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  • Intraocular Tumors
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    This book aims to cover all aspects of intraocular tumors. The chapters explain diagnosis and treatment plan in detail with the aid of step-by-step descriptions in the form of flow charts. An additional chapter covers imaging modalities that help in diagnosing these conditions. The book is written by subject experts from all over the world. The book includes latest treatment protocols and changing trends in management of ocular tumors. Chapter with special focus on genetics is included to help clinicians understand the condition better.


    Table of Contents:


    1. Retinoblastoma: Diagnosis, Classification and Management

    2. Genetics of Retinoblastoma for Patients and Their Families

    3. Changing Trends in Retinoblastoma Management and What Is in Store for the Future

    4. Imaging of Intraocular Tumours

    5. Ultrasound Examination in Intraocular Tumours

    6. Uveal Melanoma: Diagnosis, Classification and Management

    7. Genetics of Uveal Melanoma

    8. Choroidal Melanoma: Clinical Trials and What Have We Learned from Them

    9. Pathology of Intraocular Tumors

    10. Ocular Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

    11. Intraocular Lymphomas

    12. Choroidal Hemangioma and Its Management

    13. Metastatic Tumors of the Uvea

    14. Miscellaneous Intra-Ocular Tumours

    15. Various Syndromes with Benign Intraocular Tumors

    16. Post Enucleation Orbital Implants

    17. Post Enucleation Socket Management

    18. Intraocular Tumors: Imaging

    19. Retinoblastoma: A Journey of 60 Years

    20. Counselling Parents of Retinoblastoma Patients

    21. Counseling for Patients with Choroidal Melanoma

    Correction to: Various Syndromes with Benign Intraocular Tumors