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    Gustav Klimt's art is thoroughly fin de siecle. It expresses the apocalyptic atmosphere of Vienna's upper middle-class society - a society devoted to the cultivation of aesthetic awareness and the cult of pleasure. The ecstatic joy which Klimt and his contemporaries found - or hoped to find - in beauty was constantly overshadowed by death. And death therefore plays an important role in Klimt's art. Klimt's fame, however, rests on his reputation as one of the greatest erotic painters and graphic artists of his times. In particular, his drawings, which have been widely admired for their artistic excellence, are dominated by the erotic portrayal of women.

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    Gustav Klimt,cel mai controversat artist al timpului sau,se bucura si astazi de o populatie incomparabila. Acest volum ofera o imagine fascinanta asupra operei marelui pictor. "Sarutul" este fara indoiala unul dintre cele mai cunoscute tablouri ale secolului XX. Reproducerile dupa Klimt sunt nelipsite in magazinele muzeelor.