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    Entertaining and informative, the new "Britannica Student Encyclopedia" helps school children gain a better understanding of the world around them. These captivating articles are the perfect resource for homework, classroom reference and for satisfying the curiosity of young learners. Children are sure to immerse themselves in vivid photos, and informative charts and tables that help to explain concepts and subjects.

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    Written and visually designed for students ages 10-17, the "2007 Compton's by Britannica" is packed with information young learners will find exciting and captivating. Dramatic pictures, detailed diagrams, and engaging texts will give young readers the basic facts and entice more advanced students to dig deeper. The 26 volume set covers a wide variety of topics and presents information in an easy-to-read style. The 2007 edition is fully updated, revised, and reviewed by educators, expert contributors, and Britannica editors. Designed to inspire ambition and stimulate the imagination, "Compton's" is perfect for any family's home library. It includes more than 50 per cent New and Revised Content. New and revised articles include astronomy, ballet, football, Olympic medallist Shani Davis, genetic engineering, global warming, flood, Hamas, Liberia, New Orleans, and Palestine, social security, weather and much more. More than 37,000 articles cover geography, math, people, social studies, science, and more. Engaging Graphics - Readers will be captivated by 23,000 maps, charts, tables, and images including hundreds of stunning new additions. Convenient, carefully designed aids provided throughout each volume encourage research and fact-finding.

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    Universalis Junior "La première encyclopédie pour enfants conçue comme une grande" conçue et rédigée en partenariat avec des professionnels de l'enseignement et de l'enfance, Universalis Junior est construite spécifiquement pour les plus jeunes, dès la maîtrise de la lecture : vocabulaire progressif, articles adaptés aux temps de lecture, complémentarité texte/image, explications claires et démonstratives. Attrayante et informative, distrayante et didactique, Universalis Junior répond à toutes les questions des jeunes lecteurs. - 10 volumes - 9 volumes corpus - 1 volume d'Index - 2 250 articles - 3 090 illustrations - 1 800 photographies - 840 dessins, schémas et tableaux

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    There is no better way to own and appreciate the world's greatest written works. Great Books of the Western World is one of the most acclaimed publishing feats of our time. Authoritative, accurate, and complete, this collection represents the essential core of the Western literary canon, compiling 517 of the most significant achievements in literature, history, philosophy, and science into a color-coded set as handsome as it is affordable. From the ancient classics to the newest masterpieces of the 20th century, Great Books traces the ideas, stories, and discoveries that have shaped modern civilization.