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    Part of the Oxford Case Histories series, this volume contains over 45 well-structured cases from clinical practice, giving a comprehensive coverage of the diagnostic and management dilemmas faced in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. Section 1: Skin and soft tissue; Cases 1-5; Section 2: Gastrointestinal infections; Cases 6-14; Section 3: Genitourinary infections; Cases 15-21; Section 4: Genitourinary infections; Cases 22-25; Section 5: Central nervous system infections; Cases 26-30; Section 6: Systemic infections; Cases 31-38; Section 7: Infections in pregnancy and the neonate; Cases 39-41; Section 8: Miscellaneous infections; Cases 42-47; List of cases by diagnosis; List of cases by principle clinical feature at presentation; List of cases by etiological mechanism