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    Remodels offer opportunities for adaptation on several levels: Change in use of a space, change in spatial layout or spatial interrelations, change in connection to the greate exterior environment, or just a change in the mood or ambiance of existing spaces. The result can allow for a much more flexible use of space, or for a more specifically programmed space.

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    Simultaneously defining and being defined by its surroundings, the town house is one of the most fascinating and innovative housing possibilities of today. The book offers a selection of recent projects that outstand in their creative interpretation of the contemporary urban home.

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    As the basic and most common living unit of the city, the apartment building is the perfect place for creative solutions, new material uses and personal interpretations of space. The book presents a selection of some of the most interesting apartment architecture of the last years.

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    Whether we are talking of a new building or a renovation, the interior is ultimately the space we live and therefore a reflection of our personality. City Interiors will help dwellers and designers alike transform their dreams into reality. Step inside and walk away with new ideas for your home.

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    Great, well-illustrated, resource for ideas for urban dwellings by leading architects.