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    In the last sixty years certain celebrities have really left an indelible mark on history: Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Picasso, Yoko Ono...This book represents a stroll through this aspect of popular culture - a compilation of biographical photographs of over 300 celebrities (actors, artists, pop stars, politicians, models, media stars) who will always be unforgettable. Illustrated throughout with over 400 full colour and black-and-white iconic photographs.

  • The Movie Book
    by Phaidon
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    An A-Z guide to 500 celebrated individuals who have made a landmark contribution to the medium of film.
    The entire industry is represented - from actors and directors to costume designers and special-effects wizards, from major movie moguls and pio

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    A visual history of the world's greatest film festival, the Cannes festival, from its beginnings in 1939 to the present day.A beautiful collection of portraits of the greatest film stars, actors and directors from around the world.600 photographs taken by three generations of photographers from the Traverso familyFrom Louis Lumiere to Quentin Tarantino, Grace Kelly to Penelope Cruz, all the greatest film-makers and stars are immortalized hereA warm and personal approach to the development of the festival and that of cinemaEach portrait is accompanied by a short and anectotal text written by Serge Toubiana, Director of the Cinematheque Francaise Serge Toubiana was Editor-in-Chief of Cahiers du cinema 1973-1991. He is now Director of the Cinematheque Francaise.

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    Every notable name ever to have graced the director's chair is here, from Woody Allen and George Lucas to Fred Zinnemann and James Cameron, silent movie giants such as Fritz Lang, early innovators like Orson Welles and giants of world cinema such as Jean-Luc Godard and Satyajit Ray. Established greats such as Scorcese and Kubrick rub shoulders with emerging talents like Darren Aronofsky.

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    Costume, Makeup and Hair reveals how these three crafts have continually adapted to new conditions, making the transitions from stage to screen, from monochrome to colour, and from analog to digital. It considers them in relation to a wide range of film genres, from sci-fi spectacles to period dramas, as well as examining how they have been active participants in the marketplace for fashion and beauty products. Drawing on rare archival materials and lavish colour illustrations, the expert contributors provide readers in film and fashion with groundbreaking film history and an appreciation of cinematic costume, makeup and hairstyling as distinct art forms.

  • The Film Book
    by DK
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    Lights, camera, action...enter The Film Book, stage left Step into the world of cinema with The Film Book - the films, the directors, the genres and the styles. Profiling 100 of the world's most influential directors and 100 key cinematic works, the book will take you through the changing experience of cinema from the earliest silent movies to the modern 3D cinematic phenomenon. Covering every national school of film-making from Hollywood to Bollywood the book is a great browse bible with "Top 10" and "What to Watch" feature boxes. Test your knowledge with the essential trivia section - how much do you know about Oscar winners, biggest flops, banned films and more? From the birth of cinema right up until the present day, The Film Book is a cinematic masterpiece. Packaged in a metal tin just like a reel of film, The Film Book is full to bursting with interesting stats, facts and figures and is essential for any film buff. Content previously published in Eyewitness Companions: Film.

  • Walpurgis Night.
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    "Walpurgis Night", by acclaimed Russian writer Venedikt Erofeev, is considered a classic in the playwright's homeland. Erofeev's dark and funny five-act satire of Soviet repression has been called the comic high-water maker of the Brezhnev era. "Walpurgis Night" dramatizes the outrageous trials of Lev Isakovich Gurevich, an alcoholic half-Jewish dissident poet confined by the state to a hospital for the insane. In "Ward 3" – a microcosm of repressive Soviet society – Gurevich deploys his brilliant wit and ingenuity to bedevil his jailers, defend his fellow inmates, protest his incarceration, and generally create mayhem, which ultimately leads to a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

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    In such celebrated works as Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, Fredric Jameson has established himself as one of America’s most observant cultural commentators. In Signatures of the Visible, Jameson turns his attention to cinema - the artform that has replaced the novel as the defining cultural form of our time. Historicizing a form that has flourished in a post-modern and anti-historical culture, he explores the allegorical and ideological dimensions of such films as The Shining, Dog Day Afternoon and the works of Alfred Hitchcock, among many others.

    Fifteen years on from its original publication, this remains a piercing and original analysis of film from a writer and thinker whose influence continues to be felt long after that of the fashionable post-modernists he has always critiqued.

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    The first substantial overview of the British film industry with emphasis on its genres, stars, and socioeconomic context, British National Cinema by Sarah Street is an important title in Routledge's new National Cinemas series. British National Cinema synthesizes years of scholarship on British film while incorporating the author' fresh perspective and research. Street divides the study of British cinema into four sections: the relation between the film industry and government; specific film genres; movie stars; and experimental cinema. In addition, this beautifully illustrated volume includes over thirty stills from every sphere of British cinema. British National Cinema will be of great interest to film students and theorists as well as the general reader interested in the fascinating scope of British film.

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    With the advent of accessible and affordable equipment, the documentary has become more important than ever as a film making genre but it is poorly represented on the cinema book shelves. Imagination, wit, technique, endurance and often courage is require

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    Movies matter – that is the message of  Reel to Real, bell hooks’ classic collection of essays on film. They matter on a personal level, providing us with unforgettable moments, even life-changing experiences and they can confront us, too, with the most profound social issues of race, sex and class. Here bell hooks – one of America’s most celebrated and thrilling cultural critics – talks back to films that have moved and provoked her, from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction to the work of Spike Lee. Including also her conversations with master filmmakers such as Charles Burnett and Julie Dash, Reel to Real is a must read for anyone who believes that movies are worth arguing about.

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    The cinema was the most popular form of entertainment during the Second World War, when film became a critically important medium for influencing mass opinion. Feature films about the forces, such as "Target for Tonight", "In Which We Serve" and "The Way

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    The expert contributors together trace how the arts of editingand effects have evolved in tandem, starting with the 'trick films'of the early silent era, which astounded audiences by splicingin or editing out key frames, all the way to today's cutting-edgeeffects technologies. Multiple filmmaking techniques are exploredthroughout, from classic Hollywood's rear projection and matteshots to the fast cuts and wall-to-wall CGI of the contemporaryblockbuster. The book introduces readers to the analog and digitaltools used in these crafts, showing the impact of changes in the filmindustry itself.

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    This examination of France's national cinema takes its primary artefact, the feature film and discusses both popular cinema and the `avant garde' cinema that contests it. Susan Hayward argues that writing on French national cinema has tended to focus on e

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    What does it mean to be 'Chinese'? This controversial question has sparked off a never-ending process of image-making in Chinese and Chinese-speaking communities throughout the twentieth century. This introduction to Chinese national cinema, written for s

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    Nordic National Cinemas explores the film histories and cultures of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. The authors trace the twentieth-century development of each country's domestic film production and audiences.

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    Tainted Love is the first critical anthology to offer extended analysis of the representation of sexual perversities on screen. Interrogating the recent shift towards the mainstream in the cinematic representation of previously marginalised sexual practices, it challenges the discourses and debates around sexual taboo, moral panics, degeneracy, deviance and disease, which present those who enact such sexualities as modern folk devils. This timely collection brings together leading scholars who draw on a variety of critical approaches including adaptation, performance, cultural studies, queer theory, feminism and philosophy to examine screen representations of controversial sexualities from the weird and wonderful to the debased and debauched. Chapters explore the shame of masturbation in mainstream cinema, teenage sexuality in the films of Larry Clark, intergenerational sex and incestuous relations in French cinema, sexual obsession in gay cinema, 'everyday' perversion in neoliberal culture, the straightness of necrophilia, imaging and re-imagining the Marquis de Sade from film to slash fiction and the performance and presentation of the paedophile. In order to move past binary distinctions of good and bad, normal and abnormal, moral and immoral, Tainted Love seeks to critically interrogate perverse sexualities and sexual perversities on screen.

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    Here is the one-stop handbook to make your studio production shine.The TV Studio Production Handbook explains the production process from beginning to end and covers everything media students need to know to create a successful studio television programme. It is an illuminating read for those starting out in the industry and an invaluable resource for students of media, film and TV.The book is packed with interviews from top TV executives from the UK, USA, Australia and China and includes live case studies from hit international formats covering every genre, from reality, to drama to news, with scripts from Britain's Got Talent, Big Brother, Coronation Street, The Chase, Teletubbies, Channel 4 News and more. The authors, both award-winning TV programme-makers and academic programme leaders, break things down genre by genre and explore pre-production, casting, scripting, as well as all the required paperwork from call sheets to running orders. They also examine the future of studio and the multiplatform opportunities available for programme makers internationally.

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    In this remarkable and original book, Sean Redmond examines the issues and themes that are repeatedly found across a range of contemporary science fiction films and television programmes. He argues that they reveal the profound effects the digital age has had on our social lives. Through narratives that feature the 'post-human', genetic engineering and cloning, surveillance and data mining, space and time travel, artificial intelligence, online dating cultures and visions of catastrophe, they portray a world in which the material, and the stable, are being lost to the ever-more volatile and ephemeral idea of 'liquid space'. Redmond examines a wide selection of popular films and TV series such as Gravity, Under the Skin, The Lobster, Children of Men and Doctor Who, to locate how traditional values are being erased in favour of a new liquid modernity. Drawing on an eclectic range of approaches from phenomenology to critical race theory, and from close textual analysis to the revelations of eye-tracking technology, this book is an illuminating account of the digital age through the lens of science fiction.

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    Stanislavski’s ‘system’ has dominated actor-training in the West since his writings were first translated into English in the 1920s and 30s. His systematic attempt to outline a psycho-physical technique for acting single-handedly revolutionized standards of acting in the theatre.

    Until now, readers and students have had to contend with inaccurate, misleading and difficult-to-read English-language versions. Some of the mistranslations have resulted in profound distortions in the way his system has been interpreted and taught. At last, Jean Benedetti has succeeded in translating Stanislavski’s huge manual into a lively, fascinating and accurate text in English. He has remained faithful to the author's original intentions, putting the two books previously known as An Actor Prepares and Building A Character back together into one volume, and in a colloquial and readable style for today's actors.

    The result is a major contribution to the theatre, and a service to one of the great innovators of the twentieth century.

    This Routledge Classics edition includes a new Foreword by the director Richard Eyre.

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    Over recent years seismic changes have taken place in the
    structure and direction of the media and entertainment
    industries. Since the launch of the first commercial web
    browser, to the advent of broadband, digital downloads and

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    From HDV to the high-end cameras used in Star Wars and Sin City, this book is your complete guide to HD. This book begins with an overview of the HD format and then covers commonly-asked questions. A chapter on shooting details how to smooth the path for

  • Music in the Shadows, Noir Musical Films
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    Smoke. Shadows. Moody strains of jazz. Welcome to the world of "noir musical" films, where tormented antiheroes and hard-boiled musicians battle obsession and struggle with their music and ill-fated love triangles. Sultry divas dance and sing the blues in

  • Nightmare Alley, Film Noir and the American Dream
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    Desperate young lovers on the lam ("They Live by Night"), a cynical con man making a fortune as a mentalist ("Nightmare Alley"), a penniless pregnant girl mistaken for a wealthy heiress ("No Man of Her Own"), a wounded veteran who has forgotten his own na

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    Tom O'Regan's book is the first of its kind on Australian post-war cinema. It takes as its starting point Bazin's question 'What is cinema?'and asks what the construct of a 'national' cinema means. It looks at the broader concept from a different angle, taking film beyond the confines of 'art' into the broader cultural world. O'Regan's analysis situates Australian cinema in its historical and cultural perspective producing a valuable insight into the issues that have been raised by film policy, the cinema market place and public discourse on film production strategies. Since 1970 Australian film has enjoyed a revival. This book contains detailed critiques of the key films of this period and uses them to illustrate the recent theories on the international and Australian cinema industries. Its conclusions on the nature of the nation's cinema and the discourses within it are relevant within a far wider context; film as a global phenomenon.

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    From Amores Perros and Y Tu Mama Tambien, this books delves into the development of Mexican cinema from the intense cultural nationalism of the Mexican Revolution, through the 'Golden Age' of the 1930s and 1940s and the 'nuevo cine' of the 1960s, to the renaissance in Mexican cinema in the 1990s. Individual chapters discuss: the relationship with Hollywood cinema the stars of the Golden Age the role of foreign authors in the founding of Mexican cinema tensions in the industry in the 1960s national and international reception of contemporary film and film-makers. Examining the portrayal of Mexican nationhood through critical analysis of film genres including revolutionary films, machismo and 'mexicanidad', the prostitute, and the work of female authors, Mexican National Cinema is an excellent addition to all media, film, and cultural studies students.

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    This retrospective celebrates some forty years of Steven Spielbergs boundless energy and his unwavering commitment to excellence in all areas of his work. The distinguished writer and critic Richard Schickel, himself a documentary filmmaker, applies his unique knowledge of every one of Spielbergs 27 major films to appraise the directors remarkably prolific and varied career. Featuring many first-person observations drawn from Schickels interviews with Spielberg, as well as a personal foreword by the director himself, this book presents an insiders perspective on Spielbergs legendary achievements. Impeccably designed and illustrated with over 400 superb images (including revealing behind-the-scenes photos from DreamWorks own archives), Spielberg: A Retrospective is the ultimate tribute to a moviemaking icon, and a book to treasure.

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    From the international successes of Neil Jordan and Jim Sheridan, to the smaller productions of the new generation of Irish filmmakers, this book explores questions of nationalism, gender identities, the representation of the Troubles and of Irish history as well as cinema's response to the so-called Celtic Tiger and its aftermath. Irish National Cinema argues that in order to understand the unique position of filmmaking in Ireland and the inheritance on which contemporary filmmakers draw, definitions of the Irish culture and identity must take into account the so-called Irish diaspora and engage with its cinema. An invaluable resource for students of world cinema.

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    Maxon's Cinema 4D continues to challenge Alias/Wavefront's Maya and Discreet's 3ds max as the animation program of choice among 3D artists and within the professional production community. Veteran Cinema 4D user and teacher Tony Alley introduces the key c

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    A comprehensive survey of world cinema since 1970 with an accessible and engaging text that includes over 1,000 film references.
    Features in-depth case studies of films such as Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975), Talk To Her (Hable con ella, Pedro Almod

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    Scenic effects involving rotating turntables, tracking stage wagons, and the vertical movement of curtains and painted drops have become common in both Broadway and Regional theatre productions. The machines that drive these effects range from small pneum

  • Chosen Calling, Aesthetics of the Italian Art Film
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    "A Cinema of Poetry" brings Italian film studies into dialogue with fields outside its usual purview by showing how films can contribute to our understanding of aesthetic questions that stretch back to Homer. Joseph Luzzi considers the relationship betwee

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    Michael Rabiger's books have sold over 100,000 copies and are popular worldwide among filmmakers and film students. "Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics" is a comprehensive manual that teaches the essentials of filmmaking from the perspective of the

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    In this major contribution to theatre history and cultural studies, authors Lawrence Manley and Sally-Beth MacLean paint a lively portrait of the now-forgotten acting troupe, "Lord Strange's Men", a daring company of players that dominated the London stage for a brief period in the late Elizabethan Era. During their short theatrical reign, "Lord Strange's Men" helped to define the dramaturgy of the era, performing the works of Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, and others in a distinctive and spectacular style, exploring innovative new modes of impersonation while intentionally courting political and religious controversy.

  • O'Neill. Transformation of Modern American Theater
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    As the old ways of the commercial theatre were dying and American playwriting was in crisis, the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center arose as a midwife to new plays and musicals, introducing some of the most exciting talents of our time (including August Wilson, Wendy Wasserstein, and Christopher Durang) and developing works that went on to win Pulitzer Prizes and Tony Awards. Along the way, it collaborated with then-unknown performers (like Meryl Streep, Michael Douglas, Courtney Vance, and Angela Bassett) and inspired Robert Redford in his creation of the Sundance Institute. This is the story of a theatrical laboratory, a place that transformed American theatre, film and television.

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    Welles is one of the legendary film directors whose persona
    has been created through a myriad of myths and legends.
    Enfant terrible of American cinema, his groundbreaking entry
    into Hollywood with "Citizen Kane" propelled him to fame as

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    Europe today - creativity through diversity. This years 14th edition is an unique opportunity to see the 'best of the best' in advertising and design from across Europe. In this book, we have showcased for you all the Golds, Silvers and other Awarded work from each nation's Awards, providing an inspiring archive of European creativity for 2005 and an essential reference tool. The work is divided into four chapters titled film, advertising print, new and mixed media and design. Members of ADC*E are the Art Director Clubs of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.

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    In this monumental work, Laurence Senelick and Sergei Ostrovsky offer a panoramic history of Soviet theatre from the Bolshevik Revolution to the eventual collapse of the USSR. Making use of more than eighty years' worth of archival documentation, the authors celebrate in words and pictures a vital, living art form that remained innovative and exciting, growing, adapting, and flourishing despite harsh, often illogical pressures inflicted upon its creators by a totalitarian government. It is the first comprehensive analysis of the subject ever to be published in the English language.