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    This collection provides a guide to the mystical element of Christianity as a theological phenomenon. Part I offers a historical overview. Part II considers sources and practices of mystical theology. Part III examines conceptualities of mystical thought. Part IV explores contributions of mystical teaching to theology and metaphysics. List of Contributors; Mark A. McIntosh and Edward Howells: Introduction; Part I: Understanding Mystical Theology; 1 Rowan Williams: Mystical Theology and Christian Self-Understanding; 2 Mark A. McIntosh: Mystical Theology at the Heart of Theology; 3 Edward Howells: Mystical Theology and Human Experience; 4 Bernard McGinn: The Genealogy of Mystical Traditions; 5 Maria Clara Lucchetti Bingemer: Mystical Theology in Contemporary Perspective; Part II: Sources, Contexts, and Practices; 6 Kevin L. Hughes: Living the Word; 7 Andrew Louth: The Liturgical Mystery; 8 Joanne Maguire: Mystics as Teachers; 9 Luke Dysinger, OSB: The Ascetic Life; 10 Peter Tyler: Prayer; 11 Patricia Zimmerman Beckman: Lives and Visions; 12 Rob Faesen, SJ: Mystical Texts; 13 Alexander J. B. Hampton: Mystical Poetics; Part III: Key Patterns of Mystical Thought; 14 John Arblaster: The Image and Likeness of God; 15 Boyd Taylor Coolman: Spiritual Itineraries; 16 Charlotte Radler: Depth, Ground, Abyss; 17 Louise Nelstrop: Erotic and Nuptial Imagery; 18 David Albertson: Cataphasis, Visualization, and Mystical Space; 19 Cyril O'Regan: Theological Epistemology and Apophasis; 20 Rik van Nieuwenhove: Trinitarian Indwelling; 21 Bernard McGinn: Mystical Union; Part IV: Mysticism and Theology; 22 David Tracy: Metaphysics, Theology, and the Mystical; 23 Jean-Luc Marion: The Mystical -- or What Theology Can Show; 24 Rik Van Nieuwenhove and William Crozier: The Trinity; 25 Amy Hollywood and Rachel Smith: Christology; 26 Brandon Gallaher: Pneumatology; 27 Douglas E. Christie: Creation and Revelation; 28 Philip Sheldrake: Anthropology; 29 Aristotle Papanikolaou: Theosis; 30 Gemma Simmonds: Ecclesiology; 31 Ann W. Astell: Social Life; 32 Michael Barnes, SJ: Interreligious Dialogue; 33 Hugh Feiss, OSB: Eschatology