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    Während die Teilung Berlins das Stadtbild bis 1989 prägte, wurde die Metropole in den folgenden Jahren in die größte Baustelle Europas verwandelt. Die Großprojekte sind nun mehr oder weniger vollendet, und der Potsdamer Platz und das neu entstandene Regierungsviertel bilden einen spannenden Kontrast zur Gründerzeitarchitektur Charlottenburgs und Kreuzbergs. Obwohl sich die Liste der Berliner Baudenkmäler und Sehenswürdigkeiten beliebig erweitern lässt, hat die alte und neue Hauptstadt noch vieles mehr zu bieten: Auf ca. 800 Seiten werden neben Architektur und Kultur auch Lifestyle, Parks, Nachtleben und Cafés und Restaurants dieser ebenso facettenreichen wie aufregenden europäischen Metropole vorgestellt.

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    This title shows the wide variety of contemporary German interior design, which is centered between the poles of tradition and globalization. Germanys present-day global image is defined by modern technology, rural traditions and solid craftsmanship and is reflected in the design of public and private spaces: retro styles are revived and take on new shapes. The timeless elegance of classical modernism in the tradition of the Bauhaus is brought back to life and new materials and technologies entail previously unknown dimensions of design. This volume presents the stylish world of German interiors, which ranges from one-off custom-built designs to an accomplished array of serial products.

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    Innovative concepts for agrarian land use in urbanised regions. A timely project for RUHR.2010, which will showcase the Ruhr as 2010 European Capital of Culture. Fascinating designs by landscape architect Paolo Bürgi.

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    The rediscovery of the city that has been evident recently has by no means superseded the human desire for nature. On the contrary, the goal has been finding urban solutions that do justice to these growing needs and do so in ways that meet the requirements for design, ecology, sociology, and economy. This publication addresses the subject of designing inner-city spaces. It documents twenty recently realized examples in Europe, most of which feature greenery, designed by international landscape architects such as Gustafson Porter, Field Operations, Michel Desvigne, Gross.Max, Latz + Partner, and West 8. The projects, built between 2004 and 2010, range from private urban gardens by way of squares, streets, and promenades to large-scale projects such as the revitalization of riverside areas or master plans for the green spaces of entire cities. Urban greenery is an important contribution to ecological urban development. The projects documented offer examples of how this can succeed using the most modern materials and technologies.