The Diabetes Textbook: Clinical Principles, Patient Management and Public Health Issues

The Diabetes Textbook: Clinical Principles, Patient Management and Public Health Issues

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About this Textbook

 Diabetes has become a worldwide health problem, the global estimated prevalence approaches ten percent and the burden of this disease in terms of morbidity and mortality is unprecedented. The advances acquired through the knowledge of the mechanisms of the disease and the variety of therapeutic approaches contrast with the inability of private and public health systems in underdeveloped and even developed countries to achieve the goals of treatment. This paradox has been described in many sources: the surge of scientific advances contrast with an unprecedented amount of human suffering. Thus, a patient centered and an evidence-based approach with the capacity to produce measurable clinical and economic outcomes is required.

The purpose of this textbook is multiple: to offer a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of outpatient management; to address diabetes as a health problem from an epidemiological, economic and clinical perspective; to discuss the role of social determinants of health on the worldwide increase in diabetes; to highlight the challenges and obstacles in providing adequate care; and to outline a multidisciplinary approach to management in which medical visits retain their importance as part of a team comprising the patient, his or her family and a multidisciplinary group of health professionals who are able to move beyond the traditional approach of diabetes as a disease and greatly improve outcomes.


Table of contents (64 chapters)


Preface: A New Disease?

Pages 1-8

Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel

The Dynamics of Diabetes Prevalence, Morbidity, and Mortality

Pages 11-21

Gregg, Edward W. (et al.)

Economic Costs, from Individuals to Health Systems: Evidence from a Middle-Income Country

Pages 23-32

Arredondo, Armando (et al.)

The Ecological Approach to Self-Management in Diabetes

Pages 33-59

Fisher, Edwin B. (et al.)

Social Determinants of Health and Diabetes Outcomes

Pages 61-69

Hashimoto, Hideki

Definition, Diagnostic Criteria, Screening, Diagnosis, and Classification of Diabetes and Categories of Glucose Intolerance

Pages 71-85

Nandhini, Lakshmana Perumal (et al.)

Pathophysiology of Type 1 Diabetes

Pages 89-99

Gómez-Díaz, Rita A.

Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes

Pages 101-116

Kesavadev, Jothydev (et al.)

Genetic Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes

Pages 117-125

Cruz, Miguel (et al.)

Gene Expression Modifications in Type 2 Diabetes

Pages 127-144

Suarez-Sanchez, Fernando (et al.)

The Immune System and Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetes

Pages 145-167

Macedo, Rebeca García

Dysfunction and Death of Pancreatic Beta Cells in Type 2 Diabetes

Pages 169-184

Ortega-Camarillo, Clara

Obesity in the Pathophysiology of Diabetes

Pages 185-213

Paniagua González, Juan Antonio (et al.)

Pathogenesis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 215-225

Kintiraki, Evangelia (et al.)

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver in the Pathogenesis of Diabetes

Pages 227-235

Villela Nogueira, Cristiane A. (et al.)

Diabetes Management in Asia

Pages 239-253

Shivashankar, Roopa (et al.)

Diabetes Management in the United States

Pages 255-271

Ali, Mohammed K. (et al.)

Diabetes Management in Africa

Pages 273-288

Choukem, Simeon Pierre (et al.)

The Patient-Centered Medical Home, Primary Care, and Diabetes

Pages 291-304

Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel

Outpatient Diabetes Management and the Chronic Care Model

Pages 305-332

Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel

Clinical Practice Guidelines, Evidence-Based Medicine, and Diabetes

Pages 333-355

Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel

Measuring Diabetes Quality of Care: Clinical Outcomes, Cost-Effectiveness, and Patient Experience of Care

Pages 357-365

O’Connor, Patrick J. (et al.)

Clinical Inertia: The Role of Physicians in Diabetes Outcomes

Pages 367-380

Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel

Patient Adherence: Challenges, Myths, and Realities

Pages 381-400

Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel

Challenges and Opportunities in Diabetes Education

Pages 403-416

Dickinson, Jane K. (et al.)

Diabetes and Mental Health: From Distress to Depression

Pages 417-428

Heinze, Gerhard (et al.)

Tools of Self-Care: Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose and Tele-Health Resources

Pages 429-450

Ginsberg, Barry H.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Clinical Practice: Ambulatory Glucose Profile and the Application of Advanced Glucose Sensing Technologies to Clinical Decision-Making

Pages 451-462

Mazze, Roger S.

Type 2 Diabetes and Lifestyle Medicine

Pages 463-476

Galaviz, Karla I. (et al.)

Evidence and Implementation of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Persons with Diabetes

Pages 477-483

Maryniuk, Melinda Downie (et al.)

Evidence and Implementation of Physical Activity and Exercise

Pages 485-498

Jáuregui-Ulloa, Edtna (et al.)

The “Old” Oral Antidiabetics

Pages 501-513

Buhse, Susanne (et al.)

Incretin Therapies: Current Use and Emerging Possibilities

Pages 515-529

Schlögl, Haiko (et al.)

Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors

Pages 531-539

Dailey, George, III (et al.)

Use of Insulin in Outpatient Diabetes Management

Pages 541-554

Faradji, Raquel N. (et al.)

Insulin Pump Therapy

Pages 555-570

Faradji, Raquel N. (et al.)

Diabetes and Hypertension

Pages 573-585

Khangura, D. (et al.)

Diabetes and Atherogenic Dyslipidemia

Pages 587-596

Mooradian, Arshag D.

Obesity and Diabetes

Pages 597-610

Wharton, Sean (et al.)

Diabetes and Smoking: The Burden of Evidence

Pages 611-616

Aggarwal, Sameer (et al.)

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Pages 619-627

Umpierrez, Guillermo E.

Hypoglycemia: Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention

Pages 629-653

Faradji, Raquel N. (et al.)

Inpatient Management of Diabetes and Hyperglycemia

Pages 655-668

Horton, William B.

Diabetes and Infection

Pages 669-691

Atreja, Atulya (et al.)

Biochemical Mechanisms of Vascular Complications in Diabetes

Pages 695-707

Margarita Díaz-Flores, (et al.)

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Pages 709-730

Coutiño-Castelán, Daniel (et al.)

Diabetes and Stroke: The Role of Glucose Regulation

Pages 731-746

Lowe, Forrest (et al.)

Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 747-763

Cheun, Tracy J. (et al.)

Ophthalmic Disease in Diabetes

Pages 765-775

Henriques, José (et al.)

Diabetes and Oral Health

Pages 777-790

Díaz-Romero, Rosa Maria (et al.)

Renal Disease in Diabetes

Pages 791-807

Garza-García, Carlos A. (et al.)

Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathies

Pages 809-823

Feher, Gergely

Diabetic Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy

Pages 825-850

Serhiyenko, Viktoria (et al.)

Autonomic Visceral Neuropathy and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Pages 851-861

Drewes, Anne Mohr (et al.)

Urologic Complications in Patients with Diabetes

Pages 863-871

Casco, Stephania (et al.)

Musculoskeletal Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

Pages 873-881

Singla, Rajiv (et al.)

Diabetes and the Skin

Pages 883-898

Mestdagh, Justine (et al.)

Foot Complications

Pages 899-918

Harkless, Lawrence B. (et al.)

Diabetes and Cancer

Pages 919-937

Krajewska (Wojciechowska), Joanna (et al.)

Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

Pages 941-966

Miranda Lora, América Liliana (et al.)

Pregnancy: Pregestational and Gestational Management

Pages 967-976

García-Argueta, María Isabel (et al.)

The Elderly with Diabetes

Pages 977-989

Valencia-Rodrigo, Willy Marcos

The Artificial Pancreas

Pages 993-998

Ginsberg, Barry H. (et al.)

Unproven Therapies for Diabetes

Pages 999-1013

Kesavadev, Jothydev (et al.)

An aparitie 23 Sep 2019
Autor Joel Rodriguez-Saldana
Dimensiuni 21.9 x 5.3 x 28.4 cm
Editura Springer
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9783030118143
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 1040

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