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    This book offers a concise and easy-to-understand overview of facts and concepts in pelvic anatomy. Laparoscopy provides good vision in a limited field, which means that surgeons have to rely on their anatomical knowledge of what structures lie in the vicinity and which structures need to be preserved. Focusing on surgical anatomy, the book helps laparoscopic surgeons better understand the female pelvic structures so improve their surgical skills.

    ·  1. Pelvic Organs

    ·  2. Pelvis Boundaries

    ·  3. Ligaments and Supports of the Uterus

    ·  4. Bones and Muscles

    ·  5. Vascular Anatomy

    ·  6. The Spaces

    ·  7. Fascial Anatomy

    ·  8. Anatomy of the Ureter

    ·  9. Nerves

    ·  10. Lymphatics

    ·  11. Applications of Anatomy