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    Remodels offer opportunities for adaptation on several levels: Change in use of a space, change in spatial layout or spatial interrelations, change in connection to the greate exterior environment, or just a change in the mood or ambiance of existing spaces. The result can allow for a much more flexible use of space, or for a more specifically programmed space.

  • Stunning advertising
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    STUNNING ADVERTISING, is a hard-hitting book on publicity. Remembering such as the Benetton campaigns some years ago, a company which opted for publicity without taboos in which we were presented with images opposing aids, hunger, and racism… we thought of doing this book. Selecting only those campaigns which provoked a sensation in the way we act. Those which leave us speechless, or those which bring out a smile, give us food for thought, the motivation to do something.

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    Street art is any art done on a public space and the term include traditional graffiti, stencils, sticker art, video projection and street installations. Characters are fundamental in the contemporary street art world and we can find all sort of caricatures made of spray, charcoal, acrylic, markers and also in posters and stickers. This book shows celebrities, monsters, animals, outer space visitors, divas and tramps, the villains and the heroes drawn on the walls of cities such as New York, London and Barcelona.

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    A Stencil is a templated used to draw or paint identical letters, symbols, shapes, or patterns every time it is used. Stencils havs become popular for graffiti since stencil art using spray-paint can be produced quickly and easily. These qualities are important for graffiti artists where stenciling is illegal or quasi-legal, depending on the city and stenciling surface. The extensive lettering possible with stencils makes it especially attractive to political artists.

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    Stickers on traffic signs, stickers on the walls, on billboards, windows, semaphores, stickers! stickers! stickers everywhere! Sticker art, also called sticker bombing, is a form of street art in which the message is conveyed by stickers. Sticker art is more than just a simply sticker, we can find huge posters, mosaics, collages, etc… So we can say that is every work we can stuck on any surface in the streets, becoming immediately a little piece of art. New York City, London and Barcelona are some of the cities featured on this amazing and stunning full color throughout book.

  • Drink & Food Spaces
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    Drink & Food Spaces introduces the latest projects from the greatest archotects and designers, inspiring designs which evoke of special moments and create highly commendable architectural environments. These are innovative and enterprising designs displaying a clear combination of light and colour, minimalist spaces, the calm and the unpretentious, miniature squares transformed into bustling environments, places for reflection and cordial gatherings or simple spaces with a quality touch. Undisputedly stagings of modern life in pleaant contemporary surroundings.

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    When we speak about the image of a hotel we instantly think about architecture or interior design, but obviously there are some other very important details to achieve that final touch that will distinguish one hotel from another: the logo, the stationery– which includes business cards, letters and envelopes– the beloved “Do not disturb” hangers, signage on vehicles, toiletries, magazines and other welcome gifts for their customers. A range of products that are carefully designed to get the best corporate image. In Hotel brand indentity we’ll see a selection of branding designed by some of the best creatives worldwide.

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    Pure design or something more? On the one hand we have clean, sensible designs that focus on form, materials, and color. On the other hand we have pure originality, blurring the line between artwork and industrial design. This title presents the latest creations by some of the most well known design firms, prestigious designers, as well as up-and-comers who have yet to leave their mark. These works leave us stunned by their beauty as well as the obvious impact they will soon have on the design world. This book takes us on a ride through the world of “Pure Designers”, those of this generation and the next.

    Bon voyage!

  • Selected Poems
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    Selected Poems brings together some two hundred poems - the largest collection of Borges' poetry ever assembled in English, including many never previously translated. The brilliance of the Spanish originals is matched with luminous English versions rendered by a remarkable cast of translators, among them W.S. Merwin, John Updike, Robert Fitzgerald, Mark Strand and Alastair Reid.

  • Toy Land
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    Creators of designer toys come from the world of graphic design, illustration or street art, and they use all kind of materials to create these collecting articles. Although the most common raw materials are vinyl and plastic, we can also find pieces made of metal, wood, resin, fabrics, and plush. In the pages of Toyland we will see more than half a million examples of limited editon designer toys, unique custom works of art, moulded, sculpted, sown and hand painted by the best artists of international level.

  • Typographic Design
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    TYPOGRAPHIC DESIGN is a book about the last tendencies in the universe of fonts. Designers from all over the world create multiple typographies which have born from the experimentation of its shapes, ligatures or proportions. This title presents a comprehensive selection of complete alphabets and its applications on posters, logos, advertisements, magazines, club flyers, or exhibitions.

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    Ever since the appearance of the first lofts in Manhattan back in the fifties, the concep has changed and adapted to the latest trends in contemporary architecture and the needs of presentday life. The transformation of old factories and warehouses into studio and livinh space has continued into our time and the loft conceot continues to have a great deal of supporters in nearly every city in the world. This book assembles different models which have sprung from the roots of this phenomenon, from more traditional constructions to the very latest projects.

  • Ultimate Street Art
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    ULTIMATE STREET ART is a comprehensive overview of the best artists and work which in our view have stood out in a movement emerging over the last few years in the urban public space of such world-class cities as New York, Barcelona, London, Madrid or Paris, and many others.

  • Mags! Independent Magazine Design
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    "Mags" is a compilation of different magazines focusing on trends, design, illustration, photography, film… magazines from the world over that can show us projects from some of the best in the business. The book’s tone is laid-back, entertaining and friendly, making it easy to slow down and dig deeper into the images it features. Magazines are an essential element of visual communication in the world today, one with an unlimited number of creative resources.

  • Urban Fashion Flavor
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    For many years the current fashion trends have been set by the big names on the catwalk but this is no longer the case and the fashion rules are now undoubtedly established on the street. Urban fashion, also known as streetstyle, leaves it up to the citizens from numerous places around the world to model the latest trends. A great many streetstyle blogs have appeared the world over, from London to Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Berlin, etc. All featuring photos of the “coolest” gear appearing on all of these cities’ streets. Urban Flavor, is a collection taken from various fashion designers whose newly released designs just happen to be strongly influenced by the latest streetstyle.

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    The globalisation of brand names and the proliferation of huge shopping centres has meant the small shop now has its own identity which, at the same time, also reflects the latest trends. Small shops and boutiques have converted into places which welcome this transformation and the life intensely breathed in these streets and by their inhabitants.

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    TYPO tries to go beyond a conventional book on typography and show a varied selection of projects pertaining to several creative fields like graphic design, fashion, sculpture, industrial design, and architecture, among others, where artists and designers from all over the world use and experiment with typography. Many of the projects included in this book have been created by defying the barriers of typographic design to give way to original and alternative solutions in more or less evident ways to interact with the individual and provoke reactions, sensation and even feelings. Stefan Sagmeister, Andrew Byrom, Olga Adelantado, Catherine Griffiths, BorjaGarmendia, Silvia B., Why Not Associates, Gordon Young, David Delfín and Pentagram are some of artists invited to appear in this book to show that the borders between design, art and typography don’t really exist. The pagination of this book also belongs to a graphic font collection created by the design team of the Spanish magazine Neo2, the Danish agency of strategic design e-Types, and the design studio Underware, specializing in typographical design and production.

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    URBAN BAG are popular, affordable, and –in recent years– works of art! these comfortable, casual items of bags have become creative canvases for innovative design. URBAN BAG showcases the most significant contributions to this pop-culture/design phenomenon of this wardrobe staple–from do-it-yourself silkscreens to high fashion variations.

  • Flying Graphics
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    With over 500 full-color designs, this publication gathers together twenty creators who passionately explain what designing flyers means to them on a personal, professional and artistic basis. Each has used flyers as a means of escape from conventional or less-suggestive designs that clients from large publicity agencies or design studios tend to commission them. The flyer sets them free, helping them to create attractive and stunning compositions without limits or censure.

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    Featuring full-colour photography and illustrations, plus detailed architectural and design plans, Small Restaurants brings together the best work from some of the most original and creative architects from around the world. These cutting edge designs are intended for small restaurant spaces some with their dining areas occupied by just a handful of tables, and others where the working kitchens are entirely visible yet none relinquish the care and detail that makes each space unique and ultimately successful.

  • Small Bars (Architectural Details)
    by Monsa
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    Bars are places where intercultural and multidisciplinary contexts are born, where styles, materials and activities fuse into one, where any given scenario can be staged from the harmony juxtaposed by our senses. These are places that put social mechanisms into motion: those based the need for individuals to communicate. They are places characteristic of any city on Earth, ones which represent the global reach of contemporary modern design, ones that aim to strike a balance where no single feature stands out over another.

  • New Home Furniture Design
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    This book offers an extensive information about the best worldwide furniture design today. The book takes us to a journey “room by room” through our particular house arranged with furniture pieces recently introduced into the international market. The best worldwide furniture designers and their latest creationts: shelving, kitchens, lightning, children’s furniture, outdoor spaces, bedrooms…

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    The idea of what we traditionally perceive to be the work place is changing. This is partly down to a different approach towards the production system which currently focuses on positive motivation for the worker in order to carry out their task more efficiently and in short, be more cost-efficient. The foundation for this change is based upon relatively modern concepts such as ergonomics, empathy, motivation, quality and customisation. Changes have arisen as a result of meeting this need which amount to focussing and combining family with working lives, something now reflected by architects and designers working to transform conventional living and office concepts as a way of adapting to meet the new demands.

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    There’s not a great deal of difference between living and working for those of us who one day decide to make a living by creating the world, for those of us who perceive architecture as something more than just work and the negative aspect associated with this word, but rather like a window through which to see the world. And a means of transforming this world.. And what’s more this book is divided into two large, almost Heideggerian sections, “to build, to live, to think”, simply because this is one of the many ways of doing so (enough to recall the magnificent and diverse animal classification system by Borges and featured in some of his books). It could also have been called “OM, half part” (clearly not knowing if the second will be successful doesn’t make much sense…) or “OM Mediterranean Architecture”, now that we are all clearly Mediterranean’s. Or “OM unfinished work” since unfinished is the selection which involves barely a tenth of the projects carried out and a third of these built… Because, as interesting as the ideas appear on the plan, its difficult to hold out against the potential of what finally leads to the finish. Life is to be transformed by a book, said Mallarmé. And to build life, day by day. To reflect upon life and to live… This is a good title, just as any of the others would have been. So we leave it at that…

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    In the world of food and drink, graphic design plays an extraordinarily important role, one that can transmit at a glance the sensation and emotion prior to enjoying a particular product. How these graphics are presented can prime our senses, readying for pleasure. They tempt us, incite us, invite us… In such a world we have sought out projects whose packaging, branding and larger concepts or objectives always establish close ties to these two pleasures, found in everything from restaurants, cafés and products to conceptual work.

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    Design and Art… Where is the dividing line?
    On a path stretching from limited editions to industrial production, we present different projects whose language speaks of contemporary creativity and development is owed to diverse techniques. In each we will find that distinct trace of exclusivity which makes them supremely unique. Plus Design is an exquisite selection from a broad spectrum of innovative industrial design trends on an international level, all with the same common denominator… a whole lot of really great design!

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    It is very interesting to see how graphic design and fashion relate. How one
 depends on the other and how they complement each other perfectly. This 
book contains a selection of brand and branding work, providing an insight
 into graphic design’s contribution to the fashion world. It demonstrates how 
the sectors harmoniously unite to create a brand and fashion image.

  • Sustainable urban landscapes
    by Monsa
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    The organization of public space raises many challenges. Its very nature of being on public display makes urbanism one of the fields of architecture that is most open to debate and controversy. Urban spaces should not only strive for a balance betweeen solid and void in the urban fabric, but they must also be highly functional. All architecture stems from the need to offer answers and solutions to specific problems and demands; these answer and solutions are then integrated into a generally predefined environment with various limitations. This book offers a sample of some of the works that, through their originality. ingenuity and creativity, have found a method of sustainable design. In these designs an interest in nature goes hand in hand with the design, providing beautiful spaces for living in harmony with the environment.

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    This new volume by a+t architecture publishers is part of the Density series on collective housing. Next focuses mainly on infills of the consolidated urban fabric. All projects have won first or second prizes in international competitions and fill in the existing city or regenerated urban voids with different former uses. 30 European and American projects by 29 different young architectural practices are analyzed; amongst these are BIG + Topotek1, atelier Kempe Thill, Maccreanor Lavington, and babled nouvet Reynaud.

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    This book examines the contribution of Spanish character to the art of clothing, bringing together for the first time, creations of the best fashion designers along with the works that inspired them. This interpretation of what is Spanish goes far beyond cliches and stereotypes. Of special interest are the clothes inspired by Spanish painters including Zurbaran, Velazquez, Goya, Zuloaga, Fortuny, Dali, Picasso, Miro and Barcelo.