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  • Barcelona: Secret Museum
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    Unlike any other city travel guide, "Barcelona Secret Museum" proposes a view of the city from the subjective perspective of a writer. His contemplative, humorous, and beautifully descriptive text guides the reader through 80 sites, monuments, squares, buildings, as well as shop windows, hidden streets, poor and desolate neighborhoods, walls of posters and street art; always with fascinating cultural commentary and universal references to the history of art, cinema and literature. Each spot visited becomes a piece of a universal puzzle with poetic as well as tongue-in-cheek connections. Street plot converges with literary plot through famous quotes, forgotten verses, and recalled images of great works of art and cinema, always with a playful sense of humor. Illustrated with the extraordinary photographs of Txema Salvans, this book is a homage to the city's diversely rich and international urban culture.

  • Britannica Book of the Year 2012
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    Stay informed about today's world - its constant change, the significant events, and the memorable moments that made history. The fascinating 2012 Britannica Book of the Year helps you uncover it all. Whether it's a major social movement, such as the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests; a poignant historical milestone, like the end of the NASA space shuttle programme; or a storybook wedding, like that of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, you'll find it explored and illuminated in the Britannica Book of the Year. This new title offers a valuable viewpoint of the people and events that shaped the year. In addition to keeping the Encyclopadia Britannica set up-to-date, it serves as a great reference source for the latest news on the ever-changing populations, governments and economies throughout the world. Learn more about today's hot topics and major world events.

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    Finally, here is the definitive glossary of the book, offering readers all the terms they will need for thorough understanding of how books are made, the materials they are made of, and how they are described in the bookselling, book collecting, and library worlds. Every key term --- over 1,300 different words --- that could be used in booksellers' catalogs, library records, and collectors' descriptions of their holdings is represented in this dictionary. This authoritative sources covers all areas of book knowledge: ·the book as physical object, ·typeface terminology, ·paper, ·printing, ·book collecting, ·book design, ·bibliography, ·calligraphy, t ·he language of manuscripts, ·writing implements, ·librarianship, ·legal issues, ·the parts of a book, and much more. The definitions are supplemented by more than 100 illustrations showing the book as a physical object: parts of books, kinds of illustrations, kinds of printing techniques, tools that librarians, booksellers, and collectors refer to that are used in the making of books, kinds of binding structures and decoration, kinds of paper decoration, and other things.

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    People are living longer, and the elder population is growing larger. To meet the ongoing need for quality information on elder health, this book combines multiple perspectives to offer readers a more accurate and complete picture of the aging process. The book takes a biopsychosocial approach to the complexities of its subject, and all chapters and entries include references and resource lists. The book includes entries on not-quite-elders’ concerns (e.g., midlife crisis, menopause). The Encyclopedia has been developed for maximum utility to clinicians, social workers, researchers, and public health professionals.

  • Wiley Encyclopedia of Management
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    Now in its third edition, this multi-volume Encyclopedia of Management, has been revised and updated to chart the major developments that have occurred in: digital technologies; ethics and governance-related issues; innovation; emerging markets; organizational networks; and new avenues of sustainable business growth. Providing comprehensive coverage of the field of management the encyclopedia spans thirteen subject volumes plus and index, providing a landmark work of reference for scholars, students and professionals. New to this edition: Technology & Innovation Management , Volume 13, V K Narayanan & Gina O’Connor.