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    Australian Export: A Guide to Law and Practice remains an ideal introduction and guide to the legal requirements and processes that affect international transactions, and their commercial implications. As global trade and overseas markets become increasingly important for Australian business, the need for a concise and accessible overview of relevant laws and procedures has never been greater. Australian Export meets this need with an emphasis on real-world considerations and practical solutions, underpinned by expert commentary on the law. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent legal developments in Australia and internationally, and the coverage of many topics has been expanded. New examples and case studies have been added, and each chapter now includes key concepts and further reading to reinforce learning.

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    This book explains how private parties can activate EC law in order to further their interests. It explores both the mechanisms available to private parties to challenge the legality of EC measures, and the means in place to enforce community law at natio

  • Australian Commercial Law
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    Australian Commercial Law offers a concise yet comprehensive introduction to commercial law in Australia. The textbook provides a thorough and detailed discussion of a variety of topics in commercial law such as agency, bailment, the sale of goods, the transfer of property and the Personal Property Securities Act. The book also offers a detailed overview of topics within the Australian Consumer Law that are now relevant to commercial practice such as unconscionable conduct, consumer guarantees, and misleading and deceptive conduct. Written in a clear and accessible style, each chapter features key points and further reading to enhance students' understanding. Significant cases are discussed in detail and include excerpts from judgments to illustrate points of law. Australian Commercial Law is an indispensable resource for students who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of commercial law.

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    Government Accountability: Australian Administrative Law offers an accessible introduction to administrative law in Australia by reference to its guiding principle, accountability. The book explores the complex theory underlying this area of law through the inclusion of many examples and with an emphasis on practicalities. It introduces the multifaceted nature of government, its structure, powers and actions. It explains and analyses in detail the principles and mechanisms of administrative law in a way that equips students to employ them in the context of new and unfamiliar cases. Throughout the book, the theory, law and practice of Australian administrative law are explored by reference to the overarching concept of accountability. Government Accountability is a concise introduction to administrative law in Australia that clearly explains the intricacies of the field and provides readers with the theoretical and practical knowledge to analyse the decisions and actions of government.

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    The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia examines the body of constitutional jurisprudence in an original and rigorous yet accessible way. It begins by exploring the historical and intellectual context of ideas surrounding the Constitution's inception, and closely examines its text, structure, principles and purposes in that light. The book then unpacks and critically analyses the High Court's interpretation of the Constitution in a manner that follows the Constitution's own logic and method of organisation. Each topic is defined through detailed reference to the existing case law, which is set out historically to facilitate an appreciation of the progressive development of constitutional doctrine since the Constitution came into force in 1901. The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia provides an engaging and distinctive treatment of this fundamental area of law. It is an excellent book for anyone seeking to understand the significance and interpretation of the Constitution.

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    Modern Administrative Law in Australia provides an authoritative overview of administrative law in Australia. It clarifies and enlivens this crucial but complex area of law, with erudite analysis and modern perspectives. The contributors - including highly respected academics from eleven Australian law schools, as well as eminent practitioners including Chief Justice Robert French AC and Justice Stephen Gageler of the High Court of Australia - are at the forefront of current research, debate and decision making, and infuse the book with unique insight. The book examines the structure and themes of administrative law, the theory and practice of judicial review, and the workings of administrative law beyond the courts. Administrative law affects innumerable aspects of political, commercial and private life, and yet is often considered difficult to understand. Modern Administrative Law unravels the intricacies and reveals how they are applied in real cases. It is an essential reference for students and practitioners of administrative law.

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    Le Code Dalloz Expert – Code de l'urbanisme 2006, c'est le Code de l'urbanisme Dalloz accompagné d'un CD-Rom reprenant le code et permettant la recherche et la consultation en texte intégral de 13 000 décisions de justice cit&#

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    Le nouveau Code de Procédure civile 2005 est à jour de la loi du 26 janvier 2005 relative aux compétences du tribunal d'instance, de la juridiction de proximité et du tribunal de grande instance ; du décret " procédure civile

  • Code Dalloz Expert. Code des sociétés 2005
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    Tout le droit des sociétés et l'essentiel du droit boursier. Un ouvrage indispensable à tous les juristes spécialisés, aussi bien de l'entreprise que du Barreau, qui apprécieront d'y trouver, au delà des te

  • Code Dalloz Expert. Code administratif 2004(plus CD)
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    Le code administratif 2004 : Le seul ouvrage qui réunit les textes fondateurs de l'action administrative : Constitution, justice administrative, marchés publics, éducation, juridictions financières, expropriation, service public, etc.

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    The Economics of Immigration is written as a both a reference for researchers and as a textbook on the economics of immigration. It is aimed at two audiences: (1) researchers who are interested in learning more about how economists approach the study of human migration flows; and (2) graduate students taking a course on migration or a labor economics course where immigration is one of the subfields studied. The book covers the economic theory of immigration, which explains why people move across borders and details the consequences of such movements for the source and destination economies. The book also describes immigration policy, providing both a history of immigration policy in a variety of countries and using the economic theory of immigration to explain the determinants and consequences of the policies. The timing of this book coincides with the emergence of immigration as a major political and economic issue in the USA, Japan Europe and many developing countries.

  • Corporate Insolvency Law: Perspectives and Principles
    by Finch
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    The first edition of Corporate Insolvency Law proposed a fundamentally revised concept of insolvency law, intended to serve corporate as well as broader social ends. This second edition takes on board a host of changes that have subsequently reshaped inso

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