Dermatology: Comprehensive Board Review and Practice Examinations

Dermatology: Comprehensive Board Review and Practice Examinations

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With high-yield coverage of content on the newly restructured in-training and certification examinations, Dermatology: Comprehensive Board Review and Practice Examinations provides the information you need to excel. The Board Review begins with an overview of science and research, progresses to review dermatologic diagnoses, and concludes with a summary of treatment techniques. The Practice Examinations, delivered in basic, core, and applied formats, are an invaluable preparation tool. Both the Board Review and the Practice Examinations are packed with clinical and histopathological images and memory aids, ideal for visual learners. From cover to cover, this resource developed by a team of experts will help you master the foundations of dermatology and perform at the highest level on the “Exam of the Future” and in clinical practice.


Table of Contents:


1. Science and Research

Structure and Function





Immunology and Inflammation

Wound Healing


Laboratory Techniques

Epidemiology and Statistics

2. Nonneoplastic Disorders

Papulosquamous Disorders and Palmoplantar Keratodermas

Eczematous Dermatoses and Related Disorders

Pigmentary Disorders

Vesiculobullous Disorders

Interface Dermatoses and Other Connective Tissue Disorders

Panniculitis and Lipodystrophy

Urticaria and Other Erythemas

Livedo Reticularis, Purpura, and Other Vascular Disorders

Neurocutaneous and Psychocutaneous Disorders

Disorders of Sebaceous, Apocrine, and Eccrine Glands

Disorders of the Hair and Nails

Neutrophilic and Eosinophilic Dermatoses

Noninfectious Granulomas, Histiocytoses, and Xanthomas

Depositional Disorders, Porphyrias, and Nutritional Deficiencies

3. Infections, Infestations, and Other Animal Kingdom Encounters

Viral Diseases

Bacterial Diseases

Fungal Diseases

Parasitic Diseases and Other Animal Kingdom Encounters

4. Disorders Due to Physical Agents


Other Physical Agents

5. Neoplasms and Cysts

Epidermal Neoplasms

Melanocytic Neoplasms

Fibrous Neoplasms

Adipose Neoplasms

Vascular Malformations and Neoplasms

Neural Malformations and Neoplasms

Neoplasms of Sebaceous, Apocrine, and Eccrine Glands

Neoplasms of the Hair and Nails

Other Malformations and Neoplasms

Cysts and Pseudocysts

Hematolymphoid Neoplasms and Solid Organ Metastases

6. Medical Treatments

Immunosuppressants and Immunomodulators

Antihistamines and Related Drugs


Hormonal Drugs



Miscellaneous Drugs

7. Physical Treatments


Photodynamic Therapy

Radiation Therapy


Electrocautery and Electrosurgery

8. Surgery

Surgical Anatomy

Preoperative Considerations

Anesthetics and Antiseptics

Surgical Instruments and Materials

Basic Surgical Procedures

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Flaps and Grafts

Surgical Emergencies and Complications

Nail Unit Surgery

9. Cosmetics

Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

Chemical and Mechanical Skin Resurfacing


Botulinum Neurotoxins

Soft-Tissue Dermal Fillers

Body Contouring


Hair Restoration

Appendix 1: Mucosal and Adnexal Disorders

Appendix 2: Dermatologic Signs of Internal Malignancy

Appendix 3: Dermatologic Signs of Metabolic Disorders and Pregnancy

Appendix 4: Dermatology Diagnostics

Appendix 5: Billing



Additional Features coming soon to the Vital Source eBook!

Practice Examination: Basic Examination


An aparitie 21 Jul 2023
Autor Dr. Caroline Nelson MD
Dimensiuni 213 x 276 mm
Editura LWW
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781975141714
Limba Engleza
Nr pag 695
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