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    Mapping Geomorphological Environments is a highly descriptive textbook providing an excellent introduction to the latest methodologies for mapping geomorphological formations in a variety of different environments. Its holistic approach seeks to provide a meaningful linkage between state of the art techniques for geomorphological mapping, including the latest innovations in geospatial applications, and advances in the understanding of the formation of geomorphological phenomena in a variety of settings and environments. The book includes: - An introduction to the processes which form geomorphological formations and how to map them. - Case studies from a variety of environments with many examples of geomorphological maps. - In-depth descriptions of the latest tools and methodologies such as field sampling, GPS usage, 3-4D mapping, GIS analysis, digital image analysis, etc. - A list of the geomorphological characteristics per environment (e.g. coastal, fluvial, etc.) in the format of a geomorphological encyclopaedia, with pictures, maps and symbols. It covers the entire workflow ranging from data collection, analysis, interpretation, and mapping. Acknowledgements All authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. John W.M. Peterson, School of Computing Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, for corrections and improvement to the English text.. Università Telematica Guglielmo Marconi (UTGM) and ENEA acknowledge the collaboration of CUTGANA (Centro Universitario per la Tutela e la Gestione degli Ambienti Naturali e degli Agroecosistemi), Università di Catania, for the paper on "The Cyclops Islands". IRMCo acknowledges the use of the Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS), developed by ITC, the Netherlands, for the management and assessment of geographic information in a GIS environment. ILWIS functionality was employed for the paper on "The natural heritage of the Island of Gozo" and the paper on "The geomorphological cave features of Ghar il-Friefet". IPB (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança) wishes to acknowledges all those colleagues, most of them also members of CIMO (Centre for Mountain Research), that contributed to the recently issued Management Plan of Montesinho Natural Park (PNM). Their hidden contribution to the articles concerning PNM is much acknowledged. A word in recognition of his endless and contagious enthusiasm towards Montesinho and to the Mountain domain, spread among us all in the IPB, is due to Professor Dionísio Gonçalves, the first Director, Coordinator and President of PNM, CIMO and IPB, respectively. The authors of the photos inserted in the articles concerning Montesinho are also much acknowledged for their contribution.

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    In 1868, Jean Moura took up the post of Administrator of the French protectorate of Cambodia, established the previous year by invitation of the country's rulers who wanted freedom from Thai control. Apart from a short break in 1870, Moura stayed in his post at Phnom Penh until 1879. The foreword describes Moura's determined efforts to find out about every aspect of Cambodian history and culture, and explains how on his return to France he prepared this two-volume, illustrated reference work. Published in 1883, it was announced as the first serious study of Cambodia, indispensable to those wishing to seek their fortune in this most beautiful of French colonies. The book is encyclopedic in its scope, covering agriculture and industry, language, literature, religion and society, government and law, history and myth, antiquities, art and architecture. Moura describes various ethnic groups, their customs and beliefs, and includes word lists comparing their languages.

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    Born in Philadelphia, James Peller Malcolm (1767–1815) travelled to London in 1787, remaining there until his death. Initially hoping for a career as a landscape painter, he became well known for his engravings, which appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine from 1792, and for his books on history that made extensive use of original local records. First published in 1808, Anecdotes gives a typically personal and often light-hearted account of the history and customs of Malcolm's adopted city. Illustrated with his engravings, the work ranges from considering the diet and dress of the ancient Britons to suggesting that the Great Fire of London was state-sanctioned to rid the city of plague. This is the 1811 second edition of a valuable and often entertaining insight into English social history. The volumes cover such topics as the origin of English character, religion and superstition, and amusements and popular pastimes.

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    Computer and communication networks are among society's most important infrastructures. The internet, in particular, is a giant global network of networks with central control or administration. It is a paradigm of a complex system, where complexity may a

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    Preserved Smith (1880-1941), a professor in the history department of Cornell University, owed his unusual first name to Puritan ancestors who could be traced back to the seventeenth century. His great interest was in the Protestant reformation, and its wide-ranging political and cultural effects in Europe and America. An obituary remarks that his writings 'reveal a remarkable breadth of knowledge and interest and a consistent devotion to high standards of scholarly integrity'. This two-volume work of 1930-4, discussing 'modern culture' from 1543 to 1776, displays these qualities in abundance. Volume 1, after an introductory chapter, considers the state of the sciences in the sixteenth century, then the humanities and the social and political context. Volume 2, on the Enlightenment, again starts with the role of science as the driver in a rapidly changing world. The work is a remarkable and readable overview of the emergence of modern society.

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    Political science professor Barry Shain has collected 174 letters, papers, petitions and proclamations from the years directly preceding the creation of the Declaration of Independence that challenge many of the dominant narratives that shape contemporary understanding of this all-important document. Rather than arising from strong philosophical convictions and a clearly perceived vision of the future, the Declaration, as these writings demonstrate, was more the result of chance occurrences and practical considerations, and reflective of a society less rebellion-minded and far more monarchically inclined than most Americans today have been taught to believe.

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    Originally published in three volumes between 1844 and 1849, this extensive reference work, illustrated with reproductions of ancient coins, embodies a wealth of nineteenth-century classical scholarship. Functioning as a highly readable guide to the whole of ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology, the work was edited by the eminent lexicographer and classicist Sir William Smith (1813–93). Knighted in 1892, Smith was one of the major figures responsible for the revival of classical teaching and scholarship in Britain. His Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1842) is also reissued in this series. For the present work, Smith assembled a team of contributors but still wrote many of the entries himself. Each massive volume has been subdivided into two separately published parts for this reissue. Volume 3 contains entries from Oarses (Arses, son of Artaxerxes III) to Zygia and Zygius (surnames of Hera and Zeus). Chronological tables of Greek and Roman history conclude the work.

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    Following his election to Parliament, George Nathaniel Curzon (1859–1925) embarked on extensive travels and research in Asia, spending several months in Persia in 1889–90. Later viceroy of India, Curzon believed that growing Russian influence in Asia threatened Britain's interests, and that Persia was an important buffer state. Highly regarded upon publication in 1892, this illustrated two-volume work is a mix of history, geography, travel narrative, and social and political analysis. Intended to educate readers at home as to Persia's strategic significance, the work reflects its author's staunch support for British imperialism. Volume 1 describes Curzon's journey to Tehran, offering observations on the northern and western provinces, before giving an overview of Persian institutions. Volume 2 covers Curzon's travels from Tehran down to the Persian Gulf, commenting on the southern and eastern provinces. His Problems of the Far East (1894) is also reissued in this series.

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    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 6th International Conference on High Performance Computing for Computational Science, VECPAR 2004, held in Valencia, Spain, in June 2004.

    The 48 revised full papers present

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    This three-volume set explores the rich and complex histories of English, Scottish and Welsh theatres from early Britain to the present. Volume 1 begins in Roman Britain and ends with Charles II's restoration to the throne imminent. Volume 2 begins in 1660 with the restoration of King Charles II to the throne and the re-establishment of the professional theatre, interdicted since 1642, and follows the far-reaching development of the form over two centuries and more to 1895. Volume 3 explores the rich and complex histories of English, Scottish and Welsh theatres in the 'long' twentieth century since 1895. Original essays written by leading British and American historians and critics investigate the major aspects of theatrical performance, combining an interest in the written drama with an understanding of the material conditions of the evolving professional theatre that the drama helped to sustain.

  • Australian Commercial Law
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    Australian Commercial Law offers a concise yet comprehensive introduction to commercial law in Australia. The textbook provides a thorough and detailed discussion of a variety of topics in commercial law such as agency, bailment, the sale of goods, the transfer of property and the Personal Property Securities Act. The book also offers a detailed overview of topics within the Australian Consumer Law that are now relevant to commercial practice such as unconscionable conduct, consumer guarantees, and misleading and deceptive conduct. Written in a clear and accessible style, each chapter features key points and further reading to enhance students' understanding. Significant cases are discussed in detail and include excerpts from judgments to illustrate points of law. Australian Commercial Law is an indispensable resource for students who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of commercial law.

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    Government Accountability: Australian Administrative Law offers an accessible introduction to administrative law in Australia by reference to its guiding principle, accountability. The book explores the complex theory underlying this area of law through the inclusion of many examples and with an emphasis on practicalities. It introduces the multifaceted nature of government, its structure, powers and actions. It explains and analyses in detail the principles and mechanisms of administrative law in a way that equips students to employ them in the context of new and unfamiliar cases. Throughout the book, the theory, law and practice of Australian administrative law are explored by reference to the overarching concept of accountability. Government Accountability is a concise introduction to administrative law in Australia that clearly explains the intricacies of the field and provides readers with the theoretical and practical knowledge to analyse the decisions and actions of government.

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    Aged sixteen, Alexander Burnes (1805-41) took up a post in the Bombay army, and speedily learned both Hindustani and Persian. His skills led him to political work, and he himself proposed a covert expedition to Bukhara, to survey the country, but also to observe the expansionist activities of the Russians in central Asia. In 1832, he set off, with an army doctor, and two Indians as surveyor and secretary. They travelled in local dress and adopted whatever personas a situation required. Having reached Bukhara, they continued overland to the Caspian Sea, and then to Tehran, returning to Bombay by sea in 1833. This three-volume account of his adventures, published in 1834, was an instant bestseller. The first two volumes describe the expedition, and the third an earlier journey to Lahore. Burnes continued his diplomatic activities in Afghanistan, but was murdered there by a mob in 1841.

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    At the outset of the twentieth century, Antarctica was scarcely explored or understood. Penetrating the pack ice in the purpose-built Discovery, the British National Antarctic Expedition (1901–4) established a base in McMurdo Sound, enabling scientists and sledging parties to significantly push back the boundaries of the unknown. Published in 1905, this acclaimed two-volume work by the naval officer and expedition leader Robert Falcon Scott (1868–1912) recounts the trials, errors and achievements of an undertaking which laid the foundations for future research and Scott's later journey to the South Pole. The work is greatly enhanced by many photographs as well as illustrations by the doctor, zoologist and artist Edward A. Wilson (1872–1912). Volume 1 traces the expedition's preparatory phases and the voyage from England to Antarctica via New Zealand. Volume 2 opens with the sledging journey made by Scott, Wilson and Ernest Shackleton which reached an unprecedented southern latitude.

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    This volume presents results of the International Meshing Roundtable conference organized by Sandia National Laboratories held in September 2005. The conference is held annually and since its inception eleven years ago has become widely recognized as a ma

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    Philosophers have long been fascinated by the connection between cause and effect: are 'causes' things we can experience, or are they concepts provided by our minds? The study of causation goes back to Aristotle, but resurged with David Hume and Immanuel Kant, and is now one of the most important topics in metaphysics. Most of the recent work done in this area has attempted to place causation in a deterministic, scientific, worldview. But what about the unpredictable and chancey world we actually live in: can one theory of causation cover all instances of cause and effect? Cause and Chance: Causation in an Indeterministic World is a collection of specially written papers by world-class metaphysicians. Its focus is the problem facing the 'reductionist' approach to causation: the attempt to cover all types of causation, deterministic and indeterministic, with one basic theory. Contributors: Stephen Barker, Helen Beebee, Phil Dowe, Dorothy Edgington, Doug Ehring, Chris Hitchcock, Igal Kwart, Paul Noordhof, Murali Ramachandran and Michael Tooley.

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    This extraordinary collection of historical facts, a valuable source for local history, was compiled by Thomas Fuller (1608–61), who came from a clerical family and was educated at Cambridge. He was ordained, had gained a reputation as a preacher, and had published several theological works, when at the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted as a chaplain in the royalist army. Travelling round the country with Sir Ralph Hopton's troops, he pursued the historical enquiries which would result in the posthumous publication in 1662 of his most famous work. This two-volume edition was annotated by John Nichols, the bookseller and publisher, and published in 1811. The first part of the work consists of twenty-five short chapters which explain the organisation of the work, after which England and Wales are examined county by county: first, natural resources and manufactures, and then notable people, starting with princes and saints.

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    The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia examines the body of constitutional jurisprudence in an original and rigorous yet accessible way. It begins by exploring the historical and intellectual context of ideas surrounding the Constitution's inception, and closely examines its text, structure, principles and purposes in that light. The book then unpacks and critically analyses the High Court's interpretation of the Constitution in a manner that follows the Constitution's own logic and method of organisation. Each topic is defined through detailed reference to the existing case law, which is set out historically to facilitate an appreciation of the progressive development of constitutional doctrine since the Constitution came into force in 1901. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia provides an engaging and distinctive treatment of this fundamental area of law. It is an excellent book for anyone seeking to understand the significance and interpretation of the Constitution.

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    The official Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge.

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    Much of eastern England is below sea level, resulting in wide swathes of marshland that are easily flooded. In the seventeenth century, the Bedford Level Corporation was set up by Francis Russell, fourth earl of Bedford, in order to manage the drainage of the Great Level of the Fens, which became known as the Bedford Level and is the largest region of fenland in eastern England. Between 1828 and 1830, Samuel Wells, the corporation's registrar, published his well-documented history of the Bedford Level and the attempts made at various points to clear it of water using a variety of methods, from earthworks raised by the Romans to the strategies of Sir Cornelius Vermuyden and the eventual introduction of steam-powered technology. 

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    The writer and translator Anne Plumptre (1760–1818) and her sister Annabella, also a writer, divided their time between Norwich and London, where they moved in radical and dissenting circles. Anne also travelled abroad, publishing this three-volume description of three years' residence in France in 1810. (Her 1817 volume on Ireland is also reissued in this series.) Like many other Britons, Plumptre took the opportunity of the Peace of Amiens to visit post-revolutionary France, and she stayed in the country until hostilities recommenced in 1805. Sympathetic to the revolution, she intended to examine for herself the state of the country and its people, and compare her first-hand impressions (especially of Napoleon) with the generally hostile information about France then currently available in Britain. Volume 1 describes her stay in Paris, and journey south; Volume 2 is based at Marseilles, and Volume 3 covers her return to England via Bordeaux and Brittany.

  • Mammals of Mexico.
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    "Mammals of Mexico" is the first reference in English on the more than 500 types of mammal species found in diverse Mexican habitats from the Sonoran Desert to the Chiapas cloud forests. Authoritative accounts are written by a Who's Who of experts overseen by famed mammalogist and conservationist Gerardo Ceballos. Ten years in the making, "Mammals of Mexico" covers everything from obscure rodents to whales, bats, primates, and wolves. It is thoroughly illustrated with color photographs and meticulous artistic renderings, as well as range maps for each species. Introductory chapters discuss biogeography, conservation, and evolution. The final section of the book illustrates skulls, jaws, and tracks. This unparalleled collection of scientific information on and photographs of Mexican wildlife belongs on the shelf of every mammalogist, in public and academic libraries, and in the hands of anyone curious about Mexico and its wildlife.

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    The Stuart writer and gardener John Evelyn (1620-1706), whose two-volume Sylva is also reissued in this series, kept a diary from the age of eleven, and in the 1680s began to compile this memoir from his records. It was first published in 1818 in an edition by the antiquarian William Bray; this three-volume version of 1906 was edited by Austin Dobson (1840-1921), the author and poet who also wrote the volume on Henry Fielding in the 'English Men of Letters' series, among many other literary biographies. In an extensive preface, Dobson explains his reasons for revisiting a work which had already received much editorial attention, and his introduction gives a short biography of its author. The work begins with Evelyn's own memoir of his early life: regular entries commence in 1637, when he was a student at Oxford, and conclude a few weeks before his death in 1706.

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    A bestseller in its day, this three-volume work vividly recounts significant voyages made by Britain's leading navigators. A prominent figure in London cultural life, John Hawkesworth (c.1720-73) was commissioned by the Admiralty to compile, from the captains' journals, the official record of voyages which included Cook's first journey to the South Pacific. Reissued here is the Dublin edition based on the first printing of 1773; a second edition appeared later in the year. Critical opinion was fierce, however, with Hawkesworth accused of impiety, manipulating the original texts and promoting the sexual freedoms of Pacific islanders. Devastated by these attacks, he died the same year. Later taken aboard the Beagle with Darwin, the work still speaks to scholars and students of nautical exploration. Volume 1 includes accounts of voyages by John Byron, Philip Carteret and Samuel Wallis. Volumes 2 and 3 contain Cook's account of his first voyage.

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    Helping you keep pace with rapid developments in the field, "Textile Sizing" documents the rapidly changing scenario in textile processing and research in sizing. The authors analyze new fibers, spinning methods, and weaving techniques affecting textile p

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    Table of contents

    1 Miyawaki, T. Nagai, H. Mizuno: Engineering Fluorescent Proteins.- 2 C.-K. Sun: Higher Harmonic Generation Microscopy.- 3 R. Graf, J. Rietdorf, T. Zimmermann: Live Cell Spinning Disk Microscopy.- 4 T. Wazawa, M. Ueda: Total

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    Thomas Southey (1777–1838) joined the navy at the age of twelve, saw action during the French Revolutionary Wars, and was first posted to the West Indies in early 1804. Promoted to captain in 1811 and later employed as a customs officer, he died on the voyage home from his last posting in Demerara. His only book, published in 1827, is dedicated to his older brother, Robert, a Romantic poet, who also wrote on historical subjects (his books on Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, and Brazil are also available in the Cambridge Library Collection). Thomas' three-volume work is organised chronologically, from Columbus to 1816. It draws on extensive reading, with substantial passages quoted verbatim from his sources. He concludes that the history of the West Indies presents 'little more than a melancholy series of calamities and crimes', but expresses the hope that the British government will succeed in abolishing slavery.

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    Modern Administrative Law in Australia provides an authoritative overview of administrative law in Australia. It clarifies and enlivens this crucial but complex area of law, with erudite analysis and modern perspectives. The contributors - including highly respected academics from eleven Australian law schools, as well as eminent practitioners including Chief Justice Robert French AC and Justice Stephen Gageler of the High Court of Australia - are at the forefront of current research, debate and decision making, and infuse the book with unique insight. The book examines the structure and themes of administrative law, the theory and practice of judicial review, and the workings of administrative law beyond the courts. Administrative law affects innumerable aspects of political, commercial and private life, and yet is often considered difficult to understand. Modern Administrative Law unravels the intricacies and reveals how they are applied in real cases. It is an essential reference for students and practitioners of administrative law.

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    Le Code Dalloz Expert – Code de l'urbanisme 2006, c'est le Code de l'urbanisme Dalloz accompagné d'un CD-Rom reprenant le code et permettant la recherche et la consultation en texte intégral de 13 000 décisions de justice cit&#

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    Le nouveau Code de Procédure civile 2005 est à jour de la loi du 26 janvier 2005 relative aux compétences du tribunal d'instance, de la juridiction de proximité et du tribunal de grande instance ; du décret " procédure civile

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    Le code administratif 2004 : Le seul ouvrage qui réunit les textes fondateurs de l'action administrative : Constitution, justice administrative, marchés publics, éducation, juridictions financières, expropriation, service public, etc.

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    Tout le droit des sociétés et l'essentiel du droit boursier. Un ouvrage indispensable à tous les juristes spécialisés, aussi bien de l'entreprise que du Barreau, qui apprécieront d'y trouver, au delà des te

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    This four-volume edition of the letters of Mrs Elizabeth Montagu (1718–1800), the 'Queen of the Bluestockings', was edited by her nephew and adopted son Matthew (1762–1831) and published in 1809–13. The daughter of wealthy parents, and well educated in history and languages, at the age of twenty-one she married Edward Montagu, a grandson of the earl of Sandwich whose income derived from northern estates and coal mines, and began to establish a London salon attended by the intellectual cream of British society, including Johnson, Burke, Garrick, Hannah More and Hester Chapone. The letters (and some correspondence from her circle) are arranged chronologically.

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    In the preface to this three-volume work of 1886, Edwin Hodder (1837-1904) writes that the seventh earl of Shaftesbury 'resisted every appeal that was made to him to allow his biography to be written'. In the end, he succumbed to the inevitable, and shared with Hodder, a professional author, both his archives and his memories. Anthony Ashley-Cooper (1801-85) was an evangelical Christian with a profound sense of the duty owed by the aristocracy to their country and to the less fortunate. He first came to prominence as the leader of the parliamentary campaign for shorter working hours, which led to the Factory Act of 1833. He also worked strenuously on behalf of miners, child chimney-sweeps, cotton spinners, and lunatics. Entering the House of Lords on his father's death, he extended his activities, especially towards the homeless and destitute of London, becoming the best-known philanthropist of his age.

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    A child prodigy, Henry Brougham (1778–1868), later Lord Brougham and Vaux, entered in 1792 the University of Edinburgh, where he focused on mathematics and then law, while his amateur scientific studies led him to become a fellow of the Royal Society at the age of twenty-five. Called to both the Scottish and English bars, and moving in radical political circles, he became famous as a defender of free speech, a passionate abolitionist, and co-founder of the Edinburgh Review. He also founded the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, and after many years as an MP, he was given a peerage in 1830 and became Lord Chancellor in Lord Grey's Whig government, where he was instrumental in the passing of the 1832 Reform Act. This three-volume autobiography was published posthumously in 1871, with some additional notes, but the text was untouched, as stipulated in Brougham's will.

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    Suitable for researchers, engineers and graduate students, this book bridges the experimental and theoretical aspects of carbon nanotube devices. It emphasizes and explains the underlying physics that govern their working principles, including application

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    The Economics of Immigration is written as a both a reference for researchers and as a textbook on the economics of immigration. It is aimed at two audiences: (1) researchers who are interested in learning more about how economists approach the study of human migration flows; and (2) graduate students taking a course on migration or a labor economics course where immigration is one of the subfields studied. The book covers the economic theory of immigration, which explains why people move across borders and details the consequences of such movements for the source and destination economies. The book also describes immigration policy, providing both a history of immigration policy in a variety of countries and using the economic theory of immigration to explain the determinants and consequences of the policies. The timing of this book coincides with the emergence of immigration as a major political and economic issue in the USA, Japan Europe and many developing countries.

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    This is a good selection from the works of Ernst Specker who made decisive contributions towards shaping directions in topology, algebra, mathematical logic, combinatorics and algorithmic over the last 40 years. The following are a few points which go to

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    Part of the "Elsevier Nanoscience" series, this volume looks at nanostructured materials and their suitability for a range of functional systems. It focuses on the properties of these materials that make them suitable for various applications in fuel cell

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    The first volume in this comprehensive work is an exploration of the history of Jewish philosophy from its beginnings in antiquity to the early modern period, with a particular emphasis on medieval Jewish thought. Unlike most histories, encyclopedias, gui

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    Edward Robinson (1794-1863), an American scholar of Greek and Hebrew philology, is considered a founding figure in the field of biblical geography and archaeology. In 1838 he explored Palestine with Eli Smith (1801-57), a Yale graduate and Protestant missionary, and co-author of Missionary Researches in Armenia (also reissued in this series). Smith had settled in Beirut, was proficient in Arabic, and reputedly brought the first printing press with Arabic type to Syria. The authors succeeded in identifying many biblical locations, and the original edition of their book, structured as a travel journal, was published in 1841. It was awarded the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society the following year. Robinson and Smith returned to Palestine in 1852 and published an enlarged edition in 1856. This reissue is of the 1867 third edition, which was slightly abridged but contained new maps and plans.

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    Features review questions at the end of each chapter; Includes suggestions for recommended reading; Provides a glossary of ecological terms; Has a wide audience as a textbook for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and as a reference for practicing scientists from a wide array of disciplines

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    In eukaryotes, lipid metabolism requires the function of peroxisomes. These multitasking organelles are also part of species-specific pathways such as the glyoxylate cycle in yeast and plants or the synthesis of ether lipid in mammals. Proteins required for the biogenesis of peroxisomes typically assemble in large molecular complexes, which participate in membrane formation, protein transport, peroxisome duplication and - inheritance during cell division. Peroxisomal function is essential for life. Mutations in PEX genes, encoding for biogenesis factors, are often associated with lethal disorders. The association of peroxisomes with other organelles suggests an extensive participation in organellar crosstalk. This book represents a state-of-the-art review in the field of peroxisome research encompassing the cell and molecular biology of peroxisome biogenesis and its diseases, the protein complexes involved in this process and the modern technologies applied to study them. The book is intended for graduate students, researchers and lecturers in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology with a biomedical background.

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    Sharon Turner (1768–1847) practised as a solicitor in London, specialising in the law of copyright. As a young man he became enthusiastically involved in the study of Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic literature and history. In 1799–1805 he published this four-volume history, still acknowledged as a turning point in Anglo-Saxon studies and a benchmark in historiography. Turner was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1800, soon after the first volume appeared. His approach of contrasting 'Anglo-Saxon freedom' with 'the Norman yoke' (an idea dating from the seventeenth century) held particular appeal at a time of deteriorating political relations with France. Turner's lasting achievement, however, was to draw public attention to the rich and fascinating material contained in the Anglo-Saxon manuscripts he had studied at the British Museum. This work went through many editions, but was eventually superseded by Kemble's The Saxons in England (1849, also reissued).

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    The monograph proffers a comprehensive discussion of the role of evaporites in hydrocarbon generation and trapping. For the first time, diverse knowledge on exploitable salts has been assembled and organized, along with a summary of evaporate karst hazard

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    In the years leading up to Charles Darwin's famous voyage on the Beagle, the ship and its captain Robert Fitzroy (1805–65) had participated in a challenging survey of the desolate southern coastline of South America. This three-volume work, published in 1839, describes both voyages. The first two volumes were compiled by Fitzroy. Volume 1 is based on records of the first expedition from the journals of Phillip Parker King (1791–1856), its commander, and other officers. Volume 2 contains Fitzroy's account of the period between the voyages, the recruitment of Darwin as naturalist, and the second expedition to South America, followed by the Beagle's circumnavigation of the globe. It provides important contextual information for Volume 3, which was the first published version of Darwin's journal of the 1832–6 voyage. Darwin's 1845 edition, published for a wider readership by John Murray, is also reissued in the Cambridge Library Collection.

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    We are excited to bring together recent research on the molecular biology of Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome (ARS) disorders. In the following chapters we will review and provide direct evidence for the molecular basis of this group of heterogeneous disorders, which include Rieger syndrome and Rieger anomaly. While ARS patients were initially diagnosed in the early 1930s the genetic basis for ARS was unknown until the recent identification of chromo­ somal loci associated with this genetic disorder. In the mid-1990s Drs. Jeffrey C. Murray and Elena V. Semina identified PITX2 through positional cloning tech­ niques as a gene associated with ARS. These researchers were able to iden­ tify point mutations in PITX2 that were linked with ARS patients. ARS patients presented clinically with several developmental anomalies that fur­ ther provided clues about the function of the PITX2 homeobox tran­ scription factor. The phenotypic variability of ARS patients indicates that PITX2 can participate with many other faaors to control normal development processes. The hallmarks of ARS developmental anomalies are eye, tooth and umbilical defects. However, abnormal pituitary, heart, and craniofacial development are also detected. Thus, ARS patients provided the first link of PITX2 involvement in the development of these organs and structures. Some of these anomalies are recapitulated in epigenetic and genetic mouse, chick, zebrafish and frog studies.

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    This volume gives an overview on new theoretical approaches on computer-aided methods for strategic and operational planning in public transport. The papers of this volume cover the most important steps of the complete process of planning and operational

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    The first edition of Corporate Insolvency Law proposed a fundamentally revised concept of insolvency law, intended to serve corporate as well as broader social ends. This second edition takes on board a host of changes that have subsequently reshaped inso

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    Dust storms, produced by the removal of surface materials from the world’s drylands, are a vital component of the environment. This is because of their role in biogeochemical cycling, their potential influence on climate, their role in sediment accu

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    Sir James Frazer (1854–1941) is best remembered today for The Golden Bough, widely considered to be one of the most important early texts in the fields of psychology and anthropology. Originally a classical scholar, Frazer also published this five-volume edition of Ovid's Fasti in 1929. It contains the text and a parallel English translation, with commentary on the six books, indexes, illustrations, and plans. Frazer's interest in Ovid's unfinished final poem arose from his wide-ranging studies of ancient literature and the origins of myth. The work describes the origins of the Roman calendar with its sacred, feast, and remembrance days, and ranges from the deeds of major gods and heroes to the strange rites involved in placating the goddess of mildew. As well as the first and third editions of The Golden Bough, Frazer's books on the Greek historian Pausanias are also reissued in this series.

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    Hermann Osthoff (1847-1909) and Karl Brugmann (1849-1919) were central figures in the circle of German scholars who rejected a doctrinal approach to the study of linguistics. They came to be known as the Neogrammarian school. At the core of their work was the theory that European languages, together with a subset of languages found in central and southern Asia, have a common origin in a single prehistoric language. They called this ancestor Indo-Germanic (known today as Indo-European) and claimed that its descendants are all related to one another by varying degrees of closeness. This six-volume elaboration of this thesis was published between 1878 and 1910.

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    Both technically and economically, additives form a large and increasingly significant part of the polymer industry, both plastics and elastomers. Since the first edition of this book was published, there have been wide-ranging developments, covering chem

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    n this book, tumour growth is perceived as a deviation from the normal development of the human organism. The molecular, cellular, and tissue determinants of different tumours are discussed showing that each is a different disease, often corresponding to

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    The Hadron Collider Physics Symposia (HCP) are a new series of conferences that follow the merger of the Hadron Collider Conferences with the LHC Symposia series, with the goal of maximizing the shared experience of the Tevatron and LHC communities.

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    The most famous legal work of the ancient world was compiled at the order of the emperor Justinian (c.482-565) by the imperial quaestor Tribonian, and issued in the period 529-34. It was intended to be a complete codification of all law, to be used as the only source of law in all the courts of the empire. The work was divided into three parts: the Codex Justinianus contained all of the extant imperial enactments from the time of Hadrian; the Digesta compiled the writings of great Roman jurists; and the Institutiones was intended as a textbook for law schools. However, Justinian later found himself obliged to create more laws, and these were published as the Novellae. This three-volume Latin edition of 1872-95, prepared by the great classical historian Theodor Mommsen (1817-1903) and his colleagues, is the culmination of centuries of palaeographical and legal studies.

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    This book addresses the major challenges in assuring globally sustainable water use. It examines critical contemporary and global issues through the lens of global change processes and with a focus on mountain regions. In doing so, it aims to bring state-of-the-art science from numerous disciplines to bear on important environmental and policy questions related to water resources.