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    Originally published in 1935, this book presents the content of Alan Wace's inaugural lecture upon taking up the position of Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology at Cambridge University. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in ancient Greek art and archaeology.

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    Originally published in 1927, this book contains analysis on two Greek sculptures, the Constantinople Pentathlete and a draped female figure in Burlington House. Walston compares each piece with similar figures on vases, coins and other forms of sculpture in order to provide each with its appropriate artistic and historical context. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in ancient art.

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    Erstmals legt das Kunsthaus Zürich einen vollständigen Bestandskatalog seiner Gemälde und Skulpturen vor. Sämtliche knapp 4 000 Werke werden abgebildet und beschrieben; essenzielle Literaturangaben, ikonografische und kunsthistorische Bemerkungen treten ergänzend dazu.Aus bescheidenen Anfängen entwickelte sich die Sammlung der 1787 von Künstlern und Liebhabern gegründeten Kunstgesellschaft zum umfassendsten Bestand an Schweizer Malerei von der Spätgotik bis zur Gegenwart. Heinrich Füssli, der Schweizer Realismus des 19. Jahrhunderts, Hodler, Klee, die Zürcher Konkreten sind mit umfangreichen Werkgruppen vertreten; Alberto Giacometti kann nirgends sonst ähnlich intensiv studiert werden. Im internationalen Bereich folgen auf eine qualitätvolle Altmeistersammlung die meisten wichtigen Avantgardeströmungen seit dem Impressionismus; besondere Schwerpunkte bilden Monet, Munch, die Expressionisten Kokoschka, Beckmann und Corinth; Bonnard, Picasso, Chagall. Bis zur Gegenwart führt die Sammlung; Rothko, Merz, Twombly, Beuys, Bacon und Baselitz werden präsentiert.

  • Other Primary Structures.
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    The landmark Jewish Museum exhibition "Primary Structures" offered the first presentation of Minimalist sculptures in the United States, in 1966. The accompanying catalogue became a key resource on artists such as Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, and Sol LeWitt, who were virtually unknown at the time. "Other Primary Structures" is a long-overdue reintroduction of this classic, out-of-print text. This two-volume set includes a replica of the original catalogue, plus a new companion volume that offers a global survey of early Minimalist sculpture during the 1960s and 1970s, featuring important sculptors from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and complementing the earlier catalogue's focus on American and British artists. Beautifully designed, this publication comes enclosed in a clear jacket that pays homage to the original catalogue's iconic cover. "Other Primary Structures" is invaluable for the study of modern art history and provides an authoritative survey of Minimalist sculpture in the 1960s.

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    There can be no doubt that Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) was one of the greatest and most versatile artists of all time. Because of the greatness of his work, Michelangelo, both as an artist and as a man, has been the subject of numerous studies by the world's leading art historians. There is not a single book currently available that, basing itself on the most recent studies of Michelangelo, treats the artist's entire sculptural output. This book is intended to fill this gap, dealing with the whole of his sculptural output. Thanks to the texts written by Cristina Acidini Luchinat, an internationally renowned art historian, and to the pictures taken by Aurelio Amendola, one of the most outstanding photographers specialising in sculpture, is unique and exhaustive, taking into account the most recent international studies: the result is a beautifully produced, high-quality volume.

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    Long perceived as a side pursuit to his celebrated painting career, Henri Matisse's sculpture receives an overdue critical examination in this book. Beginning in 1906, soon after the artist acquired his first African sculpture, Matisse found inspiration in erotic and ethnographic photography, which had become inexpensively mass-produced thanks to advances in halftone technology. Working from these two radically different depictions of the body – one hand carved, the other mechanically made – was a foundational method for Matisse and crucial to the development of his pre-World War I abstraction. Far from a simple narrative of the artist "discovering" Africa, the highly original readings of Matisse's Sculpture plot new coordinates of study for early twentieth-century primitivism. The book examines the larger constructs of thought at the time, with a penetrating analysis of anthropology, popular erotica, and the visual culture of the French. In addition, it repositions Matisse's sculptural practice, particularly in regard to its investigations of race and sexuality, as a cornerstone of his prolific career.

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    The Paris-born, Venezuelan artist Marisol (b.1930) burst on to the 1960s New York art scene with large figural sculptures in a wild amalgam of mixed-media. Often satirical, Marisol's art is inspired by sources as diverse as Pre-Columbian art, folk art, Cubism and Surrealism. For the past several decades, however, Marisol has shunned the spotlight and her artwork has been overlooked as a result. Accompanied by the first retrospective of her work in more than a decade, this long-awaited and beautifully illustrated volume offers a much-needed corrective, reestablishing her role as a major figure in postwar American art. Essays by some of the leading scholars of Latin American and 20th-century art explore all facets of her work including influences, the theme of family, American politics and pop culture, Native American rights and poverty, her role as a female artist, and her relationship to Latin America and Latin American art

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    Eugénie Strong (née Sellers, 1860–1943) studied classics at Girton College, Cambridge, and then classical archaeology in London. Her translations of Schuchardt's account of Schliemann's excavations at Troy, and of Fürtwangler's Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture, are also reissued in this series. Among other distinctions, she was the first female student of the British School at Athens, and in 1909 (partly as a result of the 1907 publication of this book) was appointed assistant director of the British School at Rome. Roman sculpture had consistently been regarded as the 'poor relation' of what was seen as the superior art of Greece, but in this highly illustrated work, covering the period from Augustus to Constantine, Strong argues both for its particular aesthetic qualities and also for its importance as occupying a special place 'at the psychological moment when the Antique passes from the service of the Pagan State into that of Christianity'.

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    Numerous Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourished in Southeast Asia from the 5th to the 9th century, yet until recently few concrete details were known about them. "Lost Kingdoms" reveals newly discovered architectural and sculptural relics from this region, which provide key insights into the formerly mysterious kingdoms. The first publication to use sculpture as a lens to explore this period of Southeast Asian history, "Lost Kingdoms" offers a significant contribution and a fresh approach to the study of cultures in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and other countries. Comprehensive texts written by prominent scholars introduce more than 160 objects, many of which have never before travelled outside their home countries. Gorgeous photography shot on location highlights each artwork, and maps and a glossary of place names elucidate their geographical context. A watershed study of Southeast Asia's artistic and cultural legacy, "Lost Kingdoms" is an essential resource on a fascinating and enduring subject.

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    Over the past half-century, American artist and critic Robert Morris (b. 1931) has been a key figure in the history of minimal, post-minimal and conceptual art. Between 1960 and 1965, part of his artistic output consisted of approximately 100 "object sculptures", or as Morris called them at the time, "process type objects". These consist of plaques, containers and assisted or simulated readymades of wood, Sculpmetal and lead. This book is the first study to address the object sculptures as a full and complex yet coherent body of work. Jeffrey Weiss, an authority on modernist and postwar sculpture, in close collaboration with Morris, systematically catalogues the object sculptures, and subjects them to critical and historical interpretation in the context of Morris' early practice overall. Featuring new photography of many of the works and an interview with the artist, this book offers an important and original perspective on a crucial early period in the career of one of America's most important artists.

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    Extensive fieldwork in Mali in 1982 led to fascinating discoveries about the function of elegant and sophisticated ancient terracotta sculptures found there as well as their religious and cultural significance. "Jenne-Jeno" investigates this important research and traces potential connections between regions in West Africa whose artistic styles were previously thought to have developed independently. Generously illustrated with hundreds of colour images, this book represents a significant contribution to the study of an art form virtually unknown until a few decades ago. Due to its remarkable soil quality, the uniquely fertile Inland Niger Delta played a crucial role in the development of clay architecture and sculpture in West Africa. The ancient Islamic city of Jenne, located in present-day Sudan, was the first to establish the region's spectacular cylindrical-brick architecture, crafted from the rich earth found there. This clay is also the medium of the terracotta sculptures, more than 300 of which emerged in the early second millennium A.D.