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    The question of consumption emerged as a major focus of research and scholarship in the 1990s but the breadth and diversity of consumer culture has not been fully enough explored. The meanings of consumption, particularly in relation to lifestyle and identity, are of great importance to academic areas including business studies, sociology, cultural and media studies, psychology, geography and politics. The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture is a one-stop resource for scholars and students of consumption, where the key dimensions of consumer culture are critically discussed and articulated. The editors have organised contributions from a global and interdisciplinary team of scholars into six key sections: 

    Part 1: Sociology of Consumption
    Part 2: Geographies of Consumer Culture
    Part 3: Consumer Culture Studies in Marketing
    Part 4: Consumer Culture in Media and Cultural Studies
    Part 5: Material Cultures of Consumption
    Part 6: The Politics of Consumer Culture


    Table of Contents:


    1 Introduction

    Part I Sociology of Consumption

    2 The Emergence of Contemporary Consumer Culture

    3 The Systems of Provision Approach to Understanding Consumption1

    4 The Making of the Consumer: Historical and Sociological Perspectives

    5 Consumption, Class and Taste

    Part II Geographies of Consumer Culture

    6 Debunking the Myths of Global Consumer Culture Literature

    7 Consumer Culture in Socialist Russia

    8 New Urbanism, Post-nationalism and Consumerist Modernity in India

    9 Consumption and Consumer Rights in Contemporary China

    10 Spaces of (Consumer) Resistance

    Part III Consumer Culture Studies in Marketing

    11 Consumer Culture Theory: A Front-row Seat at the Sidelines

    12 Consumer Identity Projects

    13 Re-presenting, Reinvigorating and Reconciling: Gift-giving Research within and beyond the CCT Paradigm

    14 Prosumption Tribes: How Consumers Collectively Rework Brands, Products, Services and Markets

    15 Contesting Understandings of Contestation: Rethinking Perspectives on Activism

    Part IV Consumer Culture in Media and Cultural Studies

    16 Consumer Culture and the Media

    17 Body Projects: Fashion, Aesthetic Modifications and Stylized Selves

    18 Who Takes the First Bite? A Critical Overview of Gender Representations in Food Advertising

    19 Biopolitical Marketing and Technologies of Enclosure

    Part V Material Cultures of Consumption

    20 The Materiality of Consumer Culture

    21 Subject/Object Relations and Consumer Culture

    22 Another Consumer Culture Theory. An ANT Look at Consumption, or How ‘Market-things’ Help ‘Cultivate’ Consumers

    23 Objects: From Signs to Design

    24 The War on Cash1

    Part VI The Politics of Consumer Culture

    25 Consumer-Citizens: Markets, Marketing and the Making of ‘Choice'

    26 Are You Neoliberal Fit? The Politics of Consumption under Neoliberalism

    27 Sustainable Consumption, Consumer Culture and the Politics of a Megatrend

    28 Buying into the Nation: The Politics of Consumption and Nationalism

    29 The Politics of Consumption