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  • Clinical Electroencephalography
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    Offers a ready consultation text for physicians and neurodiagnostic technologists

    Introduces readers to the technical and methodological aspects of EEG

    Defines the physiological patterns of awakeness and sleep

    Uses a didactic and systematic method to demonstrate the electrophysiological and clinical patterns of epileptic syndromes

    Provides practical examples of the most appropriate EEG methods for different pathologies (video EEG, back averaging, neuromonitoring, etc.)

    Supplies indications for immediate and correct interpretation of EEG patterns in emergency situations, during neuromonitoring in Intensive Care Unit and surgery

    Defines the EEG peculiarities of the different etiologies of coma

    Includes an updated section on EEG in brain tumors

    Offers a practical, easy-to-use approach to using and interpreting polysomnography in epileptic and non-epileptic disorders


    About this book


    This book describes the developments and improvements in electroencephalography (EEG). In recent years, digital technology has replaced analog equipments, and it is now possible to easily record and store EEG tracings and to quickly recall previously acquired material for subsequent analysis. In addition, not only static figures, but also electronic supplementary materials can be included in books, enabling EEGs to be viewed in real-time.

    In clinical practice, EEG still represents the most important functional examination in the study CNS development and its anatomical and physiological integrity throughout life. In the pathological context, EEG provides indispensable diagnostic information for classification of epileptic syndromes, and it is also valuable in all the other CNS diseases (infectious, cerebrovascular, neurodegenerative, etc).

    Furthermore, monitoring EEG can be widely used in emergency settings, such as emergency departments or intensive care units. In comatose patients, EEG provides information regarding prognosis and evaluation of the sedative effect of anesthetic drugs.

    Written by a group of leading national and international experts, it offers a substantial, yet practical, EEG compendium, which serves as a reference resource for physicians and neurodiagnostic technologists as well as physicians-in-training, researchers, practicing electroencephalographers and students.


    Table of contents (48 chapters)


    Past, Present and Future of the EEG

    Pages 3-8

    Mecarelli, Oriano

    Neurophysiological Basis of EEG

    Pages 9-21

    Brienza, Marianna (et al.)

    Scalp and Special Electrodes

    Pages 23-33

    Mecarelli, Oriano (et al.)

    Electrode Placement Systems and Montages

    Pages 35-52

    Mecarelli, Oriano

    EEG Signal Acquisition

    Pages 53-73

    Rizzo, Cristiano

    EEG Signal Analysis

    Pages 75-90

    Rizzo, Cristiano

    EEG Laboratory: Patient Care and the Role of the EEG Technician

    Pages 91-107

    Mecarelli, Oriano


    Pages 109-130

    Brienza, Marianna (et al.)

    Normal Awake Adult EEG

    Pages 131-152

    Mecarelli, Oriano

    Normal Sleep EEG

    Pages 153-175

    Vaudano, Anna Elisabetta (et al.)

    Normal Neonatal EEG

    Pages 177-202

    Mastrangelo, Massimo (et al.)

    Normal Variants and Unusual EEG Patterns

    Pages 203-221

    Bisulli, Francesca (et al.)

    Pathological EEG Patterns

    Pages 223-235

    Mecarelli, Oriano

    Activation Procedures

    Pages 237-258

    Mecarelli, Oriano

    Polygraphic Techniques

    Pages 259-279

    Alvisi, Lara (et al.)

    Polygraphic Investigations and Back-Averaging Techniques in the Study of Epileptic Motor Phenomena

    Pages 281-296

    Rubboli, Guido (et al.)

    Ambulatory EEG

    Pages 297-304

    Brienza, Marianna (et al.)

    Video-Electroencephalography (Video-EEG)

    Pages 305-317

    Tassi, Laura (et al.)

    Invasive EEG

    Pages 319-328

    Tassi, Laura

    Electromagnetic Source Imaging, High-Density EEG and MEG

    Pages 329-343

    Beniczky, Sándor (et al.)

    Simultaneous Recording EEG and fMRI

    Pages 345-357

    Meletti, Stefano

    Abnormal Neonatal Patterns

    Pages 361-403

    Mastrangelo, Massimo (et al.)

    Early-Onset Epileptic Encephalopathies

    Pages 405-411

    Trivisano, Marina (et al.)

    Epileptic Encephalopathies of Infancy and Childhood

    Pages 413-430

    Brinciotti, Mario (et al.)

    Focal “Idiopathic” Epilepsies of Infancy

    Pages 431-444

    Gardella, Elena (et al.)

    Non-age-Related Focal Epilepsies

    Pages 445-460

    Rubboli, Guido (et al.)

    Genetic Generalized Epilepsies

    Pages 461-473

    Vignoli, Aglaia (et al.)

    Reflex Seizures and Reflex Epilepsies

    Pages 475-485

    Striano, Salvatore (et al.)

    Photosensitivity and Epilepsy

    Pages 487-495

    Kasteleijn-Nolst Trenite, Dorothee

    Febrile Seizures and Febrile Status Epilepticus

    Pages 497-501

    Specchio, Nicola (et al.)

    Paediatric Status Epilepticus

    Pages 503-515

    Specchio, Nicola (et al.)

    Status Epilepticus in Adults

    Pages 517-546

    Minicucci, Fabio (et al.)

    Chromosomal Abnormalities and Cortical Malformations

    Pages 547-585

    Elia, Maurizio

    Paroxysmal Nonepileptic Events

    Pages 587-598

    Mostacci, Barbara (et al.)

    Sleep Diseases

    Pages 599-616

    Parrino, Liborio (et al.)

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    Pages 617-622

    Brigo, Francesco (et al.)

    Cerebral Tumors

    Pages 623-632

    Brienza, Marianna (et al.)

    Cerebrovascular Diseases

    Pages 633-645

    Mecarelli, Oriano (et al.)

    Cerebral Infectious Diseases

    Pages 647-660

    Davassi, Chiara (et al.)

    Autoimmune and Inflammatory Encephalopathies

    Pages 661-676

    Stabile, Andrea (et al.)

    Aging and Degenerative Disorders

    Pages 677-683

    Brigo, Francesco (et al.)

    Systemic and Dismetabolic Disorders

    Pages 685-696

    Brigo, Francesco (et al.)


    Pages 697-705

    Davassi, Chiara (et al.)

    Psychiatric Disorders

    Pages 707-714

    Davassi, Chiara (et al.)

    Effects on EEG of Drugs and Toxic Substances

    Pages 715-729

    Brienza, Marianna (et al.)

    Disorders of Consciousness

    Pages 731-765

    Mecarelli, Oriano (et al.)

    Brain Death

    Pages 767-787

    Mecarelli, Oriano (et al.)

    Neuromonitoring and Emergency EEG

    Pages 789-803

    Brienza, Marianna (et al.)