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    With the advent of computer technology and medical imaging, treatment planning in radiation oncology has evolved from a way of devising beam arrangements to a sophisticated process whereby imaging scanners are used to define target volume, simulators are used to outline treatment volume, and computers are used to select optimal beam arrangements for treatment. As such, this book is designed to provide a comprehensive discussion of the clinical, physical, and technical aspects of treatment planning. The intent of Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology is to review these methodologies and present a contemporary version of the treatment planning process. --NEW Each chapter in the previous edition will be updated to the state-of-the-art in the field --NEW For the first time book will be in 4-c with companion solution site and image bank. --NEW Seven new chapters have been added (Treatment Simulation, Treatment Planning Algorithms Protons, SBRT, Electron Beam Therapy, Proton Beam Therapy, Normal Tissue Tolerance, GYN Malignancies) --NEW The most important areas of updates of existing material ar: e 3-D CRT, IMRT, IGRT, and treatment plan evaluation --Emphasizes the modern treatment planning process including physics as well as clinical radiation oncology --Khan is a very well respected leader in this field; his co-editors and contributors are 1st-class. --Takes a total team approach, including the radiation oncologist, medical physicist and dosimetrist