and risk control correlate. The themes covered in the book include: credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, investment risk, and event risk.

  • Business Accounting and Finance 3e
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    Now in its third edition, this popular introductory text is aimed at non-specialist students of accounting and finance taking their first module in the subject, within courses such as business studies and management. The new edition has been extensively revised to bring all the financial reporting aspects up-to-date and consistent with international financial reporting practice. Business Accounting and Finance is ideally suitable for introductory accounting and finance modules taught on undergraduate business studies courses, around the world. It is also appropriate for use on MBA courses.

  • Cost and Management Accounting 7e
    by Drury
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    This international best-seller provides a clear and accessible introduction to cost and management accounting. Colin Drury's renowned authoring expertise blends theory and practice and the text encompasses all the basic topics needed on an introductory course. Now in its seventh edition, Cost and Management Accounting has been carefully updated to ensure it precisely fits the latest course and examination requirements.

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