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     Get a quick, expert overview of the etiology, diagnosis, and management of pulmonary and extra pulmonary sarcoidosis with this concise, practical resource. Drs. Robert B. Baughman and Dominique Valeyre fully cover the recent advances in various aspects of this disease, including new genetic studies and new diagnostic techniques. It’s an ideal resource for pulmonologists and respiratory medicine specialists, as well as primary care physicians and pulmonary/respiratory care nurses.

    Table Of Contents:

    Section 1: Epidemiology and Causes

    1. Epidemiology

    2. Environmental/Infectious Cause

    3. Immunologic Manifestation

    4. Genetics of Sarcoidosis

    5. Models of Granulomatous Disease

    6. Pathology of Granuloma

    Section 2: Diagnosis

    7. Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis

    8. Role of Bronchoscopy

    9. Cardiac Sarcoidosis

    10. Neurosarcoidosis

    11. Cutaneous Sarcoidosis

    12. Ocular Sarcoidosis

    13. Other Visceral Organs

    14. Parasarcoidosis

    Section 3: Monitoring

    15. Evaluation of Pulmonary Disease

    16. Roentgenogram, CT, and MRI

    17. Nuclear imaging

    18. Quality of life

    19. Biomarkers

    Section 4: Treatment and Complications

    20. Anti-inflammatory treatment

    21. Fatigue and small fiber neuropathy

    22. Calcium, vitamin D, Bones

    23. Other treatments

    24. Pulmonary hypertension

    25. Mortality