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    Safety and Security at Sea is concerned with the safe operation of ships and consequently with preventing errors and oversights. This book contributes to safety where it is most effective - right at the site of work, on board the ship itself. It is here,

  • Top Tunning
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    Is tuning an art? Throughout this book we'll show you 40 personalised masterpieces. It will include French, Italian, German, Asian and American cars showing amazing images and technical sheets.

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    John Deere tractors are the most popular tractors and hold a prominent place in agriculture’s history and present. The Little Book of John Deere book pays tribute to this famous manufacturer by combining fabulous four-color photographs, historical b

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    Documents the development, design, construction, delivery, and flight of the most important jetliner in a generation -- all color photography, much of it air-to-air.

  • Volkswagen Bus
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    The Volkswagen Bus in not just a vehicle - it's a movement. This lighthearted look at the Transporter's long and colorful life includes 50 years of history and an abundance of full color photographs. Trace this legendary and easily recognizable vehicle's

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    Best-selling author Randy Leffingwell has done it again with this extraordinary, full-color history that brings the story of the great John Deere farm tractors to life. Detailed coverage from the first Waterloo Boys through the development of the Poppin J

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    Witness the revival of the immortal Mini Cooper ! This miracle of compact packaging and innovative engineering design has been updated as a modern car with hip new styling and a legitimate pedigree. Explore the development of the Mini Cooper and learn how

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    This brightly illustrated, easy-to-use field guide puts a wealth of knowledge about Ford tractors at your fingertips. With brief histories, model runs, specification details, and much more, the entries identify a full range of tractors from Fordson in pre

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    When youre "out in the field" scouting for John Deere tractors, dont forget to take along this first-ever full-color pocket guidebook to these popular tractors! This convenient, easy-to-use guide puts a wealth of information right into your hands! Youll f

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    In this beautifully illustrated history of Fords tractors, author and photographer Randy Leffingwell celebrates the Ford family of tractors from their development to modern day. Research and photography, courtesy of the Henry Ford Museum Archives, brings

  • Chevy Small-Block V-8
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    Since its introduction in 1955, the Chevrolet small-block V-8 has been one of America's most popular, powerful, and desirable engines. Small-blocks have powered everything from Corvettes and hot rods to family sedans, stock cars, drag racers, Trans-Am car

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    Since emerging in the late 1960s, BMX has diversified into four disciplines: vert (ramp riding and dirt jumps), street, freestyle (flatland), and, of course, the sport that started it all and gave the bikes their name-bicycle motocross, or racing.BMX Trix

  • Riva
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    Wenn es einen Hersteller gibt, dessen Namen man mit Luxus auf See verbindet, dann ist es die Riva Gruppe. Ihre weltberühmten Yachten findet man in den exklusivsten Häfen, und die Verbindung von klasssischen Designs mit den modernsten Materialien genügt den höchsten Ansprüchen. Dieses Buch erzählt die Geschichte der Firma, zeigt die Entstehung der Riva Modelle und gibt dem Leser eine Vorstellung davon, wie eine Seereise mit diesen fantastischen Yachten aussehen kann.

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    Anyone looking to buy a piece of compact power equipment is faced with a bewildering array of choices—more than 80 brands of compact tractors offered in North America, not to mention the profusion of models within those brands. Written by an unbiase

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    Over the past 50 years Hot Rod magazine has been at the forefront of the performance movement by featuring photographs and articles of dragsters, roadsters, slingshots, buggies, kemps, coupes, and their drivers. Now you can take this nostalgic look back t

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    For over 150 years, John Deere & Company has set the bar for tractor design and ingenuity. Not only is it one of the most successful companies in American history, John Deere has revolutionized agriculture throughout the world and its green and gold logo

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    The John Deere company boasts a tremendously rich heritage going back to 1837 when Deere, a blacksmith from Illinois, changed the agricultural landscape by producing a polished, self-scouring plow made of high-grade steel. From the trademark Deere green t

  • The Original Wild Ones
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    The seminal event in "outlaw biker" culture was a 1947 weekend in Hollister, California. Motorcyclists, including members of the Boozefighters club, engaged in street racing and other raucous activities. A sensationalized report of the event ran in LIFE m

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    He made movies best remembered for their wild car chases, mad motorcycle dashes, and hair-raising races, but no one forgets the man at the wheel--Steve McQueen, the King of Cool. No other Hollywood star has been so closely linked with cars and bikes. It i

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    The ideal guide for authentic restorations, covering Sprite and Midget models manufactured from 1958 to 1979. The best source for original specifications and equipment for every Austin-Healey model produced, from the first "Bugeye" Sprites of 1958 and the

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    Nautical Style' is a visual celebration of luxury boating, capturing both the glamour of the past and the tantalising reality of contemporary living on board some of the world's most beautiful craft.

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    Officially licensed by General Motors, Corvette: Fifty Years is a colorful, nostalgic, and commemorative look at the obstacles and achievements of this classic American sports car. The book provides new insight into the fascinating story of the beloved Co

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    In 1954 Farmall revamped its line by redesignating the wildly popular Letter Series the Hundred Series. This splendid resource of 200 color photographs exhibits several painstakingly restored examples of the Cub, Cub Lo-Boy, 100, 130, 200, 300, 300 Utilit

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    From dizzying mountain passes to verdant pine valleys and arid desert canyons, the regions spanning the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast have always presented the railroad industry with special difficulties, spurring the development of new equipment t

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    A fascinating journey through the history of railways From the early steam trains to the high-speed bullet trains of today, The Iron Road tells the hidden stories of railway history- the inspired engineering, blood, sweat and tears that went into the construction of the railways. Uncover the compelling tales of bold vision, invention and error, and social change behind the history of trains and railways, with famous railways such as the Transsiberian fully explored. Learn how the great railway pioneers such as George Stephenson produced the ideas and feats of engineering that created the railways and changed the world. Each exciting moment of railway history is captured, contextualised and enhanced by superb illustrations. Trains and railways of the past like the romantic Orient Express are brought to life through amazing eyewitness accounts, allowing you to see the railways through the eyes of people who were there at the time. Written by Christian Wolmar, an award-winning writer and broadcaster, The Iron Road is an exciting trip through the history of trains for any railway enthusiast.

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    Author Kenneth Updike presents the most complete and authoritative text available for those wishing to restore their Farmall Cub, Cub Lo-Boy, and Cub Cadet, from their inception in the 1940s through the end of production. The detailed text includes hard-t

  • Dashboards
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    Celebrates the allure of the classic car through one of its quintessential features: the dashboard.
    Features a cavalcade of design elements from some of the most exceptional cars ever made, from the engine-turned metal of the 1937 Cord to the sport

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    Following Ford and Chevrolet, Pontiac entered the pony car market in 1967 and came up with one of the best and most successful muscle cars ever produced. Though based on the Camaro chassis, the Firebird offered unique features and high performance, and ov

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    When it comes to desirability, few cars inspire avarice like the coupes and convertibles built by Mercedes-Benz in the nineteen sixties. This is confirmed by the sky high prices that these models command. Their close relatives, the contemporary V8 powered

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    The first generation Mustangs are the most coveted and collectible of all Mustangs. Original Mustang 1964 1/2 - 1966 will help you restore your Mustang to 100% originality with the aid of exceptionally crisp color photographs that guide you step-by-step t

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    The 1923 Model D represented a watershed for Deere & Company insomuch as it was the implement-maker's first foray into tractor production after purchasing the Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company. Ideal for those seeking authentic restorations, this

  • Cooper Cars
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    No stone was left unturned in researching this book. This incredibly comprehensive work includes many items from John Coopers personal records and photo albums, the companys chassis books, as well as 300-plus black-and-white photos and 16 color images. Fu

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    Icon, legend and sports car par excellence - for more than 40 years, the Porsche 911 has captivated fans with its timeless design, superior technology and giant-slaying performance potential. For 2005, Porsche has created the sixth generation of the world

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    The modern freight carrier business requires a sophisticated automatic decision support in order to ensure the efficiency and reliability and therefore the survival of transport service providers. This book addresses these challenges and provides generic

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    Driving across Iowa nowadays, one sees acres and acres of flat cornfields and hears little but the leaves stirring. But in the golden age of railroading, tracks crisscrossed the prairies and steam engines thundered by, carrying goods and people across the country. The sounds of the train could be heard for miles – the clickety-clack of the jointed rails and the haunting call of the steam whistle. The fifth volume of "A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946" provides a comprehensive record of the railroad system as it existed in Iowa and Minnesota in 1946 – the apex of America's post-war rail network, when steam locomotives still dominated and passenger trains stopped at towns all along the rail lines. Eventually railroad mergers, the automobile, and the airplane changed what many viewed as the world's premier rail system. Richard C. Carpenter's hand-drawn color maps depict in precise detail the various trunk and secondary railroad lines that served scores of towns while indicating such features as long-since-demolished coaling stations, towns that functioned solely as places where crews were changed, tunnels, viaducts, and especially interlocking stations. In Volume 5, Carpenter traces every rail line from Thief River Falls, Minnesota, to Keokuk, Iowa. In this region seven railroads of the eastern network merged at Council Bluffs, Iowa, into the Union Pacific, the first transcontinental line to the Pacific Ocean. In Minnesota, the primary rail routes to the Pacific northwest – the Great Northern and the Northern Pacific – ran westward from Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

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    This volume contains a selection of 128 papers presented in lectures during the international scientific symposium "Operations Research 2005" (OR 2005) held at the University of Bremen, September 7-9, 2005. This international conference took place under t

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    The role of railways in urban development is the subject of this book. The central aim is to inquire into how especially the development of high-speed rail and light rail links will affect European cities. The analyses are carried out with special attenti

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    Published since 1951, Lloyd's Maritime Atlas is the oldest and most respected atlas in the shipping industry. It provides a comprehensive reference for locating the world’s ports and shipping places, including major canal and river systems in addition to all of the main road, rail and airport connections. Commercial ports are covered in a clear and concise manner, focusing on the world’s busiest trading routes. In addition, the atlas features world and regional marine distance tables, a comprehensive user guide, and detailed statistics on commercial vessel movements, characteristics and casualties. Features of the 2016 edition: · Top 20 Ports featuring illustrations and vital statistics of the most frequented ports in the world. · Fully updated thematic world maps including ebola no-go areas for shipping. · Precise latitude and longitude co-ordinates of over 8,000 ports and shipping places from around the world. · Unique indexing system allowing users to search both geographically and alphabetically and view the features of each port, including for the first time LNG imports/exports. · Free CD-ROM including piracy hotspots, search and rescue centres, and petroleum/bunker ports. This book continues to be the premier reference guide for shipping professionals worldwide.