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    Presents a concise pictorial overview of medicine and surgery for dentistry, in the handy pocket-size colour guide format. This book includes topics in double-page spreads, with text on the left and illustrations on the right. It provides a synoptic account to enhance the illustrations.

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    Children's dental health involves much more than a toothbrush. Dental disease is the number one chronic childhood illness, and avoiding dental disease involves comprehensive dental care. In "Your Child's Teeth", consumer health authors Evelina Weidman Sterling and Angie Best-Boss team up with pediatric dental and oral health experts and the National Children's Oral Health Foundation to answer hundreds of questions about children's teeth. Topics include - how thumb sucking and pacifiers affect teeth - how to brush your young children's teeth - how to calm a child who is afraid of the dentist - how to help special needs children get proper dental care - how medical problems affect teeth - how fluoride rinses and dental sealants work - how a root canal is done - how to make the orthodontia decision Theis book will help parents help children develop good dental habits for a lifetime of healthy teeth – from baby's first tooth to leaving for college.

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    A book of MCQs which is designed for the final part of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, and is suitable for other similar exams.

  • Handbook of Orthodontics, 2e
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    The second edition of this popular textbook covers the theoretical basis and clinical practice of orthodontics, with particular focus on an evidence-based approach. Characterised by a clear writing style and use of pedagogic features designed to make learning easy, the Handbook of Orthodontics 2e contains numerous 'pull-out' boxes to aid retention of key facts as well as highlighted essential-references within the text to indicate the associated research. A useful detailed explanation of the key papers is also provided within the bibliography. Exploring the concepts of occlusion and malocclusion, craniofacial development and postnatal growth, the Handbook of Orthodontics 2e explores orthodontic tooth movement, patient examination and diagnosis, and treatment planning - including the use of contemporary removable and fixed appliances. Chapters then explore the management of problems in the mixed and permanent dentitions in detail, as well as different treatment modalities, and orthognathic surgery. Cleft lip and palate, and common syndromes affecting the craniofacial region, are also included. This new edition of the Handbook of Orthodontics is ideal for final year dental undergraduates, postgraduate orthodontic students and orthodontic therapists, as well as general dental practitioners with an interest in the field. Moreover, the layout makes it an ideal reference book for practitioners of all levels and experience.

  • Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry
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    Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry is a basic guide to foundational knowledge and skills and their application in clinical practice. More comprehensive than a procedural atlas and more accessible than a specialist reference, this text is an indispensable tool for dental students and clinicians beginning work with dental implants. Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry provides a concise yet comprehensive look at the basic background and science of implantology and includes practical, evidence‐based instruction on common procedures such as single implant crowns, bridges and overdentures. Well‐illustrated with clear line drawings and clinical photos, the book serves as the perfect introduction to this exciting area of dentistry.

  • 337.00 lei

    Expert teaching in the fundamentals of oral and maxillofacial surgery Essentials of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the key textbook for all undergraduate dentistry students and trainees starting out in oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery and surgical dentistry. Condensed and revised from the major reference work Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, all revisions have been made by the editors in order to bring the text up–to–date and accessible for a student audience. The book′s coverage extends from basic principles such as patient evaluation, radiographic imaging, and surgical instruments, to specific conditions and procedures, from tooth extraction and endodontic surgery to trauma, implants, dentofacial deformities and orofacial pain.

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    Anatomy for Dental Medicine, Latin Nomenclature, combines award-winning, full-color illustrations, explanatory text, and summary tables to guide the reader through the complex anatomy of the head and neck as well as other body regions relevant to dental medicine. Each region is arranged in a user-friendly format beginning with the skeletal framework. The musculature is then added, followed by the neurovasculature, and finally, topographic anatomy shows all structures in situ.

    Key features:

    • All labels and anatomic terminology are in Latin nomenclature
    • Over 1,200 clear, detailed, full-color illustrations
    • Expanded captions elucidate key concepts and contain relevant clinical correlations
    • Over 150 tables for quick access to key information
    • Includes embryology and â?œrest of bodyâ?? anatomy
    • Expanded neuroanatomy chapter
    • Sectional anatomy chapter that includes radiographic images to facilitate clinical understanding
    • Appendix covering the anatomy for local anesthesia with step-by-step instructions for these important procedures
    • Appendices with review questions and answers, both factual and clinical-vignette style

    Anatomy for Dental Medicine, Latin Nomenclature, includes access to PLUS, the interactive online study aid, with all full-color illustrations and radiographs from this volume and the review questions and answers in an interactive format. Review or test your anatomy knowledge with timed self-tests using the labels on-and-off function on the illustrations, with access to instant results.

  • 360.00 lei

    This manual is a condensed and didactic "how to" book, demonstrating surgical procedures in a step by step manner. It is fully comprehensive and highly illustrated (in colour, using mostly operative photographs), restricted solely to the surgical management of maxillofacial trauma, but includes most of the surfical approaches and methods of repair for all maxillofacial injuries. By including all surgical procedures (in trauma) this manual will make a useful and portable accompaniment to the Atlas of Operative Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery. It will be a good resource for all trainees, not only in maxillofacial surgery, but also in other related specialties.

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    This money-saving package includes the 5th edition of Essentials of Dental Assisting Text and Workbook.

  • 400.00 lei

    Prepare for a successful career as a dental assistant! Modern Dental Assisting is the leading text in dental assisting -- the most trusted, the most comprehensive, and the most current. Using an easy-to-understand approach, this resource offers a complete foundation in the basic and advanced clinical skills you must master to achieve clinical competency. It describes dental assisting procedures with photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions. Along with the textbook, this complete learning package includes a companion Evolve website replete with learning exercises and games and video clips of dental assisting procedures plus animations and review questions.

  • 417.00 lei

    Understand oral histology and learn to apply your knowledge in the clinical setting with this definitive reference. Updated and enhanced, it provides insight on contemporary research and trends in oral histology, embryology, physiology, oral biology, and

  • 450.00 lei

    Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) was invented in the mid-1990s at Loma Linda University, USA, with the aim of introducing a material for use as a root-end filler that would set and develop its properties in the presence of moisture. MTA is a mixture of Portland cement and bismuth oxide, which is added to enhance the radiopacity of the material. These two components are mixed with water to produce hydrated cement. This book concisely presents information on diverse aspects of MTA and its use with a view to making it more widely available to clinicians and researchers. The topics covered include the development of MTA and its introduction into clinical dentistry, its chemical composition and setting characteristics, manipulation and placement, material properties, reactivity and the influence of environmental factors. The clinical applications are clearly explained and related innovations and further materials currently available on the market are also discussed.

  • 450.00 lei

    To fulfill the vision for his latest book, Dr. Hamid Shafie compiled technical information from a vast variety of sources, including implant manufacturers and designers, master dental technicians, implant researchers, and expert clinicians leading the field of implant dentistry worldwide. He and his expert contributors meticulously assembled each chapter to include only the most relevant and up–to–date content and procedures in a concise and simple format. Dr. Shafie follows the same easy–to–read, easy–to–understand format as his best–selling textbook Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures. Starting with the material science behind implant abutments, the text then describes all of the relevant abutment solutions, providing a step–by–step guide to design and manufacturing of the CAD/CAM abutments and explaining how to adjust prefabricated abutments and one–piece titanium and zirconia implants. In addition to offering the ultimate procedural guide for clinical and laboratory preparation of dental implant abutments, this textbook is filled with useful tips on clinical practice management such as sterilization, instrumentation and trouble–shooting related to implant abutments. Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Dental Implant Abutments is the only text devoted exclusively to an in–depth look at implant abutments.

  • Implant Restorations: A Step-by-Step Guide
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    Implant Restorations : A Step–by–Step Guide, Third Edition offers clinicians a practical, step–by–step approach to treatment planning and restoring dental implants. This highly illustrated, case–based book demonstrates how to treat the most commonly encountered treatment scenarios, describing the procedures, techniques, and sequences required in clear, concise language and in an easy–to–use format. The book takes the theory of implant restoration, using as its basis 3i’s implant systems, and places it directly in the operatory, concentrating in detail on each stage of the actual clinical procedures involved in treating different patients. It integrates implant treatment with the realities of running a successful restorative practice. Building on the work of the 2nd edition, the 3rd edition of this successful text reflects the advances of implant prosthetics over the intervening years, providing all new cases, exploring new techniques and technology, and demonstrating updated system components and armamentarium. Implant Restorations: A Step–by–Step Guide follows a logical structure of three sections. The first section introduces implant restorative dentistry, how to develop an implant restorative practice, the issues involved, the technical components of the 3i systems, diagnosis, and treatment planning. The central section of the book devotes separate chapters to in–depth descriptions of each of several types of patients that the restorative dentist may encounter, ranging from basic to more challenging cases. Every step of each procedure is described and illustrated with clinical photographs. Laboratory work orders are presented for use with commercial dental laboratories. The final section discusses record–keeping, patient compliance, hygiene regimes and follow–up, and provides the reader with an outline of best–practice procedural protocols.

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     The standard in prosthodontics for nearly 50 years, McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics, 13th Edition walks readers through all the principles and concepts surrounding removable partial denture treatment planning and design that today's practitioners need to know. Using an evidence-based approach, this full-color text incorporates the latest information on new techniques, procedures, and equipment, including expanded information on dynamic communication and the use of implants with removable partial dentures. From initial contact with the patient to post-treatment care, "McCracken's" is the complete foundation today's dentists need to successfully practice prosthodontic care.

  • 470.00 lei

    Esthetic dentistry is an area of recognizable growth around the world and it often brings considerable challenges for the clinician. Nairn Wilson CBE – one of the world’s leading dental educationalists – presents a unique volume designed to introduce practitioners to the world of esthetic dentistry with the goal of safely expanding his or her current scope of practice. Richly illustrated and in full colour throughout, this beautiful volume will guide readers through the key issues relating to modern dental esthetics and includes a discussion of dental ethics, patient psychology, treatment planning and the delivery of care, the management of recession defects, patient assessment and clinical techniques as well as an exploration of the importance of teamwork and the maintenance of dental attractiveness. Whether you are newly qualified or an experienced dental practitioner, this volume will be ideal for skill enhancement and is designed for use throughout the world. "..simple, clinically relevant and with up-to-date text providing invaluable tips on many advanced restorative procedures." Reviewed by Zenab Mushtaq on behalf of BDJ Student, July 2015

  • 53100lei 475.00 lei

    With more than 1,000 high-quality radiographs and illustrations, this bestselling book visually demonstrates the basic principles of oral and maxillofacial radiology as well as effective clinical application. You'll be able to diagnose and treat patients effectively with the coverage of imaging techniques, including specialized techniques such as MRI and CT, and the comprehensive discussion of the radiographic interpretation of pathology. The book also covers radiation physics, radiation biology, and radiation safety and protection - helping you provide state-of-the-art care!

  • Carranza's Clinical Periodontology, 12e
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    The most widely used periodontics text, Carranza's Clinical Periodontology provides both print and online access to basic procedures as well as the latest in advanced procedures and techniques in reconstructive, esthetic, and implant therapy. Not only does this book show how to do periodontal procedures, it describes how to best manage the outcomes and explains the evidence supporting each treatment. Written by leading experts Michael Newman, Henry Takei, Perry Klokkevold, and Fermin Carranza, along with a pool of international contributors, this edition also discusses the close connection between oral health and systemic disease. A new Expert Consult website includes the entire, fully searchable contents of the book, and takes learning to a whole new level with content updates, videos, a drug database, and much more.

  • 51300lei 485.00 lei

    Use best practices in effectively treating infections of the head, neck, and orofacial complex! Head, Neck, and Orofacial Infections: A Multidisciplinary Approach is the only resource on the market with in-depth guidelines to the diagnosis and management of pathology due to severe infections. No longer do you have to search through journal articles and websites, as this comprehensive, full-color reference covers both cutting-edge and time-tested approaches to recognizing and handling infections. From well-known OMS educator James Hupp and oral surgeon Elie Ferneini, and with chapters written by expert contributors, this book is ideal for use in the classroom, as preparation for the NBDE and specialty exams, and as a clinical resource for patient care.

  • 540.00 lei

    This book provides a detailed update on our knowledge of dental pulp and regenerative approaches to therapy. It is divided into three parts. The pulp components are first described, covering pulp cells, extracellular matrix, vascularization and innervation as well as pulp development and aging. The second part is devoted to pulp pathology and includes descriptions of the differences between reactionary and reparative dentin, the genetic alterations leading to dentinogenesis imperfecta and dentin dysplasia, the pulp reaction to dental materials, adverse impacts of bisphenol A and the effects of fluorosis, dioxin and other toxic agents. The final part of the book focuses on pulp repair and regeneration. It includes descriptions of various in vitro and in vivo (animal) experimental approaches, definition of the pulp stem cells with special focus on the stem cell niches, discussion of the regeneration of a living pulp and information on new strategies that induce pulp mineralization.

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    Anchorage control is one of the most challenging tasks in orthodontic treatment. Many different types of appliance are used to control anchorage, but an excellent outcome may be difficult to achieve owing to either poor mechanics or inadequate patient compliance. Recently, temporary skeletal anchorage devices (TSADs) have become popular in orthodontics. Some orthodontic movements that are now possible using TSADs were previously considered almost impossible with traditional orthodontic appliances. Several different types of TSAD are currently available, and in choosing between them orthodontists are obliged to rely on the information provided by manufacturers, which is often not based on scientific evidence. This book therefore presents the various design characteristics of TSADs and provides up-to-date scientific evidence to assist orthodontists in selecting the best TSADs for their patients.

  • 545.00 lei

    ENDODONTICS: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE, 4th Edition is an essential scientific and clinical building block for understanding the etiology and treatment of teeth with pulpal and periapical diseases. You'll easily understand and learn procedures through step-by-step explanations accompanied by full-color illustrations, as well as video clips included on CD.

  • 70000lei 595.00 lei

    Expand your skills in the rapidly growing field of laser dentistry! The new second edition of Principles and Practice of Laser Dentistry contains everything you need to know about the latest laser procedures across all areas of dentistry. With vivid clinical photos and easy-to-follow writing, Dr. Robert A. Convissar and his team of dental experts walk you through the most common uses of lasers in areas like: periodontics, periodontal surgery, oral pathology, implantology, fixed and removable prosthetics, cosmetic procedures, endodontics, operative dentistry, pediatrics, orthodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. The book also covers topics such as the history of lasers in dentistry, laser research, the latest laser equipment, and how to go about incorporating lasers into your practice, so that you are fully equipped to use lasers successfully in your treatments. Features: The latest evidence-based, authoritative information is written by experts from all areas of dentistry (periodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, implants, endodontics, and pediatric and general dentistry). Case studies reflect treatment planning and the use of lasers for a variety of pathologies. Detailed, full-color art program clearly illustrates preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative procedures. Summary tables and boxes provide easy-to-read summaries of essential information. Clinical Tips and Caution boxes interspersed throughout the text highlight key clinical points. Glossary at the end of the book provides definitions of laser terminology. Chapter on Introducing Lasers into the Dental Practice provides guidelines for the investment into lasers. New To This Edition: NEW! Updated content on regenerative laser periodontal therapy, lasers in implant dentistry, lasers in restorative dentistry, low-level lasers in dentistry, and laser dentistry research reflects the latest technology advancements in the field. NEW! More clinical photos, equipment photos, and conceptual illustrations offer a detailed look at how equipment is used and how procedures are completed.

  • 72500lei 615.00 lei

    From basic science and fundamental procedures to the latest advanced techniques in reconstructive, esthetic, and implant therapy, Newman and Carranza's Clinical Periodontology, 13th Edition is the resource you can count on to help master the most current information and techniques in periodontology. Full color photos, illustrations, radiographs and videos show you how to perform periodontal procedures, while renowned experts from across the globe explain the evidence supporting each treatment and lend their knowledge on how to best manage the outcomes.

    Expert Consult platform offers a versatile print and digital resources that help bring text information to life. Bonus content on Expert Consult includes multiple-choice self-assessment questions with instant feedback, chapter review PowerPoint slides, videos clips, case studies, and more. Periodontal Pathology Atlas contains the most comprehensive collection of cases found anywhere. Full-color photos and anatomical drawings clearly demonstrate core concepts and reinforce important principles. Chapter opener boxes in the print book alert readers when more comprehensive coverage of topics is available in the online version of the text. 

    Chapters updated to meet the current exam requirements for the essentials in periodontal education. Case-based clinical scenarios incorporated throughout the book mimic the new patient case format used in credentialing exams. Additional tables, boxes, and graphics highlight need-to-know information. Virtual microscope on Expert Consult offers easy access to high-resolution views of select pathology images. Two new chapters cover periimplantitis and resolving inflammation. Section on evidence-based practice consists of two chapters covering evidence-based decision making and critical thinking.

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    Skeletal Anchorage in Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusion provides a clear and detailed set of practical guidelines for the application of techniques employed in the most frequently encountered problem requiring treatment in orthodontic practice. The practice of orthodontics has recently seen a fundamental change in direction, and treatment now emphasizes the application of stationary anchorage achieved by different types of implants without the necessity of patient compliance. This brand new title addresses the clinical use of all currently available skeletal anchorage devices, including orthodontic implants, miniplates, and miniscrew implants, which can be utilized to support the orthodontic treatment of patients presenting with Class II malocclusion. The volume comprises a comprehensive and critical review aiming to present the principles and techniques as well as to emphasize the scientific evidence available regarding the contemporary applications and the clinical efficacy of these treatment modalities. Extensively illustrated throughout, this this brand new book examines all aspects of a more efficient use of skeletal anchorage devices, including biological and biomechanical considerations, and also features an in-depth discussion of possible complications and risk management. Divided into eight sections, Skeletal Anchorage in Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusion addresses the issues at the heart of current orthodontic treatment and practice, giving a comprehensive overview from a global perspective.

  • Dental Implant Prosthetics, 2nd Edition
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    This new book focuses on dental implants used in conjunction with other prosthetic devices in the general dentist's office, designed to help the partially or completely edentulous patient recover normal function, esthetics, comfort, and speech. Step-by-step procedures guide practitioners through challenging clinical situations and assist them in refining their technique.

  • 887.00 lei

    A leading orthodontics reference, Orthodontics: Current Principles and Techniques, 5th Edition provides the latest information from the best experts in the field. It reflects today's emerging techniques, including new information on esthetics, genetics, c

  • Specialty Imaging: Dental Implants, 1e
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    1,10000lei 970.00 lei

    Meticulously written by board-certified oral and maxillofacial radiologist, Dr. Dania Tamimi, and a team of sub-specialty experts, Specialty Imaging: Dental Implants is a comprehensive reference ideal for anyone involved with dental implant imaging, including oral and maxillofacial radiologists, oral surgeons, periodontists, technicians, and general dentists. With an easily accessible format and an organization that takes readers from the basics to the post-procedure management of implants, Dental Implants encourages and facilitates more inclusion of and collaboration with oral and maxillofacial radiologists for implant planning. It educates clinicians on how to use imaging tools efficiently and effectively to get the most out of their radiographic imaging data, resulting in overall better treatment outcomes for the patient. As with all Amirsys references, all of the information is distilled into succinct, bulleted text with detailed illustrations and thousands of images. Coupled with a companion eBook, this volume will surely become the standard reference textbook for all involved in implant dentistry.

  • Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery, 4e
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    970.00 lei

    Use this atlas-style guide to master implant procedures and techniques! Written by leading expert Michael S. Block, DMD, Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery, 3rd Edition provides clear, full-color clinical photos and practical instructions covering a wide range of implant challenges. It takes you through treatment planning, presurgical guidelines, detailed surgical techniques, and postoperative follow-up. This edition adds more case studies, coverage of computed tomography, and a new DVD with videos of 14 surgical procedures filmed by the author.

  • 1,15500lei 1065.00 lei

     Now in its sixth edition, Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry is the must-have resource for practitioners specialising in periodontal care and implant dentistry. The chapters have been extensively revised with 40% of the content new to this edition. Maintaining the widely praised two-volume format introduced in the previous edition, the editorial team has once again brought together the world’s top international specialists to share their expertise on all aspects of periodontology, periodontal health and the use of implants in the rehabilitation of the periodontally compromised patient.

    Seamlessly integrating foundational science, practical clinical protocols, and recent advances in the field, Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, Sixth Edition enhances its stellar reputation as the cornerstone reference work on periodontology.  

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    Table of Contents




    Part 1: Anatomy

    1. The Anatomy of Periodontal Tissues
    Jan Lindhe, Thorkild Karring, Dieter D. Bosshardt and Maurício Araújo

    2. Bone as a Living Organ
    Hector F. Rios, Jill D. Bashutski and William V. Giannobile

    3. The Edentulous Ridge
    Mauricio Araujo and Jan Lindhe

    4. The Mucosa at Teeth and Implants
    Jan Lindhe Jan L. Wennstrom and Tord Berglundh

    5. Osseointegration
    Jan Lindhe, Tord Berglundh and Niklaus P. Lang

    6. Osseoperception
    Reinhilde Jacobs

    Part 2: Epidemiology

    7. Epidemiology of Periodontal Diseases
    Panos N. Papapanou and Jan Lindhe

    Part 3: Microbiology

    8. Dental Biofilms
    Philip David Marsh

    9. Dental Calculus
    Dieter D. Bosshardt and Niklaus P. Lang

    10. Periodontal Infections
    Michael Curtis

    11. Peri-implant Infections
    Lisa Heitz-Mayfield, Ricardo P. Teles, and Niklaus P. Lang

    Part 4: Host–Parasite Interactions

    12. The Pathogenesis of Gingivitis
    Gregory J. Seymour, Leonardo Trombelli and Tord Berglundh

    13. The Pathogenesis of Periodontitis
    Gregory Seymour, Tord Berglundh and Leonardo Trombelli

    14. Modifying Factors
    Evanthia Lalla and Panos N. Papapanou

    15. Genetic Susceptibility to Periodontal Disease: New Insights and Challenges
    Arne Schafer, Ubele van der Velden, Marja L. Laine and Bruno G. Loos

    Part 5: Influence of Occlusion

    16. Trauma from Occlusion: Periodontal Tissues
    Jan Lindhe and Ingvar Ericsson

    17. Trauma from Occlusion: Peri-implant Tissues
    Niklaus P. Lang and Tord Berglundh

    Part 6: Periodontal Pathology

    18. Non-Plaque Induced Inflammatory Gingival Lesions
    Palle Holmstrup and Mats Jontell

    19. Plaque-Induced Gingival Diseases
    Angelo Mariotti

    20. Chronic Periodontitis
    Denis Kinane, Jan Lindhe and Leonardo Trombelli

    21. Aggressive Periodontitis
    Maurizio S. Tonetti and Andrea Mombelli

    22. Necrotizing Periodontal Disease
    Palle Holmstrup

    23. Effect of Periodontal Diseases on General Health
    Panos N. Papapanou and Evanthia Lalla

    24. Abscesses in the Periodontium
    David Herrera, Arie J. van Winkelhoff and Mariano Sanz

    25. Lesions of Endodontic Origin
    Gunnar Bergenholtz, Domenico Ricucci and Jose F. Freitas Siqueira Jr.

    Part 7: Peri-implant Pathology

    26. Peri-implant Mucositis and Peri-implantitis
    Tord Berglundh, Jan Lindhe and Niklaus P. Lang

    Part 8: Tissue Regeneration

    27. Periodontal Wound Healing
    HF Rios, D Kaigler, CA Ramseier, G Rasperini and WV Giannobile

    28. Concepts in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration
    Thorkild Karring and Jan Lindhe



    Part 9: Examination Protocols

    29. Examination of Patients
    Giovanni E. Salvi, Tord Berglundh and Niklaus P. Lang

    30. Diagnostic Imaging of the Periodontal and Implant Patient
    Bernard Koong

    31. Patient-Specific Risk Assessment for Implant Therapy
    Giovanni E. Salvi and Niklaus P. Lang

    Part 10: Treatment Planning Protocols

    32. Treatment Planning of Patients with Periodontal Diseases
    Giovanni E. Salvi, Jan Lindhe and Niklaus P. Lang

    33. Treatment Planning for Implant Therapy in the Periodontally Compromised Patient
    Jan L. Wennstrom and Niklaus P. Lang

    34. Systemic Phase of Therapy
    Niklaus P. Lang, Christoph A. Ramseier and Hans-Rudolf Baur

    Part 11: Initial Periodontal Therapy (Infection Control)

    35. Motivational Interviewing
    Christoph A. Ramseier, Jeanie E. Suvan and Delwyn Vatley

    36. Mechanical Supragingival Plaque Control
    Fridus van der Weijden, Dagmar Else Slot, Jose J. Echeverria and Jan Lindhe

    37. Chemical Supragingival Plaque Control (Chemical Dental Biofilm Control)
    David Herrera and Jorge Serrano

    38. Non-surgical Therapy
    Jan L. Wennstrom and Cristiano Tomasi

    Part 12: Additional Therapy

    39. Periodontal Surgery: Access Therapy
    Jan L. Wennstrom and Jan Lindhe

    40. Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth
    Gianfranco Carnevale, Roberto Pontoriero and Jan Lindhe

    41. Endodontics and Periodontics
    Gunnar Bergenholtz, Domenico Ricucci, Beatrice Siegrist-Guldener, Matthias Zehnder

    42. Treatment of Peri-implant Mucositis and Peri-implantitis
    Tord Berglundh, Niklaus Lang, and Jan Lindhe

    43. Antibiotics in Periodontal Therapy
    Andrea Mombelli and David Herrera

    44. Local Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Periodontitis
    Maurizio S. Tonetti and Pierpaolo Cortellini

    Part 13: Reconstructive Therapy

    45. Regenerative Periodontal Therapy
    Pierpaolo Cortellini and Maurizio S. Tonetti

    46. Mucogingival Therapy – Periodontal Plastic Surgery
    Jan L. Wennstrom and Giovanni Zucchelli

    47. Periodontal Plastic Microsurgery
    Rino Burkhardt and Niklaus P. Lang

    Part 14: Surgery for Implant Installation

    48. Piezoelectric Surgery for Precise and Selective Bone Cutting
    Stefan Stubinger, Tomaso Vercellotti and Niklaus P. Lang

    49. Timing of Implant Placement
    Christoph H.F. Hammerle, Mauricio Araujo and Jan Lindhe

    Part 15: Reconstructive Ridge Therapy

    50. Ridge Augmentation Procedures
    Hector F. Rios, Fabio Vignoletti, William V. Giannobile and Mariano Sanz

    51. Elevation of the Maxillary Sinus Floor
    Bjarni E. Pjetursson and Niklaus P. Lang

    Part 16: Occlusal and Prosthetic Therapy

    52. Tooth-Supported Fixed Dental Prosthesis
    Jan Lindhe and Sture Nyman

    53. Implants in Restorative Dentistry
    Niklaus P. Lang and Giovanni E. Salvi

    54. Implants in the Zone of Esthetic Priority
    Ronald E. Jung and Rino Burkhardt

    55. Implants in the Posterior Dentition
    Ronald E. Jung, Daniel S. Thoma and Urs C. Belser

    56. Role of Implant-Implant and Tooth-Implant Supported Fixed Partial Dentures
    Clark M. Stanford and Lyndon F. Cooper

    57. Complications Related to Implant-Supported Restoration
    Clark M. Stanford, Lyndon F. Cooper and Y. Joon Coe

    Part 17: Orthodontics and Periodontics

    58. Tooth Movement in the Periodontally Compromised Patient
    Mariano Sanz and Conchita Martin

    59. Implants Used for Orthodontic Anchorage
    Marc A. Schatzle and Niklaus P. Lang

    Part 18: Supportive Care

    60. Supportive Periodontal Therapy
    Niklaus P. Lang, Giedre Matuliene, Giovanni E. Salvi and Maurizio S. Tonetti


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    Author Information

    Professor Niklaus P. Lang is Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong, Honorary Professor at University College London, Guest Professor at the University of Zurich and Professor Emeritus at the University of Bern.

    Professor Jan Lindhe is a world-renowned clinical research scientist specialising in periodontology.


  • 1,47200lei 1265.00 lei

    Ronald E. Goldstein?s Esthetics in Dentistry, Third Edition provides a thoroughly updated and expanded revision to the definitive reference to all aspects of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry, from principles and treatments to specific challenges and complications. ? Provides a current, comprehensive examination of all aspects of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry ? Presents 23 new chapters from international experts in the field and complete updates to existing chapters ? Offers more than 3,700 high-quality photographs and illustrations ? Adds clinical case studies and treatment algorithms for increased clinical relevance ? Emphasizes clinical relevance, with all information thoroughly rooted in the scientific evidence