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    Nearly one thousand colleges and universities in the United States face major challenges � from catastrophic hurricanes to loss of accreditation to sagging enrollment. What can leaders of such at-risk institutions do to improve their situation? "Turnaround" gives college and university leaders the tools they need to put their fragile institutions back on a path to success. This comprehensive handbook outlines how board members, presidents, and administrators can identify their institutions' weaknesses, implement plans for improvement, and mitigate existing damage. "Turnaround" also identifies the legal pitfalls that often accompany institutional change, offering solutions for how to overcome such obstacles or avoid them altogether. Evaluating the experiences of two hundred college leaders, the contributors share such critical information as: - 20 indicators of institutional vulnerability - 10 necessary skills for presidents directing a turnaround - 5 characteristics of institutions that have completed successful turnarounds - 10 lessons of successful turnarounds Featuring candid advice from decision makers who have faced severe challenges, "Turnaround" is a valuable resource for college and university leaders facing tough times.

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    Ten years after the publication of "Transforming a College", Elon University continues to thrive as a school that reinvented itself and its community around the idea of inspiring and guiding students. George Keller's now-classic account has been used as a

  • How Universities Work.
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    Witty and insightful, "How Universities Work" is destined to be an essential handbook for anyone working or hoping to work in a university. John V. Lombardi gives readers an insider's view of the American academy, introducing them to the structure, logic, dynamics, and operational styles of both public and private institutions of higher education. Lombardi defines and describes all the bits and pieces that compose a university with remarkable economy – from budgeting systems to tenure, from the library to the athletic field. Although focused on research universities, much of the discussion applies to other types of post-secondary institutions. Ideal for students, this book will form a solid foundation for courses in higher education, but it will also be a welcome addition to faculty and administrators' personal libraries.

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    The recent trend of trying to measure higher education's return on investment misses a fundamental point, argue Charity Johansson and Peter Felten. The central purpose of a college or university is to transform the lives of students – not to merely change

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    Colleges and universities are at the forefront of efforts to preserve the earth's resources for future generations. Carbon neutrality, renewable energy sources, green building strategies, and related initiatives require informed and courageous leaders at

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    John R. Thelin's "A History of American Higher Education" has become a standard in higher education studies. Designed to be used alongside this groundbreaking book or on its own, "Essential Documents in the History of American Higher Education" presents p

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    With some of the most prestigious universities in America now urging students to defer admissions so they can experience the world, the idea of the gap year has taken hold in America. Since its development in Britain nearly fifty years ago, taking time off between secondary school and college has allowed students the opportunity to travel, develop crucial life skills, and grow up, all while doing volunteer work in much needed parts of the developing world. Until now, there has been no systematic study of how the gap year helps students develop as young scholars and citizens. Joseph O'Shea has produced the first empirically based analysis of how the gap year influences student development. He also establishes a context for better understanding this personal development and suggests concrete ways universities and educators can develop effective gap year programs.

  • Mental Health Issues and the University Student,
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    Young adults entering college bring with them many problems – complicated family dynamics, identity issues, and extreme pressure to succeed, among others. Students' mental health difficulties range from adjustment disorders to mood disorders, and growing

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    University presidents have become as expendable as football coaches – one bad season, scandal, or political or financial misstep and they are sent packing. A derailed presidency can undermine an institution's image, damage its alumni relations, and destroy campus morale, but it can also cost millions of dollars. During 2009 and 2010, fifty college, university, and system presidents either resigned, retired prematurely, or were fired. These high-profile campus appointments are increasingly scrutinized by faculty, administrators, alumni, and the media, and problems emerge all too publicly. A combination of constrained resources and a trend toward hiring from outside of academia results in tensions between governing boards and presidents that can quickly erupt. Sometimes presidents are dismissed for performance, financial, or institutional "fit" reasons, but there are nearly always political reasons as well. The details of these employment situations, often masked by confidentially clauses, increasingly emerge as social networks and traditional media buzz with speculation. Former university president Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, along with Gerald B. Kauvar and former chancellor E. Grady Bogue, examine what can go wrong – and indeed has – and who in academic institutions has the responsibility to address these issues before things get out of hand. "Presidencies Derailed" is the first book to explore in depth, from every sector of higher education, the reasons why university presidencies fail and how university and college leadership can prevent these unfortunate situations from happening.

  • Suing Alma Mater. Higher Education and the Courts
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    Higher education has become increasingly embroiled in legislation, regulation, and litigation. Although much has been written about Supreme Court decisions involving higher education, little has been said about the foundational college case law and litigation patterns emerging in the lower courts. From faculty and student freedom of speech to race or religion-based admissions policies, campuses have become testing grounds for a host of constitutional challenges. Suing Alma Mater describes the key issues and processes at play in higher education law. Eminent legal scholar Michael A. Olivas considers the history of litigation in the latter half of the twentieth century and the rise of "purposive organizations" – the American Civil Liberties Union and the Alliance Defense Fund – that exist to advance litigation. He gives a comprehensive and thorough review of more than 120 college cases brought before the U.S. Supreme Court in the last 50 years. Olivas then dives deeply into six cases that did not go to the Supreme Court and offers a clear-eyed perspective of the legal issues facing higher education today.

  • Boy Problem, Educating Boys in Urban America, 1870-1970
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    Contemporary debates about the tendency toward poor academic performance among boys of color point to inadequate and punitive schools, poverty, and cultural conflicts. Julia Grant offers a historical perspective on the "boy problem", revealing it as an is

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    Part of the barrier to college access is navigating the elaborate application process with its multiple essays, test scores, and deadlines. For students without substantial school and family support, this is enough to make entering college impossible. Hig

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    As one of the most successful educational enterprises in American history, the residential liberal arts college has long been emulated across all spectrums of undergraduate education in the United States and increasingly around the world. These schools are characterized by broad-based curricula, small class size, and interaction between students and faculty. Aimed at developing students' intellectual literacy and critical-thinking skills rather than specific professional preparation, the value proposition made by these colleges has recently come under intense pressure. In light of rapid environmental changes and increasing calls for higher education to make access to college more affordable and to do more to prepare students for specific careers, what is the role of the American residential liberal arts college today? Can these institutions manage significant economic, technological, and demographic challenges while continuing to strengthen their offerings? How can they use the uncertain future to affirm their national role while expanding their global presence? Both economic and strategic environments have developed to threaten these schools. Since 1990, for example, 35 percent of these institutions have transformed into "professional" colleges, adding more vocational fields to their curricula while others have closed their doors entirely. Is there a future for uniquely American institutions such as Vassar and Smith, Macalester and Pomona, Middlebury and Swarthmore? "Remaking College" brings together a distinguished group of higher education leaders to define the American liberal arts model, to describe the challenges these institutions face, and to propose sustainable solutions. These essays elucidate the shifting economic and financial models for liberal arts colleges and consider the opportunities afforded by technology, globalism, and intercollegiate cooperative models. By exploring new ideas, offering bold proposals, and identifying emerging lessons, the authors consider the unique position these schools can play in their communities and in the larger world.

  • Being a Language Teacher.
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    "Being a Language Teacher" provides an innovative, personal approach to second language teaching. Through illustrative personal anecdotes, this text guides new and aspiring language teachers through key pedagogical strategies while encouraging productive reflection by classroom veterans. An ancillary website provides online videos to complement the text by showing an experienced teacher applying the book's lessons. In a market dominated by dense theoretical approaches to language pedagogy, this text provides an instantly accessible, practical set of teaching tools for educators at all levels. Its accessible style and affordability give it the flexibility to serve as either a primary or a supplementary text for teaching assistants, students in credential programmes, or undergraduates in applied linguistics courses.

  • Professors and Their Politics,
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    "Professors and Their Politics" tackles the assumption that universities are ivory towers of radicalism with the potential to corrupt conservative youth. Neil Gross and Solon Simmons gather the work of leading sociologists, historians, and other researche

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    Although the federal government invests substantial resources into student financial aid, states have the primary responsibility for policies that raise overall higher educational attainment and improve equity across groups. The importance of understandin