Intraspinal Variations of Nerve Roots

Intraspinal Variations of Nerve Roots

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Cod produs/ISBN: 9783030016852

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Autor: Matej?�k

Editura: Springer

Limba: Engleza

Nr. pagini: 190

Coperta: Hardcover

Dimensiuni: 21.34 x 1.52 x 23.88 cm

An aparitie: 2019



This book is a superbly illustrated guide to the latest endoscopic approaches employed in surgery to the lumbar spine. In the past, spinal endoscopic surgeries have been performed mainly in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, but indications have now expanded owing to breakthroughs in surgical methods and instruments. Furthermore, in addition to the traditional percutaneous transforaminal approach, various other approaches are now feasible, including the posterior, paraspinal, transpedicular, and contralateral. This book describes and illustrates the full array of approaches in indications including lumbar central stenosis, lumbar foraminal stenosis, and lumbar disc herniation. Detailed guidance is also provided on endoscopic lumbar interbody fusion, covering the oblique, uniportal, and biportal approaches. Supplementary surgical videos further facilitate understanding and execution of the described procedures. Written by expert spinal endoscopy surgeons with extensive practical experience and a record of academic achievement, the book will be an ideal aid for spine surgeons at all levels of experience.



Table of Contents:


Part I. Special Issue of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Paradigm Shifting of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Nomenclature of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Part II. Lumbar Central Stenosis

Full Endoscopic Posterior Approach, In and Out

Full Endoscopic Posterior Approach ‘Out and In’ Technique

Biportal Endoscopic Approach for Lumbar Central Stenosis

Part III. Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis

Uniportal Full Endoscopic Contralateral Approach for Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis

Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis: Full Endoscopic Transforaminal Approach

Full Endoscopic Paraspinal Approach for Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis

Contralateral Sublaminar Approach for Lumbar Foraminal Stenosis Using Biportal Endoscopic Surgery

Biportal Endoscopic Paraspinal Approach for Foraminal and Extraforaminal Disc Herniations

Part IV. Lumbar Disc Herniation

Full Endoscopic Approach with Foraminoplasty

Full-Endoscopic Transpedicular Approach

Biportal Endoscopic Approach (Biportal Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy)

Part V. Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Endoscope-Assisted Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Endoscopic LIF (Uniportal); Endoscopic TLIF; FELIF (Full Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion)

Biportal Endoscopic Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion


An aparitie 2019
Autor Matej?�k
Dimensiuni 21.34 x 1.52 x 23.88 cm
Editura Springer
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9783030016852
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 190

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