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  • Suprapontine Lesions and Neurogenic Pelvic Dysfunctions
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    This book provides a detailed review of neurogenic pelvic dysfunctions following a suprapontine lesion, since a clear understanding of the pathogenesis of vesical and bowel dysfunctions has become increasingly important in medical education. It covers both urinary incontinence and retention, constipation and faecal incontinence resulting from ischemic, haemorrhagic and traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s disease. It also offers a concise yet comprehensive summary of the neurologic examination of the pelvis: all chapters include the most up-to-date scientific and clinical information with the relevant level of clinical evidence. The book is divided into three sections, which integrate basic science with clinical medicine. The first section features a general introduction and essential background into micturition and bowel neural control, focusing on cortical control. Section 2 is devoted to common clinical problems regarding the neurologic assessment of the perineum, while the last section summarises urological and bowel dysfunction in suprapontine lesions. Providing a clear, concise and informative introduction to urology, it is a practical guide for professionals, medical students and residents in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Urology and Neurology.

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    This book covers the latest advances in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer care. It provides a review of the available evidence base for the efficacy of a range of therapeutic techniques, diagnostic procedures and risk factors. Management of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer features detailed guidance in uniformly formatted chapters on how to properly apply a range of available therapeutic treatments relevant for patient care. It is a valuable resource for all trainee and practising medical professionals who treat these patients.

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    This book provides an in-depth insight into the symptoms and symptom complexes affecting the lower urinary tract and the underlying causative conditions. The emphasis throughout is practical and clinical, with coverage of all levels of the patient pathway. In addition to the extensive guidance on diagnostic assessment and interpretation, the management of voiding and storage lower urinary tract symptoms, including incontinence, is fully described and potential complications and neurological conditions are discussed. Information is also included on relevant basic science and epidemiology. Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Adults: A Clinical Approach will be an ideal source of expert knowledge for practitioners in functional urology, urogynecology, and neuro-urology gerontology.

  • Diagnosis of Fungal Infections
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    Analyzing a key cause of infectious morbidity in immunosuppressed and immunocompromised patients, this source spans the most recent strategies to improve and expedite the diagnosis, identification, and treatment of fungal infections. With authoritative contributions from experienced clinicians in the field, this reference tracks developments in imaging, susceptibility testing, and strain typing to combat these conditions in transplant, surgical, oncology, and intensive care units.

  • Asthma and Infections
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    An invaluable resource, this book covers the full range of respiratory infections and explores the techniques used to detect the pathogens involved in asthma. Fifteen international experts representing the range of specialties involved in treating asthma examine the relationship between asthma and infection. They provide authoritative, time-tested guidance clinicians and researchers can utilize and trust. They cover bacterial and viral respiratory infections and pathogen detection, examining how microbes, infections, and antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agents affect asthma. The book helps readers identify the basic, translational, clinical aspects of asthma bacterial infection, inflammation, and allergic response. Not only does it present the facts but raises questions that will stimulate the clinical and research communities to explore new avenues that may provide clear answers to old questions.

  • Water-Associated Infectious Diseases
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    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the different water-associated infectious diseases and their linked pathogens with plausible strategies for their mitigation. Although, we are in the era of 21st century having most of the advanced technologies at hand, yet water-associated infectious diseases are the major contributors towards the worldwide morbidity and mortality. The book also focuses on the various implementation strategies of sustainable hygienic conditions, discusses the robust, and reliable policies and strategies on a global aspect to provide unprivileged people access to the basic sanitation, hygiene and water. In addition, the book discusses the possible indirect effect of global warming on the spread of infectious diseases through the distribution of associated vectors.

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    This book aims to fill knowledge gap among healthcare workers about Clostridium difficile (also known as C.difficile and CDI) among aging patients, especially those in long-term care facilities (LTCFs). Written by experts in infectious diseases and geriatric medicine, this book provides comprehensive information on all aspects of CDI pertaining to LTCF settings, including epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention, management and the unique challenges faced by LTCFs with regards to the CDI problem. The book begins by introducing the topic as it relates to aging patients before delving into the various aspects of CDI management. Topics include infection control and prevention, treatment of CDI, and the establishment of antibiotic stewardship programs to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use and reduce CDI rates. The book also features a chapter on probiotics for the prevention of CDI and new strategies to monitor environmental cleaning practices of CDI patient rooms that do not appear in any other resource. Clostridium Difficile Infection in Long-Term Care Facilities is an excellent resource for geriatricians, infectious diseases specialists, long-term care administrators, nurses, pharmacists, researchers, and all clinicians working with infections in long-term care settings.

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    This book is designed to present a comprehensive and state-of the-art update that covers the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and clinical presentation of the most frequently encountered STIs in adolescence and young adulthood. The introductory sections discuss more general themes including approaches to obtaining a sexual history and exam, concerns of sexual minority youth, ethical and legal considerations, and health disparities in STIs in this population. Subsequent chapters are organized by pathogen such as herpes simplex virus, and human immunodeficiency virus, or clinical syndrome including pelvic inflammatory disease, and vaginitis. Each chapter begins with a case study to illustrate key characteristics of the disease process in question and includes rich illustrations, resources, and guidelines. Written by experts in the field, the text includes a review of epidemiology, pathophysiology, treatment, prevention, and adolescent-specific considerations that is vital to working with this important population.

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    With the rapid development of economy and international communication, world population mobility increase significantly. As migrating population is one of vulnerable populations to infectious diseases, strengthening monitoring system and intervention approaches will be a key factor in controlling the spread of infectious diseases. This book is intended to provide valuable information on creating effective prevention and intervention strategies of tuberculosis, taking Shenzhen, one of typical immigrant cities, as an example. Followed by overview of tuberculosis, the control strategy, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, drug resistant tuberculosis, and HIV-associated tuberculosis in migrating population is introduced. In addition, application of innovative technologies, for example, internet, molecular biology, and artificial intelligence in tuberculosis control is presented. It will be a useful reference for practitioners in centers for infectious disease control and prevention, hospitals, academic institutions, as well as staff in government agencies and non-government organizations with interests in tuberculosis prevention and control.

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    An essential resource for practitioners in infectious diseases and microbiology, studying for the new FRCPath Part 1 infection examination accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists, and trainees sitting the membership exams of the Royal College of Physicians. Including over 300 multiple choice questions in an exam-style Q&A format, this guide provides an invaluable revision platform for domestic and international trainees alike, with scope to present infection-based support for other medical specialties, where infection forms a core component, including intensive care. Authored by leading specialists in infectious diseases and microbiology, this invaluable training guide is the first of its kind to cover both undergraduate and postgraduate material in infectious diseases. Mapping directly from the FRCPath and RCP infection curricula, students are able to explore areas of curriculum to gain knowledge and optimise decision-making skills, under pressure.

  • Operative Plastic Surgery
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    The second edition of Operative Plastic Surgery is a fully-updated, comprehensive text that discusses the most common plastic surgery procedures in great detail. It covers the classic techniques in plastic surgery, as well as the most recent technical advances, while maintaining a systematic approach to patient care within each chapter. Traversing the entirety of the human body, each chapter addresses assessment of defects, preoperative factors, pathology, trauma, operative indications and procedure, and more. Also covered is the operative room setup, with special consideration given to the operative plan, patient positioning and markings, and technique for each type of surgery. Detailing over 90 specific surgical techniques, this book covers both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. A new section addresses non-invasive techniques such as Botox, injectables, lasers, and skincare. New chapters throughout the book also include ALT flaps, nasal cleft deformities, ZMC fractures, augmentation mastoplexy, body contouring for the massive weight loss patient, and endoscopic carpal tunnel repair. Led by Gregory R.D. Evans, this volume assembles thought leaders in plastic surgery to present operative surgery in a clear, didactic, and comprehensive manner, and lays the groundwork for ideas that we have just scratched the surface of, such as translational research, fat grafting, stem cells, and tissue engineering.

  • Grabb and Smith's Plastic Surgery
    by Chung
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    Grabb and Smith's Plastic Surgery, Eighth edition, offers a comprehensive resource to the field for plastic surgery residents and medical students with an interest in professional practice, as well as established plastic surgeons who want to received updated knowledge in this specialty. Accurately drawn illustrations, key points and review questions help you develop a deeper understanding of basic principles and prepare effectively for the In-Training Exam (ITE) and other certification exams. Covers comprehensive plastic surgery knowledge and includes procedural sketches in a clear but succinct style. Features key points-at the beginning of each chapter-emphasizing topics you will find on the In-Training Exam (ITE) and board certification exam. Chapters close with review questions to ensure thorough comprehension of content and a list of references highlighting the most important papers. Designed for fast, accurate comprehension of material: bulleted lists and tables scattered throughout, concise and to-the-point text, and numerous illustrations. Ideal for plastic surgery residents and medical students interested in professional surgical practice. Serve as a reference resource for practicing plastic surgeons to refresh knowledge and to enhance competency in various topics. Enrich Your Ebook Reading Experience Read directly on your preferred device(s),such as computer, tablet, or smartphone. Easily convert to audiobook,powering your content with natural language text-to-speech.

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    Welcome to the 21st Edition of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics – the reference of choice among pediatricians, pediatric residents, and others involved in the care of young patients. This fully revised edition continues to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge you expect from Nelson, while also keeping you up to date with new advances in the science and art of pediatric practice. Authoritative and reader-friendly, it delivers the information you need in a concise, easy-to-use format for everyday reference and study. From rapidly changing diagnostic and treatment protocols to new technologies to the wide range of biologic, psychologic, and social problems faced by children today, this comprehensive reference keeps you on the cutting edge of the very best in pediatric care. Includes more than 70 new chapters, including Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases, Approach to Mitochondrial Disorders, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Zika, update on Ebola, Epigenetics, Autoimmune Encephalitis, Global Health, Racism, Media Violence, Strategies for Health Behavior Change, Positive Parenting, and many more. Features hundreds of new figures and tables throughout for visual clarity and quick reference. Offers new and expanded information on CRISPR gene editing; LGBT health care; gun violence; vaccinations; immune treatment with CAR-T cells; new technology in imaging and genomics; new protocols in cancer, genetics, immunology, and pulmonary medicine; and much more. Provides fresh perspectives from four new associate editors: Nathan J. Blum of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Karen Wilson of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York; Samir S. Shah of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; and Robert C. Tasker of Boston Children’s Hospital. Remains your indispensable source for definitive, evidence-based answers on every aspect of pediatric care.

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    The new edition of this algorithm-based resource provides clinicians and trainees with the latest advances in the evaluation and management of otolaryngologic disorders. Divided into seven sections, the book discusses numerous problems in each part of the ENT system, presenting up to date basic science and surgical techniques. Each chapter follows a logical, step by step approach covering both common and less common conditions. The second edition has been fully revised and includes 36 new chapters with a number of them focusing on paediatric disorders. Authored by an internationally recognised team of Pittsburgh-based experts, this book is enhanced by images and diagrams to assist learning. Key Points * Fully revised, second edition providing latest advances in diagnosis and management of otolaryngologic disorders * Covers both common and less common problems in all areas of the ENT system * Includes 36 new chapters, many with focus on paediatric conditions * Previous edition (9780721689654) published in 2001

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    With this ninth edition, the Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students is entering in the 24th year of existence, the contents is now suitable for undergraduate students. Rapid advances in the area of molecular biology have been incorporated. Specific Learning Objectives provided at the beginning of each chapter to specify what student should learn from that chapter. NEW: Color coding used to represent enzyme names instead of numbers for better readability. NEW: Major pathways have been collated at a single place to make it more reader friendly. NEW: Important classifications, facts, tables, cyclic reactions, etc. have been depicted as Key Concepts at the end of chapters for quick revision. Relevant and significant mechanisms and theories are explained with the help of schematic diagrams and graphs. Chapters on clinical chemistry have been extensively updated and clinically relevant points are added. A major attraction of this edition is the incorporation of Clinical Case Studies in almost all the chapters to help students identify the clinical relevance of biochemistry. For integrated learning and early clinical exposure (which is a major highlight of the new curriculum), clinical chemistry and applied aspects are incorporated in Boxes, which are "nice to know" for students. Chapter summary is provided at the end of each chapter for quick recapitulation For last minute revision, Essay Questions, Short Answer Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Viva Voce Questions are given at the end of each chapter which are compiled from the question papers of various universities from the last decade and have been rephrased as per the new curriculum. NEW: New Figures have been added for better reproducibility. Appendices provide useful information on abbreviations, normal reference values, conversion chart, recommended daily allowance of essential nutrients, and composition of nutrients in selected common food materials. 1200 figures, 200 tables and 200 boxes altogether making the book more student-friendly.

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    This book describes the anatomy, embryology, and radiology of the urinary tract, and the surgical techniques for detailed genitourinary (GU) organ reconstruction. The ethical aspect and care of the patient during surgery is described in depth for broader understanding. Nearly 1,700 images and over 1,500 coloured illustrations have been drawn to describe the each surgical step as clearly and easily possible. First comprehensive pediatric urology surgery book, with detailed surgical steps, in this decade. Online clinical pictures with corresponding printed line diagrams for better understanding. Covers a wide range of topics in pediatric urology and reconstruction. Contributions from international authors with expertise in the field.

  • Simplified Approach to Orthopedic Physiotherapy
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    This book reflects the need for integral approach to physiotherapy. It is a book which can be used as a reference by the physiotherapy undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academicians and clinical physiotherapists. This book aims at developing clinical reasoning and problem solving approach in treating various orthopedic conditions as well as providing theoretic base along. This book also seeks to teach the fundamental approach to physiotherapy practice so that the diagnosis and physiotherapy treatment are merged into established pattern. It elaborates the detailed information of all the possible musculoskeletal conditions with their pathophysiology, symptoms, epidemiology, assessment and diagnosis along with their surgical and nonsurgical management based on current rationale. This book includes the most accepted established exercise protocol which is an important way to provide evidence-based practice. An outstanding source of reference for clinical physiotherapists. Structured in accord of undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy course curriculums. Numerous illustrations, flowcharts and pictorial presentations have been used so as to make the reader clearly understand the concepts. Easy language makes this typical subject easy to understand even for naive readers. Covering a wide range of topics to develop necessary knowledge and skill for planning appropriate management.

  • Signs & Symptoms in Clinical Practice
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    This book on and signs and symptoms, which is indexed in alphabetical order from which the physician will be able to weave a clinical narrative, anatomically and pathophysiologically explicit, to form the accurate diagnostic hypotheses. It is compact, handy and bedside clinical companion book for all dedicated healthcare professionals who are committed to evaluate the patient accurately on the basis of signs and the symptoms. Consists of 91 chapters, enriched with knowledge of about more than 100 contributors. Covers almost all the possible signs and the symptoms, commonly seen in the day-to-day clinical practice. Useful in evaluating the patients in early stages of the complaints and also helpful in initial treatment and management. This book is helpful for undergraduates, postgraduates, residents, and emergency physicians.

  • Periprosthetic Joint Infection
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    A periprosthetic joint infection occurs when bacteria or other foreign organisms enter a wound during or at any point following joint replacement surgery, sometimes even years after surgery. An infection can cause the joint to be painful or cause the implant to loosen, sometimes resulting in the need for revision surgery (Science Daily). Written by a recognised author and editor team led Philadelphia-based by Javad Parvizi, this practical guide offers advice on the management of surgical site infections following orthopaedic procedures. Divided into five sections, this new edition covers basics of infection, preoperative medical optimisation, intraoperative and postoperative optimisation, diagnosis of infection, and treatment of periprosthetic joint infection. The second edition has been fully revised and new topics added to provide orthopaedic surgeons with the latest advances in the field. Editor, Javad Parvizi, was vice chair of the work group for The Diagnosis of Periprosthetic Joint Infections of the Hip and Knee Guideline and Evidence Report, adopted by the AAOS in 2010. Key points Practical guide to management of surgical site infections following orthopaedic procedures Fully revised second edition with new topics added Recognised editor and author team led by Philadelphia-based Javad Parvizi Previous edition (9789350902714) published in 2013

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    This book is a comprehensive guide to common dermatological procedures in the outpatient clinic. Presented in a 'tips and tricks' format, the book is divided into six sections, with the first chapters providing discussion on diagnostic procedures. The remaining chapters cover different treatment techniques including chemical destruction of skin lesions, cryotherapy, light-based procedures, and photodynamic therapy. A section on complex surgical techniques explains highly technical procedures such as hair transplant, Mohs surgery, and liposuction. Authored by a recognised, Mississippi-based team of experts, the book is enhanced by more than 100 clinical images. Key Points Comprehensive guide to common dermatological procedures in the outpatient clinic Covers diagnosis and treatment techniques including complex surgical procedures Presented in 'tips and tricks' format Recognised, Mississippi-based author team

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    As per the directives from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, the National Board of Examinations (NBE) would be conducting a computer-based multiple choice questions (MCQs) examination. Candidates appearing for DM (Endocrinology) Entrance Examinations would be expected to answer 40% questions from the feeder specialty and 60% questions would be in Endocrinology. This book is aimed to give students an idea of the kind of questions that they might expect/anticipate in the examinations. Based on the pattern of NEET DM Endocrinology entrance examination. Presented in an easy to read layout. Divided into 25 chapters as per the pattern. Concise answers and explanations. References from standard textbooks. Useful diagrams and tables are incorporated.

  • Leg Ulcers
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    This book is the new edition of this comprehensive guide to the medical and surgical management of kidney stones. Divided into three main sections, the text begins with discussion on the basic formation of kidney stones, followed by mineral metabolism and diseases that lead to the formation of stones, with the final section describing surgical management techniques. The second edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded with new topics including imaging methods, non invasive surgical techniques, and management in special cases such as pregnancy. This new edition also includes discussion on stones in children. With an internationally recognised author team led by US-based specialists, this 900-page text is highly illustrated with clinical photographs and diagrams. Previous edition published in 1995. Key Points Comprehensive guide to medical and surgical management of kidney stones Fully revised second edition, with many new topics Highly illustrated with clinical photographs and diagrams over 900 pages Internationally recognised, US-based author team

  • ENT Essentials
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    This book is a comprehensive guide to the complete field of otolaryngology for trainees. Divided into seven sections, the manual covers all sub-specialties in ENT practice - ear, face, sleep medicine, laryngology, head and neck, rhinology and allergy, and paediatric ENT. Each section is further divided to discuss the management of various disorders within the subspecialty in question. Highly illustrated with figures and tables to enhance learning, this useful text is edited by respected ENT specialists from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia. Lead editor, David Kennedy, is past President of the International Rhinology Society. Key Points Comprehensive guide to otolaryngology for trainees Highly illustrated with figures and tables Edited by recognised ENT specialists from Philadelphia Lead editor, David Kennedy, is past President of the International Rhinology Society

  • Doctor's Pocket Companion
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    A comprehensive book for all kinds of modern medicine doctors, especially for those who work as generalists (General Medicine, Family Medicine) and those who use clinical skill optimally in medical practice. Aims to enrich basic skills of diagnosis and management. Based on problem-oriented approach. Topics are presented systematically for quick reference. Makes the clinical diagnosis easy with less of investigation. Focuses on wider spectrum of readers. Companion reference book for Interns, General Practitioners, Family Doctors, General Physicians and healthcare providers with a holistic attitude toward patient care.

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    Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection spread through inhaling tiny droplets from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person. It mainly affects the lungs, but it can affect any part of the body, including the abdomen, glands, bones and nervous system (NHS Choices). Part of the Clinical Focus series, this book is a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of this serious condition. Beginning with an introduction to the microbiology and epidemiology of the disease, the following chapters provide in depth coverage of the clinical assessment, diagnostic techniques, and management options for different strains of tuberculosis. Each chapter is highly illustrated with tables and images to enhance the detailed text. Edited by recognised specialists from Belgrade, Serbia, the new volume in this series includes contributions from highly experienced clinicians throughout the world. Key Points Comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis Part of the Clinical Focus series Highly illustrated with tables and images Internationally recognised editor and author team

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    This book provides neurosurgeons and trainees with the latest techniques in spinal surgery. Divided into three sections, each is dedicated to surgical procedures in a key region of the spine - cervical, thoracic and lumbar. Each topic is presented in a step by step process covering anatomy, indications and contraindications, techniques and outcomes. Authored by internationally recognised, Philadelphia-based experts in the field, this invaluable text is enhanced by more than 200 surgical images and illustrations. Key points Practical guide to latest techniques in spinal surgery for neurosurgeons and trainees In depth coverage of procedures for each section of the spine - cervical, thoracic and lumbar Internationally recognised, Philadelphia-based author team Highly illustrated with surgical images and illustrations

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    The new edition of this book has been fully revised with the latest advances in anaesthesia practice. Each chapter presents a step by step decision making algorithm with explanatory text and supplemental tables, providing clinicians and trainees with answers for nearly 250 anaesthetic management problems. General principles in anaesthesia care are discussed, as well as detailed examination of preoperative problems, anaesthesia in surgical specialty areas, postoperative management, and perioperative management. The fifth edition includes many new topics including robotic-assisted procedures, heart failure, epilepsy surgery, traumatic brain injury and much more. Authored by respected experts from University of Texas Health Science Centre, the book is enhanced by clinical photographs and diagrams to assist learning. Previous edition published in 2007. Key Points Fully revised, new edition detailing latest advances in anaesthesia practice Chapters presented with step by step decision making algorithm with explanatory text and tables Fifth edition includes many new topics Internationally recognised author team from University of Texas Health Science Centre

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    This book is a comprehensive guide to vascular imaging and endovascular interventions. Divided into fifteen sections, the first chapters provide an overview of vascular imaging, radiation safety, contrast agents and pharmacologics. The following sections cover vascular anatomy, pathology and non-invasive vascular imaging, with each topic further divided by anatomical region. The text continues with detail on angiographic techniques, then each of the following sections provides in depth information on the diagnosis and treatment of different vascular diseases. The book concludes with discussion on male and female genitoreproductive diagnosis and interventions. Written by internationally recognised authorities in the field, this book is highly illustrated with clinical images and diagrams. Key Points Comprehensive guide to vascular imaging and endovascular interventions Provides overview of vascular imaging, radiation safety, contrast agents and pharmacologics Covers diagnosis and treatment of numerous vascular disorders Internationally recognised author team

  • Imaging in Tuberculosis
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    Uses a step-by-step approach to fertility management from basic to advanced procedures. All the chapters are written in the form of a one page algorithm that catalogues the line of action, and one page text elaborating the algorithm. This simple format makes this book an excellent choice and a ready reckoner for practising fertility specialists. The beauty of the book lies in its crisp, clear cut, and extremely practical approach. Algorithm-based practice-oriented book. Covers all aspects of infertility management from basics to advanced. Chapters are relevant to routine practice. Step-by-step management of each condition from diagnosis to treatment.

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    This is a practical book for newborn healthcare providers-pediatricians, fellows, nurses and postgraduates involved in day-to-day care of well and sick newborns. With each protocol the book provides contents meant to standardize care of newborns. Up-to-date, concise, precise contents. Covers over 70 neonatal conditions. Contributions by more than 50 experts. Divided into seven sections: Clinical approach to sick newborn; Care of well newborn; Care of preterm/low birth weight/high risk newborn; Neonatal dilemmas; Specific therapies, Interpreting tests and Miscellaneous topics. An essential bedside aid for clinical care.

  • Moorfields Manual of Ophthalmology
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    Moorfields Manual of Ophthalmology, Third Edition expands on the success of the best-selling second edition to create the most practical and accessible ophthalmology manual for trainees. With its succinct, practical text, profusion of clinical photos and descriptions of procedures, the Moorfields Manual of Ophthalmology has established itself as one of the most popular and recognisable clinical resources available to ophthalmologists and optometrists. We have worked with trainee reviewers to collect feedback on the second edition which has been used to define the changes being made in the third edition, as follows: DESIGN Colour coded chapter tabs to improve navigation Descriptions of procedures to be boxed and highlighted to make them more prominent STRUCTURE New Triage chapter at the beginning of the book to help trainees work through common presentations: 15 algorithms lead readers through key ocular signs & symptoms before referring them on to disease descriptions in relevant chapters CONTENT All content updated in line with current best practice More Key Studies lists summarising landmark trials and their relevance to clinical practice Additional and replacement photos showing better, clearer examples of clinical signs Additional colour diagrams depicting anatomic structures and procedures Selective inclusion of less common diseases and treatments which reviewers asked to be briefly described

  • Maternal Immunization
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    Immunization during pregnancy with currently recommended vaccines prevents infection in the mother, the unborn fetus, and the young infant, and there is an increasing focus from different stakeholders to use this approach for other infections of importance to protect these vulnerable groups. The aim of this Maternal Immunization book is to provide a contemporary overview of vaccines used in pregnancy (and the lactation period), with emphasis on aspects of importance for the target groups, namely, rationale for the use of vaccines in pregnancy, safety, immunogenicity (immunology), timing to vaccinate, repeat doses, protective effects in the mother, fetus, and infant, and public acceptance and implementation, of existing and of future vaccines.

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    Unravelling the intricate cell signalling networks and their significance in cancer poses major intellectual challenge. Keeping this in mind, the book aims at understanding the mechanism of action of different proteins and their complexes in the cancer signalling pathways. Hence, the proposed book that comprises 20 chapters provides a comprehensive introduction on cell signalling, its alterations in cancer, molecules that have been popular targets as well as the ones that are emerging as targets. In addition, it discusses different forms of therapy that are coming up for its treatment. Other than that, a major portion of the book is focused on studying different disciplines at the interface of biology and other areas of science that are being used to understand cancer biology in depth.

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    This book comprises select peer-reviewed proceedings of the medical challenge - C-NMC challenge: Classification of normal versus malignant cells in B-ALL white blood cancer microscopic images. The challenge was run as part of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (IEEE ISBI) 2019 held at Venice, Italy in April 2019. Cell classification via image processing has recently gained interest from the point of view of building computer-assisted diagnostic tools for blood disorders such as leukaemia. In order to arrive at a conclusive decision on disease diagnosis and degree of progression, it is very important to identify malignant cells with high accuracy. Computer-assisted tools can be very helpful in automating the process of cell segmentation and identification because morphologically both cell types appear similar. This particular challenge was run on a curated data set of more than 14000 cell images of very high quality. More than 200 international teams participated in the challenge. This book covers various solutions using machine learning and deep learning approaches. The book will prove useful for academics, researchers, and professionals interested in building low-cost automated diagnostic tools for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Herbs for Cancer Treatment
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    This book provides detailed information on the various types of cancer, etiology, effects, and challenges associated with current cancer treatment regimes. The present edition has been written to reflect recent developments, success rates and lacunae in herbal and modern cancer therapies. It also describes the use of several herbal formulations to boost patients’ immunity, in order to prevent or help them cope with several cancers. The book highlights several herbs/shrubs/trees that have been reported to possess anti-cancer properties, paving the way for in-depth research into the dose standardization and efficacy of plant-based bioactive molecules. It also focuses on the sustainable conservation of medicinal flora, so that, in future, novel biomolecules be extracted and made available for the treatment of various cancers. Given its highly relevant content, the book will benefit the entire cancer research community (students, scientists, pharmacists, herbalists and lecturers) at universities, research institutions and industry in the areas of oncology, herbal cancer therapy, biotechnology, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and various disciplines of the biomedical sciences.

  • Autophagy Regulation of Innate Immunity
    by Jun Cui
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    This book discusses novel concepts and discoveries concerning the regulation of innate immunity by autophagy and autophagy-related proteins. In the past decade, there have been major advances in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of autophagy and its physiological functions. This book highlights emerging studies on the underlying mechanisms of autophagy regulation of innate immunity, including inflammation, antiviral immunity and anti-bacterial responses and the signaling pathways that prompt or inhibit the initiation and progression of related diseases. It also offers new ideas and strategies for future drugs based on manipulating autophagy, especially selective autophagy mediated by cargo receptors. Providing a comprehensive overview of the autophagy regulation of innate immunity, it is a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers in the fields of immunology, cell biology and translational medicine.

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    This textbook focuses on the nascent field of Immunoepidemiology that addresses how differences in immune responses among individuals affect the epidemiology of infectious diseases, cancer, hypersensitivity, and autoimmunity. The idea for the book originated from a course entitled “Immunology for Epidemiologists“ at the Yale School of Public Health. While many fine textbooks are available that address the immunological responses of individuals to pathogens, these provided very little information regarding how immunological variation among populations affects the epidemiology of disease. And yet, it has long been recognized that there is great immunologic diversity among people, which can have a profound effect on the epidemiology of disease. Careful review of the immunologic and epidemiologic literature revealed that there have been relatively few publications concerning immunoepidemiology and that no textbook is available on the subject. This textbook therefore aims to fill this void by providing a much-needed tool to comprehensively and efficiently teach immunoepidemiology. The book includes a section on the basic principles of immunology, and then applies them to particular examples of disease in human populations. The target audience for this text book are Masters of Public Health students. Others who should also find it of interest include PhD students in epidemiology, immunology, medical students, generalists, and specialists in immunology, infectious diseases, cancer, and rheumatology.

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    ​This book provides an up-to-date and detailed overview of diagnostic and management strategies for rectal cancer. It includes chapters focusing on recent diagnostic modalities such as technical advances, the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), immunology, and histopathology, as well as the latest surgical techniques for the management of rectal cancer. It also discusses the role of adjuvant, neo-adjuvant and non-operative approaches. Further, it presents the recent guidelines of prevention and early diagnosis, as well as current and future diagnostic and staging work-up, clearly and concisely, linking each topic to the therapeutic options arising from the staging. A large part of this multifaceted book is devoted to the in-hospital care of rectal cancer patients, from the fast-track procedures and enhanced recovery systems to detailed descriptions of the available surgical techniques, including salvage situations, accidents, complications and their treatment.

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    This book summarizes the potent effect of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) on the photoaging and cancer formation. Skin is the largest human organ which continually reconstructs itself to ensure its viability, integrity, and ability to provide protection for the body. This protection can be compromised by the aging of the skin which ultimately promotes skin inflammation, impaired wound repair, and increased risk of skin cancer. The book entails mechanistic insights into the UVR-induced immunomodulation and DNA damage in the skin to delineate the pathogenesis, and develop novel ways for prevention of photoaging of the skin cells. It also elucidates the potential of nanotechnology in the treatment of skin cancer. Further, it discusses the bioinformatics approaches to understand the molecular mechanism of photoaging and cancer formation.

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    The purpose of this book is to provide a contemporary overview of the causes and consequences of prostate cancer from a cellular and genetic perspective. Written by experts in the fields of epidemiology, toxicology, cell biology, genetics, genomics, cell-cell interactions, cell signaling, hormone signaling, and transcriptional regulation, the text covers aspects of prostate cancer from disease initiation to metastasis.


    Chapters explore in depth the cells of origin for prostate cancer, its genomic subtypes, neural transcription factors in disease progression, epigenetic regulation of chromatin, and many other topics. This book distinguishes itself from other texts on prostate cancer by its focus on cellular and genetic mechanisms, as opposed to clinical diagnosis and management. As a result, this book will be of broad interest to basic and translational scientists with familiarity of these topics, as well as to trainees at earlier stages of their research careers.

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    This book comprehensively and thoroughly reviews the current literature regarding the impact of health disparities and socioeconomic factors on allergic diseases outcomes: such as food allergies and anaphylaxis. The morbidity associated with these conditions is significantly higher in under-privileged populations around the world, including groups who have experienced greater social or economic obstacles to health based on racial, socioeconomic, gender, geographic location. Health Disparities in Allergic Diseases presents evidence and reviews studies from both developed and developing countries that witness health disparities in allergic disease. Concise in format, Health Disparities in Allergic Diseases: An Evidence-Based Look at Causes, Conditions, and Outcomes is made up of 11 expertly written chapters and divided into two parts. It begins with an introductory on global health through an analysis of the theoretical framework of epidemiologic transition. Subsequent chapters then review the socioeconomic and racial variables in treating allergic diseases using a multifactorial approach. Part II discusses disparities in allergic conditions, including asthma health, rhinitis and rhinosinusitis, food allergy, and atopic dermatitis. The book concludes with an exploration of potential strategies to providing solutions for asthmatic impoverished populations. Health Disparities in Allergic Diseases is a practical resource that can be used by researchers and clinicians in the field of allergy who are interested in learning about health related disparities in the context of allergic conditions or who seek solutions for this important issue.