Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery. Second Edition

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Cod produs/ISBN: 9783319274416

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Editura: Springer

Limba: Engleza

Nr. pagini: 935

Format: Hardback

Dimensiuni: 6,4 x 21,6 x 28,6 cm

An aparitie: oct 2016


 The previous edition of this book was based on a simple but essential philosophy: provide a practical and up-to-date resource for the practicing surgeon detailing the specific needs and special considerations surrounding the surgical care of children. The second edition of Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery stays true to the philosophy of the original with several significant enhancements.

   As well as encompassing the most up-to-date and practical clinical information for the experienced surgeon written in a straightforward narrative style, each chapter provides a rationale for the proposed approach based on the scientific evidence available in the literature and the author’s personal clinical experience, supplies a detailed algorithm or clinical protocol in a graphic format, initiates a discussion regarding unanswered questions and proposals for future studies, and includes a list of suggested readings.

   Chapters cover in great detail a broad range of pediatric general surgery topics, including disorders of all major organ systems of the abdomen and thorax, congenital anomalies presenting in the newborn period, and a variety of maladies germane to the growing field of fetal surgery.  The authors also provide authoritative discussions of therapeutic methods and surgical techniques that range from the traditional to the modern, including time-honored open operations, contemporary minimally invasive interventions, and emerging technologies such as single-site and robotic surgery.  Written by experts in the field, Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery, Second Edition is a definitive source of readily available clinical information that residents, fellows or attending surgeons can use to take care of actual patients in real time.  

Table of contents (110 chapters)


·         Preoperative Assessment and Preparation

Weintraub, Ari Y. (et al.)

Pages 3-15

·         Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Counseling

Wilson, R. Douglas

Pages 17-24

·         Epidural and Regional Anesthesia

Gurnaney, Harshad G. (et al.)

Pages 25-28

·         Enteral Nutrition and Access

Doody, Daniel P. (et al.)

Pages 29-36

·         Parenteral Nutrition

Hood, Amy (et al.)

Pages 37-44

·         Enhanced Recovery Protocols

Mattei, Peter

Pages 45-49

·         Quality Improvement, Education, and Outcomes Research

Teich, Steven (et al.)

Pages 51-55

·         Shock

Wilhelm, Michael

Pages 59-62

·         Electrolyte Abnormalities

Szadkowski, Adam (et al.)

Pages 63-67

·         Vascular Access

Mattei, Peter

Pages 69-74

·         Acute Kidney Injury

Kakajiwala, Aadil K. (et al.)

Pages 75-85

·         Ventilation

Hamzah, Mohammed (et al.)

Pages 87-91

·         Extracorporeal Life Support

Muratore, Christopher S.

Pages 93-102

·         Conjoined Twins

Hartman, Gary E.

Pages 103-108

·         Trauma Resuscitation

Bruns, Nicholas E. (et al.)

Pages 111-117

·         Concussion

Renjilian, Christopher B. (et al.)

Pages 119-127

·         Acute Head Trauma

Heuer, Gregory G. (et al.)

Pages 129-137

·         Neck Injuries

Petty, John K.

Pages 139-146

·         Spine Trauma

Bragg, Taryn M. (et al.)

Pages 147-152

·         Burns

Burkey, Brooke (et al.)

Pages 153-168

·         Abdominal Trauma

Streck, Christian J.

Pages 169-181

·         Thoracic Trauma

Garcia, Nilda M. (et al.)

Pages 183-188

·         Vascular Injury

Neff, Lucas P. (et al.)

Pages 189-194

·         Hand Injuries

Lin, Ines C.

Pages 195-203

·         Child Abuse

Scribano, Philip V. (et al.)

Pages 205-213

·         The Critical Airway

Jakubowski, Luke A. (et al.)

Pages 217-224

·         Bronchoscopy

Jakubowski, Luke A. (et al.)

Pages 225-232

·         Benign Neck Masses

Kille, Tony L.

Pages 233-241

·         Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease

Pepper, Victoria K. (et al.)

Pages 243-254

·         Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula

Baird, Robert (et al.)

Pages 257-267

·         Long-Gap Esophageal Atresia

Bagolan, Pietro (et al.)

Pages 269-281

·         Managing the Complex Esophagus

Hannon, Edward (et al.)

Pages 283-290

·         Esophageal Injuries and Replacement

Lobeck, Inna N. (et al.)

Pages 291-299

·         Foregut Duplication

Dalton, Brian G. A. (et al.)

Pages 301-305

·         Achalasia

Phillips, J. Duncan

Pages 307-312

·         Persistent Ductus Arteriosus

Anagnostopoulos, Petros V.

Pages 315-319

·         Vascular Compression Syndromes

Wulkan, Mark L.

Pages 321-324

·         Congenital Lung Lesions

Akinkuotu, Adesola C. (et al.)

Pages 325-330

·         Lung Biopsy and Resection

Archer, Charles W. (et al.)

Pages 331-339

·         Diseases of the Pleural Space

Snyder, Charles L.

Pages 341-349

·         Pectus Deformities

Speer, Allison L. (et al.)

Pages 351-358

·         Mediastinal Tumors

Johnson, Sidney M.

·         Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Gunter, Rebecca L. (et al.)

Pages 369-374

·         Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

Aguayo, Pablo

Pages 375-380

·         Surgical Enteral Access

Weiner, Tim (et al.)

Pages 381-386

·         Duodenal Atresia

Hong, Andrew R.

Pages 387-394

·         Intestinal Atresia

Lodwick, Daniel L. (et al.)

Pages 395-399

·         Abdominal Cysts and Duplications

Lange, Patricia A.

Pages 401-406

·         Anomalies of Intestinal Rotation

Knott, E. Marty (et al.)

Pages 407-411

·         Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Morowitz, Michael J.

Pages 413-420

·         Short Bowel Syndrome

Mercer, David F.

Pages 421-430

·         Meconium Ileus

Mattei, Peter

Pages 431-436

·         Intussusception

Tashjian, David B. (et al.)

Pages 437-441

·         Meckel’s Diverticulum

Rouch, Joshua D. (et al.)

Pages 443-447

·         Bariatric Surgery

Collins, Joy L.

Pages 449-457

·         Chronic Abdominal Pain

Frantz, Frazier W.

Pages 459-471

·         Crohn’s Disease

Mattei, Peter

Pages 473-478

·         Ileostomy and Colostomy

Soldes, Oliver S.

Pages 479-485

·         Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Deans, Katherine J.

Pages 487-492

·         Enterocutaneous Fistula

Stanger, Jennifer D. (et al.)

Pages 493-497

·         Constipation and Fecal Incontinence

Rollins, Michael D. (et al.)

Pages 501-511

·         Hirschsprung Disease

Avansino, Jeffrey R. (et al.)

Pages 513-524

·         Perianal Disease

Calder, Bennett W. (et al.)

Pages 525-530

·         Pilonidal Disease

Dalton, Brian G. A. (et al.)

Pages 531-535

Sidhwa, Feroze (et al.)

Pages 537-543

·         Ulcerative Colitis and Familial Polyposis

Lobeck, Inna N. (et al.)

Pages 545-551

·         Anorectal Malformations

Rollins, Michael D. (et al.)

Pages 553-566

·         Gastroschisis

Islam, Saleem

Pages 569-574

·         Omphalocele

Desai, Amita A. (et al.)

Pages 575-580

·         Eventration of the Diaphragm

Dassinger, Melvin S. (et al.)

Pages 581-584

·         Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Harting, Matthew T. (et al.)

Pages 585-592

·         Uncommon Hernias

Lee, Justin (et al.)

Pages 593-597

·         Umbilical Disorders

Fenton, Stephen J.

Pages 599-604

·         Peritoneal Dialysis

Skarda, David E.

Pages 605-610

·         Ventricular Shunts for Hydrocephalus

Spader, Heather S. (et al.)

Pages 611-615

·         Disorders of the Abdominal Aorta and Major Branches

Horkan, Davis B. (et al.)

Pages 617-621

·         Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

Wright, Clyde J. (et al.)

Pages 625-628

·         Biliary Atresia

Lillegard, Joseph B. (et al.)

Pages 629-636

·         Congenital Intrahepatic Cholestasis

Nguyen, Marie V. (et al.)

Pages 637-640

·         Cholecystitis

Tackett, John J. (et al.)

Pages 641-645

·         Choledochal Cysts

Lobeck, Inna N. (et al.)

Pages 647-652

·         Hepatic Resection

Minneman, Jennifer (et al.)

Pages 653-657

·         Portal Hypertension

Lemoine, Caroline (et al.)

Pages 659-666

·         Congenital Hyperinsulinism

Adzick, N. Scott (et al.)

Pages 667-674

·         Pancreatic Disorders

Laje, Pablo (et al.)

Pages 675-686

·         Surgical Disorders of the Spleen

Tracy, Elisabeth T. (et al.)

Pages 687-694

·         Vesicoureteral Reflux

Su, Ruthie

Pages 697-700

·         Renal Abnormalities

Smith, Paul H. (et al.)

Pages 701-709

·         Penile Anomalies and Circumcision

Nelson, Eric D.

Pages 711-724

·         Inguinal Hernia and Hydrocele

Chandler, Nicole M. (et al.)

Pages 725-731

·         Undescended Testis

Luks, Francois I. (et al.)

Pages 733-739

·         Acute Scrotum

Su, Ruthie

Pages 741-743

·         Cloacal Exstrophy

Gatti, John M. (et al.)

Pages 745-750

·         Disorders of Sex Development

Kolon, Thomas F.

Pages 751-757

·         Vagina

Mattei, Peter

Pages 759-764

·         Neuroblastoma

Jackson, Jeremy R. (et al.)

Pages 767-775

·         Wilms Tumor

Ehrlich, Peter F.

Pages 777-786

·         Adrenal Tumors

Allmen, Daniel

Pages 787-790

·         Rhabdomyosarcoma

Alvarez-Allende, Carlos R. (et al.)

Pages 791-796

·         Non-rhabdomyosarcoma Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

Hayes-Jordan, Andrea

Pages 797-801

·         Sacrococcygeal Teratoma

Peranteau, William H.

Pages 803-809

·         Ovarian Tumors

Reichard, Kirk W.

Pages 811-817

·         Testicular Tumors

Tasian, Gregory E. (et al.)

Pages 819-823

·         Liver Tumors

Meyers, Rebecka L.

Pages 825-838

·         Musculoskeletal Tumors

Seeley, Mark A. (et al.)

Pages 839-849

·         Benign Skin Lesions

Rollins, Michael D. (et al.)

Pages 853-862

·         Nevi and Malignant Melanoma

Farmer, Rebecca L. (et al.)

Pages 863-870

·         Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections

Gibson, Angela

Pages 871-877

·         Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations

Low, David W. (et al.)

Pages 879-889

·         Disorders of the Breast

Zens, Tiffany (et al.)


Pages 891-898

An aparitie: oct 2016
Autor: Mattei, P., Nichol, P.F., Rollins, II, M.D., Muratore, C.S.
Dimensiuni: 6,4 x 21,6 x 28,6 cm
Editura: Springer
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783319274416
Limba: Engleza
Nr pag: 935

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