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    Alfresco draws on the remarkable photography of Gilles de Chabaneix to present a marvellous evocation of the delights of living alfresco around the world. This catalogue of opportunities for getting the best out of outdoor lifestyles is reflected in the following sections: Outside the Home is all about reclaiming nature: how we impose ourselves on the areas around our homes, from terraces in Corsica to gardens in Provence and parks in Scotland. Transitional Spaces looks at the more elaborate structures we create to facilitate our enjoyment of the outdoors, while still remaining close to the comforts of our homes: verandas, terraces, patios and backyards. Rooms Outside surveys the many types of building specifically created away from the main home for the enjoyment of an outdoor lifestyle: garden pavilions in Bali and Mauritius, summer-houses in Stockholm. Bringing the Outside In illustrates the many types of found objects of the alfresco world - stones, bones, wood, dried fruit and flowers - which can make fascinating and original additions to any domestic environment. Living Outside is a celebration of the ultimate goal of an alfresco lifestyle - the ability to carry out all the activities associated with normal domestic life outside the home - eating, cooking, sleeping, bathing all seem strangely more interesting and exciting in the open air, as do visits to markets and restaurants, also included in this section.

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    This is a comprehensive sourcebook of decorative ideas and much more for anyone who dreams of living in the country, or is lucky enough to live there already. From the vineyards of Provence to the hills of California and the farms of Australia, stunning photographs from across the world capture the distinctive architecture, decorative schemes, landscapes and rustic details that make country living so desirable. Traditional and contemporary elements are treated with the same sympathetic eye: an airy, minimalist room looks out on an ancient piazza; herbs and antique tools hang from wooden beams beside a roaring fire; a ancient stone floor, worn smooth, shines through the sleek glass top of a modern dining table.