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Study efficiently while being confident in your mastery of the most important anatomical concepts! Flashcards have been thoroughly revised to reflect the updates made to the companion text, Gray's Anatomy for Students, 4th Edition.

Understand the clinical relevance of your anatomical knowledge with clinical imaging cards.

Conveniently access all of the need-to-know anatomy information! Each card presents beautiful 4-color artwork or a radiologic image of a particular structure/area of the body, with numbered leader lines indicating anatomical structures; labels to the structures are listed by number on the reverse, in addition to relevant functions, clinical correlations, and more.

Fully grasp the practical applications of anatomy with "In the Clinic" discussions on most cards, which relate structures to corresponding clinical disorders; a page reference to the companion textbook (Gray's Anatomy for Students, 4th Edition) facilitates access to further information.

Access a clear, visual review of key concepts with wiring diagrams that detail the innervation of nerves to organs and other body parts, as well as muscle cards covering functions and attachments.



Table of Contents:


Section 1 Overview

1 Surface Anatomy: Male Anterior View

2 Surface Anatomy: Female Posterior View

3 Skeleton: Anterior View

4 Skeleton: Posterior View

5 Muscles: Anterior View

6 Muscles: Posterior View

7 Vascular System: Arteries

8 Vascular System: Veins

Section 2 Back

9 Skeletal Framework: Vertebral Column

10 Skeletal Framework: Typical Vertebra

11 Skeletal Framework: Vertebra 1

12 Skeletal Framework: Atlas, Axis, and Ligaments

13 Skeletal Framework: Vertebra 2

14 Skeletal Framework: Vertebra 3

15 Skeletal Framework: Sacrum and Coccyx

16 Skeletal Framework: Vertebra Radiograph I

17 Skeletal Framework: Vertebra Radiograph II

18 Skeletal Framework: Vertebra Radiograph III

19 Skeletal Framework: Intervertebral Joints

20 Skeletal Framework: Intervertebral Foramen

21 Skeletal Framework: Vertebral Ligaments

22 Skeletal Framework: Intervertebral Disc Protrusion

23 Muscles: Superficial Group

24 Muscles: Trapezius Innervation and Blood Supply

25 Muscles: Intermediate Group

26 Muscles: Erector Spinae

27 Muscles: Transversospinalis and Segmentals

28 Muscles: Suboccipital Region

29 Spinal Cord

30 Spinal Cord Details

31 Spinal Nerves

32 Spinal Cord Arteries

33 Spinal Cord Arteries Detail

34 Spinal Cord Meninges

Section 3 Thorax

35 Thoracic Skeleton

36 Typical Rib

37 Rib I Superior Surface

38 Sternum

39 Vertebra, Ribs, and Sternum

40 Thoracic Wall

41 Thoracic Cavity

42 Intercostal Space with Nerves and Vessels

43 Pleural Cavity

44 Pleura

45 Parietal Pleura

46 Right Lung

47 Left Lung

48 CT: Left Pulmonary Artery

49 CT: Right Pulmonary Artery

50 Mediastinum: Subdivisions

51 Pericardium

52 Pericardial Sinuses

53 Anterior Surface of the Heart

54 Diaphragmatic Surface and Base of the Heart

55 Right Atrium

56 Right Ventricle

57 Left Atrium

58 Left Ventricle

59 Plain Chest Radiograph

60 MRI: Chambers of the Heart

61 Coronary Arteries

62 Coronary Veins

63 Conduction System

64 Superior Mediastinum

65 Superior Mediastinum: Cross Section

66 Superior Mediastinum: Great Vessels

67 Superior Mediastinum: Trachea and Esophagus

68 Mediastinum: Right Lateral View

69 Mediastinum: Left Lateral View

70 Posterior Mediastinum

71 Normal Esophageal Constrictions and Esophageal Plexus

72 Thoracic Aorta and Branches

73 Azygos System of Veins and Thoracic Duct

74 Thoracic Sympathetic Trunks and Splanchnic Nerves

Section 4 Abdomen

75 Abdominal Wall: Nine-Region Pattern

76 Abdominal Wall: Layers Overview

77 Abdominal Wall: Transverse Section

78 Rectus Abdominis

79 Rectus Sheath

80 Inguinal Canal

81 Spermatic Cord

82 Round Ligament of the Uterus

83 Inguinal Region: Internal View

84 Viscera: Anterior View

85 Viscera: Anterior View, Small Bowel Removed

86 Stomach

87 Double-Contrast Radiograph: Stomach and Duodenum

88 Duodenum

89 Radiograph: Jejunum and Ileum

90 Large Intestine

91 Barium Radiograph: Large Intestine

92 Liver

93 CT: Liver

94 Pancreas

95 CT: Pancreas

96 Bile Drainage

97 Arteries: Arterial Supply of Viscera

98 Arteries: Celiac Trunk

99 Arteries: Superior Mesenteric

100 Arteries: Inferior Mesenteric

101 Veins: Portal System

102 Viscera: Innervation

103 Posterior Abdominal Region: Overview

104 Posterior Abdominal Region: Bones

105 Posterior Abdominal Region: Muscles

106 Diaphragm

107 Anterior Relationships of Kidneys

108 Internal Structure of the Kidney

109 CT: Renal Pelvis

110 Renal and Suprarenal Gland Vessels

111 Abdominal Aorta

112 Inferior Vena Cava

113 Urogram: Pathway of Ureter

114 Lumbar Plexus

Section 5 Pelvis and Perineum

115 Pelvis

116 Pelvic Bone

117 Ligaments

118 Muscles: Pelvic Diaphragm and Lateral Wall

119 Perineal Membrane and Deep Perineal Pouch

120 Viscera: Female Overview

121 Viscera: Male Overview

122 Male Reproductive System

123 Female Reproductive System

124 Uterus and Uterine Tubes

125 Sacral Plexus

126 Internal Iliac Posterior Trunk

127 Internal Iliac Anterior Trunk

128 Female Perineum

129 Male Perineum

130 Anal Triangle Cross Section

131 Superficial Perineal Pouch: Muscles

132 MRI: Male Pelvic Cavity and Perineum

133 Deep Perineal Pouch: Muscles

134 MRI: Female Pelvic Cavity and Perineum

Section 6 Lower Limb

135 Skeleton: Overview

136 Acetabulum

137 Femur

138 Hip Joint Ligaments

139 Ligament of Head of Femur

140 Radiograph: Hip Joint

141 CT: Hip Joint

142 Femoral Triangle

143 Saphenous Vein

144 Anterior Compartment: Muscles

145 Anterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments

146 Femoral Artery

147 Medial Compartment: Muscles

148 Medial Compartment: Muscle Attachments

149 Obturator Nerve

150 Gluteal Region: Muscles

151 Gluteal Region: Muscle Attachments I

152 Gluteal Region: Muscle Attachments II

153 Gluteal Region: Arteries

154 Gluteal Region: Nerves

155 Sacral Plexus

156 Posterior Compartment: Muscles

157 Posterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments

158 Sciatic Nerve

159 Knee: Anterolateral View

160 Knee: Menisci and Ligaments

161 Knee: Collateral Ligaments

162 MRI: knee joint

163 Radiographs: Knee Joint

164 Knee: Popliteal Fossa

165 Leg: Bones

166 Leg Posterior Compartment: Muscles

167 Leg Posterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments I

168 Leg Posterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments II

169 Leg Posterior Compartment: Arteries and Nerves

170 Leg Lateral Compartment: Muscles

171 Leg Lateral Compartment: Muscle Attachments

172 Leg Lateral Compartment: Nerves

173 Leg Anterior Compartment: Muscles

174 Leg Anterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments

175 Leg Anterior Compartment: Arteries and Nerves

176 Foot: Bones

177 Radiograph: Foot

178 Foot: Ligaments

179 Radiograph: Ankle

180 Dorsal Foot: Muscles

181 Dorsal Foot: Muscle Attachments

182 Dorsal Foot: Arteries

183 Dorsal Foot: Nerves

184 Tarsal Tunnel

185 Sole of Foot: Muscles, First Layer

186 Sole of Foot: Muscles, Second Layer

187 Sole of Foot: Muscles, Third Layer

188 Sole of Foot: Muscles, Fourth Layer

189 Sole of Foot: Muscle Attachments, First and Second Layers

190 Sole of Foot: Muscle Attachments, Third Layer

191 Sole of Foot: Arteries

192 Sole of Foot: Nerves

Section 7 Upper Limb

193 Overview: Skeleton

194 Clavicle

195 Scapula

196 Humerus

197 Sternoclavicular and Acromioclavicular Joints

198 Multidetector CT: Sternoclavicular Joint

199 Radiograph: Acromioclavicular Joint

200 Shoulder Joint

201 Radiograph: Glenohumeral Joint

202 Pectoral Region: Breast

203 Pectoralis Major

204 Pectoralis Minor: Nerves and Vessels

205 Posterior Scapular Region: Muscles

206 Posterior Scapular Region: Muscle Attachments

207 Posterior Scapular Region: Arteries and Nerves

208 Axilla: Vessels

209 Axilla: Arteries

210 Axilla: Nerves

211 Axilla: Brachial Plexus

212 Axilla: Lymphatics

213 Humerus: Posterior View

214 Distal Humerus

215 Proximal End of Radius and Ulna

216 Arm Anterior Compartment: Biceps

217 Arm Anterior Compartment: Muscles

218 Arm Anterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments

219 Arm Anterior Compartment: Arteries

220 Arm Anterior Compartment: Veins

221 Arm Anterior Compartment: Nerves

222 Arm Posterior Compartment: Muscles

223 Arm Posterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments

224 Arm Posterior Compartment: Nerves and Vessels

225 Elbow Joint

226 Cubital Fossa

227 Radius

228 Ulna

229 Radiographs: Elbow Joint

230 Radiograph: Forearm

231 Wrist and Bones of Hand

232 Radiograph: Wrist

233 Radiographs: Hand and Wrist Joint

234 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Muscles, First Layer

235 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments, Superficial Layer

236 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Muscles, Second Layer

237 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Muscles, Third Layer

238 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments, Intermediate and Deep Layers

239 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Arteries

240 Forearm Anterior Compartment: Nerves

241 Forearm Posterior Compartment: Muscles, Superficial Layer

242 Forearm Posterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments, Superficial Layer

243 Forearm Posterior Compartment: Outcropping Muscles

244 Forearm Posterior Compartment: Muscle Attachments, Deep Layer

245 Forearm Posterior Compartment: Nerves and Arteries

246 Hand: Cross Section Through Wrist

247 Hand: Superficial Palm

248 Hand: Thenar and Hypothenar Muscles

249 Palm of Hand: Muscle Attachments, Thenar and Hypothenar Muscles

250 Lumbricals

251 Adductor Muscles

252 Interosseous Muscles

253 Palm of Hand: Muscle Attachments

254 Superficial Palmar Arch

255 Deep Palmar Arch

256 Median Nerve

257 Ulnar Nerve

258 Radial Nerve

259 Dorsal Venous Arch

Section 8 Head and Neck

260 Skull: Anterior View

261 Multidetector CT: Anterior View of Skull

262 Skull: Lateral View

263 Multidetector CT: Lateral View of Skull

264 Skull: Posterior View

265 Skull: Superior View

266 Skull: Inferior View

267 Skull: Anterior Cranial Fossa

268 Skull: Middle Cranial Fossa

269 Skull: Posterior Cranial Fossa

270 Meninges

271 Dural Septa

272 Meningeal Arteries

273 Blood Supply to Brain

274 Magnetic Resonance Angiogram: Carotid and Vertebral Arteries

275 Circle of Willis

276 Dural Venous Sinuses

277 Cavernous Sinus

278 Cavernous Sinus

279 Cranial Nerves: Floor of Cranial Cavity

280 Facial Muscles

281 Lateral Face

282 Sensory Nerves of the Head

283 Vessels of the Lateral Face

284 Scalp

285 Orbit: Bones

286 Lacrimal Apparatus

287 Orbit: Extra-ocular Muscles

288 MRI: Muscles of the Eyeball

289 Superior Orbital Fissure and Optic Canal

290 Orbit: Superficial Nerves

291 Orbit: Deep Nerves

292 Eyeball

293 Visceral Efferent (Motor) Innervation: Lacrimal Gland

294 Visceral Efferent (Motor) Innervation: Eyeball (Iris and Ciliary Body)

295 Visceral Efferent (Motor) Pathways Through Pterygopalatine Fossa

296 External Ear

297 External, Middle, and Internal Ear

298 Tympanic Membrane

299 Middle Ear: Schematic View

300 Internal Ear

301 Infratemporal Region: Muscles of Mastication

302 Infratemporal Region: Muscles

303 Infratemporal Region: Arteries

304 Infratemporal Region: Nerves, Part 1

305 Infratemporal Region: Nerves, Part 2

306 Parasympathetic Innervation of Salivary Glands

307 Pterygopalatine Fossa: Gateways

308 Pterygopalatine Fossa: Nerves

309 Pharynx: Posterior View of Muscles

310 Pharynx: Lateral View of Muscles

311 Pharynx: Midsagittal Section

312 Pharynx: Posterior View, Opened

313 Larynx: Overview

314 Larynx: Cartilage and Ligaments

315 Larynx: Superior View of Vocal Ligaments

316 Larynx: Posterior View

317 Larynx: Laryngoscopic Images

318 Larynx: Intrinsic Muscles

319 Larynx: Nerves

320 Nasal Cavity: Paranasal Sinuses

321 Radiographs: Nasal Cavities and Paranasal Sinuses

322 CT: Nasal Cavities and Paranasal Sinuses

323 Nasal Cavity: Nasal Septum

324 Nasal Cavity: Lateral Wall, Bones

325 Nasal Cavity: Lateral Wall, Mucosa, and Openings

326 Nasal Cavity: Arteries

327 Nasal Cavity: Nerves

328 Oral Cavity: Overview

329 Oral Cavity: Floor

330 Oral Cavity: Tongue

331 Oral Cavity: Sublingual Glands

332 Oral Cavity: Glands

333 Oral Cavity: Salivary Gland Nerves

334 Oral Cavity: Soft Palate (Overview)

335 Oral Cavity: Palate, Arteries, and Nerves

336 Oral Cavity: Teeth

337 Neck: Triangles

338 Neck: Fascia

339 Neck: Superficial Veins

340 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Infrahyoid Muscles

341 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Carotid System

342 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Glossopharyngeal Nerve

343 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Vagus Nerve

344 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Hypoglossal Nerve, and Ansa Cervicalis

345 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Anterior View Thyroid

346 Neck: Anterior Triangle, Posterior View Thyroid

347 Neck: Posterior Triangle, Muscles

348 Neck: Posterior Triangle, Nerves

349 Base of Neck

350 Base of Neck: Arteries

351 Base of Neck: Lymphatics

Section 9 Surface Anatomy

352 Back Surface Anatomy

353 End of Spinal Cord: Lumbar Puncture

354 Thoracic Skeletal Landmarks

355 Heart Valve Auscultation

356 Lung Auscultation 1

357 Lung Auscultation 2

358 Referred Pain: Heart

359 Inguinal Hernia I

360 Inguinal Hernia II

361 Inguinal Hernia III

362 Referred Abdominal Pain

363 Female Perineum

364 Male Perineum

365 Gluteal Injection Site

366 Femoral Triangle Surface Anatomy

367 Popliteal Fossa

368 Tarsal Tunnel

369 Lower Limb Pulse Points

370 Upper Limb Pulse Points

371 Head and Neck Pulse Points

Section 10 Nervous System

372 Brain: Base of Brain Cranial Nerves

373 Spinal Cord

374 Spinal Nerve

375 Heart Sympathetics

376 Gastrointestinal Sympathetics

377 Parasympathetics

378 Parasympathetic Ganglia

379 Pelvic Autonomics

Section 11 Imaging

380 Mediastinum: CT Images, Axial Plane

381 Mediastinum: CT Images, Axial Plane

382 Mediastinum: CT Images, Axial Plane

383 Stomach and Duodenum: Double-Contrast Radiograph

384 Jejunum and Ileum: Radiograph

385 Large Intestine: Radiograph, Using Barium

386 Liver: Abdominal CT Scan with Contrast, in Axial Plane

387 Pancreas: Abdominal CT Scan with Contrast, in Axial Plane

388 Male Pelvic Cavity and Perineum: T2-Weighted MR Images, in Axial Plane

389 Male Pelvic Cavity and Perineum: T2-Weighted MR Images, in Axial Plane

390 Female Pelvic Cavity and Perineum: T2-Weighted MR Images, in Sagittal Plane

391 Female Pelvic Cavity and Perineum: T2-Weighted MR Images, in Coronal Plane

392 Female Pelvic Cavity and Perineum: T2-Weighted MR Images, in Axial Plane

393 Female Pelvic Cavity and Perineum: T2-Weighted MR Images, in Axial Plane


An aparitie: 28 May 2019
Autor: Richard Drake PhD FAAA , A. Wayne Vogl PhD FAAA , Adam W. M. Mitchell MB BS FRCS FRCR
Dimensiuni: 12.1 x 10.2 x 17.2 cm
Editura: Elsevier
Format: Flash card
ISBN: 9780323639170
Limba: Engleza
Nr pag: 820 cards

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