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  • Mailt It !
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    Packaging is an important factor in any retail environment and a key element in most marketing strategies. Consumers react immediately to package shapes, and are influenced by them when making buying decisions. Different product categories are often easy

  • Plastic Design
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    During the last 50 years, the plastic industry has grown at an incredible pace until becoming part of nearly all the areas of human activity. Plastic materials moreover have made practically any architectural solution affordable to all. This book contains dozens of examples and architectural projects which have used plastic in one or various of their features

  • Japanese Design
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    Japan, a country closed to foreigners for centuries, still has a fascination for the western world, nowhere more so than in the area of design. The intricacies of the kimono and the apparent fragility of paper-walled houses have given way to the innovation of Yohji Yamamoto and the beauty and efficiency of the bullet train. While the fundamental differences between oriental and western design remain, Japanese style is becoming more and more a feature of life in other countries too. In product design, Sony and Honda have taken inventions from the west, such as television and motorcycles, and turned them into the stuff of dreams. Sushi bars and noodle restaurants, with their emphasis on presentation and their earthenware bowls and lacquer trays, can now be found in most major cities. On the high street, stores such as Muji reflect the modern Japanese aesthetic of minimalism and attention to detail. Internationally, projects such as Kansai International Airport are recognized as major architectural achievements. Every page of Japanese Style will feature full-colour images which illustrate the traditions and the diversity of Japanese design. Japanese Style brings together the many strands of modern Japanese design, and the influences from which it springs. This timely collection of the best of modern Japan is an authoritative introduction to the country's contemporary design, and some of the history behind it. From beer commercials to cartoons, the idiosyncratic style of Japan is becoming increasingly familiar to the West, without ever losing its ability to make you look twice.

  • Sport Design
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    Sport Design presents the newest models and prototypes of well-known designers in the world of sports. Generously illustrated with over 400 color photographs that focus exclusively on the products themselves, the book features equipment organized by sport

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    This volume explores six key aspects of sports design with essays by prominent designers, writers and commentators. The impact of modern materials, high technology and the design of contemporary sports equipment is examined by designer Richard Seymour. Richard Williams, formerly sports writer on "The Guardian", focuses on how design and technological advances have changed the rules of contemporary sports. The influence of sport on fashion design is explored by Dylan Jones, a writer and editor at the "Sunday Times". Patrick Burgoyne, deputy editor of "Creative Review", writes about the graphics of sport, from replica football shirts to the individually customized graphics of skate and snowboards; from Olympic logos to the Nike swoosh. Peter York, broadcaster, author and journalist, considers sport and advertising, exploring the power of the brand and the efforts of Nike, Reebock and Adidas to inspire an emotional allegiance in their customers. Finally, the architectural writer and critic Martin Pawley examines the design of stadia and shows how, since the Berlin Olympics of 1936, architecture has been a semi-official Olympic sport

  • T-shirts 360
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    International designers, fresh design, innovating llustrations, the newest and coolest t-shirts around the world. 20 countries, 50 designers, 600 t-shirts designs.

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    Well- designed packaging always strikes a balance between logistics and cost, and out of the box is an invaluable sourcebook for anyone who needs practical designs and ideas for the taking. A handy, easy- to- undertands reference for anyone seeking to des

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    Packaging is an important factor in any retail environment and a key element in most marketing strategies. Consumers react immediately to package shapes, and are influenced by them when making buying decisions. Different product categories are often easy

  • How to Fold
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    Packaging is an important factor in any retail environment and a key element in most marketing strategies. Consumers react immediately to package shapes, and are influenced by them when making buying decisions. Different product categories are often easy

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    Design Secrets: Products deconstructs 50 winning product designs step-by-step, revealing how crazy ideas and napkin sketches evolved into innovative, successful products. This valuable edition includes photographs, interim sketches, and designer insights

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    This book, part of a new series built on the authority of Rob Thompsons highly acclaimed Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals, includes new content selected specifically for the needs of students who create product and furniture designs for ma

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    NATURE, INSPIRATION FOR ART & DESIGN reveals a diverse range of projects from different creative art and design camps which have taken their inspiration from any of nature’s elements. Many of the projects included in this book clearly play an aesthetic role whilst others, on the contrary, have been purposely created to transmit a message. Artists and designers the world over have found Nature to be the greatest source of inspiration for their designs and works of art.The selected projects have all taken their inspiration from animal and plant kingdoms, natural phenomenon and even elements from what are understood to be ‘Still lifes’. As it says in the popular famous quote, ‘Nature is wise’ and it’s for this reason that artists and designers find her a major source of inspiration since only ‘Mother Nature’ offers such an infinite range of colours, shapes, textures and effects.

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    Explores design and the aesthetic of handmade packaging. This title presents a logical learning structure, beginning with an understanding of tools and materials, through inspirational examples from successful designers, to tutorials on the skills needed to execute packaging design as well as advice on how to set yourself up as a professional.

  • Plastic
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    Like no other material, plastic has determined many of the forms of the 20th century and its popularity and versatility are only set to increase in the next millenium. This exciting new title will reveal plastic in all its forms including furniture packag

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    For the first time, materials technology the single most important agent of change in our designed landscape, from the buildings in which we live and work to the clothes we wear is analysed to show its transformation, volume by volume, of ten creative disciplines. It is being produced in association with Material ConneXion, keeper of the largest materials and processes library in the world. This volume is on Product Design, and features carefully selected products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material. It includes six specially commissioned visual narratives by experts in the field, and an extensive illustrated materials directory with detailed information on almost 100 materials. With a preface by Michele Caniato, the President of Material ConneXion, and an introduction by Allan Chochinov, Chair of the School of Visual Arts MFA in Products of Design Program in New York, this book can be used both as the basis for new course structures and as the authoritative reference for professionals.

  • Urban Bags
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    URBAN BAG are popular, affordable, and –in recent years– works of art! these comfortable, casual items of bags have become creative canvases for innovative design. URBAN BAG showcases the most significant contributions to this pop-culture/design phenomenon of this wardrobe staple–from do-it-yourself silkscreens to high fashion variations.

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    This is a guide to the ceramics of the 1920s and 1930s, offering clear explanations of art terms such as Art Deco, Modernism, Art Moderne, and Streamline Style. Over 200 photographs provide a visual reference of objects both useful and decorative, chosen for their visual power, their historical significance or their appeal to collectors. The volume includes an A-Z reference section listing significant ceramicists, designers, decorators and the factories of the period as well as a glossary of technical terms.

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    There are many ways in which a product can be manufactured but most designers know only a handful of techniques. Both informative and incredibly easy to use, this bestselling book explains over 100 production methods in detail. With specially commissioned diagrams, case studies and step-by-step photographs of the manufacturing process, "Making It" uses contemporary design as a vehicle to describe production processes. It lists their pros and cons, suitable production volumes, costs involved, speed of production, relevant materials and typical applications. The new edition of this inspirational book also evaluates each process in terms of sustainability and its effects on the environment. "Making It" appeals not only to product designers but also to interior designers, furniture and graphic designers who need access to a range of production methods, as well as to all students of design. The expanded edition includes 9 new processes and an all-new section of 40 finishing techniques.

  • Making It
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    There are many different ways in which a product can be manufactured but most designers probably know only a handful of techniques in any detail. Both informative and inspirational, Making It covers a broad range of almost 90 production methods. As well a

  • Materials for Design
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    Over the last ten years there has been a huge growth in the area of materials for design, but most books on this subject deal with advanced, semi-formed materials (that is, materials sold as sheet, rod, tube, etc.). This book provides much-needed information on the raw materials, and the low-down on how these can be used. Organized into three sections embracing grown, oil-based and mined materials, each entry includes information on key features, typical applications, production processes and sustainability issues. This fact-packed book will allow professional designers and students from a range of disciplines to understand in simple, exciting, visual terms the different qualities and features of materials.

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    This compendium of some of the most avant-garde calendars explores the far-reaches of calendar design from around the world. The variety of shapes and the degree of innovation in the use of materials is genuinely fascinating. What results is an extraordinary range of 2 and 3 dimensional 'objects' and realized design styles and concepts that take the idea of a calendar far beyond the conventional and imbue it with a 'charge' and aesthetic interest without losing sight of its essential purpose.

  • Creative Germany
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    Today the label "made in Germany" no longer stands just for high quality and first-rate products - it has also become emblematic of new, fresh ideas and originality. 
Spread across 500 pages, Creative Germany presents precisely this generation of up

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    Making technology invisible, a seamless part of our lives, is the job of today's designers. In an aircraft seat, a microwave, a mobile phone or a piece of clothing, we can transport complex technology to be of service wherever we need it. A well-designed

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    DemoGraphics is the first series of design books to examine how successful designs target specific audiences. Where other design books explore the ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ of design, DemoGraphics: Packaging dissects the ‘who?’

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    Thomas Feichtner (b. 1970) is an Austrian designer who, after considerable successes in the
    field of industrial design (ski bindings, ball-point pens, fire extinguishers), has recently begun to
    turn heads again with his unusual approach to des

  • Structural Greetings
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    Structural Greetings is a selection of best designs for invitations, cards, Christmas greetings, pop-ups, promotional brochures and other similar way of communication. This selection stands out for its originality, for the technical features of the die-cu

  • Structural Packaging
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    More than 1.000 images showing the processes of creation, design and assembly of a selection of innovative packaging.

    A sample of the most important and exceptional projects of promotional packaging, shown on three different levels, dependin

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    Covers western-style furniture as a decorative art in eight countries: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Tibet and the Philippines.

  • Universal Design
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    This book examines the personal situation of an ever-aging generation from head to toe and introduces design strategies, product innovations, and architectural solutions for a barrier-free world.

  • Tokujin Yoshioka Design
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    Tokujin Yoshioka was born in Japan in 1967. He is one of the most important Japanese designers working today, and despite his age he has already worked in collaboration with renowned individuals such as Issey Miyake and Ross Lovegrove. Famed for his technically excellent work and superb appreciation of light as a design material, he uses fibre optics, stunning light installations and reflective-transparent materials in a way that leaves the observer with the impression that the future has arrived. One of his most famous projects so far is the design for the Issey Miyake shop in Tokyo, which was realized with transparent glass and acrylic furniture. His grand-scale style of design has recently brought him recognition on the international stage, and he has won a host of accolades, including the Award of Excellence from the I.D. Annual Design Review for two years running (2000 - 2001). Showing particular interest in new materials and technologies, his work ranges from the amazing Honey Pop chair, which is constructed solely through honeycomb sheets of paper, to a form of architecture based on an appropriating and painstaking act of relocation. His installations, such as that commissioned for the Tokyo Robot Meme exhibition, or the A-POC show at the Vitra Design Museum in Berlin, display an acutely-developed and playful aesthetic with a futuristic touch. Other projects include his feat of arranging specially-designed glass lenses to create the optical illusion called the Roppongi Think Zone - a reflective, cubic building erected on a Tokyo high street - which floats a few inches from the ground. At present he is working on a new furniture collection for Driade. This book will present his entire body of work through beautiful and abstract photographs showing Yoshioka's finished designs, accompanied by sketches, drawings and snapshot images showing the processes at work behind his designs to help to explain his complex technological approach. There will be an introduction by Issey Miyake and a main survey of Yoshioka's work to date by the writer, curator and critic, Nyu Niimi. This will be followed by four chapters, on Light, Transparency, Motion and Material, each beginning with an essay and looking at key Yoshioka designs in more detail. Essays are contributed by four key designers or clients, Ross Lovegrove, Ingo Maurer, Kozo Fujimoto and Paola Antonelli.