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    Trenul A-B-C: Învățăm prin joacă

    Setul conține:

    • O carte educativă de 12 pagini, în care sunt ilustrate litere ale alfabetului.

    • Un puzzle cu 29 de piese.

    • O prezentare atât a literelor mici, cât și a celor mari.


    Cartea și puzzle-ul oferă două modalități diferite de învățare, fapt care oferă procesului un caracter dinamic. În carte s-au folosit doar ilustrații cu animale grupate în funcție de mediul în care trăiesc. În puzzle, însă, sunt așezate în ordine alfabetică animale, obiecte, fructe și legume, totul pentru a îi oferi copilului posibilitatea de a se familiariza cu cât mai multe concepte. Astfel, veți avea nenumărate posibilități pentru a dialoga și a vă juca cu micuțul. Setul îi oferă posibilitatea de a înțelege noțiunea de literă, fiind de un real ajutor în viitor.

     Trenul 1-2-3 Învățăm prin joacă

    Setul conține:

    • O carte educativă de 12 pagini, în care sunt prezentate cifrele de la 1 la 10.

    • Un puzzle cu 20 de piese.

    • O riglă desenată în interiorul cutiei, care îi va ajuta pe micuți să vizualizeze succesiunea numerelor de la 1 la 10.

    Setul de numărare se bazează pe posibilități nesfârșite de dialog și joc; va spori abilitatea copilului de a înțelege conceptul de număr, oferindu-i un instrument important de înțelegere a lumii înconjurătoare, și îl va ajuta să-și folosească deprinderile în viața de zi cu zi.

    Notă! Nu s-au folosit literele â și ă, întrucât ele nu apar la începutul cuvintelor.

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    Invatam prin joaca

    Setul contine:

    • O carte educativa de 12 pagini, in care sunt ilustrate litere ale alfabetului.

    • Un puzzle cu 29 de piese.

    • O prezentare atat a literelor mici, cat si a celor mari.


    Cartea si puzzle-ul ofera doua modalitati diferite de invatare, fapt care ofera procesului un caracter dinamic. In carte s-au folosit doar ilustratii cu animale grupate in functie de mediul in care traiesc. In puzzle, insa, sunt asezate in ordine alfabetica animale, obiecte, fructe si legume, totul pentru a ii oferi copilului posibilitatea de a se familiariza cu cat mai multe concepte. Astfel, veti avea nenumarate posibilitati pentru a dialoga si a va juca cu micutul. Setul ii ofera posibilitatea de a intelege notiunea de litera, fiind de un real ajutor in viitor.

  • 69.00 lei

    Invatam prin joaca

    Setul contine:

    • O carte educativa de 12 pagini, in care sunt prezentate cifrele de la 1 la 10.

    • Un puzzle cu 20 de piese.

    • O rigla desenata in interiorul cutiei, care ii va ajuta pe micuti sa vizualizeze succesiunea numerelor de la 1 la 10.

    Setul de numarare se bazeaza pe posibilitati nesfarsite de dialog si joc; va spori abilitatea copilului de a intelege conceptul de numar, oferindu-i un instrument important de ințelegere a lumii inconjuratoare, si îl va ajuta sa-si folosească deprinderile in viata de zi cu zi.


  • 220.00 lei

    The chalet of today is a far cry from the original herds - mans hut. Its triumphant ascent to elegant mountain mansion, frequently used as a holiday getaway by the societal elite, began in the 19th century. Its allure today is unbroken. As a place of relaxation and retreat from the day-to-day, chalets are being built in mountainous regions around the world. The chalet derives its charm from the combination of the architectural and the surrounding nature. Instead of sim - ply fitting into the landscape by necessity, the dwellings draw it in. In this way a unique formal language emerges. This volume displays the charm of nature, while winning over the viewer with contemporary designs, which range from the classical wooden house with flat gabled roof, to the high-tech mountain hut.

  • 192.00 lei

    Functionality and aesthetics come together beautifully in this exhaustive sourcebook, which features 50 studies in contemporary renovating and over 1000 color photographs. Phase-by-phase breakdowns of each project have been provided by the designing architects, who share their expertise with in-depth commentary, floor plans and sketches, making this one of the most informative guide available. This is the definitive sourcebook on Renovating, a crucial addition to the collection of any design or architecture professional.

  • New Trends in Commercial Spaces (Design)
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    199.00 lei

    Architecturally successful public spaces fulfill a dual task: they make their identity representative (which at times is to entertain and please the user), and they offer the visitor a rapid and clear reading of their functions and services. This is of particular importance with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas and theatres, which despite their great typological diversity, must respond to both premises. This brilliant publication presents an array of superbly designed public and commercial spaces where people undertake a range of activities from the deeply serious to the light and playful. Those that also involve a business activity of commercial exchange present elements of functionality that are strongly impregnated with creative expression.

  • Library Classification Trends in the 21st Century
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    300.00 lei

     Library Classification Trends in the 21st Century traces development in and around library classification as reported in literature published in the first decade of the 21st century. It reviews literature published on various aspects of library classification, including modern applications of classification such as internet resource discovery, automatic book classification, text categorization, modern manifestations of classification such as taxonomies, folksonomies and ontologies and interoperable systems enabling crosswalk. The book also features classification education and an exploration of relevant topics.

  • 184.00 lei

    'Angel investors' provide small amounts of capital ($100k-$3m) to early stage, high-risk ventures. In recent years, they have not only grown in numbers and sophistication, they have garnered the attention of larger investors and governments throughout the world who are interested in the phenomenal power of startups to bring innovative products to consumers, create jobs and economic value, and sustain macroeconomic growth.This comes as no surprise. Some of the world's most valuable and influential companies, such as Google, Facebook, and Uber were able to survive and thrive in their make-or-break early years only through the backing of angels.Angels Without Borders: Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide, drawing on chapter contributors from more than two dozen nations, will be the only book on the market to examine this trend from a global perspective. It is a very useful reference for anyone who is interested in learning about the angel investment movement.

  • 500.00 lei

    Human Assisted Reproductive Technology: Future Trends in Laboratory and Clinical Practice offers a collection of concise, practical review articles on cutting-edge topics within reproductive medicine. Each article presents a balanced view of clinically relevant information and looks ahead to how practice will change over the next five years. The clinical section discusses advances in reproductive surgery and current use of robotic surgery for tubal reversal and removal of fibroids. It looks into the refinement of surgical procedures for fertility preservation purposes. Chapters also discuss non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis with proteomics technology, new concepts in ovarian stimulation and in the management of polycystic ovary syndrome, and evidence-based ART. The embryology section discusses issues ranging from three-dimensional in-vitro ovarian follicle culture, and morphometric and proteomics analysis of embryos, to oocyte and embryo cyropreservation. This forward-looking volume of review articles is key reading for reproductive medicine physicians, gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, urologists and andrologists.

  • 90.00 lei

                The environmental crisis, disruptive technologies, unforeseen competitors and unpredictable consumers are deeply challenging issues keeping business leaders awake at night. Influencers & Revolutionaries describes the emerging movements and future niches of growth that will impact international markets and industries; including the homes, workplaces and cities of tomorrow.

                People are looking for alternatives and demanding a better way of doing business. Their demands mean that ethical, flexible, sustainable, collaborative and radical business strategies are required. Influencers & Revolutionaries charts inspiring innovation models created by visionary business leaders and brand teams.

                Illuminating the dynamic global trends shaping businesses across industries, Sean Pillot de Chenecey highlights the transformation of product, service and strategic development, as we move to a circular and more ethical economy.

                Featuring a new innovation manifesto, this book is a guidebook covering important topics including:

    - Trend research, forecasting and scenario planning

     - Classic innovation theory vs current leading-edge thinking

    - New consumption patterns and fragmented niches of growth

    - Dynamic cross-category innovation from legacy brands and start-ups

    - Challenging convention via catalytic leadership and next-generation practises

    - How agile organizations leverage cultural and social trends to anticipate change

    - Utilizing business innovation to tackle social, cultural and environmental problems Strategists, marketers and developers need a playbook that informs and explains how they can create the next big thing. This book is for them.

  • 903.00 lei

    This reference book provides an update on the advances and developments in autopsy practice. The book is designed to be kept in laboratories, offices and mortuaries so that pathologists can quickly reach for it and look up how to undertake procedures or interpret findings found in autopsy practice. Useful to both trainees and consultants in all specialty areas within pathology, the book also serves as a guide to all those involved in death investigation.

  • 300.00 lei

    What are the most important things a 21st-century library should do with its space?
    Each chapter in this cutting-edge text addresses this critical question, capturing the insights and practical ideas of leading international librarians, educators and designers to offer you a ‘creative resource bank’ that will help to transform your library and learning spaces. This is an innovative and practical toolkit introducing concepts, drawing together opinions and encouraging new ways of thinking about library learning spaces for the future. 
    The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 – Projects and trends describes features of library space around the world through a selection of focused case studies painting a global picture, identifying common directions and ideas as well as highlighting country and regional diversity.
    Part 2 – Trends and ideas looks at the why and how of library space, covering topics such as contextual factors, current ideas in library space development, and the creative design of new spaces. It examines how library spaces are adapting to new forms of learning, digital literacies and technological fluency.
    Finally, Part 3 – Ideas and futures looks to the future of libraries and their learning spaces, inviting future-scanning contributions from a diverse range of authors, including librarians, learning specialists, academics, architects, an interior designer, a furniture designer and a management specialist.
    Readership: This is a must-have text for those involved in designing and developing library and learning spaces, from library and university management to designers and architects. It’s also a useful guide for students taking courses in library and information science to get to grips with the importance of library design.

  • 240.00 lei

     The rapid development of the Web and Web-based technologies has led to an ongoing redefinition of reference services in academic libraries. A growing diversity of users and the need and possibility for collaboration in delivering reference services bring additional pressures for change. At the same time, there are growing demands for libraries to show accountability and service value. All of these trends have impacted the field and will continue to shape reference and research services. And they have led to a need for increasingly specialized professional competencies and a literature to support them. 

    In order to reimagine reference service for twenty-first century learning environments, practitioners will need to understand several focal areas of emerging reference. In particular, collaboration with campus partners, diverse student populations, technological innovations, the need for assessment, and new professional competencies, present new challenges and opportunities for creating a twenty-first century learning environment. Librarians must not only understand, but also embrace these emerging reference practices. This edited volume, containing five sections and fourteen chapters, reviews the current state of reference services in academic libraries with an emphasis on innovative developments and future trends. The main theme that runs through the book is the urgent need for inventive, imaginative, and responsive reference and research services. Through literature reviews and case studies, this book provides professionals with a convenient compilation of timely issues and models at comparable institutions.

  • 752.00 lei

    The book covers novel technologies, including high pressure, antimicrobials, and electromagnetism, and their impact.

  • The Greek Novella in the Classical Period
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    137.00 lei

    Originally published in 1958, this book examines the place of the Athenian novella in ancient literature from pre-Classical literature through to tragedy, comedy and rhetoric. Trenkner attempts to reconstruct the novella of the Attic period from the surviving traces in other sources in order to bridge the gap between the novelle of Herodotus and the better-known late Hellenistic novel. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the genesis of the ancient Greek novel.

  • Design Inspirations
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    160.00 lei

    Technological developments, social and global trends and issues influence the current projects and work approach of designers. Also materials and production methods have never had a bigger influence on up-to-date design than in the age of nanotechnology a

  • Mexico: A New Spain with Old Friends
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    137.00 lei

    Originally published in 1940, this book contains a lively account of a journey through Mexico by John Brande Trend, the first Professor of Spanish at the University of Cambridge. Trend vividly describes important ancient sites such as Cichén Itzá as well as Spanish traditions that he observed while in Mexico. Photographic plates of important artefacts are also included in the text. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in Spanish influence in Mexico and Mexican history.

  • Architecture and Design : Art Spaces
    by daab
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    121.00 lei

    A surprising trend can be discerned in museum building since the end of the 1990s, one that still seems to be going strong today: an unprecedented number of grand-scale projects have been undertaken in recent years, ont only by private sponsors, but in ma

  • Fashion Icon
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    206.00 lei

    When it comes to trends no segment of the design world is more powerful, more influential or more closely watched than fashion. From what's hot in type to the coolest new colour, to the style and mood of the moment, the fashion world sets the tone and the

  • Young European Designers
    by Daab
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    40.00 lei

    The increasingly faster changing trends and attitudes about life are also logically reflected in the design. In the era of mass production, media giants and time where 'average' is expanding at an alarming rate, it is more important than ever to t

  • 520.00 lei


    This book offers a detailed account of all aspects of photosensitive epilepsy, including genetic testing, functional imaging (fMRI, MEG), pharmacological studies, animal studies, classification based on the occurrence of photoparoxysmal responses (PPRs) in different epilepsy syndromes, and the available prevention and treatment options. In addition, the comorbidity of and overlap between migraine and epilepsy are discussed. Informative case histories with EEG examples and a helpful glossary are included.

    In epilepsy, the term photosensitivity is used both for epileptic seizures triggered by flashing or flickering light and for epileptiform discharges evoked by intermittent photic stimulation (IPS) during an EEG recording. Most patients with a clear history of visually induced seizures will show epileptiform EEG discharges during IPS (PPRs). As epileptiform discharges can be evoked in photosensitive patients at any time, without triggering seizures, they can be considered a useful surrogate marker of the necessity and efficacy of epilepsy treatment. This book will serve as an ideal guide to the subject for pediatricians, (pediatric) neurologists, epileptologists, (child) psychiatrists, clinical geneticists, neuropsychologists, neuropharmacologists, occupational therapists, and basic scientists.


  • Modern Ethno Interiors
    by Daab
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    100.00 lei

    This new series focuses on brand new trends in architecture and interior design. Ethno Design deals with a new upcoming trend in interior design: ethno elements, such as african sculptures, tropical wood furniture, ethno art and accessoires were rediscove

  • Modern Baroque Interiors
    by Daab
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    177.00 lei

    This new series focuses on brand new trends in architecture and interior design. Modern Baroque Interiors deals with an extraordinary design trend: baroque patterns, gold and silver ornaments, chandeliers and baroque furniture meet with modern elements o

  • Lobby Design
    by Daab
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    40.00 lei

    56 new projects present the new trends in Lobby Design all over the world. The lobby is a passing place, a transitory space. It is the first point of contact with the place visited from the street. The great challenge for the architect and client is to ac

  • 165.00 lei

    Having joined the Royal Navy at the age of ten, Frederick William Beechey (1796–1856) had risen to the rank of lieutenant when he served under John Franklin on the 1818 British expedition to the Arctic in search of a possible route from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Two ships, the Dorothea and the Trent, were sent to find a route via the seas around Spitsbergen. A little north of 80° their progress was halted by ice. Sailing west to Greenland, the Dorothea was seriously damaged and the expedition aborted. Beechey's account remains the principal source for this voyage as neither Franklin nor the overall commander David Buchan published their journals. Beechey's Arctic service equipped him to later command the Blossom in northern waters: his two-volume Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait (1831) is also reissued in the Cambridge Library Collection.

  • 5000lei 40.00 lei

    House design is evolving fast following trends and the needs of our society. There is always a myriad of design schemes to meet diverse requirements; in other words, there is never a single solution to make the most of a living space. In the collection Essential Tips each book offers over 200 tips on different ways to create an environment that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. This book series explores contemporary design with exemplary case studies of homes with display innovative and practical design solutions. Illustrated throughout

  • Urban Fashion Flavor
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    118.00 lei

    For many years the current fashion trends have been set by the big names on the catwalk but this is no longer the case and the fashion rules are now undoubtedly established on the street. Urban fashion, also known as streetstyle, leaves it up to the citizens from numerous places around the world to model the latest trends. A great many streetstyle blogs have appeared the world over, from London to Barcelona, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Berlin, etc. All featuring photos of the “coolest” gear appearing on all of these cities’ streets. Urban Flavor, is a collection taken from various fashion designers whose newly released designs just happen to be strongly influenced by the latest streetstyle.

  • 8800lei 44.00 lei

    This book displays current trends and popular approaches of package design for electronic products. Featured, amongst the others are; communication devices, computers and accessories, small household appliances, fashionable digital products and mobile storage devices.

  • 360.00 lei

    This series presents critical reviews of the present and future trends in polymer and biopolymer science including chemistry, physical chemistry, physics and materials science. It is addressed to all scientists at universities and in industry who wish to

  • 5000lei 40.00 lei

    House design is evolving fast following trends and the needs of our society. There is always a myriad of design schemes to meet diverse requirements; in other words, there is never a single solution to make the most of a living space. In the collection Essential Tips each book offers over 200 tips on different ways to create an environment that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. This book series explores contemporary design with exemplary case studies of homes with display innovative and practical design solutions.

  • 50.00 lei

    This title offers a visually stunning look at the latest trends and innovations in architecture and design for small retail spaces. Filled with stunning full-colour photography, "Plus Shops" offers a unique look at some of the most innovative and original design ideas and architectural work created specifically for small retail spaces - both newly built and renovated. Whether you're a shop owner looking to update your premises, a designer looking for the latest trends, or an architect needing a little bit of inspiration, this is a must-have volume.

  • 49.00 lei

    This is a superbly illustrated look at the latest trends and innovations in the fast-paced world of stand design. New product presentation requirements, and the ever-growing importance which organisation give to attending trade shows has created a new form of architecture whose capacity for innovation has drawn some of the world's top architects and designers. Filled with full colour photography, "Stands" presents readers with an accessible introduction to the latest innovations and trends of this new architectural genre, as well as providing a detailed look at some of the most original and creative designs and concepts from around the world.

  • Mags! Independent Magazine Design
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    118.00 lei

    "Mags" is a compilation of different magazines focusing on trends, design, illustration, photography, film… magazines from the world over that can show us projects from some of the best in the business. The book’s tone is laid-back, entertaining and friendly, making it easy to slow down and dig deeper into the images it features. Magazines are an essential element of visual communication in the world today, one with an unlimited number of creative resources.

  • 5000lei 40.00 lei

    House design is evolving fast following trends and the needs of our society. There is always a myriad of design schemes to meet diverse requirements; in other words, there is never a single solution to make the most of a living space. In the collection Essential Tips each book offers over 200 tips on different ways to create an environment that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. This book series explores contemporary design with exemplary case studies of homes with display innovative and practical design solutions. Illustrated throughout

  • 80.00 lei

    Giuseppe Alberigo avait trente ans au moment du concile. Jeune historien, il s'est trouvé « embarqué » dans cette grande aventure qui a décidé de l'orientation du reste de sa vie professionnelle et personnelle. Jeune membre d

  • Urban Playground Spaces
    by Monsa
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    35.00 lei

    This is a superbly illustrated exploration of the latest trends and innovations in creating fun, safe, and educational playgrounds. Children's playgrounds form an integral part of the modern urban landscape, providing safe spaces for children to play, learn, and interrelate with each other. But getting the mix between adventure, education, safety, and aesthetics can be challenging.

  • 235.00 lei

    The book contains a unique compilation of the latest and most trendy Danish architecture from the year 2000 an onwards. This book is packed full of brand new and inspiring projects. 54 projects are described, most of them international and often so new th

  • 98.00 lei

    The recent trend of trying to measure higher education's return on investment misses a fundamental point, argue Charity Johansson and Peter Felten. The central purpose of a college or university is to transform the lives of students – not to merely change

  • 34700lei 176.00 lei

    Landscape Design Competition contains an overview of design principles and the latest trends in urban landscape development. The book is divided into five sections: landscape of plazas, parks, waterfront landscapes, public landscapes and, residential landscapes. This is not merely a collection of recent design proposals for landscape worldwide but also addresses concepts such as the relationship between living space and ecological environment. What designers are pursuing is a better living environment and improved quality of life for residents. Moreover, landscape design is related to the development of human beings and sustainability.

  • LogoLogy
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    172.00 lei

    LogoLogy is a comprehensive and inspiring collection of logo design that reveals its very latest trend. You will find two key parts include case studies and gallery. While Case Study examined in exhaustive detail of how logos are developed and used in the

  • Hand Made 3D
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    172.00 lei

    Hand Made 3D features a world of hand made threedimensional objects. The trend is triggered by photography and doubtlessly by the appreciated set designers, a profession which is held in high esteem in the UK. This book features designers and artists whom

  • Eco Refurbishment
    by Monsa
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    50.00 lei

    This is a superbly illustrated look at the latest eco-friendly trends and innovations in refurbishment and renovation. As space becomes ever more scarce, materials become more expensive, and we become more aware of our impact on the environment, discovering ways of renovating, conserving, and even re-inventing existing buildings - from office blocks to residential homes - has become increasingly important. "Eco Refurbishment" brings together a collection of the very latest ideas, innovations, and trends in sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and stylish building solutions.

  • 380.00 lei

    Recent scholarly trends and controversies in Gertrude Stein scholarship have focused on her politics and her friendships as well as on Stein the collector, the celebrity, the visual icon. Clearly, these recent examinations not only deepen our understanding of Stein but also attest to her staying power. Yet Stein�s writing itself too often remains secondary. The central premise of Primary Stein is that an extraordinary amount of textual scholarship remains to be done on Stein�s work, whether the well-known, the little-known, or yet unpublished. The essays in Primary Stein draw on recent interdisciplinary examinations, using cultural and historical contexts to enrich and complicate how we might read, understand, and teach Stein�s writing. Following Stein�s own efforts throughout her lifetime to shift the focus from her personality to her writing, these innovative essays turn the lens back to a wide range of her texts, including novels, plays, lectures and poetry.

  • Street Art
    In stoc
    8000lei 64.00 lei

    With over 1000 works and 50 artists, this book provides an extensive sampling of the latest trends in the world of street art and graffiti; a catalogue with an illustrative selection of the avalanche of talent inundating today's streets in major cities all over the world: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris 3D, wild style, tags, stencils, stickers: in the pages of this book the reader will find the starting point for street art of the second decade of the 21st century, a melting pot of creativity, originality, colour, shape and texture seemingly emerging from the pavement. 504 pages of sheer talent, expressed without restraint, self-taught and, above all, completely free. In short, the art of the future.

  • 1,01100lei 855.00 lei

     Creating clinical guidelines is a modern trend. Published studies pertaining to a given theme are collected, their credibility evaluated, and then treatment options in the form of evidence-based guidelines are offered. There are a number of guidelines for the treatment of thyroid tumors that have established positions in clinical practice in North America and in Western European countries. In Japan, however, where radioisotope facilities are of limited availability, treatment plans for differentiated thyroid cancer differ considerably from those of America and Europe, and the associated clinical guidelines need modification before they can be adopted. In addition, although thyroid tumor is a common disease in endocrine practice, its management can differ even among specialists. Thus, a Japanese clinical guideline for the treatment of thyroid tumor was desired by many clinicians. As a combination of evidence-based and consensus-based guidelines for the treatment of thyroid tumor, this book offers alternatives to conventional approaches in the West. Ultimately, the authors hope the guideline will lead to the best possible treatment for patients all over the world in the not-distant future.

  • The Impact of International Migration
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    792.00 lei

    This book comprises the historical overview of migration processes in Kyrgyzstan, contemporary migration trends in international migration and various social, economic and political impacts of migration. It presents the findings of longstanding, in-depth, comprehensive and empirical research. Insights are maximized by applying the multi-sited strategy of analyzing both the migrant's place of origin and that of destination. The primary goal of the book is to contribute to a better understanding of the meanings and the impacts of contemporary international migration processes in Kyrgyzstan and their relevance for local livelihoods.

  • 180.00 lei

    The urge to create an individualized shopping experience is a major trend around the world. A new generation of independent shops has grown up. These are mostly small, and are setting up against the odds, so that they have to make an effort with their exteriors, interiors and branding to lure in customers. Some such shops are a triumph of ingenuity on a low budget, while other one-off outlets are as glamorous as their big-name counterparts. Some interiors and graphics are created by professional designers, others by the owners themselves. In fact, this trend is now so widespread that the corporate retailers who sparked the reaction in the first place are getting in on the act, commissioning one-off outlets and short-term guerrilla stores to appeal to a more savvy, funky young clientele. "One-Off" is the first book to address this important retail trend. It covers food, home and lifestyle, fashion and accessories, random gems and pretenders and guerrilla stores.

  • 216.00 lei

    This collection of outstanding public space projects is an excellent overview of current trends in urban planning. Good urban developments demand equally good public space plans. Urban Spaces: Squares and Plazas contains twenty of themost innovative and exciting examples, including a floating pool in the Spree River, Berlin; Capitol Plaza in New York;Place de la Bourse in Bordeauxand the Eco-Bulevard in Vallecas, just outside of Madrid. Thoroughly documented and illustrated, with full colour photographs and drawings, to capture the full scale of each project's complexities, technical assets and aesthetic innovations, this book will undoubtedly be of great value to architects, urban planners and students seeking the latest tendencies in public space design.

  • Red (Colour Design Series)
    Ultimele trei bucati in stoc
    60.00 lei

    This book will try to encapsulate the way red is represented in the trendiest and edgiest categories of human life. Through the categories of Fashion, Interiors, Architecture, Design Objects, Gastronomy and so on, we will truly see the range and boldness that Red emits. This contemporary monograph on red will blow your mind in the way that only red can.

  • 369.00 lei

    As in the previous Seminar Notes, the current volume reflects general trends in the study of Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis. Most of the papers deal with different aspects of Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, understood in a broad sense; many continue the study of geometric and volumetric properties of convex bodies and log-concave measures in high-dimensions and in particular the mean-norm, mean-width, metric entropy, spectral-gap, thin-shell and slicing parameters, with applications to Dvoretzky and Central-Limit-type results. The study of spectral properties of various systems, matrices, operators and potentials is another central theme in this volume. As expected, probabilistic tools play a significant role and probabilistic questions regarding Gaussian noise stability, the Gaussian Free Field and First Passage Percolation are also addressed. The historical connection to the field of Classical Convexity is also well represented with new properties and applications of mixed-volumes. The interplay between the real convex and complex pluri-subharmonic settings continues to manifest itself in several additional articles. All contributions are original research papers and were subject to the usual refereeing standards.

  • 176.00 lei

    A book that explores the word of contemporary Interiors throughout the coloured lens of Edra, the trendy Italian design company that sells its fancy pieces to VIPs and stars. Over the years, its flair for talent-scouting allows Edra to gather around its p

  • Pool Design
    by Daab
    In stoc
    100.00 lei

    Today pools come in all shapes, sizes, materials and designs in part propelled by rapidly evolving wellness and fitness trends that has shaped the look and the function of these glittering blue bodies of water. Tranquility and relaxation from work are central themes when designing business hotels, wellness retreats and spas.

  • 280.00 lei

    This collection of outstanding projects for public spaces is an excellent overview of current trends in urban planning; new forms of social existence have led to an increased interest in the definition of urban space. Our cities have already crossed the dividing line between space to inhabit and habitable space and, at present, it is difficult to conceive of a good urban development plan without an equally good plan of the public space involved. This volume has brought together twenty five examples of the best in urban design, with the indelible stamp of the most internationally known professionals. Each of them is thoroughly documented and illustrated with full color glossy photographs and drawings, to capture the full scale of the project?s complexities, technical assets and aesthetic innovations.

  • 270.00 lei

    The wide array of designs presented in this volume offers a varied vision of the latest trends in renovating buildings. Reputed architects suggest inventive solutions for giving old structures a fresh, renewed look and for creating effective spaces for domestic use. Each project description includes a detailed explanation through the use of plans, sketches, notes, construction explanations, material details and photographs.

  • 35.00 lei

    The practical examples of wallpapers that are offered in this book are grouped together into three trends: retro style (inspired by the aesthetics of the 1960s and 70s), modern designs (which gave an air of the contemporary) and classic style (with prints characteristic of the first age of wallpapers). With all of these, the intention is to stimulate reader' imaginations and help them to find the best option for their own homes.

  • 459.00 lei

    This book is designed to help students and researchers understand the latest research and development trends in the domain of geospatial information and communication (GeoICT) technologies. Accordingly, it covers the fundamentals of geospatial information systems, spatial positioning technologies, and networking and mobile communications, with a focus on OGC and OGC standards, Internet GIS, and location-based services. Particular emphasis is placed on introducing GeoICT as an integrated technology that effectively bridges various information-technology domains.

  • 165.00 lei

    Michael S. D. Hooper reverses the recent trend of regarding Tennessee Williams as fundamentally a social writer following the discovery, publication and/or performance of plays from both ends of his career - the 'proletarian' apprentice years of Candles to the Sun and Not About Nightingales and the once overlooked final period of, amongst many other plays, The Red Devil Battery Sign. Hooper contends that recent criticism has exaggerated the political engagement and egalitarian credentials of a writer whose characters and situations revert to a reactionary politics of the individual dominated by the negotiation of sexual power. Directly, or more often indirectly, Williams' writing expresses social disaffection before glamorising the outcast and shelving thoughts of political change. Through detailed analysis of canonical texts the book sheds new light on Williams' work, as well as on the cultural and social life of mid-twentieth-century America.

  • 91.00 lei

    The wide array of designs presented in this volume offers a wide and varied vision of the latest trends in renovating buildings. Reputed architects suggest ingenious solutions for giving old structures a fresh, renewed look and for creating effective spac

  • 135.00 lei

    The literature on trench journalism is well established for Britain and France during the First World War, but this book is the first systematic study in English of German soldier newspapers as a representation of daily life and beliefs on the front. Printed by and for soldiers at or near the front line these newspapers were read by millions of 'ordinary soldiers'. They reveal an elaborately defined understanding of comradeship and duty. The war of aggression, the prolonged occupation on both fronts and the hostility of the local populations were justified through a powerful image of manly comradeship. The belief among many Germans was that they were good gentlemen, fighting a just war and bringing civilization to backward populations. This comparative study includes French, British, Australian and Canadian newspapers and sheds new light on the views of combatants on both sides of the line.

  • 100.00 lei

    This design book, featuring opulent images, shows the hip and modern aspects of Morocco, focusing on Moroccan cuisine and trendy places, but it will also give an idea of the country's culture in general. The book includes two added values-a recipe book as well as a travel guide with facts about the featured locations in the design book.

  • 10400lei 53.00 lei

    More than 250 remarkable masterpieces from all over the world have been carefully selected to represent the trend of modern liquid packaging design. Each work has its specialty in choosing the font, material and pattern, etc. The book has been categorised into six sections, including beverages, food, dairy products, care products, cosmetics and alcohol products.

  • Rome
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    50.00 lei

    Rome is one of Europe's most popular cities. This guide is packed with the best places to wine and dine from trendy bars to five-star restaurants. There is a historical overview of the city, from Michelangelo to the new millennium, and there is also a com

  • 120.00 lei

    With an introduction of the comissioner of the international year Gaudí 2002, including preliminary designs not constructed, groups per topics, windows, chimneys, "trencadís", ceramics, doors, animals, etc... a great book for the year Gaudí

  • Fashion Hotels
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    87.00 lei

    High-end hotels have always been the setting for style and fantasy, a venue to see and be seen. This volume explores a relatively new trend, where major fashion houses take over the running of upscale hostelries. With every detail coordinated, from bed li

  • Beauty Design
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    40.00 lei

    The beauty market is developing and booming world wide. Wellness programs allow one to rediscover one's own body and inspire us to look toward inner tranquility. This trend demands architecturally-holistic approaches which recongnizes the unity of the roo

  • 228.00 lei

    Introduces many unusual establishments. This hotel picture book features several hotels - from small and rustic country inns to trendy metallic city hotels and fashionable luxury resorts. It includes carries full address and contact details of its chosen

  • 16000lei 128.00 lei

    This is not just another book on interior decorating. The chapters in this book do not discuss styles or trends. Neither are they intended to be merely a list of products. The aim of this work is to present 1000 ideas for organizing and planning your home, for feeling comfortable in it and for satisfying the needs of everyday life. The topics presented here concern the organization of space and access, showing the differences between natural and artificial lighting, along with the real and current options available regarding sustainability and environmental issues.

  • 18500lei 94.00 lei

    Community Centres are spaces of coexistence, knowledge, leisure, culture and education. Using texts, photos and ground plans, the collection illustrates the shape of pioneering trends in contemporary community centres design around the world. The projects in this book deal with sportive uses, swimming pools, auditoriums, children schools, meeting rooms, etc., and are focused on sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • 175.00 lei

    Water has been an important topic in architecture and urban planning for years. The revitalization of the waterfront has been a prevalent trend in cities around the world. On the other hand, architecture also had to respond to the threat of floods.The theme of Building with Water is the use of water in architecture. It presents buildings that explicitly refer to water in their design and form. It establishes a typology of building by the water: residential structures, recreation facilities, industry and infrastructure, buildings for culture and art. The various design parameters are explored in four essays. Subsequently, twenty-two international projects are presented, organized according to their locations by a river, a lake or the sea. The authors concern is not to show luxurious buildings in privileged locations but rather presenting projects that seriously grapple with the main criterion of the locationnamely, waterin an ecologically sustainable way and respond to it with their design.

  • The bags
    In stoc
    98.00 lei

    The bags arrives by the necesity of professionals on having a contemporaneo and modern book full of creative ideas related to bags from the five continents. Images and new trends from more than 100 designers especialist in developing bags of all sort and

  • 500.00 lei

    The 2013 Britannica Book of the Year (A Review of 2012) is an unequalled account of the people, the events, and the trends that made 2012 memorable. Whether it's a world affair, like workings of Islamic Militant groups in sub-Saharan Africa; or a historic milestone, like the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic; or an archaeological milestone like the stunning finds in the ancient Myan ruins at Xultun, Guatemala, you'll find it explored and illuminated in the Britannica Book of the Year. This title offers a valuable viewpoint of the people and events that shaped the year. In addition to keeping the Encyclopadia Britannica set up-to-date, it serves as a great reference source for the latest news on the ever-changing populations, governments and economies throughout the world. With reports on the significant issues and developments in all key fields and industries - from architecture to health to sport, from art to fashion to science - the 2013 Britannica Book of the Year provides a complete, accurate and stimulating account of 2012. Find farewell reports on the people who shaped the times we live in. Those who died in 2012 include some remarkable and elusive personalities. Read our 'Farewell reports' on the remarkable figures who passed away, such as the first person to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong, singer/songwriter Etta James, and member of 'The Monkees', the well-known band and TV show, Davy Jones. A statistical snapshot of the world in World Data. Need to know the literacy rate in Spain? Life expectancy in China? The gross national income of Cameroon? World Data brings you statistical data - social, economic, and financial - on more than 200 countries and dependencies throughout the world. It's the kind of detailed information you won't - or can't - find anywhere else. Britannica Biographies - those who made a difference in 2011. Each year the Britannica editors profile the most fascinating and influential people across the world - people who made history, broke records, or made a difference, such as: Wang Shu, Chinese architect who flawlessly blends Chinese design and setting; Francois Hollande, newly-elected president of France; and Mohamed Farah, star Olympic athlete and winner of both the 5,000m and 10,000m races

  • 108.00 lei

    Ever since the appearance of the first lofts in Manhattan back in the fifties, the concep has changed and adapted to the latest trends in contemporary architecture and the needs of presentday life. The transformation of old factories and warehouses into studio and livinh space has continued into our time and the loft conceot continues to have a great deal of supporters in nearly every city in the world. This book assembles different models which have sprung from the roots of this phenomenon, from more traditional constructions to the very latest projects.

  • 158.00 lei

    The Cambridge Companion to the Italian Novel provides a broad ranging introduction to the major trends in the development of the Italian novel from its early modern origin to the contemporary era. Contributions cover a wide range of topics including the theory of the novel in Italy, the historical novel, realism, modernism, postmodernism, neorealism, and film and the novel. The contributors are distinguished scholars from the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, and Australia. Novelists examined include some of the most influential and important of the twentieth century inside and outside Italy: Luigi Pirandello, Primo Levi, Umberto Eco and Italo Calvino. This is a unique examination of the Italian Novel, and will prove invaluable to students and specialists alike. Readers will gain a keen sense of the vitality of the Italian novel throughout its history and a clear picture of the debates and criticism that have surrounded its development.

  • Master Medicine: Immunology, A core text with self-assessment
    by Edgar
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    17000lei 150.00 lei

    This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. This series of books reflects the trend towards a core curriculum and self-directed learning. The content is restricted to the 'must know' core information presented in a synoptic style. The diagrams that support the text are in a style that the reader can remember and reproduce in examinations. Each chapter ends with a selection of self-assessment material and full explanatory answers. These consolidate and expand on the chapter contents. This volumes presents an integrated coverage of basic and clinical immunology. Despite the use of problem- and/or topic-based curricula students still respond to the security of a well-ordered presentation of the basic information by traditional discipline.

  • 230.00 lei

    Pension systems are under serious pressure worldwide. This pressure stems not only from the well-known trend of population aging, but also from those of increasing heterogeneity of the population and increasing labour mobility. The current economic crisis has aggravated these problems, thereby exposing the vulnerability of many pension schemes to macroeconomic shocks. This book reconsiders the multi-pillar pension scheme against the background of these pressures. It adopts an integral perspective and asks how the pension system as a whole contributes to the three basic functions of pension schemes: facilitating life-cycle financial planning, insuring idiosyncratic risks and sharing macroeconomic risks across generations. It focuses on the optimal balance between the various pension pillars and on the optimal design of each of the schemes. It sketches a number of economic trade-offs, showing that countries may opt for different pension schemes depending on how they react to these trade-offs.

  • 150.00 lei

    After "SuperDutch", "Swiss Made" and "All American", this is the latest in the series of country-specific volumes that examine the most interesting trends in contemporary architecture. This book provides an overview of British architects making an impact

  • Women Loving Women
    Ultima bucata in stoc
    72.00 lei

    Women Loving Women explores the phenomenon of the contemporary "bi-sexual" or "lesbian" experience for the heterosexual woman. However, while women loving women is indeed an emerging trend, it is also an age-old obsession that this book also addresses and

  • Material Connexion
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    220.00 lei

    Materials are the single most important element underpinning all that is most innovative in 21st-century architecture, interior, product, industrial and fashion design. This book identifies the key trends in this fast-moving area, giving the reader a full understanding of materials' potential and applications.

  • Detail Practice: Building with Concrete
    Ultimele doua bucati in stoc
    137.00 lei

    This book provides the basic information needed to work with the concrete, with special attention to the architect s role in planning and construction management. It describes current trends in concrete technology and the development of innovative new types of concrete, with firsthand reports by architects in the field.

  • 16200lei 82.00 lei

    This book is devoted to shopping malls all over the world. Interior and architectural designs for shopping malls are covered, including realized projects and unrealized proposals. It shows the current trends in shopping mall design, comprehensively illustrates shopping mall design, and provides designers who are dedicated to shopping mall design with a rich resource.

  • 52.00 lei

    Revised and updated to include all aspects of graphic design from 1840 to the present day, this classic reference defines key movements, trends, styles and techniques, and covers an enormous range of graphic designers, typographers, illustrators, poster a

  • 158.00 lei

    The Cambridge Companion to the Modern German Novel, first published in 2004, provides a broad ranging introduction to the major trends in the development of the German novel from the 1890s to the present. Written by an international team of experts, it encompasses both modernist and realist traditions, and also includes a look back to the roots of the modern novel in the Bildungsroman of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The structure is broadly chronological, but thematically-focused chapters examine topics such as gender anxiety, images of the city, war, and women's writing; within each chapter, key works are selected for close attention. Unique in its combination of breadth of coverage and detailed analysis of individual works, and featuring a chronology and guides to further reading, this Companion will be indispensable to students and teachers.

  • 333.00 lei

    This book provides a good opportunity for computer science practitioners and researchers to get in sync with the current state-of-the-art and future trends in the field of combinatorial optimization and online algorithms. Recent advances in this area are

  • 270.00 lei

    The public's appetite for new and excitingly designed hotels is insatiable. Never before have hotels been so earnestly responsive to the zeitgeist. How else can we explain the latest trends in design which at one extreme increasingly blur the border between lodging, lifestyle and living theatre, and at the other seek to reinvent the more discreet manners and style of the grand hotels of the late 19th century? 21st-Century Hotel highlights the latest examples of these trends and more as the international hotel sector finds newer and more imaginative ways to invent and reinvent itself in order to match the mood of the moment.

  • Pain, A Political History
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    120.00 lei

    In this history of American political culture, Keith Wailoo examines why and how pain and compassionate relief has been a battleground for defining the line between society's liberal trends and conservative tendencies. Tracing the development of pain theo

  • 93.00 lei

    How does architecture relate to 17th century Dutch painting? Architects Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats analyze the painting of Pieter De Hooch to discover housing design trends of the time, a period which marks when everyday life started to be represented in art. This was the starting point for an architecture workshop at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, proposing new architectural designs through examining De Hooch's art. The result is an analysis of Dutch domestic architecture in the 17th century through hand-made plans and models, and their applications to new spatial concepts and projects.

  • 87.00 lei

    The repositories of human wisdom and experience through the ages, libraries are one of our most valuable cultural resources. This stimulating volume showcases some of the most interesting library design trends and developments from around the world. Cover

  • 120.00 lei

    The globalisation of brand names and the proliferation of huge shopping centres has meant the small shop now has its own identity which, at the same time, also reflects the latest trends. Small shops and boutiques have converted into places which welcome this transformation and the life intensely breathed in these streets and by their inhabitants.

  • 137.00 lei

    F. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, The Beautiful and Damned (1922), was a pivotal book in his career. A trenchant satire of the Jazz Age, it is very much a novel of its times. This edition is based on the surviving manuscript, the serialized version from Metropolitan magazine, the Scribners 1922 first American edition, and the Collins 1922 first British edition. The volume includes a detailed account of the composition of the novel, a textual apparatus, a chronology of composition, and, uniquely, three versions of the ending. Explanatory notes identify Fitzgerald's topical and historical references - to books and authors, Broadway shows and Manhattan cabarets, movie stars and sports heroes, statesmen and criminals, business tycoons and historical figures. These notes situate The Beautiful and Damned in its times and deepen the reader's understanding of Fitzgerald's sources for the novel.

  • 18500lei 94.00 lei

    People's everchanging lifestyles bring about more and more requirements for the overall qualities of houses, and the demands for residences have marched towards the psychological dimension and cultural sphere. Consequently, there arise new design trends and new requirements for environment, material selection and design concept. The design projects in this book lead readers to perceive the comfort and cosiness of the natural space. The designers of these projects have created more natural, and convenient living spaces in the most natural and purest design languages, giving them a comprehensive and vivid explanation of the architecture design concept that buildings are created for people.

  • 160.00 lei

    In this ambitious and bold book, Ralph Schroeder develops a new social theory centred on the notion of limits. The current era, from the 1970s onwards, has seen a departure from the three defining trends of the modern age: the struggle for social citizenship rights, the disembedding of markets, and the transformation of nature. Based on a comparative-historical analysis, the book argues that there are now similar constraints on social development throughout the global North and beyond. These constraints include the waning of conflicts driving the extension and deepening of rights, the instability of increasing financialization, and the progressive lack of control over the exploitation of natural resources. The key challenge for social theory therefore lies in identifying the cleavages between the dominant political, economic and cultural powers, and countervailing forces that can potentially overcome them. The book explores several advanced Western democracies in depth, as well as China and India. It will fundamentally challenge our theoretical understanding of contemporary societies and their dynamics.

  • 210.00 lei

    In the last three decades we've experienced increasing "intense moral individualism," and at the same time we've witnessed massive globalization. To some degree, at least, these trends are in opposition and even conflict. Patricia Illingworth explores concepts, structures and institutions that we might develop to make their interactions constructive, rather than destructive, and makes the case that "social capital" is a moral good and that ethics and law can play a vital role in both replenishing our reservoir of social capital, and in sustaining it at higher levels. Thisshort, powerful and passionate book argues that "social capital" should be an essential ethical concept guiding our actions, and explains how one might go about implementing this idea in a positive way.

  • 281.00 lei

    One of the grand challenges in our digital world are the large, complex and often weakly structured data sets, and massive amounts of unstructured information. This "big data" challenge is most evident in biomedical informatics: the trend towards precision medicine has resulted in an explosion in the amount of generated biomedical data sets. Despite the fact that human experts are very good at pattern recognition in dimensions of <= 3; most of the data is high-dimensional, which makes manual analysis often impossible and neither the medical doctor nor the biomedical researcher can memorize all these facts. A synergistic combination of methodologies and approaches of two fields offer ideal conditions towards unraveling these problems: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Knowledge Discovery/Data Mining (KDD), with the goal of supporting human capabilities with machine learning.

  • 18800lei 94.00 lei

    Contemporary architecture presents itself with various aesthetic standards. Besides the rational function of architectural design, architects now pay close attention to continuity between the interior and exterior of their work. This book collects a number of masterpieces that reflect the trend of modern architectural surface design. The book has been divided into six chapters according to the composition of the building material. The case studies included are accompanied by photographs and details of the modes, which objectively express the ideas and concepts of the architects.

  • 69.00 lei

    The lofts in this book provide a good example of just how far the renovation and design of these far-from-typical dwellings has progressed. A compilation of the best lofts found in four trend-setting cities should not, however, be understood as a mere cat

  • La Grande Guerre: Récits de combattants
    La comanda in aproximativ 4 saptamani
    129.00 lei

    Originally published in 1919, this book contains the French text of five memoirs written by authors who served in the armed forces for France during WWI. The essays include vivid descriptions of life in the trenches, in French hospitals and in a German prison. This poetically-phrased and insightful book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the French experience of the First World War.

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