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    Fashion illustration is one of the most unique subjects for illustrators. It's competitive and challenging in a positive way. Creative Techniques of Fashion Illustration selects almost 200 projects worldwide giving a systematic account of fashion illustration. The main topics include introduction, forms of expression, practical and drawing techniques with world recognized fashion illustrators discussing their working process.

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    Laura Osorno hails from Bogot�, Colombia. She fell in love with illustration early on, designing posters, flyers and invitations. Soon enough she was illustrating and publishing children's books, as well as working with ad agencies, and other brands. In this book she has chosen some of the best recent examples of Commercial Illustration from Fashion, Food and Drink, Cosmetic, Gift and other sectors . Including over 120 examples all in full colour from products sourced from around the world.

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    This book displays current trends and popular approaches of package design for electronic products. Featured, amongst the others are; communication devices, computers and accessories, small household appliances, fashionable digital products and mobile storage devices.

  • Card Design
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    With the onset of the computer and e-mail , it seems these days we are less likely to send a card by post. However there is something very personal about receiving personal mail. Card Design has chapters covering Invitation Cards, Promotional Cards as well as several types of Greeting Cards looking at the aspects of why people would want to keep your card rather than treat as junk mail. Over 150 detailed examples are included all in full colour.

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    Atelier Villes & Paysages, which grew out of the agency created in 1989 by the landscape architect Jean-Marc Bouillon, was formed by bringing together there disciples: landscape design, town planning and engineering. Today Atelier Villes & Paysages is a dedicated multidisciplinary team of 120 landscape architects, town planners, architects and geographers. They are united by a common ambition: to have an impact on the development and transformation of cities and landscape through meaningful designs and significant spaces where the identity of places is the keystone of the design process. Far from being technical, this team prioritises collective knowledge and shared experience. This book brings together twenty three projects that are the product of these shared viewpoints. It offers a chance to wander 'Between the lines' of landscapes and cities with a diversity of contexts, sites and programmes; and so it reveals the world of Atelier Villes & Paysages, which mixes sensitivity and pragmatism, creativity and attention to detail.

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    More than 250 remarkable masterpieces from all over the world have been carefully selected to represent the trend of modern liquid packaging design. Each work has its specialty in choosing the font, material and pattern, etc. The book has been categorised into six sections, including beverages, food, dairy products, care products, cosmetics and alcohol products.

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    This book has chosen more than 130 remarkable brand image design programmes of catering services all over the world. From the perspective of the industry's character, the book has combined it with the culture and requirements' differences among various countries and areas as well as social groups, showing readers the most forward-looking and practical brand image designs of catering services. According to the types of catering services, the book has been categorised into five sections, including restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food restaurants and fruit parlours, involving the design of logo, business cards, envelopes, menus, related articles, souvenirs, packing cases, web pages, and indoor and outdoor environments, etc. Here, each programme is special and inspiring. We believe it will provide readers with distinctive and exciting visual experience, and invite you to ponder the future of the industry's brand image design.

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    The image of a hotel covers more than just the Architecture of Interior Design and Layout When we speak about the image of a hotel we instantly think about architecture or interior design.Hotel Brand Image Design looks at design concepts used across the world to achieve that final touch that will distinguish one brand from another. Looking at everything from stationery, signage, toiletries and welcome gifts the work of 39 design agencies is featured accompanied by full colour images and photographs using examples from across the world.

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    Store Brand Image Design' features a selection of distinctive brand image designs from all over the world. The content has been divided into six sections; clothing store, shopping mall, grocery, stationery shop, sports shop and design store. The amount of inspirational designs makes it a perfect reference for designers and design students.

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    Every day we are constantly bombarded by information from newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising, television and radio, mobile phones and the Internet. In order to stand out from the crowd Contemporary Designers have added graphs and charts as a simple was to convey complex information. Infographics and Data Visualisation looks at the classification, techniques and interpretation of Infographic Design and is full of full colour examples of their use in the Business, Lifestyle, Travel, Environmental and many other sectors.

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    The 2011 Competitions Annual is a comprehensive volume dedicated to some of the more interesting competitions that have taken place during the past year. This 240 page, full-color book represents a broad spectrum of design competitions that were featured on the COMPETITIONS website ( The content includes Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Center Terminal Competition, Taiwan; The Serlachius Museum Competition, Finland; A New Mosque and Museum of Tirana & Religious Harmony, Albania; Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences, Florida; Taipei City Museum of Art; Fargo Urban Infill Competition, USA; The Center for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade; Barge 2011 Design Competition, Boston; New School Vision: Cleveland Design Competition; Fez, Morocco Infill Competition; Laval University School of Architecture 'Emblematic Addition' , Quebec; Indianpolis Monument Circle Competition; Gowanus Lowline Ideas Competition, USA; Miami Seaplane Terminal Competition.

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    The 2012 Competitions Annual is a comprehensive volume dedicated to some of the more interesting competitions that have taken place during the past year. This 240 page, full-colour book represents a broad spectrum of design competitions that were featured on the COMPETITIONS website ( The content includes The New Keelung Harbour Service Building Competition, Aberdeen City Garden Competition, Oceanside High School Performing Arts Centre, Seattle Centre Urban Interventions Competition, The Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Music Centre, Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec and many others.

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    Community Centres are spaces of coexistence, knowledge, leisure, culture and education. Using texts, photos and ground plans, the collection illustrates the shape of pioneering trends in contemporary community centres design around the world. The projects in this book deal with sportive uses, swimming pools, auditoriums, children schools, meeting rooms, etc., and are focused on sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • Karim 20
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    Karim 20' is a retrospective of two decades of Karim Rashid's design work. His designs include luxury goods, furniture, lighting, brand identity and art design.

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    Branding and Identity features the latest branding design projects from the best designers and design studios worldwide. This third edition highlighting design elements, types of brands, branding process and its use.

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    Some 130 commercial interiors by designers from all over the world are assembled here to demonstrate the latest design ideas in this field. Various types of commercial spaces and functions are included: offices, restaurants, hotels, cultural events, fitness centres, exhibitions and retail stores. All are newly completed and show an imaginative manipulation and interpretation of design. Exceptionally fine photographs and brief introductions further contribute to a comprehensive reference for commercial interior designers.

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    This book presents the design elements of fast food restaurants through a combination of completed projects and theoretical text, including brand positioning, site selection, architectural design, interior decoration and spatial planing. Projects in this book are of representative significance such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Yoshinoya. It is a valuable reference book for restaurant design. Includes Nando's Dublin and Ashford, new concepts for Pizza Hut in Solihill and Pizza Express in Richmond and Plymouth, Jamie's Italian in Stratford, Mangiare in Spitalfields and Costs Coffee in London.

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    The lobby and lounge of a hotel give visitors their first impression of what will follow. The design statement they make should be a taste of what can be expected as they present, on arrival, the image of the hotel and provide a public space for guests and visitors. The Chiswick Moran and Haymarket hotels in London are part of some 83 top class hotels, from 30 international locations, selected for the designs of their amazing reception areas. Individual floor plans, descriptions and fine photography are also provided.

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    Produced to celebrate agIdeas 2012, this book is an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone who buys design services, is a design educator, is considering a career in design, or is a design professional striving for excellence. Presented inside are profiles of the creative leaders who shared their insights at agIdeas 2012 International Design Week, other selected Australian designers who have been invited to showcase their work and the rising new stars of Australian design.

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    The book is concerned with a relatively new design discipline at the intersection of graphic design and architecture - wayfinding. It includes the best design solutions from around the world. The publication showcases 245 state-of-the-art wayfinding projects grouped by category; parks, education facilities, corporate environments, commercial spaces, hospitality, transportation, health-care, and so on. The book includes descriptions of the various contexts that influence the design and create identity.