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  • Tadao Ando: Process and Idea
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    Comprehensive survey of the works of Tadao Ando from his early projects in the 70s to his most recent work. It includes Fuku House, Wall House, Koshino House, Suntory Museum+Plaza, Chapel on Mt.Rokko, Umemiya House, Izu Project, Nariwa Museum, Langen Foundation/Hombroich Omotesando Hills, Chichu Art Museum, Punta della Dogana Contemporary Art Centre, Abu Dhabi Maritime Museum and many more.

  • Tadao Ando - Details 4
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    Overlayered plans, sections and perspectives, with various details in different scales, Ando's drawing has unique three dimensional character. The drawings represent not only the literal information of details, but also his philosophy of architecture. From "Row house in Sumiyoshi" to recent projects, these two volumes contain Ando's architectural details of major projects and embody the spirits of Ando, who is the evangelist of the essence of architecture. List of Works
    1994-2004 Langen Foundation / Hombroich Museum
    1996-2006 Omotesando Hills
    1996- Stone Sculpture Museum
    1997-2005 Gunma Insect World Insect Observation Hall
    1999-2004 Invisible House
    2000-04 Chichu Art Museum
    2000-02 Kinjo Junior High School
    2003-06 Sakanouenokumo Museum
    2004-06 House in Shiga
    2004-07 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT
    2004-06 Naoshima Benesse House Park/Beach
    2005-08 Interfacility Initiative in Information Studies Fukutake Hall
    2006-08 Tokyu Toyoko Line Shibuya Station
    2006- Abu Dhabi Maritime Museum
    2006- Tokyu Oimachi Line Kaminoge Station

  • The Front Line of Fashion
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    Sexiness as an issue of Cosmopolitan, this fascinating volume presents thousands of runway and studio shots of the contemporary work of Japanese fashion designers. From Botanika, organic clothing designed to ''let people relax through the forces of nature'' to Ne-net, whose designs ''arise from the imagination and delusions of the designer,'' the 100 emerging talents featured are pushing the limits of international fashion. Each designer profile features an artistic statement as well as recent clothing lines. Experts including Ako Tanaka, fashion editor for Vogue Nippon, and Hayato Kohama, head women's wear buyer for Isetan, weigh in on the growth of fashion design in Japan. A must for anyone who wants to know where fashion is going next.