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    "Chambers Primary Dictionary" gives all the information a pupil of this age needs, and also provides more challenging material for older or more able Primary pupils. With over 15,000 words, definitions and phrases, it is the perfect aid to a child's language development.

  • Pocket Visual Dictionary
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    With over 31,500 terms and more than 5,000 stunning colour photographs, this is both an encyclopedia and a dictionary. Packed full of visual cutaways and exploded views from the prehistoric earth to the digital camera, it brings the world vividly to life.

  • Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms.
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    This is the most innovative, comprehensive and scholarly bilingual dictionary of Russian idioms available today. It includes close to 14,000 idioms, set expressions and sayings found in contemporary colloquial Russian and in literature from the nineteenth century to the present. The Russian idioms are provided with many English equivalents to render them in various contexts. Illustrative examples are cited to show how the idioms are used in context. Each entry also contains a grammatical description of the idiom, a definition – an innovative feature for a bilingual dictionary – and stylistic and usage information. A most notable part of the work is the alphanumeric index that makes finding the right expression very easy.

  • Benezit Dictionary of Artists
    by Benezit
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    - Over 173,000 artists worldwide
    - Includes over 11,000 examples of artists' signatures and monograms
    - Includes bibliography, auction records from Art Sales Index
    - Includes 2,000 new biographies and over 3,000 revised entries from French edition
    - Greater coverage of American and British artists (slightly less coverage of French artists) than the French edition

    The Benezit Dictionary of Artists, published since 1911, is a landmark reference work in Art History, a magnificent 14 volume biographical dictionary of painters, sculptors, draftsmen, and engravers from around the world and across history. With entries on over 175,000 artists, the Benezit is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists. Unique features include the dictionary's coverage of obscure artists and the inclusion of images of artists' signatures, monograms, and stamps. Entries are clear and concise, and often contain auction records, museum holdings, and bibliographies. Valued for both its wide coverage of lesser-known artists and its deep coverage of artists occupying the core pantheon of art.