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    This is a superbly illustrated exploration of the latest trends and innovations in creating fun, safe, and educational playgrounds. Children's playgrounds form an integral part of the modern urban landscape, providing safe spaces for children to play, learn, and interrelate with each other. But getting the mix between adventure, education, safety, and aesthetics can be challenging.

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    The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts was designed by Bing Thom Architects (BTA) of Vancouver, BC. The Chan's international celebrity has earned Thom and his team plaudits from artists, architects, arts administrator, and critics. When Thom and acoustician Russell Johnson originally conceived Vancouver's Chan Centre, their intention was not so much to create a concert hall as a musical instrument.

  • Hotel Design
    by Daab
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    Combining the echoes of a minimalistic expression, the language of design hotel's composition appears to be deliberately simplified to offer the possibility of communication between the worlds of architectural design and industry. They are now moving closer together to enable the exchange of roles and defining the most sophisticated attainable qualities for a space ad its users. The harmonious existence of this type of hotels emerged worldwide five years ago, allowing inhabitants to adapt anew identity through the experiences o architectonic spaces and cosmopolitan hubs. The volume at hand illustrates over 50 contemporary international design examples that naturally fuse through the balance of comfort, function and style, making hotels a " home in time".

  • Stadium Design
    by Daab
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    In ancient Greece, the term stadium was defined as a footrace over a distance 192 m. This distance measurement was then later used as a description for the competition facility. Nowadays a stadium is considered a total competitive sporting complex with fi

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    This is a fascinating introduction to the use of shapes in architecture and how they can create dramatically different aesthetics. Filled with full-colour photography, detailed architectural plans and drawings, Architectural Shapes presents readers with a fascinating look at how modern architecture utilises different shapes to create dramatically different aesthetics.

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    Designed by the internationally renowned architect Renzo Piano and developed by Irvine Sellar, The Shard is one of the worlds most striking new skyscrapers and is now, at 310m, the tallest building in Western Europe. From 1 February 2013, people will be able to visit The View on floors 68, 69 and 72 almost twice the height of any other viewing gallery in London from where they will experience a 360-degree, 40-mile view over one of the worlds most historic and exciting cities. Organized spread by spread, easy to navigate and as elegantly designed as the building itself, the official guidebook sets The Shard in the context of Southwark, one of the capitals most historic boroughs, before outlining the design principles and construction story of the building. Also included are Q&As with both the architect and the developer and fascinating facts and stats relating to this extraordinary building. Central to the books purpose as the official guidebook are a series of twelve high-resolution double-page panoramic photographs of the views from The Shard (three per compass point: looking left, looking right and looking down), each annotated to identify Londons key buildings, monuments and landmarks. An informative souvenir for visitors to The Shard, the book will also be available in the trade, making it available to all Londoners and visitors to the capital.

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    This is a superbly illustrated look at the latest eco-friendly trends and innovations in refurbishment and renovation. As space becomes ever more scarce, materials become more expensive, and we become more aware of our impact on the environment, discovering ways of renovating, conserving, and even re-inventing existing buildings - from office blocks to residential homes - has become increasingly important. "Eco Refurbishment" brings together a collection of the very latest ideas, innovations, and trends in sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and stylish building solutions.

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    Fernando Romero is the founder of LCM (1999) and most recently LAR (2005), an office that considers architecture to be vital as a translator of current societal needs. LAR seeks to generate unprecedented spaces, explore new structures and geometries, and

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    Throughout history, institutions and governments have always constructed large and ostentatious buildings as a way of demonstrating their power. By means of this aspect of design, many fast-growing, predominantly young but established companies have publicized their growth and shored up their identity at the same time. Contemporary Corporate Architecture has become a further element of a company's identity, achieved through the cooperation of several disciplines such as visual communications, marketing and graphic design, among many others. Sustainability is an aspect increasingly present in this type of architecture, which incorporates different elements to reduce environmental impacts, particularly in relation to the type of materials used in construction.

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    Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners have long been at the forefront of aesthetic, sustainable, and humane architectural design across the globe. The firm's latest publication, The Future of Place, not only encapsulates their most recent projects, but serves as a resource for current and future approaches to modern architectural problems. One chapter in the book focuses on campus projects, exploring how campuses are evolving to fit contemporary students' needs, and the requirements of urban contexts. Another chapter showcases private residential projects, showing how they respond uniquely to the surrounding context, environment, and inhabitants' needs. Another chapter addresses civic structures-from embassies to parking structures-and how an effective design integrates the building's highly specialized programming. Housing and master planning are also showcased to depict humane and effective iterations of high-density living.

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    This volume describes the various tasks that fall to architects in construction supervision in practical and understandable terms. It addresses construction supervision and quality control in general as well as individual subjects such as quantity survey, account settlement, and cost and supplemental services management.

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    "A museum is a materialised history; there, with the historical relics on display, we have dialogues with history. As we have realised that a museum would be a useful tool for the publicity of a city, museums have become projects that architects and designers most long for.In the book we selected 50 world-top museums, including history museums, art museums, science museums, etc. Each project is illustrated with pictures, plans and a brief introduction. While appreciating the museums, readers would learn more about the distinguished concepts and the distinct features of them."

  • Hospitals
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    Hospital design is one of the most complex, yet also the most interesting architectural projects, as it is a unity of technology and construction. This book present a series of case studies of selected hospital buildings, from the last five years, which both illustrate the functional importance of such purpose-built edifices but, furthermore, gives consideration to the aesthetic criteria of the architecture. Through these highly illustrated case studies, this book explains the essence of hospital design.

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    Presenting 50 remarkable award-winning projects from all over the world. Categorised in seven sections: Commerce, Office, Culture, Religion, Sport, Scientific Research, and Industry, each project is covered by photos, plans and text to represent the whole gamut of contemporary architectural design. The book discusses the design implementation possibilities afforded by different geographies and cultures to offer not only a refreshing visual experience, but also inspiration for architects and designers.

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    The book contains a selection of 70 well-known Italian palazzi built from 1300 to 1800, all photographed by architecture photographer Massimo List. Each building is photographed inside and out. Detailed captions accompany the stunning images.

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    Confronted with the intricate construction details of Italian architect Carlo Scarpa's Querini Stampalia Gallery--steel joined at odd intervals, concrete spilled out of concatenated forms, stone cut in labyrinthine patterns--Michael Cadwell abandoned his attempts to categorize them theoretically and resolved instead to appreciate their idiosyncrasies and evoke their all-embracing affects. What he had dismissed as a collection of fetishes he came to understand as a coherently constructed world that was nonetheless persistently strange. In Strange Details, Cadwell looks at the work of four canonical architects who "made strange" with the most resistant aspect of architecture--construction. In buildings that were pivotal in their careers, Scarpa, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, and Louis Kahn all created details that undercut our critical and analytical terra firma.Cadwell explores the strangeness in the material menagerie of Scarpa's Querini Stampalia, the wood light frame construction of Wright's Jacobs House, the welded steel frame of Mies's Farnsworth House, and the reinforced concrete of Kahn's Yale Center for British Art. Each of these architects, he finds, reconfigures the rudimentary facts of construction, creating a subtle but undeniable shift in a building's physicality. And for each of them, nature is strange, and its strangeness infects; nature unmoors exhausted cultural ideas, constricted analytical procedures, and outmoded production techniques. An awakening to nature's strangeness forces a new sense of the world, one that we can detect in these architects' configurations of the world's materials--their strange details.

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    In the decades since the end of colonial rule, new mosques have been built in significant numbers throughout the Islamic world, as well as in Western countries. This book features over 70 projects, ranging from commissions by wealthy private individuals to imposing state mosques.

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    A well-illustrated record of St Mark's Basilica in Venice, with chapters on its history, mosaics and artworks, plans, and a full tour describing each feature in turn.

  • Pool Design
    by Daab
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    Today pools come in all shapes, sizes, materials and designs in part propelled by rapidly evolving wellness and fitness trends that has shaped the look and the function of these glittering blue bodies of water. Tranquility and relaxation from work are central themes when designing business hotels, wellness retreats and spas.

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    To continue developing existing building types in an intelligent way is a crucial task in the field of residential building. For the success of the individual design, as well as for ensuring that tried and tested structures can be utilized, repeated, and varied, a deeper grasp of the underlying types is indispensable.For this typology of residential buildings, the authors have developed systematic new presentations of the most innovative types. Each individual volume lays out the possibilities for using and transforming a particular form of residential structure.The fourth volume deals with the types of freestanding houses, whose all-around orientation allows for the optimal arrangement of all dwellings. A presentation of the freestanding house as an isolated element and as a building block for larger structures is followed by discussions of topics such as self-sufficiency versus neighborhoods, Raumplan versus plan libre, and individuality versus density.Within each type, variants are distinguished according to type of access, number of floors, etc. The range of possible solutions is presented in uniform ground plans and sections newly drawn to scale.

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    Ken Woolley likes to draw. He draws with apparent ease and style large-scale natural and urban landscapes and buildings of architectural merit, significant character and the vernacular. He draws what he sees in distant lands, at home and in his office in Australia. This book features many of Ken Woolley's pieces as well as the 32 drawings selected for exhibition at the New England Regional Art Museum in 2002.

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    This book presents a selection of outstanding hotel proposals from around the world. It introduces the modern hotel design ideas as well as new and advanced solutions and strategies of hotel design. It is a collection of the best future hotels bringing new ideas and inspirations to designers in order to create more relaxing and comfortable hotel spaces.

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    Josep Lluís Mateo is one of Spain's most influential architects in architecture today. This book brings together his recent projects, his influences, his references together with material from interviews and a wealth of images. It is, in a nutshell, his work philosophy. Conversations, reflections and projects completed in the last five years are presented as realities and actions, interpreted through this concept, which can be contemplated as infinity of individual forms of contacting with reality and acting upon it.

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    Situated right in the midst of the tumult of urban design are the essays of this book: The projects, observations, descriptions, and commentaries explore the possibilities and opportunities, the necessity as well as the incapacity of design in the pulsating, vibrating world of our everyday lives.

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    Do you know a Doric column when you see one? Of course. But what about an entablature, a hypostyle, a pylon, or a pagoda? Architecture Styles uses beautifully engraved plates from the great works of architectural history to illustrate a show-and-tell journey round the architecture of civilizations east and west, from Ancient Egypt to the Industrial Revolution. Most of the drawings and engravings have been taken from early sources, unparalleled for their elegance and delicacy of line, as well as for the amount of fine detail they offer. Extended captions and annotation supply you with a complete naming of parts which, as well as identifying and defining the correct terminology, will help you to understand how architects have planned and made the buildings of the past, from Amenhotep to Palladio, and Vitruvius to Wren.

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    This volume, now available in Paperback, inaugurates a new Electaarchitecture series on residential architecture and presents an illustrated portfolio of 20 innovative, talked-about houses built around the world during the past decade by both celebrated a

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    Very small buildings have a special appeal. The constraints of space and cost can actually liberate the imagination. Most of the projects in this book consist of no more than a few key spaces, in many cases just a single space. They are united only by their compact nature, the pleasure that they can provide and the intelligence that they embody. A brief introduction is followed by five thematic chapters: Public Realm, Community Spaces, On the Move, Compact Living and Extra Space. The 53 case studies include a park bench that transforms into a shelter for the homeless in Australia, an inflatable treetop structure for rainforest observation, a portable house for victims of hurricane Katrina, a transportable church in Finland and a suspended office in France.

  • Great Spaces Small Houses
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    The aim of this book is to show designs that stand out for their skill in creating stimulating environments in small spaces. A total of 26 works show the imaginative force of the designs in which small premises can be transformed into comfortable dwellings, regardless of their original use or location. The designs include apartments created after the division of a large flat, small single-family dwellings in the country and terraced fantasy dwellings. They are complemented by plans and explanations of the architectural work carried out in each scheme.

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    Modern working worlds need not have a complex organisation or be perfectly equipped technologically. More and more, offi ce interiors are becoming architectural visiting cards for enterprises. Transparency, openness and modernity are qualities which are often requested in the architecture of company headquarters and administrations. The selection of a three-piece suite in the reception area already contributes to the way an enterprise communicates its image. Outward representation is becoming ever more important and can assume a wide variety of forms: some designs break completely with the traditional organisation of working rooms, others seem intent upon making objects of spatial art out of offi ces and still others work predominantly with the psychology of colours or integrated landscape and environment in the working interior.

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    The façade represents the building’s outer skin and this skin endows the building with character through the choice of materials, textures and tones used to create the composition in accordance with the architect’s design. These are external, generally exposed elements which also perfectly reflect the cultural and aesthetic changes not only in the course of architecture but also the user’s customs, a combination which has also evolved over time.

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    Arguably the definitive book on the subject, this selection of European hotel design projects features and reveals a greater diversity than might be supposed. The varied influences and design elements, the colours and materials of furniture and furnishings are all represented and testify to the highly innovative and fertile ideas at work among the best designers.

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    The minimalist concrete architecture of Tadao Ando has roots both in Japanese traditions and in Western architecture. This book begins with both contexts: it explores how Ando unites Japanese tradition with a contemporary Western architectural idiom.By analyzing systematically and chronologically the roots and sources that have influenced the thinking of the Pritzker Prizewinning architect, the author communicates the principles and constants to which Andos buildings can be traced back, and at the same time he places them in the appropriate context within the architects characteristic ideas and intentions.Yann Nussaume teaches at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure darchitecture in Paris and is the author of numerous publications on Japanese and Chinese architecture.

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    Scale models are invaluable to the architect when checking designs and establishing forms, but they also enhance the communication between the architect and those involved in the planning and construction stages. A three-dimensional model speaks a language which can be instantly understood and enables spatial relations to be perceived at a single glance. This book presents more than 200 scale models of notable 20th century houses by architects including Aalto, Asplund, Frank, Gray, Le Corbusier, Loos, Melnikov, Mies, Plecnik, Schindler, Wagner, Wright. The models show the arrangement of rooms, the light conditions and will help the reader to develop and train his ability to visualize spatial concepts.

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    international following for his spare industrial forms and innovative use of materials. Trained at the University of Melbourne, Godsell travelled through Europe and Asia in the early and mid 1980s and then spent 1986-1988 working in London with Sir Denys Lasdun. He subsequently returned to Melbourne to work for the Hassell Group and then opened his own firm in 1994. Featured in the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Godsell is known primarily for his residential work, which employs economic means to maximum effect. In 2002, *wallpaper magazine listed him as one of the 10 people destined to "change the way we live." This is the first book to provide an overview of this innovative architect's career

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    The world is merging into one global system of goods, people and information. This book explores the social, cultural, and economic phenomena of globalization through housing. The Chair of Architecture and Design at the ETH in Zurich examines the last 25 years of housing development. This book is a historical criticism with the built projects as protagonists. Housing typologies have been chosen as contemporary architectural prototypes. The selection of housing projects reflects the most innovative and influential built housing projects to propose new important guidelines in housing.

  • Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture
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    Architectural detailing makes a building unique, and an architect outstanding. "Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture" provides analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in the development of contemporary residential architecture. Featuring many of the world's most highly acclaimed architects, the book presents more than 50 of the most recently completed and influential house designs. For each house there are colour photographs, plans of every floor, sections and elevations as well as numerous construction details. All the drawings are styled in the same consistent way to allow for easy comparison. There is also a brief descriptive text and detailed captions. The book also features in-depth information for each project, including the location, the floor area, the client, the architectural project team, main consultants and contractors.

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    This is a superbly illustrated volume exploring the challenges and rewards of working with building exteriors. The outside of a building is one it's most important features - it gives it character and tells visitors what to expect when they enter. "Building Skins", filled with full-colour photography and detailed architectural drawings, provides architects and designers with a detailed look at some of the most creative and original concepts in the field. Each featured project also includes insightful discussions on how the architects and designer approached the specific challenges posed by their designs and how they overcame them.

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    Ivan Rijavec is an Australian architect, based in Melbourne, who continues to produce work that astounds both his peers and the wider commuinity. Though commentators find it difficult to categorise and explain his work, images are the most reliable source with which to describe it - are only a few of the terms that have been used to describe the work of this remarkable architect. Rijavec likens the design process to a movie: I see my work a a strip of film that keeps changing in the viewers mind. The appearance changes according to one's vantage point, giving inner life to the structure. If only all movies were this good.

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    In the shopping capitals of the world - Paris, New York, Tokyo, London - the opening of a new flagship store now generates headlines and often a lively architectural debate, as resulted with Rem Koolhaas's Prada store in SoHo, New York in 2001. Attention-getting shops and shopping centers designed by name-brand architects are at the forefront of new trends in the retail industry. New Retail is a generously illustrated selection of 24 of the most innovative retail spaces built around the world in recent years, designed by such renowned architects as Frank Gehry, Herzog + de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, and Renzo Piano. Projects included range from flagship stores for luxury clothing designers to department stores and supermarkets, reproduced with generous color photographs and plans

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    Small houses are no longer synonymous with cheap houses and lack of privilege. Instead, they symbolize a range of culturally coded values: compactness, efficiency, discrimination, discreteness, minimalism. Opening with a detailed exploration of the social and historical background behind compact housing in the twentieth century, this book goes on to feature 37 illustrated case studies that represent some of the best examples of small houses built worldwide within the past decade. Plan areas range from 7 to 150 square metres (75 to 1615 square feet) and each project embodies a particular design approach towards compact accommodation. The case studies are organized into three chapters â Rural Retreats; Urban and Suburban Bases; and Small Clusters and Multiples â and include work by such architects as Toyo Ito, Lacaton & Vassal, LOT/EK and Kazuyo Sejima.

  • Innovative Houses: Concepts for Sustainable Living
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    Housing is rapidly having to adapt to the global changes of the twenty first century. These include the transformation of the family and the rise of the non-traditional household, increases in construction costs, and concerns over climate change and the depletion of natural resources. Designing residential environments that address these issues is an urgent priority. This book examines the latest residential design trends that have arisen in response to these challenges. Divided into four broad areas, tightly focused thematic chapters look at twenty discrete topics, such as live/work; adaptable housing; prefabrication; water efficiency; green roofs; and innovative landscaping. Each chapter includes an essay which lays out principles, methods and practices. Using text, drawings and photos from a variety of contemporary international practices, the book demonstrates how these ideas can be applied by architects. It offers a comprehensive collection of strategies and examples that will inspire a much needed housing revolution.

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    This book examines the application of drawing in the design process of classical architecture, exploring how the tools and techniques of drawing developed for architecture subsequently shaped theories of vision and representations of the universe in science and philosophy. Building on recent scholarship that examines and reconstructs the design process of classical architecture, John R. Senseney focuses on technical drawing in the building trade as a model for the expression of visual order, showing that the techniques of ancient Greek drawing actively determined concepts about the world. He argues that the uniquely Greek innovations of graphic construction determined principles that shaped the massing, special qualities and refinements of buildings and the manner in which order itself was envisioned.

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    This book is devoted to the various types of row house, a particularly widespread form of residential structure. A general discussion of the row as organizing principlethe row as urban building block, linear space, ways of handling cornersis followed by the systematic presentation of the different types.

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    f the 20th century can be characterised by theories and manifestoes, which emanated across every sphere of life from politics to the fine arts, the beginning of the 21st century can be distinguished by its very break from theory.

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    Perfect for homeowners as well as architects and design pros, this book offers ideas and inspiration plus construction details. Millions of Americans are choosing to add on to an existing home. "Great Spaces: Home Extensions" offers dozens of ideas for additions plus the practical information for making those dreams reality. Ingenious ways to add rooms bring in light and the outdoors make awkward spaces usable, and much more are showcased. Floor plans, architectural commentary from the originating studios, and sketches accompany each remarkable project, making this a book that will be embraced by professionals and homeowners everywhere.

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    Eight essays by noted authors such as Antoine Picon, Adrian Forty, Guy Nordenson, Franz Ulm, and others shed light on specific aspects of this material and its new forms. Scattered throughout the book are also 30 attractive recent buildings, which illustrate and exemplify these developments

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    Every house included in this volume reveals a unique dialogue with the landscape, whether it is designed to merge with its surroundings by integrating water into the home or conceived as a platform from which to appreciate the stunning views of a boundless bleu blanket of water. In each case the architects have paid special attention to the presence of water in order to achieve a balance between building and landscape and reunite mankind with mother nature. It is no wonder then that almost everyone dreams of having a house on the water. The presence of this element is therapeutic, soothing and inspiring. In the chaotic and complicated world we live in, water offers us a sense of purity and space with which we can cleanse our disoriented minds, and who wouldn't want to live next to it? The book offers a unique tour around the most stunning worldwide houses by the sea.

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    Bertron Schwarz Frey/Group for Design (Berlin and Ulm) rank among the leading German offices for visual communication, museography and exhibition design.Amongst their projects are the natural history museum (opening in July 2007) in Berlin, and temporary exhibitions for Germany's Haus der Geschichte foundation.

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    Offers a showcase for some of the very best in Swedish wooden architecture. This volume features projects that range from a cowshed, a riding school, and an exhibition gallery to an apartment block, and a single-family housing development - that have something in common, they all use wood as a defining feature.

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    The Opera House in Oslo by SnA hetta, built to house the Norwegian National and Ballet, is the winner of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - 2009 Mies van der Rohe Award. The Emerging Architect Special mention was awarded to STUDIO UP

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    It is usually the large structures that attract attention. We have to look twice to see those small buildings that so often lend a street or square its particular charm. Newspaper kiosks, telephone cells, bus shelters, a florist's stall -- they are all part of everyday city life and infrastructure, and necessary ingredients of any urban composition. They occupy the gaps and embellish empty spaces. In this publication Topos - European Landscape Magazine gathers together many successful examples of these fanciful and eccentric architectural footnotes from Iceland to Croatia, focussing on how location and context determine their design. Show more Show less

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    Odile Decq and Benoit Cornette created Odile Decq Benoit Cornette Architects Urbanistes (ODBC) in 1985.

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    Since the earliest people lived as nomads, their buildings were portable, constructed in a way that allowed them to be rebuilt as they moved to new locations for better living conditions as the seasons changed. This book discusses the forerunners, present context, and technology of portable architecture. It documents numerous international examples, organized by areas of application, and offers a broad array of suggestions for practical design. In the Arts and Culture section, Shigeru Bana (TM)s Nomadic Museum, made of shipping containers in the USA and Japan is examined, as is Mark Fishera (TM)s event architecture for concert tours by the Rolling Stones and U2. Suggestions for flexible living include Richard Hordena (TM)s micro compact home and the Container Home Kit from LOT/EK. The design of mobile structures used in extreme situations, such as the Antarctic or in the aftermath of natural catastrophes, is explored. Exhibition and entertainment facilities are other typical areas of application for light, mobile structures. Demountable, temporary structures allow for exciting architectural experimentation which can then be prototyped for regular use.

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    Glenn Murcutt is one of the world's most celebrated living architects, and is widely hailed as Australia's architect laureate. He was awarded the Pritzker Prize in May 2002, and is one of only seven recipients of the prestigious Alvar Aalto Medal. This astounding volume is the most up-to-date book on Murcutt's work. Full-colour photography, much of it supplied from the architect's own private collection, and a comprehensive selection of drawings and concept sketches, are complemented by Glenn's own notes, and the insightful commentary of internationally recognised architectural editors, Professor Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper. This book explores buildings and projects drawn from a wide variety of contexts: coastal, mountainous, tropical and desert, not to mention urban. Glenn Murcutt has also been awarded the Thomas Jefferson Medal for Architecture, the Kenneth F. Brown International Award for Architectural Culture in the Asia Pacific region, and was recently awarded an International Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Institute of Canadian Architects.

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    Presents custom residences that aim to bring to life the personalities and programs of their clients. This book helps clients and architects explore the needs, desires and wishes that compose the client's ideas of home. The design develops from the inside out, as the external form of the building follows the ideal plan of interior spaces.

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    Architecture turns a company’s image and its corporate identity into three-dimensional reality. New interpretations, fresh viewpoints, and design innovations are the hallmark of the 25 projects featured in Corporate Buildings, a showcase of the best

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    During many eras of architectural history, builders and architects aimed to construct buildings with pure shapes and clear geometry, while foregoing decorative elements. With the advent of Classical Modernity, minimalism has become a seminal architectural style. However, the approach of architects cannot be limited to Mies van der Rohs dogma of Less is more, but corresponds rather to Less is all you need. Based on a select range of contemporary buildings, this book examines the question of how compelling esthetic impressions and expressions can be achieved with reduced shapes. Representing various types of structures, the chosen examples are mostly based on the concept of a simple comprehensive overall shape, focus on a few main materials as means of expression, and are comparatively simple to implement.

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    Factories used to be just dark, Dickensian heaps of brick and concrete, with the occasional plume of black smoke rising from a tall chimney. But the acclaimed Factories and Industries showed the finest examples of today?s factories, smart buildings that are more than just containers for industrial activity. Now Factories and Industries 2 presents even more remarkable buildings, all worker-friendly and environmentally respectful. Here are the latest and most innovative factories, offices, warehouses, even waste treatment plants, all shown in full-color photos with full construction details.

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    The bold lines and decorative details of Art Deco have stood the test of time since one of its first appearances in the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925. Reflecting the confidence of modern mentality – str

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    Dozens of new and daring proposals in house design by architects of international renown are profiled in this guide. Each house design is accompanied by a comprehensive analysis of each phase in the design and building processes by the design architect. Included are breakdowns of all the materials and techniques used, phase-by-phase breakdowns of each illustrated project, concept sketches, and floor plans, making this an ideal source for anyone working in architecture or interior design. With in-depth technical explanations and hundreds of glossy color photographs, this work is as attractive as it is practical.

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    The book makes visible and comprehensible aspects of the briefing and design process by examining different, overlapping activities that take place: relating, talking, exploring/discovering, and transforming. Material for the book is drawn from interviews with practicing architects, outstanding examples of design and collaboration from different countries, and concepts and research in psychotherapy, architecture and design studies. The authors also refer to their own experiences in briefing and design, teaching, and research. Throughout the book, concepts and examples from practice are linked to design outcomes in built projects. As design projects are becoming increasingly complex and necessarily collaborative, Design through Dialogue joins other recent initiatives in architecture and building construction to further partnering relationships between architects and clients.

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    Bubbling with life, sound, and color, here are the most superb shops from around the globe. Superb Shops gathers the freshest and hippest shops and packs them into one exciting volume, with hundreds of full-color photos and in-depth architectural commentary. Floor plans and construction details provide the background information architects and designers need to create top shops of their own.

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    In Great Glass Buildings, Peter and Jennifer Hyatt present fifty exemplary modern projects that explore a number of theories about the nature, mystique and attraction of glass in the architecture of recent years. Variously performing roles that include gi

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    Barely five weeks after the opening of the Rolex Learning Center, the verdict fell - the building's architects, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (SAANA) were announced the winners of the 2010 Pritzker Prize, the most prestigious prize in architecture. The jury celebrated an " architecture that is simultaneously delicate and powerful, precise and fluid, ingenious but not overly or overtly clever; for the creation of buildings that successfully interact with their contexts and the activities they contain, creating a sense of fullness and experiential richness". At the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), the Japanese architects' unique procedure allowed for a dream to become a reality by creating what one might call the first enhanced libraryA". A building, a new heart for the campus, that gathers together all the different forms of knowledge access and exchange in one open space. A place for life as well, where a new rapport between the exterior and the interior is established.

  • Cornwall. Buildings of England
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    Cornwall is a land apart, one which has had a strong sense of its separate identity throughout history. Here are some of the richest and best preserved prehistoric and medieval landscapes in Britain, medieval castles and later coastal defences, and a land of inscribed stones, holy wells, wayside crosses and small churchtowns, scattered throughout its diverse countryside and along its beautiful coastline. Its medieval churches show monumental Norman fonts, accomplished C14 sculpture, striking C15 west towers and generously proportioned C15 and C16 aisles, with a wealth of medieval and Renaissance bench ends. Major houses can be found from all periods ranging from the spectacular mansions of the mining magnates like Tregothnan and Lanhydrock, through the supremely picturesque as at St Michael's Mount, to the exquisite Elizabethan of Trerice. The smaller houses of the Cornish gentry survive in significant numbers from the medieval period, many refashioned in the C18 and C19. Threaded through almost every landscape is evidence of Cornwall's distinguished mining history, and its towns, remarkably well preserved, offer fine public buildings of the C18 and C19, and at Truro the greatest English cathedral of the Victorian age. Among the architectural highlights of the last century are Lutyen's dramatic extension to Penheale, Modernist seaside houses, Barbara Hepworth's sculpture garden and the vast biomes of the Eden Project.f

  • 215.00 lei

    This publication examines pictorially the way architects have designed buildings to facilitate the movement of people and cargo around the globe.

  • 217.00 lei

    A great ideas book for all involved with office interior design and planning. Presents a wide variety of offices including custom-built, retrofits, adaptive re-use projects, home office adaptations.

  • 230.00 lei

    This ambitious book is aimed at a new generation of architects who take technology for granted but seek to understand the principles of what makes a building meaningful and enduring. Fifty buildings by the best-known and -recognized modern architects, from Aalto to Gehry, from Le Corbusier to Hadid, are represented in illustrations that explore all facets of the buildings creation. Starting from its site, each building is analysed through its surroundings, use of natural light, volumes and massing; its programme and circulation; its details, fenestration and ornamentation, taking the reader straight to the heart and mind of the architect. Targeted at rising students and architects who seek to create architecture that transcends digital tools and techniques, The Elements of Modern Architecture is an essential reference and inspiration for many generations to come.

  • 231.00 lei

    This new volume by a+t architecture publishers is part of the Density series on collective housing. Next focuses mainly on infills of the consolidated urban fabric. All projects have won first or second prizes in international competitions and fill in the existing city or regenerated urban voids with different former uses. 30 European and American projects by 29 different young architectural practices are analyzed; amongst these are BIG + Topotek1, atelier Kempe Thill, Maccreanor Lavington, and babled nouvet Reynaud.

  • 240.00 lei

    Superlative Emirates features over fifty incredible urban design projects, the work of some of the most respected architects within the United Arab Emirates. Futuristic cities that rise up out of the desert, oases of steel and glass that connect water and sand, unmistakable skylines that reach ever higher, these are technically brilliant constructions that reflect the economic prosperity and excitement of a new and emerging Arab culture. From sleek skyscrapers to carbon-neutral residential living space, museums and hotels, this is architecture that creates both a sense of awe and balance with the natural environment, reflecting a culture that is no longer just about oil but is actively exploring new technology, renewable energy and the impact these have on creating sustainable futures within challenging urban landscapes.

  • 240.00 lei

    This book is proof positive that, in the hands of a creative architect, even the most tightly "trapped" buildings can be "set free" via a skilful reworking of floor space, windows, stairwells or facades. Limited space doesn't mean limited solutions! This inspiring work is exhaustively documented with textual information provided by the architects themselves, floor plans and gorgeous full-colour photographs

  • Details in Architecture: v. 4
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    In this series, the new techniques of architects and designers are put on show to answer questions relating to the secrets of the best architects from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The book feature an abundance of sketches, drawings and relevant photographs of specific details which have been selected and submitted by the architect to place the architectural details into perspective. Each project also includes a 250-word descriptive text. The emerging trends are presented in clear and concise layouts. Many details are functional, but many are also decorative. Details can be used to make a building design environment friendly, or called upon to link a building with place, tradition and history. Included are details from corporate and industrial designs, residential architecture and landscape architecture.

  • 250.00 lei

    The cultural diversity of its design team and its multi-disciplinary approach to projects have built Design Group's international reputation as an innovative architecture, planning and design firm. Design Group's portfolio includes award-winning entertainment spaces, world class resorts and hotels, unique office and residential designs and destinctive mixed-use destinations. Prestigious international clients seek Design Group's creative concept generation for regional planning, waterfront developments and speciality centres of every size and scope. Design Group commands diverse resources to create places that are harmoniously integrated with their surroundings and culturally attuned to their clients' lifestyles.

  • 270.00 lei

    The public's appetite for new and excitingly designed hotels is insatiable. Never before have hotels been so earnestly responsive to the zeitgeist. How else can we explain the latest trends in design which at one extreme increasingly blur the border between lodging, lifestyle and living theatre, and at the other seek to reinvent the more discreet manners and style of the grand hotels of the late 19th century? 21st-Century Hotel highlights the latest examples of these trends and more as the international hotel sector finds newer and more imaginative ways to invent and reinvent itself in order to match the mood of the moment.

  • 270.00 lei

    This book is a collection of 32 extension projects carried out on country houses and urban dwellings, temporary or permanent residences, built in gardens, attics, patios, inner courtyards, backyards and even in the air. Extensions of a durable type and en

  • 270.00 lei

    This show-by-example sourcebook clearly illustrates proven methods and procedures for keeping a highly useful visual notebook. The coverage demonstrates how to make rapid, notational sketches that serve as visual records for future reference, as well as improve understanding and facilitate the development of ideas.

  • Villas: Superb Residential Style
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    Since the origin of the villa culture in ancient times, the term villa has been invested with a special magic. Seen formerly as a genteel country estate and companion piece to city palace, today this type of dwelling is represented more as a refined, noble, free standing house. The villa is the gleaming diamond of housing construction, the expression of distinguished living style and elevated standard of living. For an architect, the planning or reconstruction of a villa represents the exciting challenge of a new interpretation of a classical building task, guided by their own, special ideas. This volume portrays famous architects as well as exciting works by younger architecture firms. The international selection shows the manifold and intriguing spectrum of contemporary architecture.

  • Masterpieces: Library Architecture + Design
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    In the past decade, the increasing requirements of the multimedia world have substantially increased the demands placed on libraries. They went through a transformation from introverted hoards of knowledge to globally networked information administrators and communication brokers. Today, libraries have to offer their users constantly advancing digital search pos - sibilities coupled with enough spaces for concentrated reading. Whether new buildings, conversions or extensions, this title shows the diversity of this building task to complying with the latest technology requirements and cultural demands at the same time. For the new edition, many new projects have been selected. This ensures that apart from the masterpieces of the first decade of the 21st century, the best new libraries are presented.

  • Corporate Architecture
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    From the 1930s, Olivetti, the manufacturer of business products, was widely regarded as the pioneer of corporate architecture. During the 1990s, the concept became firmly established as a basic component of a corporate identity. Architecture and design are used to control the interior and exterior image of company headquarters and office buildings, production sites and store interiors. Corporate Architecture includes both individual projects ranging from high rises to trade fair booths, as well as companywide design schemes such as that of the Apple stores around the world. The vitalizing and expressive power of architecture as a business card made of stone intends to reflect the self-image of a company and a brands identity with the aim of expressing the corporate philosophy through architectural symbolism and constructional cultural qualities. Repre-senting very different approaches, the examples from around the world gathered in this book present the whole scope of this extensive topic

  • 285.00 lei

    When designing a theatre, architects, acousticians and consultants must create a hub for the activities of actors, dancers and musicians of every artistic genre, as well as a finely tuned space for directors, producers, technicians and the all-important public. A valuable resource for both architects and commissioning agents, this new title continues on from the hugely successful "Theaters" (ISBN 978 1 86470 027 5), as a guide to building the modern theatre, concert hall and cultural centre. Holzman Moss Architecture has enjoyed a long history of planning and design for a wide range of academic, civic and private performance facilities. As the leaders in their respective fields, Holzman Moss Architecture has joined with JaffeHolden and Theatre Projects Consultants to present valuable insights into the collaborative processes in the creation of performance spaces. "Theaters 2" will be of interest to and an invaluable resource for curators, artistic directors, actors, theatre producers and managers, lighting designers, musicians, playwrights and performers. More than 40 projects, including theatres, auditoriums, concert halls and opera houses, are presented with colour images, plans and drawings.

  • 288.00 lei

    This collection of houses illustrates a splendid diversity of stylistic approaches and a range of creative possibilities. An obvious love of the traditions of architecture is evident in each one no matter what the historical precedent or geographical location.

  • 294.00 lei

    This book presents current developments in city planning and architecture in East Asia. It describes the many neighborhoods in which the regions large cities are modernizing or expanding with innovative structures and advanced construction projects. It combines a typology of public structures with an analysis of the compositional principles of urban environments. Thus, it finally connects new developments in city planning with new developments in architecture, and considers examples such as CCTV, Lujiazui, Kansai Airport, Xinyi, Taipei 101, Chek Lap Kok, Cheonggyecheon, Roppongi Hills, Da Shanzi, Shahe, Omotesando, and Marina Bay from a new perspective.And the new perspectives presented here are not just theoretical: some forty full-page birds eye views prepared especially for this volume show these future urban settings in highly detailed images of breathtaking beauty. The result is a rich portrait of the coming together of global and local influences in non-Western countries. With its systematic approach, this presentation by one of the leading international experts in the field is a reference work on a topic of central importance to the world of construction today. Dieses Buch präsentiert die aktuellen städtebaulichen und architektonischen Entwicklungen in Fernost. Es beschreibt die zahlreichen Stadtquartiere, in denen sich die Großstädte mit innovativen Strukturen und avancierten Bauvorhaben erneuern oder ausdehnen. Es verbindet eine Typologie der öffentlichen Bauten mit einer Analyse der Kompositionsprinzipien städtischer Räume. Dabei setzt es endlich die städtebaulichen Entwicklungen mit der neuen Architektur in Verbindung und betrachtet Beispiele wie CCTV, Lujiazui, Kansai Airport, Xinyi, Taipei 101, Chek Lap Kok, Cheonggyecheon, Roppongi

  • 300.00 lei

    This comprehensive reference work contains scale drawings of every type of detailing used in contemporary residential architecture. Each section contains at least 50 drawings drawn to a set range of scales: 1:5, 1:10 or 1:50, with detailed keys explaining construction and material. Each drawing is cross-referenced to other details from the same house. The opening section of the book forms a directory that shows interior and exterior images of the source houses, together with credits, a brief descriptive text and information as to which details from that house are included. The houses in this section are organized by main construction material (wood, concrete, glass etc). The book will be an invaluable reference work for all architects showing the best examples of residential detailing from around the world.

  • 305.00 lei

    The Urban Towers Handbook includes 30 in-depth case studies of iconic towers from around the world, organized according to type.

  • 320.00 lei

    Office construction is one of the largest building tasks today. Architects and designers face the challenge of creating buildings and spaces that are functional yet stylish. This title presents 170 of the most interesting office projects of the past years, which range from small-scale two-roomed offices to vast corporate buildings that comprise more than 100 stories. Open-plan offices, single-roomed bureaus, group offices, office landscapes as well as new concepts such as just-in-time-offices and business clubs are presented in a variety of combinations.

  • 336.00 lei

    Since 1992 and the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the concept of sustainability has also been the focus of attention in the building industry and architecture. This book provides documentation of 25 sustainable residential structures in both high-tech and lowtech domain.

  • 345.00 lei

     This guide provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts involved in the successful implementation of collaborative approaches based on the use of Building Information Model (BIM). For the architect, civil engineer, architectural engineer, construction manager, or facilities manager, The Building Information Model offers a systematic approach for the design, analysis, evaluation, and implementation of collaborative approaches using BIM. Whether a professional looking to improve routine processes and operations, or a student needing to integrate design and construction using BIM, this is the book to get.

  • 364.00 lei

    What is needed to create a home and how much does it cost to do it in style? This volume pursues the answer to this question by presenting around 60 projects from around the globe. Unconventional building methods and forms are combined to create unusual structures that suit a limited budget and are of good value, compared with other similarly-sized structures in the same country. Next to starter homes and minimal houses, emergency accommodation represents a very particular group of buildings, which, quickly and inexpensively erected, bear distinct similarities to and can even offer numerous intelligent ideas for ordinary house construction. From the contents: Cork House in Esposende, Portugal (Arquitectos Anónimos) Low Cost Housing, Silvertown, London, UK (Niall McLaughlin Architects) Sylvianrinne Residential Area, Oulu, Finland (UKI Arkkitehdit) Emergency housing from PET bottles (Instant Architects) DH1 Disaster House (Gregg Fleishman).

  • 400.00 lei

    Typology+ documents and analyzes roughly one hundred international housing structures. It uses diagrammatic drawings to elaborate a broad and varied range of residential types and present them systematically. In the process, it examines variants under the categories of access, space (ground plan and open space), and morphology, supplemented by detailed typological descriptions and the elaboration of the special qualities of each individual type. More general essays draw connections between the housing types and twentieth-century reference projects. All of the projects are newly drawn to uniform standards; every project is presented with its ground plan drawn to a scale of 1:200. Site maps, sections, elevations, and photographs illuminate the urban setting, the building structure and design, and the spatial and functional qualities of each residential structure. Thus, Typology+ not only offers a broad range of sustainable approaches to apartment block construction, but also possibilities for using and transforming them in a practical planning context.

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