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    Confruntati cu incertitudinea pietei, la sase ani dupa inceputul crizei economice, antreprenorii si managerii simt mai mult ca oricand ineficienta solutiilor de criza si necesitatea reimprospatarii lor. Parcurgand cercetarile celor mai buni specialisti din domeniu, Consultanta si managament. Solutii pentru criza este o lucrare ce inglobeaza cele mai evidente probleme critice ale pietei, cu aspecte ce tin de cele mai mici detalii, ilustrate cu exemple recente si semnificative. Textul prezinta managerilor si celor care studiaza mediul de business, trei categorii de informatii reunite in acelasi volum: efectele recesiunii asupra companiilor, modele si tehnici de analiza pentru problemele create de recesiune si solutii care au avut succes sau, cel putin, par a fi promitatoare in depasirea dificultatilor. Cartea reprezinta un ghid valoros indiscutabil, nu doar pentru directorii de intreprinderi si antreprenori, ci si pentru cercetatori si studenti. Prin contributiile semnificative in dezvoltarea managementului din Romania, numele profesorului Petre DATCULESCU constituie deja cea mai buna recomandare pentru lucrarea de fata Fondator al Institutului Roman de Sondare a Opiniei Publice (IRSOP), doctor in psihologie, cu studii la Universitatea din Michigan si avand o experienta decisiva in cercetarea de piata, autorul ne ofera perspectiva sa de referinta asupra problemelor, a instrumentelor de analiza si a solutiilor pe timp de criza, aspecte prezentate detaliat in cartea Consultanta si management. Solutii pentru criza

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    Daca va confruntati cu probleme insurmontabile la locul de munca, poate ca a venit vremea sa renuntati. Renuntati la iluzia ca detineti controlul, renuntati la ceea ce credeti ca stiti, renuntati la reactii. Avand "Nu stiu" ca ghid in aparenta ceata a incertitudinii, veti fi surprinsi de cat de multe veti descoperi la celalalt capat.

    Marshall Goldsmith, autor de succes al cartilor Triggers, MOJO si What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

  • Get Shit Done
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    Get Shit Done. Less Meetings, More Doing. Passion Never Fails. These mantras have bred the likes of Twitter and Instagram. Now the essence of the startup world has been captured in book form. There's rocket-fuelled insight from the pioneers of the Lean revolution, alongside timeless wisdom from Zuckerberg, Bezos and Jobs. Whenever you're in search of inspiration and motivation, pick up this book. And then Get Shit Done.

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    Intr-o lume definita de viteza si agitatie in care totul pare ca se petrece pe repede-nainte, Diana Renner si Steven D'Souza te invita sa descoperi ca se poate si altfel. Pentru ca nu a nu face inseamna de fapt, a face cu adevarat, inseamna a fi prezent, a reflecta, a lasa mintea sa hoinareasca si sa se refaca, recupereze, sa se improspateze. Dupa cum spune Daniel Pink, autor al Drive, este vorba despre ceva mai inaltator: o colaborare cu energia situatiei, in ton cu mediul din jurul sau, folosind resurse limitate in cel mai util mod cu putinta. Incearca sa nu faci. Ar putea fi cel mai bun lucru pe care nu l-ai facut vreodata. Aceasta carte va juca un rol important pentru tine, indiferent daca esti lider de echipa, CEO sau daca tocmai iti incepi cariera.

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    In his international bestseller The Power of Habit, Pulitzer Prize-winner Charles Duhigg explained why we do what we do. Now he applies the same relentless curiosity and masterful analysis to the question: how can each of us achieve more?

    Drawing on the very latest findings in neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics, he demonstrates the eight simple principles that govern productivity. He demonstrates how the most dynamic and effective people – from CEOs to film-makers to software entrepreneurs – deploy them. And he shows how you can, too.

    ‘Charles has some wonderful advice for increasing productivity . . . the tips he highlights have most definitely played a huge part in helping me to build the Virgin brand.’ Richard Branson

    ‘In Smarter Faster Better Duhigg finds provocative answers to a riddle of our age: how to become more productive (by two times, or even ten times) and less busy.’ Jim Collins

    ‘There are valuable lessons in Smarter Faster Better . . . I never felt like putting it down.’ Financial Times

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    In an inspiring new book, management consultant and world-renowned speaking guru Brian Biro describes how each and every one of us can seize and act upon the Windows of Opportunity that we encounter to transform our lives.

    In There Are No Overachievers, Brian Biro distils a lifetime of motivational lessons on how to be more energized and passionate in work and life by seizing what he calls the WOO – our windows of opportunity. A WOO is a precious, unrepeatable moment that can influence, redirect and even reshape our lives when we choose to seize it. And as we begin to recognize these exceptional opportunities, we see how they can…

    · enhance our ability to relate to others
    · increase our personal energy
    · foster greater teamwork to deliver breakthrough results
    · improve our partnerships, personally and professionally

    Narrated in short, targeted chapters and interweaving personal stories and anecdotes from his life as a top business speaker, national swimming coach and former corporate vice president, Biro offers a wealth of practical insights and action steps we can apply to our lives - and the secret to creating a dynamic, flourishing and fulfilling career.

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    Business is becoming increasingly project-based and our ability to manage projects has become one of the key skills for success as managers and business people. This compact guide, written by a leading project management expert, gets to the heart of successful project management. Project management is not complicated - many projects may be complicated, but project management itself is not. By following a set of simple rules and applying simple techniques, there will be no need for the expensive project failures that we often see. Moreover, as this book shows, projects can be significantly shortened by again using simple ideas and techniques. Anyone who manages projects will find this book helps them to save time, effort, resources, and money.

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    What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast is a powerful book about high productivity from bestselling author Laura Vanderkam. We're all busy. But we all waste time. What are the secrets of using every hour productively? How do the most successful people spend their time? In this brilliant accessible book, Laura Vanderkam inspires you to rethink your morning routine and jump-start your day. If you use your mornings wisely, you can build habits that will lead to a happier, more productive life. She also helps you to rethink your weekends. She explains why doing nothing can be more exhausting than doing something, how to balance work and play, and why Sunday nights are crucial. Finally she challenges you to make the most of your time at the office. Focusing on matching your to-do list to your natural body clock, she shows you how to maximize your productivity so you can accomplish more in less time. By blending stories of fascinating people with cutting-edge scientific research, Vanderkam shows us how to maximize our valuable mornings, make the most of our working hours, and enjoy the results with deeply satisfying weekends.

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    This book provides the perfect practice for anybody taking quantitative methods for the first time, or for those looking to brush up on their quantitative knowledge. The books examines the different types of analysis techniques � predictive, descriptive, evaluative and optimising � through numerous examples and exercises and is great as a stand-alone product or an accompaniment to an Operations Management textbook

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    These are some of the ground rules if you work at Netflix. They are part of a unique cultural experiment that explains how the company has transformed itself at lightning speed from a DVD mail order service into a streaming superpower - with 190 million fervent subscribers and a market capitalisation that rivals the likes of Disney. Finally Reed Hastings, Netflix Chairman and CEO, is sharing the secrets that have revolutionised the entertainment and tech industries. With INSEAD business school professor Erin Meyer, he will explore his leadership philosophy - which begins by rejecting the accepted beliefs under which most companies operate - and how it plays out in practice at Netflix. From unlimited holidays to abolishing approvals, Netflix offers a fundamentally different way to run any organisation, one far more in tune with an ever-changing fast-paced world. For anyone interested in creativity, productivity and innovation, the Netflix culture is something close to a holy grail. This book will make it, and its creator, fully accessible for the first time.

  • Atlas of Management Thinking
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    First published in 1981, this was the first book ever to be written explicitly for the right side of the reader’s brain.

    Much has been made of the research conducted into the left side of the brain – home to language and logic. The right side works in images, whole patterns and undefined feelings – none of which can be verbalized. This more elusive thinking often functions as what is loosely called ‘intuition’.

    In Atlas, de Bono shows us how to use the right side. It is an atlas because it is a visual reference of images and illustrations that point the reader in the right direction (literally). For anyone who has ever been told to trust their instinct, or who is concerned with management and decision-making, this book is a de Bono classic.

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    Take your video marketing to the next level with this practical and insightful resource 

    Like, Comment, Share, Buy: The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Business With Video Storytelling delivers powerful and actionable strategies to move your company’s brand to the forefront of your customers’ imaginations. Celebrated author, speaker, journalist, and consultant Jonathan Creek explains why video is the most impactful medium in which to market online and how you can leverage it for maximum benefit.  

    Providing a fully interactive experience for readers through the book's video companion app, Like, Comment, Share, Buy contains an approachable and comprehensive method to unlock the power of online video and discusses topics like: 

    ·         How to make social media videos with just your smartphone 

    ·         The formula to creating contagious, compelling and viral content 

    ·         The scientific research underlying the author’s approaches to social media 

    ·         The tools and tips to marketing your small business on social media 

    Perfect for social-media savvy entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, and advertising agents, Like, Comment, Share, Buy provides a compelling message that deserves to be heard by anyone hoping to increase their online and offline profile.  


  • Resonant Leadership
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    Shows how leaders can recognize the cycles of stress, sacrifice and renewal inherent in their jobs - and actively utilize the qualities of mindfulness, hope and compassion to renew their passion and effectiveness.

  • Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One
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    "Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One provides strategies to solve conflicts. Based on principles, research, and real life examples ranging from Harvard University, Mikhail Gorbachev, two kissing boxers, and Sun Tze to John Rambo, Think Like a Lawyer Don't Act Like One can be used when dealing with grumpy police officers, angry neighbors, unwilling debtors, nasty lawyers, and other conflict seekers. Each strategy is thoroughly tested and can be used at the kitchen table, on the street, and in the boardroom. All seventy-five rules are illustrated in a funny way. "

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    Every group that executive coach Steve Arneson speaks to have the same question: what does my boss want? Even a good boss can be hard to read, but many people have difficult bosses. Many bosses aren’t clear about their expectations, act in seemingly inexplicable ways, and suggest motives that appear to have nothing to do with helping you achieve your career goals. Arneson says the hard truth is that any efforts to improve, fix, or convert your boss won’t work. The secret is to figure out what makes her tick and change your own approach to working with her. The book is divided into three sections and built around fifteen questions - ten to ask about your boss and five to ask about yourself. It begins by showing you how you can study your boss to gain an understanding of what drives his behavior - work style, leadership brand, and motives. Once you understand this, you can consider how your boss sees you. Studying your boss is important, but you also have to look at yourself from her perspective. Finally, you need to take responsibility for the relationship. In this section, you’ll find practical suggestions for using what you’ve learned to change your interactions with your boss and tips for getting the relationship back on track. Arneson includes vivid real-world examples to show how he and his clients have put his advice into practice to gain more meaningful, productive, and enjoyable.

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    David Kwong is the go-to consultant for Hollywood’s biggest illusion-heavy projects, including the hit films Now You See Me, The Imitation Game and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. In Spellbound he reveals how to bridge the gap between perception and reality to increase your powers of persuasion and influence.

    David Kwong has astounded large crowds, from CEOs to TED talk audiences to thousands of other hyper-rational people, making them see, believe and even remember what he wants them to. Illusion is an ancient art that centres on control: commanding a room, building anticipation, and appearing to work wonders.

    Illusion works because the human brain is wired to fill the gap between seeing and believing. Surprisingly, these are the tools used by top leaders like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson; masters of control and command who understand how to sway opinions and achieve goals. Spellbound shows us that illusions are more than just a set of tricks; it is a trainable craft that holds the principles of winning over an audience, which can be applied to every aspect of life.

    Through years of practice, research and learning (including a Harvard degree in the history of magic), David discovered the seven fundamental principles of illusion, like how to use the space between seeing and believing, shape narratives and command your audience by giving them agency.

    Packed with amazing stories and insights, Spellbound gives you a fresh and engaging way to sell your idea, production or skills to stand out from the crowd.

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    How many presentations on innovation have there been recently? Thousands? Millions? We are experiencing 'innovation fatigue': we feel cheated by the endless rounds of consultants who come into our organizations, deliver conceptual models that don't stick with the realities of business and then leave again. Companies and teams are left feeling more deflated than before, and with not one idea that's impacted the bottom line. Innovation for the Fatigued argues it is worth fighting for the concept and study of innovation in organizations. Business leaders are always looking over their shoulders for the next Uber moment to overtake them, and they recognize that innovation needs to be a top priority. But how does one innovate? This book is the antidote to the empty promises that pervade the innovation industry. By designing a company culture that nurtures ideas, but also defends against incrementalism and fads, we can rediscover the powerful basics of imagination, empathy, play and courage, which are all instrumental in delivering real impactful innovation. Innovation for the Fatigued will detail where companies have got innovation wrong, whilst celebrating and studying the ones that lead the way. With unique, relatable and varied examples, renowned innovation and creativity professor Alf Rehn provides a practical model for getting innovation back on track, and instilling change at speed with real concern for market demands.

    ·  1 Introduction: between the shallows and the deep blue sea

    ·  Scenes from our innovation crisis

    ·  An age of innovation talk

    ·  Innovation ain’t what it used to be

    ·  Scenes from a shallow company

    ·  Innovation lost

    ·  What is deep innovation?

    ·  The four extremes of innovation cultures

    ·  The innovation industry

    ·  Innovation commodified

    ·  The haves and have-nots of the imagination economy

    ·  Our cognitive surplus

    ·  Innovation rich

    ·  Big idea famine

    ·  The research behind this book, or the companies fighting famine and fatigue

    ·  The rest of this book

    ·  2 Of yawns and broken windows: how ideas die in the modern corporation

    ·  Human ingenuity in an age of AI

    ·  The new productivity

    ·  On inhospitable contexts

    ·  The lonesome death of most ideas

    ·  When you’re the Sphinx

    ·  Broken windows theory

    ·  How to kill innovation culture with an idea competition, part 1

    ·  The whimper

    ·  How to kill innovation culture with an idea competition, part 2

    ·  Shallow yawns and deep breaths

    ·  Our own worst enemies

    ·  The beam in our eyes

    ·  The curse of expertise

    ·  Beyond innovation theatre

    ·  3 Respect, reciprocity, responsibility and reflection: crafting innovation cultures from the ground up

    ·  Why innovation requires thinking like a farmer

    ·  PS I love you

    ·  Psychological safety, innovation and organizational culture

    ·  Some hallmarks of an innovation culture

    ·  The four Rs of deep innovation cultures

    ·  Respect: the basic building block of innovation

    ·  Reciprocity: why you need both give and take

    ·  Responsibility: deep innovation cultures are both vocal and vulnerable

    ·  Reflection

    ·  Crafting innovation cultures

    ·  4 The imagination premium: pushing beyond fatigue, thinking beyond boundaries

    ·  Building a better cornucopia

    ·  Imagination: tricky, troubling and terrific

    ·  Good engineers/bad engineers

    ·  Business in the imagination age

    ·  The imagination premium

    ·  Thinking, fast and slow and deep

    ·  Experimenting beyond logic

    ·  On the comfort zone

    ·  Play like there’s no-one watching

    ·  The big I

    ·  Mining the imagination

    ·  Curiosity: it never killed the cat

    ·  A curiosity crisis (and escaping it)

    ·  Getting serious about imagination

    ·  5 Innovative by design: diversity and the trouble with monocultures

    ·  Macho madness

    ·  Innovation and privilege

    ·  Haves and have-nots redux

    ·  The innovations of privilege

    ·  Moving beyond male, pale and stale

    ·  The one thing we know about innovative teams

    ·  On the fine art of respectful disharmony

    ·  Rise of the culture brokers

    ·  A band of brokers

    ·  An aside on compassion

    ·  From diversity to impact

    ·  Making innovation meaningful

    ·  6 Making innovation resilient: meaning, purpose, ambition, courage

    ·  When innovation becomes bullshit

    ·  Draped in innovation talk

    ·  Bringing meaning back in

    ·  Meaning, purpose, leadership

    ·  Innovation cultures thrive on meaning

    ·  Just enough stress

    ·  Innovation ambition

    ·  The safety of the shallows

    ·  Daring and caring

    ·  The courage to allow

    ·  The courage to say ‘no’

    ·  Innovation is a sometime thing

    ·  The courage to govern

    ·  The fifth R: resilience

    ·  7 Time, velocity, slack: working at the speed of innovation

    ·  Working on innovation time

    ·  Between comfort and panic

    ·  Agile spurts

    ·  The importance of moments

    ·  Long slogs

    ·  Power pauses: why we need time off from innovation

    ·  Designing for slack

    ·  Shifting rhythms and the rough patches

    ·  Human, all too human rhythms

    ·  The Kessel run: weird times in innovation

    ·  8 Pulling it all together: from ‘innovation’ to innovation

    ·  On innovation pornography

    ·  When we skip the messy bits

    ·  Pygmalion and the Golem in innovation

    ·  After ‘innovation’: the return of the farmer

    ·  The kit and caboodle, aka the whole shebang

    ·  Why we need innovation critique

  • 90.00 lei

    Do you know how your brain functions? Do you sometimes feel like you're fighting your own brain and habits in order to be productive at work? What if there was a way to work with your brain to become more efficient, effective and productive... and transform the way you operate? Make Your Brain Work is here to help. Author Amy Brann (Engaged; Neuroscience for Coaches) is fascinated by the application of brain science to business, and you don't have to be an expert to understand - she explains the principles and latest insights in practical and easy-to-understand language, enabling you to understand the way you work, and form the helpful habits that will revolutionise your output. With clear, in-context examples; hands-on tips; and focused case studies on how companies are doing things well and the pitfalls to avoid, this entertaining book will help you reduce the stress and overwhelm of poor time management, and help get you to that next professional level. Including brand-new content on developing resilience and creativity, and managing your work-life balance, now it's even easier to Make Your Brain Work!

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    Learn to engage your B2B customers through effective virtual sales meetings and presentations

    The global COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how business-to-business companies interact with their customers. The traditional face-to-face meeting has quickly become a thing of the past—the virtual customer engagement model is the new normal. To secure existing and future revenue streams in the virtual B2B sales environment, companies must equip their commercial frontline with the confidence, skills, and tools necessary for effectively engaging customers virtually.

    The Virtual Sales Handbook: A Hands-on Approach to Engaging Customers is designed for sales reps, commercial managers, customer relationship managers, and other customer-facing professionals working in the virtual realm. Step-by-step, readers learn to prepare for a virtual sales meeting, create compelling virtual presentations, build energy through effective openers, develop trust in the virtual world, drive impact through virtual meeting follow-up, and much more. Throughout the book, readers are provided with an abundance of tips and tricks, illustrative examples and case studies, and actionable strategies based on extensive implementation and upskilling experience.

    Written by two authors with deep knowledge and expertise in operationalizing virtual commercial sales and marketing methods and tools, this must-have guide will help you:

    ·         Navigate the world of virtual sales

    ·         Overcome the barriers of virtual customer interaction

    ·         Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different virtual sales models

    ·         Plan and execute effective virtual sales meetings

    ·         Build engaging storylines and presentations

    ·         Lead the transformation from physical to virtual sales

    ·         Leverage effective virtual customer engagement techniques

    The Virtual Sales Handbook: A Hands-on Approach to Engaging Customers is an indispensable resource for C-suite executives, business leaders, senior sales managers, sales representatives, account managers, and anyone on the commercial frontline.


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    Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work. This is not a crazy, idealised notion. In many successful organisations, great leaders are creating environments in which teams trust each other so deeply that they would put their lives on the line for each other. Yet other teams, no matter what incentives were offered, are doomed to infighting, fragmentation and failure. Why? Today's workplaces tend to be full of cynicism, paranoia and self-interest. But the best organisations foster trust and cooperation because their leaders build what Sinek calls a Circle of Safety. It separates the security inside the team from the challenges outside. Everyone feels they belong and all energies are devoted to facing the common enemy and seizing big opportunities. As in Start with Why, Sinek illustrates his ideas with fascinating true stories, from the military to manufacturing, from government to investment banking. He shows that leaders who are willing to eat last are rewarded with deeply loyal colleagues who will stop at nothing to advance their vision. It's amazing how well it works. Simon Sinek teaches leaders and organisations around the world how to inspire people.

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    In this Web 2. 0 era, small business owners are at a severe disadvantage because they have minimal, if any, knowledge, about Internet marketing. They also lack the budget to hire a top-notch web marketer. As a result, the thrust of their Internet marketing program is usually a poorly performing website that attracts few visitors.

  • Supply Chain Management For Dummies
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    If you own or make decisions for a business, you need to master the critical concept of supply chain management. Supply Chain Management For Dummies, 2nd Edition guides you to an understanding of what a supply chain is and how to leverage this system effectively across your business, no matter its size or industry.

    The book helps you learn about the areas of business that make up a supply chain, from procurement to operations to distribution. And it explains the importance of supporting functions like sales, information technology, and human resources. You’ll be prepared to align the parts of this system to meet the needs of customers, suppliers, and shareholders. By viewing the company as a supply chain, you’ll be able to make decisions based on how they will affect every part of the chain.

    To help you fully understand supply chains, the author focuses on the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model. This approach allows all types of professionals to handle their work demands.   

    •          Use metrics to improve processes

    •          Evaluate business risks through analytics

    •          Choose the right software and automation processes

    •          Plan for your supply chain management certification and continuing education

    A single business decision in one department can have unplanned effects in one or more areas, such as purchasing or operations. Supply Chain Management For Dummies helps you grasp the connections between business lines for wiser decision making and planning.


  • 101.00 lei

    Sigmund Freud meets Peter Drucker … Behind the Executive Door is a revealing look at the behavior of top business leaders—and how the next level of aspiring managers can learn to navigate the political and personal landscape. Based on over 25 years of psychotherapy and consulting experiences, as well as extensive empirical research, Karol Wasylyshyn has identified a dynamic continuum of executive behaviors that are manifested in three specific types of business leaders – Remarkable, Perilous, and Toxic. She describes these types in accessible terms with the intertwined goals of helping readers (1) recognize these behaviors and leadership types and (2) leverage this information to increase their savvy and effectiveness in the workplace. In the wake of Sarbanes-Oxley and the increased scrutiny of business executives, we have learned that how they lead is often their undoing – or at least it is a pressing development need and/or potential derailment factor. In short, despite financial or strategic smarts, ineffective leadership behavior de-motivates talented employees, has adverse effects on productivity, and jeopardizes positive business results. Conversely, we can recognize the qualities of effective leadership behavior, which is largely a function of emotional intelligence, the ability to tap into the needs and motivations of others and bring out their best performance. In Behind the Executive Door, the author provides a wide variety of tools and exercises to help the reader identify the behavior traits of their organizations’ leaders –and hone their own approaches to achieve positive results. In the process, readers will also gain insights and skills to manage laterally and down, as well as up the organizational ladder. The concepts can be applied in any type of organization – private or public, for-profit or non-profit.

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    What's Stopping You? Get the Kelsey Collection and get more out of life! With the help of Robert Kelsey's three best-selling books: What's Stopping You? What's Stopping You Being More Confident? And Get Things Done you will discover how to overcome your fear of failure, reach your potential, tackle your self-doubt head on and defeat the obstacles that stop you achieving more in your everyday lives. So you can laugh in the face of procrastination, low attainment and frustrated ambitions and take control of your life. Successful Solutions for Smart People: The Kelsey Collection is: * Based on personal experience * Grounded in solid psychological research * Packed with techniques and practical solutions * Your route to being more organized, less stressed and more effective

  • 12000lei 108.00 lei


    "An excellent guide on how teams can effectively work together, regardless of location."
    —STEPHANE KASRIEL, former CEO of Upwork

    IN TODAY'S MODERN GLOBAL ECONOMY, companies and organizations in all sectors are embracing the game-changing benefits of the remote workplace. Managers benefit by saving money and resources and by having access to talent outside their zip codes, while employees enjoy greater job opportunities, productivity, independence, and work-life satisfaction. But in this new digital arena, companies need a plan for supporting efficiency and fostering streamlined, engaging teamwork.

    In Work Together Anywhere, Lisette Sutherland, an international champion of virtual-team strategies, offers a complete blueprint for optimizing team success by supporting every member of every team, including:

    ·         EMPLOYEES advocating for work-from-home options

    ·         MANAGERS seeking to maximize productivity and profitability

    ·         TEAMS collaborating over complex projects and long-term goals

    ·         ORGANIZATIONS reliant on sharing confidential documents and data

    ·         COMPANY OWNERS striving to save money and attract the best brainpower

    Packed with hands-on materials and actionable advice for cultivating agility, camaraderie, and collaboration, Work Together Anywhere is a thorough and inspiring must-have guide for getting ahead in today's remote-working world.


  • Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual
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    12200lei 110.00 lei

    Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual by Jocko Willink is the essential and practical guide to leadership and how to excel at it, from the co-author of the number one New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership.

    Leadership is the most challenging of human endeavours. It is often misunderstood. It can bewilder, mystify and frustrate even the most dedicated practitioners. Leaders at all levels are often forced to use theoretical guesswork to make decisions and lead their troops.

    It doesn’t have to be that way.

    There are principles that can be applied and tenets that can be followed. There are skills that can be learned and manoeuvres that can be practised and executed. There are leadership strategies and tactics that have been tested and proven on the battlefield, in business and in life.

    Retired Navy SEAL Officer Jocko Willink delivers his powerful and pragmatic leadership methodology that teaches how to lead any team in any situation to victory. Here, you will learn how to:

    *Deal with egos and the problems they cause
    *Earn and build trust with both your subordinates and superiors
    *Instil pride in your team, without creating arrogance
    *Overcome challenges presented by a micromanaging, indecisive or weak boss
    *Create a disciplined team that regulates itself
    *Use leadership as a tool to teach, mentor, train and correct behaviour of team members
    *Operate at a maximum level of efficiency – and reap the rewards

    . . . and more. This book is step one towards becoming the commander of your own life. The rest is up to you.


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    Learn to plan and execute projects in any organization with this practical and insightful resource 

    The comprehensively updated and revised edition of Strategic Project Management Made Simple cements this series’ status as the leading resource for anyone looking for step-by-step guidance on project design and action initiatives. 

    Written by celebrated management consultant Terry Schmidt, this book fully covers the necessity of systems thinking and the logical framework approach to solve today’s challenging problems. Strategic Project Management Made Simple also includes: 

    ·         An expanded section on turning ideas, problems, and opportunities into projects 

    ·         A newly created chapter on managing your “inner game” to achieve project excellence   

    ·         Fresh case studies that cover how to pivot your business to meet changing needs  

    ·         A new approach, Iterating to Excellence, to create your Minimum Viable Project and produce solutions smoother and faster

    Strategic Project Management Made Simple, Revised and Updated is an indispensable volume for leaders and workers seeking to transform their approach to planning, driving, and executing projects in their organizations. 


  • The Business Book: Big ideas simply explained
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    110.00 lei


    An innovative and accessible guide to business, management and commerce Learning about business can be daunting, but The Business Book makes it easier than ever by giving you all the big ideas simply explained. Simple explanations and stylish infographics open up the business world to even the complete novice. The Business Book is the perfect primer to key theories of business and management, covering inspirational business ideas, business strategy and alternative business models. 100 key quotations introduce you to the work of great commercial thinkers, leaders and gurus from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs and to topics spanning from start-ups to ethics. Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur or just have an interest in business, The Business Book is an all-in-one guide to business management, theory and strategy.

  • Branding Inside Out
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    120.00 lei

    Internal branding is the cultural shift that occurs within an organization when employees become more customer-focused. By getting employees to truly commit to a brand's ideology internally, companies will find that their brand messages are conveyed externally much more effectively. Branding Inside Out is a multi-contributor text containing chapters from an array of senior professionals and academics, edited by the renowned branding expert and prolific author Nicholas Ind. Branding Inside Out contains both new thinking and new practice on internal branding. The new thinking chapters in the book feature original research on the principles that underpin effective internal branding programmes, while the new practice chapters provide examples of how such companies as Patagonia, NN Group and Adidas both attract new employees and build employee engagement. Taken together, these contributions and case studies form a vital book to help any marketer understand and implement successful internal branding programmes, and win the active involvement of their people.

  • 120.00 lei

    Publishing for Profit provides information on managing and controlling the various publishing activities that are performed on a daily basis. It includes: research and setting objectives; financial matters; editorial process; production and manufacturing; sales and marketing; and rights.

  • 120.00 lei

    Learning and Development (L&D) professionals are uniquely placed in an organization to improve both individual employee performance as well as the overall performance of the business. To maximise the impact of learning, activities must be aligned with the goals of the organization and delivered in the flow of work so that performance improvement is continuous. The course can no longer be the default learning option and creative workplace solutions are now vital. Driving Performance through Learning shows L&D professionals how to identify business needs and leverage learning that drives performance improvement to enable an organization to achieve its objectives. Beginning with an exploration of the fast-changing organizational learning landscape Driving Performance through Learning covers everything from how to diagnose needs through performance consulting conversations, using data and metric and tracking impact to designing agile solutions by leveraging technology, facilitating social collaboration and vibrant learning communities. There is also expert guidance on curating content, embedding coaching, valuing mistakes and adopting a more self-directed learning approach. This book also defines the key characteristics of the new learning organization and the emerging roles of the future-focussed L&D team and whether these new responsibilities should be developed in-house or outsourced. This is an essential handbook for all L&D professionals seeking to transform workplace learning and drive organizational performance.

    ·  Introduction: Keys to unlock the book

    ·  Welcome… and insight as to why I’ve written this book

    ·  Understanding that our model of change matters

    ·  The structure of the book

    ·  Getting the most from the book

    ·  References

    ·  PART ONE Understanding Emerging Landscapes

    ·  01 Redefining workplace learning

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  The emerging organizational landscape

    ·  Redefining the new learning organization

    ·  ‘Work is learning, learning is work’ – learning happens while we work

    ·  Embedding learning ‘in-the-flow’ of work

    ·  Moving beyond the numbers of 70:20:10

    ·  It’s time to establish a new learning philosophy

    ·  The need to unlearn

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  PART TWO Laying Essential Foundations

    ·  02 Diagnosing needs

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  Perceptions are relative

    ·  Three worldviews and three gravities: a learning scenario

    ·  It’s obvious… diagnosing learning needs is vital

    ·  The well-trodden process to define learning needs

    ·  Criticisms of learning needs analyses

    ·  Leveraging performance consulting conversations

    ·  Distilling the best of the models: 20 valuable diagnostic questions

    ·  Credible performance consultants align learning with the business

    ·  Targeted learning solutions enhance the credibility of L&D

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  03 Tracking impact

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  The lie of the land

    ·  Why is tracking impact such an issue?

    ·  Moving on impact models: L&D as a ‘one trick’ pony

    ·  Moving on: widening our repertoire

    ·  Other learning evaluation and impact models to consider

    ·  Using richer tactics: pooling the best practice from the models

    ·  How can you design and deliver for learning transfer?

    ·  Chasing the elusive ROI and ROE

    ·  The role of data and analytics in tracking impact

    ·  Fifteen learning data-related questions that are vital to ask

    ·  Assigning impact activities to roles: key questions to be answered

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  04 Designing responsively

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  Responding to the pace of change

    ·  Learning and the curse of sluggish solutions

    ·  What is ‘agile’ learning?

    ·  Reassessing old learning models: the Training Cycle and ADDIE

    ·  Moving to a more responsive design solution: SAM

    ·  Changing mindsets

    ·  Tips on gathering a multidisciplinary design team

    ·  Tips on gaining feedback to support iterative improvement

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  PART THREE Transforming Learning Approaches

    ·  05 Leveraging digital

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  Digital solutions are transforming our lives

    ·  What factors make digital learning solutions transformational?

    ·  The big question: why leverage digital solutions for learning?

    ·  Beware of fads, look for trends

    ·  Digital transformation: learning lessons from others

    ·  The typical digital learning landscape

    ·  Philosophies underpinning our choice of digital learning solutions

    ·  Transforming digital connections for learning in-the-flow of work

    ·  Transforming digital content for learning in-the-flow of work

    ·  Five keys in implementing digital solutions for learning

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  06 Facilitating communities

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  Socialized solutions

    ·  Nothing new under the sun

    ·  The re-emergence of social learning: what the research tells us

    ·  Harnessing the benefits of social learning and overcoming challenges

    ·  Ensuring online social spaces aren’t desolate

    ·  Keys to facilitating successful learning communities

    ·  Learning communities must face outwards

    ·  Twelve development ideas for learning communities

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  07 Curating content

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  A passion for curation

    ·  What is content curation?

    ·  Why is the curation of learning resources increasingly compelling?

    ·  What does the research reveal about learning curation?

    ·  How does curation support learning and performance?

    ·  A curation process for content to drive performance

    ·  Curation as part of wider knowledge management

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  08 Supporting self-direction

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  Self-direction drives motivation

    ·  Our choice-driven world should be reflected in learning

    ·  What does research reveal about learner choice and self-direction?

    ·  Time for a shift in learning language and philosophy

    ·  How does self-direction drive performance improvement?

    ·  The progression to self-direction

    ·  Five tactics to facilitate self-directed learning

    ·  Wrapped up in a living personal development plan

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  09 Embedding coaching

    ·  Where we are heading?

    ·  Looking to others

    ·  The multiple facets of workplace coaching

    ·  Coaching in-the-flow of work: culture not calendar

    ·  The power of coaching in the moment

    ·  Coaching in-the-flow of work through leaders and managers

    ·  Coaching in-the-flow of work through peers

    ·  Coaching in-the-flow of work through chatbots and virtual assistants

    ·  Communications technology for coaching in-the-flow of work

    ·  Talking the same language

    ·  Forty questions to draw on for coaching in-the-flow of work

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  10 Valuing mistakes

    ·  Where are we heading?

    ·  Mistakes: the doorway to success

    ·  How we respond to mistakes matters

    ·  Mistakes: common causes and outstanding outcomes

    ·  What does the research reveal about mistake-based learning?

    ·  Defining risk: the key to leverage learning from mistakes

    ·  Ways to harness mistakes for learning and performance improvement

    ·  Mistakes can be made precious

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  PART FOUR Redefining the L&D Function

    ·  11 Transforming roles

    ·  Where we are heading?

    ·  The future is… uncertain

    ·  Redefining L&D roles: six pillars of the performance-focused L&D function

    ·  The new L&D team: in-house or outsource?

    ·  Transformation: driven by a reality check

    ·  Transformed L&D alongside HR and OD

    ·  The role of managers in the evolved L&D function

    ·  Thinking about our future evolution…

    ·  Key transformational trends: artificial intelligence

    ·  Summary and performance pointers

    ·  References

    ·  12 Transforming mindsets

    ·  Where we are heading?

    ·  Our need for a compelling vision

    ·  Recap and round-off

    ·  A manifesto for effective workplace learning

    ·  Closing thoughts

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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    How can management be developed to create the greatest wealth for society as a whole? This is the question Peter Drucker sets out to answer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A brilliant, mould-breaking attack on management orthodoxy it is one of Drucker’s most important books, offering an excellent overview of some of his main ideas. He argues that what defines an entrepreneur is their attitude to change: ‘the entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity’. To exploit change, according to Drucker, is to innovate. Stressing the importance of low-tech entrepreneurship, the challenge of balancing technological possibilities with limited resources, and the organisation as a learning organism, he concludes with a vision of an entrepreneurial society where individuals increasingly take responsibility for their own learning and careers.

  • 120.00 lei

     Innovative B2B Marketing is a clear, practical guide that demystifies modern aspects of B2B marketing, including marketing models, processes and thought leadership pieces. New customer buying habits, the digital era and the new industry landscape (influenced by the application economy) have all had a great impact, with marketing professionals consequently facing a shift away from traditional practices. The focus of Innovative B2B Marketing is to cut through the noise and make sense of the new models, methods and processes that have recently emerged in the B2B marketing sphere.

    Authored by Simon Hall, an ex-CMO who brings over 20 years' senior level experience as one of the leading voices in the B2B sphere actively working with the CIM, the IDM, and other major associations, Innovative B2B Marketing brings together a wealth of insight and information sourced from the author's own first-hand experience. Featuring real-life examples from diverse sectors, plus topical discussion points and problems from key B2B marketing forums and associations, marketers will find new approaches, models and solutions to help deal with any B2B marketing challenge.

  • 120.00 lei

     Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management explores the challenges of winning, retaining and developing key accounts. Key accounts are customers who help their suppliers grow, and consequently, they wield significant power. Although they are the key to market share and revenue growth, the costs of serving key accounts can erode profitability unless they are thoroughly understood and managed.

    Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management takes a step-by-step approach to presenting best practice in key account management. Whether your business is starting up or well-established, there is always more to discover about improving the way value is created between you and your most important customers. Malcolm McDonald and Beth Rogers have spent over twenty years researching, teaching and consulting on key account management, and have condensed their knowledge into this book, focusing on making it clear, concise and easy to use.

  • 120.00 lei

     All start-up businesses must be founded on product expertise, a grasp of digitisation, and being aware of market forces. Tech start-ups also need a unique understanding of accounting to succeed, knowledge which is required to power their more innovative business models, and the ways of working that drive technology-based businesses. Unlike traditional accounting manuals or those aimed more generally at small business operators, Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups concentrates on what is important in financial terms for technology-based and innovation focused entrepreneurial businesses.

    Featuring a simple yet effective 'Start-Up Financial Control Loop' and 'Tech Start-Up Tracker,' Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups offers a complete and must-have financial toolkit for launching and managing a tech start-up. The book covers all relevant facets of accounting and finance not covered by any other publication by using straight-forward language, extensive practical illustrations and case studies to demonstrate the financial understanding that has become essential to technology and innovation-based start-ups.

  • 125.00 lei

    Learn powerful closing and sales negotiation tactics that unlock yes and seal the deal. Each year, sales professionals leave billions of dollars on the table because they are out gunned, out maneuvered, and out played by savvy buyers, who have been schooled in the art and science of negotiation. Because today's buyers have more power than ever before--more information, more at stake, and more control over the buying process--they almost always enter sales negotiations in a much stronger position than the salespeople on the other side of the table.

    The results are sadly predictable: salespeople and their companies end up on the losing end of the deal. In this brutal paradigm, if you fail to master the skills, strategies, and tactics to go toe-to-toe with modern buyers and win at the sales negotiation table, your income and long-term earning potential will suffer--along with your company's growth, profits, and market valuation. In his new book INKED: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Sales Negotiation Tactics that Unlock YES and Seal the Deal, Jeb Blount levels the playing field by giving you the strategies, tactics, techniques, skills, and human-influence frameworks required to become a powerful and effective sales negotiator.

    In his signature, straightforward style, Jeb pulls no punches. He slaps you right in the face with the cold, hard truth and lays bare the reasons why you keep getting beaten by buyers who have been trained in how to play you. Then, he teaches you exactly what you need to know, do, and say to gain more control and more power over the outcomes of your deals, and WIN.

  • 130.00 lei

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship deals with 'what, when and why'; with policies and decisions; opportunities and risks,structures and strategies; staffing, compensation and rewards. In addition to managers in all types of business, lecturers and students of management and business studies will this a revealing and exciting work. Highly critical in approach, it is nevertheless a practical and illuminating study of a area crucial for today's world.

  • 132.00 lei

    Enabling students to understand and appreciate the interdependence of the Earth's natural systems, this text covers the specifications for 5014 and 0680 Environmental Management. With a detailed and thorough approach, it will cultivate a strong understanding of resource management. Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

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    Why are some work partnerships exceptional while most are not? How can we establish and sustain an enhanced level of cohesion, connection, and collaboration in the most important work relationship, the one between a manager and team? What could remedy the high levels of isolation and anxiety so many feel at work these days?

    Silver and Franz explore the concept of ‘meaningful partnership’ in the workplace. They present meaningful partnership as a mindset where both leaders and their teams are fully committed to ensuring the support and success of the other. Then, they describe a model called ERTAP, which stands for Empathy, Respect, Trust, Alignment, and Partnership, which is the foundation for meaningful partnership. Finally, they detail a practical yet transformative relationship-building process referred to as the Workplace Covenant. This enables leaders and teams to create mutual commitments with obligatory weight that help them to feel accountable for the success of the relationship and each other.

    The book includes real client stories that illustrate the dimensions of partnership and the Workplace Covenant process. Silver and Franz also outline other work relationships that can benefit from meaningful partnership, pitfalls to avoid, relevant research, and insights derived from years of consulting experience.

    This book is a must-read for leaders interested in a better working relationship with their team; for teams who have critical work partnerships with other teams; for individuals who work closely with other individuals and need an exceptional 1:1 partnership; and finally for third-party experts in HR or continuous improvement who are seeking a new powerful way to help clients feel supported and be more successful.


  • 135.00 lei

    This text is aimed at MBA students and Masters students on general business or management programmes, who are or will become general managers, and especially those with some direct responsibility for HRM policies and practices. The purpose of the text is to give the managers of tomorrow a basic grounding in HR theory and practices. The text will place HR in a managerial context and will cover the key areas that a line manager needs to know without placing too much emphasis on historical development. The text will therefore seek to offer a real-world perspective on people management by adopting a managerial, positivist approach and by avoiding overly academic content.

  • 135.00 lei

    This book looks at the presenting scientist from a novel angle: the presenter-host. When scientists give a talk, the audience (guests) expects the title of the talk to determine presentation content, they require understandable slides, and they demand visible and audible scientific authority. To each expectation corresponds a set of skills: personal (voice, host qualities, time control), technical (presentation tools and slide design), and scientific (Q&A, slide content). The author takes an original human factor view of the presentation delivery, in which the audience is easily distracted, rapidly forgetful, and increasingly impatient. Thus, insightful pointers are given on how to deliver the talk, how to craft the slides, and how to prevent the computer from rendering the presenting host-scientist into a ghost. In addition, the book goes in-depth over the treatment of questions by examining the motives and style of the questioners, and advising on how best to answer to each type of questioner. The book comes with a DVD for audio and video examples, and includes essential PowerPoint and Keynote techniques that a presenter cannot live without.

  • 144.00 lei

    This break-through innovation book gives a 'ground-floor' view of the innovation process. It is written by practitioners of innovation, whose expertise scales from universities to start-ups to corporations and governments, allowing the authors to avoid the usual high-level-only descriptions of generic innovation. Organized in three parts, the first part develops the detailed iterative innovation process and debunks the widely held concept of linear innovation (research->development->product) as the actual innovation process. With the reader armed with the true innovation process, the second part analyzes, using the lens of iterative innovation, a real fundamental innovation advance which transpired over a 20-year period. In the last part of the book, the authors use this new interpretation of how innovation evolves to accurately portray modern US innovation history, and define the underlying crisis in our innovation pipeline. This part finishes with practical guides for all innovation stakeholders: individual innovators, investors, universities, corporations, and governments. The book is sufficiently self-contained and can be read by anyone interested in any aspect or impact of innovation.

  • 145.00 lei

    Shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year Award 2012. For managers and business leaders who want to enhance performance, this easy-to-use guide to employee management offers real solutions for getting workers engaged and increasing productivity. It explains what employee engagement is, why it matters, what the benefits of it are, what helps and hinders it, how to measure it, how to put theory into action when trying to create it. As an added benefit, it offers plenty of advice on how managers can keep themselves engaged, even during the toughest of times.

  • 155.00 lei

    Because of their daily presence in the field and favored relationships with their customers, salespeople are the eyes and ears of their companies. In the new economic war, managers cannot take the chance of not being fully aware of the way they could be threatened by the competition. Yet, organizations face great difficulties to stimulate salespeople's collection and dissemination of competitive intelligence, and to manage market-based intelligence efficiently. This book aims to assist sales and marketing managers in facing such challenges while providing them with action-oriented answers to the following key questions: What kind of information salespeople should collect from the field and how to transform such information into intelligence? How to improve salespeople's competitive intelligence collection and exploitation skills? How to enhance the sales force's commitment to competitive intelligence activities? How to manage and distill market-based intelligence throughout the organization and maintain market leadership? And, how to approach the ethical aspects of competitive intelligence and remain protected against competitors' competitive intelligence activities? By leveraging the latest research, practitioners' interviews, companies' best practices, along with practical tools and guidelines, this book help organizations achieve their market-orientation strategy and maintain a sustainable competitive edge.

  • Change Management for Sustainability
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    Change management is a challenging and continuous process that requires a particular skill set for both leaders and managers. It is essential for leaders and change agents to understand and address the five most important questions: Why? What? Who? How? When? Inside, you'll learn the concept of change management, its impact on the company's business performance and sustainability, and the relevant issues associated with it. The author highlights the importance of sustainable development, including economic, environmental, and social elements and introduces different types of changes including planned, unplanned, incremental/marginal, transitional, and transformational ones. Various models of planned and unplanned changes are featured, including leaders as change agents; the concept of resistance, reasons, sources, and forms of resistance to change; definitions of values, attitudes, personalities, and perceptions of individuals; and how these determinants affect individuals' behaviors, attitudes, and responses toward organizational change. Several organizational examples are provided throughout the book to illustrate how high-performance organizations grow their business.

  • Symbolic Management
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    The theory of symbolic management suggests that there is a pervasive separation between appearances and reality in organizational behaviour and strategic management. This book develops symbolic management into a major theoretical perspective on governance to provide a compelling alternative to agency theory. 1 Introduction to the Symbolic Management Perspective; Section I: The Major Forms of Symbolic Management; 2 Symbolic Management of Policy and Structure; 3 Symbolic Management of Process; 4 Symbolic Management Beyond the Firm Level; Section II: The Social and Psychological Determinants of Symbolic Management; 5 The Multi-stage Social Influence Process in CEO-Board Relationships; 6 Social Network Ties and Symbolic Management; 7 Social Influence Processes In Leader-Stakeholder Relations; 8 Group-level Social and Psychological Processes that Support Symbolic Management; 9 The Social Psychological Dynamics of Symbolic Management; 10 Conclusions, Future Research Directions, and Policy Implications

  • 185.00 lei

     Conflict in the workplace is a perennial problem for organizations. Whether it's a disagreement between colleagues, a dispute with management or large-scale industrial action, conflict negatively affects both people and profits as employee morale and productivity fall. Endorsed by the CIPD, Managing Conflict is an essential guide for HR professionals needing to tackle these problems by not only resolving current issues but also preventing future instances of conflict. Going beyond interpersonal conflict, the book also looks at resolving board room disputes, disputes with shareholders, in the supply chain, commercial disputes and customer complaints. The first part of Managing Conflict covers the causes and costs of conflict, the impact of the psychological contract and the legal framework for managing workplace disputes both in the UK and internationally. The second part of the book provides a blueprint for redefining resolution and building a culture of constructive conflict management, from designing a conflict management strategy and developing a formal resolution process to embedding mediation, engaging stakeholders and training managers in resolution skills. It also includes conflict resolution toolkits for managers, HR teams, employees and unions to help tackle conflict and bullying at work. Packed with best practice case studies from major UK and global organizations, this is an indispensable guide for all HR professionals looking to resolve conflict in the workplace.

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    Armstrong on Reinventing Performance Management presents a holistic approach to performance management, drawing on Michael Armstrong's vast research and experience. Most organizations have performance management processes in one form or another, but these are often based on formal annual reviews, forced rankings and directly linked to pay decisions.

    These traditional approaches are often at the expense of ongoing, continuous feedback and focus on looking back at what has or has not been achieved rather than looking forward. Direct links to pay decisions avert attention from people development, and managers often get lost in the bureaucracy of complex forms rather than fully engaging with their people. Armstrong on Reinventing Performance Management details how to build a culture of ongoing feedback and coaching and provides case studies of how this approach to building performance has been effective in organizations including Deloitte, Gap, Expedia and Google.

    Filled with practical advice, including how to deal with underperformers, it enables organizations to remove overly bureaucratic and ineffective systems based on top-down judgments and ratings, and demonstrates how to get line managers' support for the process focusing on actionable feedback and growth.

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    The third edition of this creative and successful textbook provides a broad overview of entrepreneurship from a theoretical and practical perspective. Engaging for undergraduates, it embeds theories of entrepreneurship with tensions and dilemmas, presented as paradoxes for each chapter. It offers insights into the entrepreneurial process and challenges readers to assess the paradoxes and pitfalls encountered on an entrepreneurial journey. Key benefits include: • Opportunities for student involvement through theory, paradoxes, actions and exercises, • Real-life international case stories by high profile entrepreneurship scholars, such as William B. Gartner, Saras Sarasvathy, Alain Fayolle and Benson Honig • Latest thinking on phenomena such as sustainability, nascent entrepreneurship, design thinking, the circular economy and technology entrepreneurship. All undergraduate students with or without prior entrepreneurship education can enjoy the many benefits, puzzles and insights the book has to offer. It is ideal for undergraduate students on introductory courses in entrepreneurship, as well as more advanced students interested in entrepreneurial opportunities and processes.

  • 190.00 lei

    The first two decades of the twenty-first century have witnessed an influx of innovations and reforms in public financial management. The current wave of reforms is markedly different from those in the past, owing to the sheer number of innovations, their widespread adoption, and the sense that they add up to a fundamental change in the way governments manage public money.

    This book takes stock of the most important innovations that have emerged over the past two decades, including fiscal responsibility legislation, fiscal rules, medium-term budget frameworks, fiscal councils, fiscal risk management techniques, performance budgeting, and accrual reporting and accounting.

    Not merely a handbook or manual describing practices in the field, the volume instead poses critical questions about innovations; the issues and challenges that have appeared along the way, including those associated with the global economic crisis; and how the ground can be prepared for the next generation of public financial management reforms.

  • Corporate Finance: For Non-Financial Managers
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    Corporate Finance supports managers in their studies and practice of corporate finance with an engaging yet theoretically sound approach that ensures principles are clearly and thoroughly explained, in the context of a post financial crisis business world.

    Corporate Finance is written for non-financial managers so topics are also presented from the perspective of a non-financial manager and supplemented by case studies and a discussion of the appropriateness of the various techniques and principles to solve practical problems.

    Corporate Finance offers a clear and accessible introduction to the fundamental principles and practice of corporate finance in today's world. It will be rooted in the UK, but draw from examples and practice around the world, helping students understand the complexities of modern Europe and comparative systems of finance globally.

    Key theories and terms will be explained and defined, avoiding unnecessary jargon and acknowledging that many readers are coming to the subject with little or no prior knowledge of corporate finance at all. This text should be essential reading for anyone taking a module in corporate finance and/or needing an up-to-date, engaging resource to help them navigate the complicated and ever-changing global financial world.

    Features to include:
    - An up-to-date, fresh approach to corporate finance, using examples from a broad range of countries around the world to engage the reader and illustrate theory and practice.
    - Comprehensive glossary provided online to support learners, particularly non-specialist finance students and those with English as an additional language.
    - Plenty of activities to work through.
    - Post-global crisis context.

  • 200.00 lei

    The first book of its kind to offer a unique functions approach to managerial communication, Managerial Communication explores what the communication managers actually do in business across the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions. Focusing on theory and application that will help managers and future managers understand the practices of management communication, this book combines ideas from industry experts, popular culture, news events, and academic articles and books written by leading scholars. All of the levels of communication (intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and intercultural) play a role in managerial communication and are discussed thoroughly. The top, middle, and frontline communications in which managers engage are also addressed. Expounding on theories of communication, the authors relate them to the theories of management-such as crisis management, impression management, equity theory, and effective presentation skills. These are the skills that are invaluable to management.

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    A “how-to” guide for supply chain professionals who need accurate cost information for end-to-end processes 

    With the increasing pace of globalization, supply chain professionals find that they have less and less margin for error in their decisions making. Competition is getting more intense, and, unfortunately, CFOs and accountants do not currently provide supply chain managers with the information required to make better decisions. Supply Chain Costing and Performance Management, 2nd Edition, will show you (and the executives you report to) how to understand and apply various enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) methods related to costs and profit margins and performance measurements.  

    This book is a “how-to” guide to assist supply chain managers and employee teams to obtain interenterprise cost information on supply chain processes. It provides techniques for obtaining accurate cost and performance information on the activities performed within your firm and on activities performed by trading partners. The techniques and approaches in this book were developed from supply chain costing practices implemented by leading-edge firms. You will learn how you can gain access to reasonably accurate costs and profit margins involved with suppliers, products, stock keeping units (SKUs), service-lines, channels, and customers. In addition, you will gain insight into the activity costs in end-to-end business processes, including the “drivers” for each type of cost. 

    ·         Learn how to access accurate cost and pricing information related to both your company and your trading partners 

    ·         Overcome siloed information by creating your own costing practices using proven methods drawn from leading firms 

    ·         Understand what drives activity costs for each step in end-to-end business processes 

    ·         Assess the performance of your costing activities with step-by-step measurement guidelines 

    ·         Make better decisions and improve performance and profitability with clearer, more transparent cost and price data 

    The information in this book will empower supply chain managers with the ability to make better decisions and improve their organizations’ performance and profitability. 


  • 200.00 lei

    This book is an essential tool to help you grow with your nonprofit organization. Whether you are an executive director, manager, board member, pastor, or key volunteer, the details here will help you achieve so much more. The four overarching areas of what the authors term a "virtuous cycle in nonprofit organization success"-living the mission, making good decisions, getting things done, developing your team-emerged from literature searches, focus groups, and surveys to discover objectively what critical skills and knowledge are most useful to leaders of nonprofit organizations. Inside, experts contribute individual chapters in each of these four areas. This book can be used as a reference for specific skills and knowledge in any of these areas. It can also be used as a text since it covers 16 specific chapters within the four major sections and each chapter has a major case study, assessment questions, and summaries of key concepts.

  • Entrepreneurial Strategic Management
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    200.00 lei

    This managerial book goes beyond the traditional thoughts on this subject. It brings you a challenging dimension: Create an entrepreneurial organization and you will exceed in the realization of your goals and objectives. The entrepreneurial organization thrives on developing innovation, customer retention, productivity, and growth. Your role and that of other managers has changed dramatically in the last decade because two powerful new forces have joined in the environment. A new social awareness and demographic shift in the work force coupled with a shrinking of markets in a technological and global landscape demands new ways of planning, organizing, and directing organizations. ESM argues the need for implementation as the force majeure in fulfilling strategic plans and the engagement of the whole organization in strategic management to achieve organizational goals. Inside, you'll be introduced to a new approach to understanding the economic marketplace in four quadrants or fields where each determines what strategic responses are needed to thrive in those fields and which direction the organization is to go if it is to survive and grow. This book lays out the cycle of corporate products and services from profitable innovation to decline and failure and offers the executive a road map to renovate and build the organization.

  • 200.00 lei

    Modern business practice, especially in the field of marketing, depends on the integration of creative and analytical thinking. One of the tools in this process is the use of management models to guide business decisions. However, the inherent power of the models is only released when the people applying them have the ability to gather relevant information and interpret the relationships between the variables in the model. This book examines the role of some of the most popular management models and will help you determine when they should be applied. In addition, it suggests which models may be relevant and, more importantly, identifies the type of information needed to implement them; and also reduces the complexity of these models through a logical and systematic approach. Models recognize the impact of globalization, technology, systems thinking, and the need for an integrated approach in strategic marketing. You'll find new ones dealing with consumer engagement, gamification, supply chain management, and cultural integration. If you're a student of business and marketing, a junior market researcher, or a manager responsible for the preparation of strategic analyses prior to problem-solving and planning sessions, this book is for you!

  • Olympic Event Organization
    Pe comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    211.00 lei

    Finally, the issue of sustainability of the Olympic Games is identified along with an analysis of the ways in which the concepts of impact are appropriated by the various stakeholders involved with the Olympic Games as they attempt to influence public opi

  • 25000lei 225.00 lei


    This insightful new textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the theories and practices key to negotiating business deals in the twenty-first century. Employing a holistic framework, it offers an understanding of the factors that influence the negotiation process, the challenges associated with negotiating across borders and the strategies used by negotiators.   Key features include:   • An inclusive and systematic framework for international business negotiations, which can be applied in any negotiation context • Discussions of conflict resolution and strategies used in negotiating various types of contracts, providing students with a valuable toolset for handling complex and difficult negotiations • Contemporary case studies and international real-world examples, which reinforce student understanding of negotiation tactics • In-depth illustrations of crucial negotiation theories and methodologies, offering students a strong academic foundation for negotiation practice.   Enlightening and comprehensive, this book is an essential text for students of international business negotiations and global strategic management, and is ideal for course leaders in need of an integrated textbook which offers both a theoretical foundation and practical guidance on the landscape of negotiating internationally.

  • 225.00 lei

    Bring modern logistics theory to life. By exploring modern logistics from a managerial perspective, this leading text brings theory to life with its timely, practical, and thorough coverage of the fundamentals of logistics in today�s dynamic global landscape. The tenth edition reflects the latest technological and economic changes that have recently occurred in the business world.

  • 225.00 lei

    Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management , now in its second edition, is essential reading for students studying SCM and logistics. Encompassing both practical and strategic perspectives, it also takes a truly global perspective, recognising the transnational nature of logistics activities in today�s world. The four authors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from their careers which to date have spanned Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. In addition the book benefits from chapter and case contributions from 27 authors (both from industry and from academia) located across the globe. Key features of this new and extended second edition include: 19 up�to�date chapters on all aspects of logistics and SCM, including coverage of emerging and important topics such as service supply chains, security, sustainability, and supply chain vulnerability. An easy and clear introduction to key quantitative techniques that can be applied to logistics such as simulation and modelling. Thirteen international case studies, on diverse topics such as commodity logistics and extraterrestrial supply chain networks, to illustrate key concepts and extend learning.

  • 25000lei 225.00 lei


    Research in Public Administration and Public Management has distinctive features that influence the choices and application of research methods. The standard methodologies for researching from the social sciences can be difficult to follow in the complex world of the public sector. In a dynamic political context, the focus lies on solving societal problems whilst also using methodological principles to do scientifically sound research.

    The second edition of Research Methods in Public Administration and Public Management represents a comprehensive guide to undertaking and using research in Public Management and Administration. It is succinct but covers a wide variety of research strategies, including action research, experiments, case studies, desk research, systematic literature reviews and more. It pays attention to issues of design, sampling, research ethics and data management. This textbook does explain the role of theory, but also offers many international examples and practical exercises. It takes the reader through the journey of research, starting with the problem definition, choice of theory, research design options and tools to achieve impactful research.

    New and revised material includes, but is not limited to:

    ·         A closer look at popular methods like the experiment and the systematic literature review;

    ·         A deeper examination of research ethics and data management;

    ·         New examples from a wide range of countries;

    ·         Updated ‘Further Reading’ material and additional useful websites.

    This exciting new edition will be core reading for students at all levels as well as practitioners who are carrying out research on Public Management and Administration.


  • 240.00 lei

    As knowledge economies become increasingly important around the world, it is essential that organizations are able to transform their knowledge into a competitive advantage. This textbook offers an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge management written specifically for postgraduate students in business and management schools. Knowledge Management presents classic and advanced concepts, models and frameworks using a clear logical structure, which covers building knowledge competence, the knowledge lifecycle, and integration of knowledge management with business decision making. An overall framework illustrates links between chapters and ensures readers can gain a body of actionable knowledge rather than learning isolated, uncontextualized topics. Based on cutting-edge research findings and covering the most advanced IT and IS technologies, this book emphasises the need for knowledge management to span boundaries across organizations, supply chains and partnerships, rather than being limited to individual learning and sharing within businesses. Knowledge Management is international in scope and includes real world case studies and role play scenarios to show how theories are applied in practice, and "think back" and "critique discussion" questions to encourage reflective learning and critical thinking. This indispensable text provides a dynamic picture of the evolution of knowledge management and demonstrates its full potential to enable better business decisions. Accompanying online resources include PowerPoint slides for lecturers and exercise questions for students.

  • Project Management: A Contemporary Approach
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    27000lei 240.00 lei


  • 245.00 lei

    Many manufacturing and distribution companies are moving from the traditional 'forecast push MRP' to demand-driven supply chain management (SCM). Demand-driven SCM is an 'end-to-end' supply chain planning and replenishment process that enables companies to achieve their planned service levels from up to half the average level of inventory and requiring significantly less throughput capacity - irrespective of the level of demand volatility or lead-time length. Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management is the go-to source for industry supply chain/operations executives and students. It describes the 'what, how and why' of the demand-driven SCM process. The key themes in the book are: what is demand-driven? why is demand-driven so effective? how to operate a demand-driven supply chain? and how to adopt the demand-driven process in your company? Readers can quickly grasp the essential concepts from one of numerous self-contained sections that present the book's key concepts from different perspectives. Online resources available include full-colour figures.

  • 250.00 lei

    Strategic Brand Management 2e provides a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of the subjects of brands, brand equity, and strategic brand management. Strategic brand management involves the design and implementation of marketing programmes and activities to build, measure, and manage brand equity. The book aims to provide managers with concepts and techniques to improve the long-term profitability of their brand strategies. It incorporates current thinking and developments on these topics from both academics and industry participants. It also combines a comprehensive theoretical foundation with numerous practical insights to assist managers in their day-to-day and long-term brand decisions.

  • 250.00 lei

    Information. Technology. Both resources are increasingly important as organisations seek to improve their performance. Applying information and technology can offer new ways to do business, increase the efficiency of business processes, reduce costs, and provide the performance measures used to control improvement. Can business information management improve organisational performance? What are the key issues faced by managers today in terms of managing business information? How can 'big picture' strategy be developed, implemented and managed? This textbook takes a problem-solving approach, highlighting the issues faced by managers in identifying, capturing and systematising information in order to improve organisational performance. Now in its second edition, Business Information Management helps students to understand how to improve organisational performance by exploring these issues, and examines solutions to reduce problems. Unique in its multi-stakeholder perspective, this book addresses challenges faced by not only the end-user but also the general manager, IT manager and company director.

  • 250.00 lei

    Management Accounting, Third Edition, offers the ideal balance between technical and conceptual approaches to Management Accounting. With its comprehensive coverage and focus on assessment material and application, this new edition is an essential core text for undergraduate accounting students and flexible enough to be used across a variety of levels.

  • Investment Planning
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    256.00 lei

    This work fully addresses the 18 topics within the "Investment Planning" topics list established by the Certified Financial Planner Board. Investment planning is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Geoffrey Hirt and Stanley Block are two of the best-known a

  • 30000lei 270.00 lei


    This textbook familiarises students with the theory and practice of small business management and challenges assumptions that may be held about the way small business management can or should adopt the management practices of larger firms.


    For students interested in establishing and managing their own small firm, this book helps them to focus their thinking on the realities of life as a small business owner-manager – both its challenges and its rewards.


    For postgraduate students that are keen to ‘make a difference’, this text enables them to understand how they might consult to small firms and assist owner-managers to establish and grow their ventures.


    In addition to students, this book is also useful to small business owner-managers as a general guide on how they might better manage their operations. Managers in large corporations and financial institutions who deal with small businesses as clients or suppliers, and professionals such as accountants, lawyers and consultants who provide advice and other services to small businesses will also find the book of interest.


  • 270.00 lei

    Managing staff performance is an effective mechanism for developing both staff and organizational growth. By clarifying an organization's objectives, translating these into clear individual goals and reviewing these goals regularly, performance management provides a well-structured and effective management tool. In this completely updated fifth edition, Michael Armstrong considers the latest developments in this area, and how these can be applied to managing staff for increased performance. He provides a detailed analysis of current evidence-based research in this field and considers how this informs the practice of performance management.

  • 275.00 lei

    International Human Resource Management is an essential book for all students and HR professionals looking to really understand international HRM.

    Covering the context of International HRM, HRM and National Culture, HRM in different regions and international HRM policies, this book provides thorough discussion and comprehensive consideration of all elements of international HRM,

    Full of contributions from experts in specific regions including North America, the Middle East and North Africa, India, Russia and China, this book will provide readers with a thorough understanding of HRM around the world. With crucial coverage of international HRM issues including cross-cultural leadership, business ethics, global talent supply and management as well as performance management of international staff, International Human Resource Management is essential reading for all those working or looking to work in HR around the world, particularly those looking to work in multinational companies.

     Fully supported by online resources including powerpoint slides, a lecturer guide, additional case studies and a bonus chapter on issues and new directions in International Human Resource Management as well as annotated web links and self-test questions for students.

  • 275.00 lei

    Packed with practical information and offering a solid foundation in HRM theory, Human Resource Management for MBA and Business Masters covers all the topics MBA students need to know in a concise, accessible way. One of the only texts available for HR non-specialist students doing a Masters or MBA, it looks at the changing world of the line manager and HR professional with regard to key topics such as HRM and strategy, employee resourcing, human resource development, employee relations and performance management. Annotated further reading for each chapter and questions for each case study help cement knowledge and understanding. Now aimed at a wider readership of management Masters students, this fully updated 3rd edition of Human Resource Management for MBA and Business Masters features a greater international and contemporary focus, fresh case studies, coverage of the impact of new forms of employment and technology on HR, and updated online supporting resources.
    With diagrams and models throughout, it covers topics such as CSR, organizational culture and change, performance management and talent management, the criticisms of HRM levelled by the Critical Management School and different HRM challenges as they relate to each chapter.

    Online supporting resources for tutors include an instructor's manual, videos, multiple-choice questions and additional case studies; additional resources for students include multiple-choice questions and additional case studies.

  • 275.00 lei

    The definitive guide to supply chain philosophy, strategy and the practicalities of logistics and distribution. The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management is a step-by-step guide to setting up and managing supply chains to add maximum value to the organisations they serve. Benefiting from the author team's years of practical field-based experience in some of the most challenging environments across the world (from developed economies to third-world countries and war zones), this book will enthuse students and be an invaluable desk reference throughout the careers of practitioners. Packed with worked examples and real-world data, The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management offers complete coverage on all the key aspects of distribution, logistics and supply chain planning and management with clear and straight-forward explanations. This is not a compilation of work drawn from a disparate collection of research papers and miscellaneous projects, but a logical and complete holistic view of how supply chains fit together, including minute details of distribution and logistics. Globalisation, increased competition and new technologies have all changed the landscape in which supply chains operate. This fully revised 6th edition of The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management provides solutions to the key challenges. With new material on international freight forwarding, environmental best practice, cool chain, intermodal shipping and outsourcing and a new, detailed index of contents this is the ultimate study/reference companion. New online resources include PowerPoint lecture slides (tables, images and formulae from the text), glossary of terms, weblinks, blog articles, video interviews and infographics.

  • 280.00 lei

    Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2/e is the first text to provide an integrated and comprehensive treatment of both operations and supply chain management.

  • 286.00 lei

    Students trying to navigate the strategy jungle may lose sight of the fact that strategic management is about creating value in an organization. Understanding strategic management is a core part of all business qualifications and this textbook brings a new and easy-to-follow understanding of this vital business function. In addition to walking the student through the basics of the subject, the authors provide an array of analytical tools to help facilitate a thorough understanding of strategic management. The book addresses thoroughly the impact of financial markets on a firm's strategic capabilities, as well as looking at other challenging environmental factors. Aided by an array of student-friendly features, such as: learning objectives, 'strategic management in practice' case studies and review questions in each chapter, Strategic Management will help students to excel in their strategic management classes and better prepare them for the real business world.

  • 288.00 lei

    Now in its seventh edition, International Human Resource Management is established as a market leader that caters to students worldwide. This textbook has developed alongside the field - helping to shape what it is today - and remains a leading International Human Resources Management (IHRM) textbook worldwide. International Human Resource Management provides an academic overview of global IHRM, whilst still remaining close to curriculum developments. This textbook also contains nine in-depth case studies written by the authors and global experts, that provide a range of in-depth applications for all of the major functional areas of IHRM.

  • 288.00 lei

    This new edition of the text continues to extend its coverage of small business management and entrepreneurship, drawing on contemporary theory and practice in equal measure. Whilst the structure and format of the chapters remains broadly the same as the previous edition, the book includes many new examples and current references drawn from a wide variety of industrial, social and cultural contexts, bringing our knowledge of small business management and entrepreneurship up to date.

  • 33000lei 297.00 lei



    Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive, fully up-to-date introduction to the subject. Addressing both practical and strategic perspectives, this revised and updated fourth edition offers readers a balanced and integrated presentation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)concepts, practices, technologies, and applications. Contributions from experts in specific areas of LSCM provide readers with real-world insights on supply chain relationships, transport security, inventory management, supply chain designs, the challenges inherent to globalization and international trade, and more.

    The text examines how information, materials, products, and services flow across the public and private sectors and around the world. Detailed case studies highlight LSCM practices and strategies in a wide range of contexts, from humanitarian aid and pharmaceutical supply chains to semi-automated distribution centers and port and air cargo logistics. Examples of LSCM in global corporations such as Dell Computer and Jaguar Land Rover highlight the role of new and emerging technologies. This edition features new and expanded discussion of contemporary topics including sustainability, supply chain vulnerability, and reverse logistics, and places greater emphasis on operations management.


    About the authors ix

    Preface xi

    Acknowledgements xv

    Map xvii

    Part One – Context 1

    1. Introduction 3

    2. Globalisation and International Trade 21

    3. Supply Chain Strategy: Lean and Agile 31

    4. Service Supply Chains 51

    5. Systems and Networks 62

    Part One Case Studies 74

    Dell – Pioneers in Mass Customisation 74

    Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Supply Chain: From Design to Execution 77

    Part Two – Transport and Logistics 91

    6. Transport 93

    7. Containerisation 106

    8. Logistics Service Providers 117

    9. Facilitating International Freight Flows 127

    Part Two Case Studies 138

    Air Cargo 138

    Port-Centric Versus Inland Location Decisions in Gothenburg, Sweden 143

    Part Three – Managing Operations 149

    10. Inventory Management, Planning and Control 151

    11. Materials Handling and Warehousing 167

    12. Outsourcing, Offshoring and Procurement 183

    Part Three Case Studies 203

    The Medical Devices Company 203

    Patient Safety and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain 205

    Part Four – Data and Analysis 215

    13. Data Flows and Digitisation 217

    14. Management Science Applications 229

    15. Managing Vulnerability 239

    Part Four Case Studies 252

    Contamination in the Bulk Agri-Commodity Logistics Chain 252

    Supply Chains Become Self-Thinking 259

    Part Five – Supply Chain Design and Improvement 263

    16. Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 265

    17. Emerging Supply Chain Designs 280

    Part Five Case Studies 290

    Why Supply Chains Should Be Involved in Product Design 290

    Oman: One of the World’s Next Great Logistics Hubs? 293

    Glossary G-1

    Index I-1



    ·  Expanded coverage of operations management

    ·  Updated maps, data, charts, and examples throughout

    ·  Coverage of management science applications and key quantitative techniques

    ·  New and updated case studies

    ·  Additional exercises, discussion questions, and activities


    Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management has become an established reference source for all those with a concern for how international operations can be better managed in today's inter-connected world.  In this new edition the authors provide numerous insights into the ways in which global trade can be facilitated through enhanced logistics and supply chain management. - Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing & Logistics, Cranfield University, UK

    This fourth edition is written by a good team with experience in academia and industry. The key elements that are very useful include a managerial focus, use of simple and lucid language to explain technical and complex concepts, and a comprehensive treatment of the various issues that are part of supply chain management. I highly recommend this book and congratulate the authors on their hard work. - Vivek Natarajan, Professor of Marketing, Lamar University, United States

    This new edition of one of the established textbooks on logistics and supply chain management is very welcome.  It retains the breadth, clarity and practical relevance of the previous editions while keeping up to date with new trends, concepts and research in this fast-moving subject area. The book provides a global perspective on these recent developments, using interesting new case studies to explore their supply chain impacts. - Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University, Germany

    This book gives a truly global insight into the fascinating and important subjects of logistics and supply chain management. Managers working in the sector, as well as students of these subjects, would benefit from keeping a copy of this informative book closely to hand. - Roberto Palacios Rodriguez, Professor, Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico

    This book deserves much attention from academia, practitioners and policy-makers due to its practical and strategic perspectives and also sufficient indebtedness of theoretical foundation. During my teaching and researching global logistics for many years at university, I have always felt a great need to find a book of this kind. The book is well and uniquely designed with its chapter layout of learning objectives, good summary boxes, illustrations, case examples and learning reviews. Simply following the smooth flow and enjoying its interesting story-telling style, readers can easily grasp most of the contents. - Young-Tae Chang, President of Korea Maritime Institute and Fellow Professor, Inha University, South Korea

    Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management has been the prescribed reading for my teaching since its first edition.  I use this text at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels because the material has been mastered to cover both basic concepts and also more complex issues. The book is sufficiently internationalised to make it interesting to a broad range of students and the accompanying support material (especially the case studies) makes the teaching experience so user-friendly. I am thrilled with this new edition of the book and will continue to use it as essential reading for my students well into the future. - Elizabeth Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Curtin University, Australia

    The global environment is ever changing and this textbook provides the analytical framework and the content needed for anyone wanting to understand international logistics and global supply chain management. - Ruth Banomyong, Dean, Thammasat Business School, Thailand

    The authors have done an excellent job outlining the key concepts of logistics and global supply chain management both at the strategic and tactical levels. The abundance of examples and real-world case studies, and the focus on applications, make a valuable learning experience. - Janat Shah, Professor and Director, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur, India

    This book is written in very simple and easy to understand language covering intricate aspects of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It also includes practical and contemporary case studies which makes it very relevant for both faculty and students. A must have book for anyone who is interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. - Bindu Nair, Acting Dean - Business School, Emirates Aviation University, Dubai

    A highly appropriate blend of theory and practical application. - Edward Sweeney, Professor of Logistics and Systems, Aston University, UK

    This 4th edition covers all the main topics in global logistics and SCM and how to successfully operate a supply chain especially in the context of digitisation and current challenges such as increased supply chain complexity. - Trinh Thi Thu Huong, Vice-Dean, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

    This book admirably addresses logistics and supply chain issues and challenges from both academic and practical points of view. The embedded case studies also allow the reader to envision sensible ways of solving often complex decision-making problems in various types of supply chains. - Pisit Jarumaneeroj, Asst. Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

    Up to date case studies and examples enable students to relate to the concepts, hence driving better understanding of the various topics. The information and knowledge presented are comprehensive and to the point; phraseology and terminologies are extremely up to date and reader friendly. In my experience, this book is suited for use in both academic and business settings. - Reza Pouraghabagher, Emeritus Professor, Cal Poly University, United States


    Wiley Advantage:

    ·  Covers both practical and strategic aspects of logistics and SCM in a concise and pragmatic manner

    ·  Provides a balanced presentation of qualitative and qualitative content

    ·  Offers a global, up-to-date perspective that reflects emerging trends and new technologies

    ·  Includes case studies, practical examples, learning objectives, boxed key information sections, and figures, diagrams, and flowcharts

    ·  A companion instructor’s site includes teaching resources


  • 301.00 lei

    Casinonomics provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic and social impacts of the casino industry. Examining the latest cutting-edge research, with a mix of theory and empirical evidence, Casinonomics informs the reader on the most important facets at the forefront of the public policy debate over this controversial industry. While the casino industry has continued to expand across the United States, and around the world, critics argue that casinos bring negative social impacts that offset any economic benefits. Casinonomics examines the evidence on the frequently claimed benefits and costs stemming from expansions in the casino industry, including the impact on economic growth, consumer welfare, and government tax revenues, as well as gambling disorders, crime rates, and the impact on other businesses. Readers will come away with a better-informed opinion on the merits of these arguments for and against public policies that would expand casino gambling.

  • 306.00 lei

    Introducing Organizational Behaviour and Management is written by specialists for students who want to think differently about their understanding of organizational behaviour. This textbook contrasts perspectives on organizational behaviour, discussing the alternative critical or controversial thinking and debate. Key concepts that underpin this diverse subject are identified and explored in a range of international and everyday examples. This book employs the principles of adopting a selective rather than exhaustive approach to introductory organizational behaviour topics. It applies a conceptual framework to the subject matter, and seeks to engage the reader throughout.

  • 311.00 lei

    This eighth edition of Strategic Management: Awareness and Change provides a comprehensive introduction to modern strategy. Thoroughly revised and updated to include the latest research in the field, the book covers all the main topics within strategic management to give students a comprehensive understanding of tomorrow's business world.

  • International Financial Management
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    311.00 lei

    The fourth edition of Madura and Fox's International Financial Management provides the ideal introduction to the study of interaction between firms of all sizes and global finance. Real life examples, critical debate questions and project workshop activities help improve engagement and the wide range of cases from across the globe ensures this edition has a wide international appeal. This fourth edition also comes with MindTap and a comprehensive companion website, including a Testbank, Instructor's Manual, Running your Own MNC and Discussion in the Boardroom activities.

  • 311.00 lei

    This cutting-edge introduction for all modern courses in Organizational Behaviour and Management has been thoroughly updated for the fifth edition. New material has been added, including a new chapter on complexity, change and development and increased material on learning and human resource management. Informed by the latest research, Martin & Fellenz walk carefully through the fundamental topics with a focus on key issues - globalization and culture, ethics and corporate social responsibility, competitive pressures and organizational change - to leave students with a practical and open-minded grasp of organizational behaviour in the twenty-first century.

  • 317.00 lei

    The third edition of this highly-regarded text has been fully updated whilst maintaining the accessible and comprehensive style that makes this text so popular. Packed with diverse realistic examples from Scotland to Saudi Arabia, this truly internationalized version of the landmark text from the Anderson, Sweeney and Williams team provides a complete introduction to the subjects of Management Science and Operations Research.

  • 320.00 lei

    This hands-on guide provides both new and seasoned information professionals with a practical foundation for electronic resources management: how it came to be, where it is today and the essential tools needed to get the job done.
    Electronic resources management is a dynamic and ever-changing area of librarianship. Fundamentals of Electronic Resources Management cuts through the complexity of the role and offers advice on methods, tools and workflows with emphasis on the interconnection between workflows and systems.
    Content covered includes:
    • the full range of purchasing options, from unbundling package subscriptions to pay per view
    • evaluating both new content and current resources
    • common clauses in licensing agreements and what they mean
    • selecting and managing Open Access resources
    • understanding methods of e-resources access authentication
    • using a triage approach to troubleshoot electronic resources access issues
    • the basic principles of usage statistics, and ways to use COUNTER reports when evaluating renewals
    • tips for activating targets in a knowledge base
    • marketing tools and techniques
    • clear explanations of jargon, important terms, and acronyms.
    This guide will prove invaluable, both as an introduction for those preparing to enter the field, as well as a ready reference for current practitioners.

  • 325.00 lei

    With a unique, highly practical approach to teaching business ethics, this text focuses on the relationships among various stakeholders, including individuals, groups, corporations, and governments. The book includes an easy, step-by-step guide to implementing stakeholder analysis, tips to help students apply ethical principles in their personal and professional lives, and comprehensive coverage of employee workplace issues. It addresses highly relevant topics such as risk management, preferential hiring, corporate legitimacy, and moral accountability. The text also explores today’s increasingly interconnected global business environment with coverage of multinational corporations and important issues such as the digital divide, bribery, corruption, human rights, and the environment. The new sixth edition incorporates the latest research, updated cases (such as WikiLeaks), and a full complement of online support for students and instructors, including teaching notes, PowerPoint slides, and sample tests.

  • 325.00 lei

    Manufacturing companies work endlessly to make process improvements, yet they are often hard to implement and even harder to sustain. The reason: companies often stumble when communicating why the methodologies are being used and how to sustain the improvements. Communication for Continuous Improvement Projects demonstrates how to communicate change, create confidence in the new processes, and empower employees. It shows how to be an effective change agent by utilizing tools that make sense while being competitive in the business market. The book explores how the proper tools, communication, and management make the Lean Six Sigma methodologies work. It includes a Continuous Improvement Toolkit that is an easy reference for what tool to use and when and how to effectively teach the tools to employees who are not necessarily engineers. Communicating these tools is the most difficult part of using the tools. The author details the implementation of the actual tools that create confidence and explains Lean Six Sigma in a way that will make employees want to jump on board. Result-driven decisions can be made from the methodologies described in this book, making processes quantifiably better with sustainable results. Extensive and informative, the book takes the guesswork out of the art of continuous improvement through communication.

    Oferta speciala!!! 405,5 lei  325 lei

  • 335.00 lei

    The 18th edition of Crafting and Executing Strategy represents one of our most important and thoroughgoing revisions ever. The newest member of the author team, Margie Peteraf, led a thorough re-examination of every paragraph on every page of the 17th edition chapters. The overriding objectives were to inject new perspectives and the best academic thinking, strengthen linkages to the latest research findings, modify the coverage and exposition as needed to ensure squarely on-target content, and give every chapter a major facelift. While this 18th edition retains the same 12-chapter structure of the prior edition, every chapter has been totally refreshed. And the chapter content continues to be solidly mainstream and balanced, mirroring both the best academic thinking and the pragmatism of real-world strategic management. An attractive collection of 20 relevant, readable, and recent readings that amplify important topics in managing a company's strategy-making, strategy-executing process is included in this Concepts and Readings version to provide students with a taste of the literature of strategic management before tackling cases or simulation projects.

  • 38000lei 340.00 lei


    This book provides an extensive overview of family business-related topics such as context and uniqueness, lifecycle and ownership configurations, conflict management, corporate governance, succession challenges, internationalization, innovation, and socioemotional wealth. Each chapter features clear learning objectives, key concepts and terminology, and dedicated case studies to demonstrate the main messages. The book not only considers the day-to-day dynamics in family businesses, but also places substantial emphasis on the entrepreneurial skills needed for these businesses to survive and thrive, today and tomorrow. In addition, it elaborates and discusses a number of best practice examples, which offer valuable guidance not only for scholars, but also for students who wish to study these challenges.

  • 43000lei 380.00 lei


    This book provides an overview of the theory, practice and context of entrepreneurship and innovation at both the industry and firm level. It provides a foundation of ideas and understandings designed to shape the reader’s thinking and behaviour to better appreciate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in modern economies, and to recognise their own abilities in this regard. The book is aimed at students studying advanced levels of entrepreneurship, innovation and related fields as well as practitioners (for example, managers, business owners).

    As entrepreneurship and innovation are largely indivisible elements and cannot be adequately understood if studied separately, the book provides the reader with an overview of these elements and how they combine to create new value in the market. This edition is updated with recent international research, including research and examples from Europe, the US, and the Asia-Pacific region.


  • 47000lei 423.00 lei


    Discover the latest insights in organization theory from a comprehensive and masterful volume

    Understanding and Managing Public Organizations, 6th Edition provides readers with an authoritative reference for scholars, masters, and doctoral students in public management and public affairs programs in the United States and other nations.

    The 6th Edition of Understanding and Managing Public Organizations presents the latest research and insights from organization and management theory and their application to public organizations and the people in them. The book expands coverage from previous editions about organizational goals, performance and effectiveness, strategy, decision-making, structure and design, organizational change, operating environments, individuals and groups, motivation and work-related attitudes, leadership, teamwork, and more.

    Authors and professors Hal Rainey, Sergio Fernandez, and Deanna Malatesta provide new and expanded coverage of such topics as

    ·         The context and distinctive character of public and nonprofit organizations, including expanded coverage of "publicness" and of the legal context including "state action"

    ·         Performance management, measurement, organizational effectiveness, and managing for high performance

    ·         Representative bureaucracy, workforce diversity, and performance

    ·         Communication and information technology

    ·         Employee engagement and empowerment, intrinsic motivation, self-determination theory, public service motivation, and positive organizational behavior—resilience, self-efficacy, optimism, and hope

    ·         Recent developments in theory and thought on leadership, including authentic leadership, shared leadership, servant leadership, and integrated leadership

    ·         Design and process topics including red tape and green tape, administrative burdens, and organizational routines

    ·         Theoretical perspectives such as behavioral theory of decision making, resource dependence theory, and others, and their implications for public and nonprofit organizations

    ·         Advances in theory and practice about rapid developments in collaborative governance, organizational networks, partnerships, and contracting

    ·         Since the book is used in courses for students in numerous public affairs programs, this new edition updates the Instructor’s Guide, with new and revised PowerPoint slides, cases, exercises, and discussion and examination questions

    ·         These materials, with the topics in the chapters, are designed to address the learning outcomes required by NASPAA accreditation requirements

    Belonging on the shelf of scholars and students in public affairs, as well as anyone interested in public management or organization theory, this new edition of Understanding and Managing Public Organizations provides an advanced and comprehensive enhancement to a widely used and compelling series of previous editions.


  • Web 2.0: The Business Model
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    466.00 lei

    While the web itself is about twenty years old, businesses are still impleme- ing the technology into the fabric of the business model. The background section will focus on defining the building blocks for the framework including defining the basic components of Web 1. 0 which focused on the presence and business transaction. The Web 2. 0 section will focus on defining the basic building blocks of customer interactions, while the final section will focus on a review the wine industry. 2. 1 Web 1. 0: Presence and Electronic Commerce The term Web 1. 0 emerged from the research around the development of Web 2. 0. Prior to this, researchers commonly referred to Web 1. 0 as Electronic C- merce or E-Business. Where as, web 1. 0 focused on a read only web interface, Web 2. 0 focuses on a read-write interface where value emerges from the contri- tion of a large volume of users. The Internet initially focused on the command and control of the information itself. Information was controlled by a relative small number of resources but distributed to a large number which spawned the massive growth of the web itself. Like television before it, the web allowed for the broadcasting of information to a large number of users. Initial web sites were built simply to communicate presence or provide information on the business - self. This component includes information like marketing materials, investor re- tions, employment opportunities, and product information.

  • 501.00 lei

    Economic integration is one of the most noteworthy issues in international economic policy at the end of the twentieth century. The recent examples of the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA) have raised important questions about the economic integration process and the possible establishment of economic unions in other parts of the world. Against the backdrop of the financial crisis in Europe and prospects of increasing integration in Asia, this volume showcases research from an international array of researchers to provide a basic understanding of the current issues, problems, challenges, and opportunities for achieving integration, addressing both empirical and theoretical aspects of such topics as monetary union, social policy reform and social union, public finance and technology policy. The chapters in Part 1 are focused primarily on economic issues, while Part 2 covers on social policy, the welfare state, and political reforms, with a particular emphasis on the European Union. Among the questions addressed: What are the main determinants and implications for socio-economic integration? How can economic policy influence the growth and integration process? - Why is innovation important for regional economic development? - What has been the policy response so far and what lessons have we learned from it? And finally, what are our action lines for the future?

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    This instructive book introduces the key ideas behind practical nonlinear optimization, accompanied by computational examples and supporting software. It combines computational finance with an important class of numerical techniques.

  • Global Marketing Management
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    Global Marketing Management, 8th Edition combines academic rigor, contemporary relevance, and student-friendly readability to review how marketing managers can succeed in the increasingly competitive international business environment. This in-depth yet accessible textbook helps students understand state-of-the-art global marketing practices and recognize how marketing managers work across business functions to achieve overall corporate goals. The author provides relevant historical background and offers logical explanations of current trends based on information from marketing executives and academic researchers around the world.

    Designed for students majoring in business, this thoroughly updated eighth edition both describes today's multilateral realities and explores the future of marketing in a global context. Building upon four main themes, the text discusses marketing management in light of the drastic changes the global economy has undergone, the explosive growth of information technology and e-commerce, the economic and political forces of globalization, and the various consequences of corporate action such as environmental pollution, substandard food safely, and unsafe work environments. Each chapter contains review and discussion questions to encourage classroom participation and strengthen student learning.


    1 Globalization Imperative 1

    Why Global Marketing is Imperative 3

    The Fluid Nature of Global Competition 7

    Globalization of Markets: Convergence and Divergence 11

    Evolution of Global Marketing 17

    Summary 26

    Key Terms 26

    Review Questions 26

    Discussion Questions 26

    Further Reading 27

    Appendix: Theories of International Trade and the Multinational Enterprise 28

    Summary 34

    Key Terms 34

    2 Economic Environment 35

    Intertwined World Economy 37

    Country Competitiveness 42

    Emerging Economies 44

    Evolution of Cooperative Global Trade Agreements 47

    Information Technology and the Changing Nature of Competition 54

    Regional Economic Arrangements 57

    Multinational Corporations 62

    Summary 64

    Key Terms 65

    Review Questions 65

    Discussion Questions 65

    Further Reading 66

    3 Financial Environment 68

    Historical Role of the U.S. Dollar 69

    Development of Today’s International Monetary System 70

    Foreign Exchange and Foreign Exchange Rates 76

    Balance of Payments 83

    Economic and Financial Turmoil Around the World 88

    Marketing in the Euro Area 95

    Summary 101

    Key Terms 102

    Review Questions 102

    Discussion Questions 103

    Further Reading 103

    4 Global Cultural Environment and Buying Behavior 104

    Meaning of Culture 106

    Elements of Culture 107

    CrossCultural Comparisons 120

    Adapting to Cultures 128

    Culture and the Marketing Mix 130

    Summary 137

    Key Terms 138

    Review Questions 138

    Discussion Questions 138

    Further Reading 139

    5 Political and Legal Environment 141

    Political Environment—Individual Governments 142

    Political Environment—Social Pressures and Political Risk 156

    Terrorism and The World Economy 164

    International Agreements 165

    International Law and Local Legal Environment 171

    Issues Transcending National Boundaries 176

    Summary 192

    Key Terms 192

    Review Questions 193

    Discussion Questions 193

    Further Reading 195

    6 Global Marketing Research 196

    Research Problem Formulation 200

    Secondary Global Marketing Research 201

    Primary Global Marketing Research 206

    Leveraging the Internet for Global Market Research Studies 214

    Market Size Assessment 216

    New Market Information Technologies 222

    Managing Global Marketing Research 224

    Summary 226

    Key Terms 227

    Review Questions 228

    Discussion Questions 228

    Further Reading 229

    7 Global Segmentation and Positioning 230

    Reasons for International Market Segmentation 231

    International Market Segmentation Approaches 235

    Segmentation Scenarios 236

    Bases for International Market Segmentation 239

    International Positioning Strategies 247

    Global, Foreign, and Local Consumer Culture Positioning 253

    Summary 256

    Key Terms 256

    Review Questions 256

    Discussion Questions 256

    Further Reading 257

    Appendix 257

    Regression 259

    8 Global Marketing Strategies 261

    Information Technology and Global Competition 262

    Global Strategy 267

    Global Marketing Strategy 279

    R&D, Operations, and Marketing Interfaces 285

    Regionalization of Global Marketing Strategy 290

    Competitive Analysis 298

    Summary 299

    Key Terms 299

    Review Questions 299

    Discussion Questions 300

    Further Reading 301

    9 Global Market Entry Strategies 302

    Country Selection 303

    Scale of Entry 306

    Choosing the Mode of Entry 307

    Exporting 312

    Licensing 314

    Franchising 316

    Expanding through Joint Ventures and Alliances 317

    Wholly Owned Subsidiaries 324

    Dynamics of Entry Strategies 329

    Timing of Entry 330

    Exit Strategies 333

    Summary 336

    Key Terms 337

    Review Questions 337

    Discussion Questions 337

    Further Reading 339

    Appendix A: Country Screening—Converting Raw Data into a 10Point Scale 339

    Appendix B: Alternative Country Screening Procedure 340

    Appendix C: Mode of Entry Choice—Three Theoretical Perspectives 341

    10 Global Product Policy Decisions I: Developing New Products for Global Markets 342

    Standardization versus Customization 344

    Multinational Diffusion 349

    Developing New Products in the Global Marketplace 353

    Truly Global Product Development 363

    Summary 364

    Key Terms 365

    Review Questions 365

    Discussion Questions 365

    Further Reading 366

    Appendix A: Using Conjoint Analysis for Concept Testing in Global New Product Development 367

    Appendix B: BackoftheEnvelope Calculations—Incremental BreakEven Analysis (IBEA) 369

    11 Global Product Policy Decisions II: Marketing Products and Services 371

    Global Branding Strategies 373

    Management of Multinational Product Lines 385

    Product Piracy 390

    CountryofOrigin (COO) Effects 394

    Global Marketing of Services 400

    Summary 403

    Key Terms 403

    Review Questions 403

    Discussion Questions 404

    Further Reading 405

    12 Global Pricing 406

    Drivers of Foreign Market Pricing 407

    Managing Price Escalation 414

    Pricing in Inflationary Environments 417

    Global Pricing, Currency Fluctuations, and Tariffs 419

    Transfer Pricing 423

    Global Pricing and Antidumping Regulation 426

    Price Coordination 427

    Summary 432

    Key Terms 432

    Review Questions 432

    Discussion Questions 433

    Further Reading 433

    13 Global Communication Strategies 434

    Global Advertising and Culture 435

    Setting the Global Advertising Budget 439

    Creative Strategy 441

    Global Media Decisions 448

    Advertising Regulations 450

    Choosing an Advertising Agency 454

    Other Communication Platforms 456

    Globally Integrated Marketing Communications (GIMC) 466

    Summary 468

    Key Terms 468

    Review Questions 469

    Discussion Questions 469

    Further Reading 470

    14 Sales Management 471

    Market Entry Options and Salesforce Strategy 473

    Cultural Considerations 477

    Impact of Culture on Sales Management and Personal Selling Process 483

    CrossCultural Negotiations 490

    Expatriates 495

    Summary 502

    Key Terms 502

    Review Questions 502

    Discussion Questions 503

    Further Reading 504

    15 Global Logistics and Distribution 505

    Definition of Global Logistics 506

    Managing Physical Distribution 509

    Managing Sourcing Strategy 518

    Free Trade Zones 528

    International Distribution Channel 531

    International Retailing 534

    Summary 544

    Key Terms 545

    Review Questions 545

    Discussion Questions 545

    Further Reading 546

    16 Export and Import Management 548

    Organizing for Exports 549

    Indirect Exporting 552

    Direct Exporting 553

    Mechanics of Exporting 554

    Role of the Government in Promoting Exports 560

    Managing Imports—The Other Side of the Coin 564

    Mechanics of Importing 567

    Gray Markets 569

    Summary 578

    Key Terms 578

    Review Questions 579

    Discussion Questions 579

    Further Reading 580

    17 Planning, Organization, and Control of Global Marketing Operations 581

    Global Strategic Marketing Planning 582

    Key Criteria in Global Organizational Design 583

    Organizational Design Options 585

    Organizing for Global Brand Management 594

    Life Cycle of Organizational Structures 595

    Control of Global Marketing Efforts 597

    Summary 600

    Key Terms 601

    Review Questions 602

    Discussion Questions 602

    Further Reading 602

    18 Marketing Strategies for Emerging Markets 603

    Emerging Markets 604

    Competing with the New Champions 608

    Entry Strategies for Emerging Markets 617

    Product Policy 619

    Pricing Strategy 623

    The Distribution Challenge 624

    Communication Strategies for Emerging Markets 627

    Summary 629

    Key Terms 630

    Review Questions 630

    Discussion Questions 630

    Further Reading 631

    19 Global Marketing and the Internet 632

    Barriers to Global Internet Marketing 633

    Global Internet Consumers 640

    Globally Integrated versus Locally Responsive Internet Marketing Strategies 641

    The Internet and Global Product Policy 644

    Global Pricing and the Web 647

    Global Distribution Strategies and the Internet 649

    The Role of the Internet for Global Communication Strategies 652

    Summary 657

    Key Terms 658

    Review Questions 658

    Discussion Questions 658

    Further Reading 659

    20 Sustainable Marketing in the Global Marketplace 660

    Global Corporate Citizenship 661

    Major Areas of CSR 663

    The Case for Sustainability 671

    Challenges for Sustainability Strategies 673

    Sustainable Marketing and Global Consumers 677

    Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Strategy 679

    Global Stakeholder Engagement Programs 685

    Sustainable Marketing Mix Policy for the Global Marketplace 687

    Crisis Management and Consumer Boycotts 693

    Summary 697

    Key Terms 697

    Review Questions 697

    Discussion Questions 697

    Further Reading 698

    Subject Index I-1

    Name Index I-19

    Company Index I-27



    ·  Extensively updated contemporary examples and in-depth case studies

    ·  Coverage of current anti-global trends including Brexit, U.S. trade policies, the potential deceleration of the Chinese economy, and instabilities in the Middle East

    ·  Discussions of major environmental and ethical issues, such as climate change and the use of child labor in the global supply chain

    ·  Chapters on new emerging markets, internet marketing, and corporate social responsibility have been expanded


    ·  Presents diverse perspectives on global marketing strategies in different industries and geographic locations

    ·  Provides numerous case studies of current real-world marketing strategies and practices

    ·  Discusses a broad range of marketing-related concepts and tools used by actual companies

    ·  Features chapter overviews and summaries, definitions of key terms, and numerous tables, flowcharts, and illustrations

    ·  Includes an instructor companion website containing downloadable case studies and supplementary resources


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