The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management

The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management

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Cod produs/ISBN: 9781526435026

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Coperta: Hardcover

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An aparitie: 7 May 2019




The new edition of this SAGE Handbook builds on the success of the first by providing a fully updated and expanded overview of the field of human resource management. Bringing together contributions from leading international scholars - and with brand new chapters on key emerging topics such as talent management, engagement , e-HRM and big data - the Handbook focuses on familiarising the reader with the fundamentals of applied human resource management, while contextualizing practice within wider theoretical considerations. Internationally minded chapters combine a critical overview with discussion of key debates and research, as well as comprehensively dealing with important emerging interests. The second edition of this Handbook remains an indispensable resource for advanced students and researchers in the field. PART 01: Context of Human Resource Management PART 02: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management PART 03: Contemporary Issues


Table of Contents:


The Changing Field of Human Resource Management

Part I Context of Human Resource Management

1 Human Resource Management: A Historical Perspective

2 Models of Strategic Human Resource Management

3 The Employment Relationship:Key Elements, AlternativeFrames of Reference, and Implications for HRM

4 Regulation, Deregulation or Re-regulation? The Changing Regulative Framework for HRM

5 International Human Resource Management

6 Comparative HRM

7 Managing across Organizational Boundaries: The New Employment Relationship and its Human Resource Management Implications

Part II Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

8 Recruitment and Selection

9 Training, Development and Skills

10 Talent Management: Disentangling Key Ideas

11 Leadership Development: The Shift from ‘Ready Now’ to ‘Ready Able'

12 Understanding Performance Appraisal: Supervisory and Employee Perspectives

13 Compensation

14 HRM, Equality and Diversity

15 Creating and Sustaining Involvement and Participation in the Workplace

16 Exploring Electronic HRM: Management Fashion or Fad?

17 Health, Safety and Well-being

18 Industrial Relations: Changing Trends Across Theory, Policy and Practice

19 Discipline and Grievances

20 Downsizing

21 Employee Engagement: The Past, the Present, and the Future

22 Working Time and Work–Life Balance

23 The Changing Face of Work Design Research: Past, Present, and Future Directions

Part III Contemporary Issues

24 Strategic HRM: Where Do We Go from Here?

25 Human Resource Management in Developing Countries

26 HRM and National Economic Performance

27 Human Resource Management and the Resource-Based View

28 Big Data and Human Resource Management

29 Human Resources and Ethics Management: Partners in (Reducing) Crime

30 HRM in Small Firms: Balancing Informality and Formality

31 HRM in Multinational Companies

32 Human Resource Management in the Public Sector: New Public Management, Responsive Governance and the Consequences of the Economic Crisis1



An aparitie 7 May 2019
Autor Adrian Wilkinson, Nicolas A Bacon, Scott A Snell, David Lepak
Dimensiuni 16.99 x 3.51 x 24.41 cm
Editura Sage Publications
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781526435026
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 638

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